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   Vol. 23 No. 18
Monday April 15, 2024

Lines In The Sand

Alicia Lines, Chris McLaughlin and Stephanie Abeler

     As Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) Partnership Opened In Dallas
In the picture during Opening Session April 15 in Dallas,Texas saw CNS President (ad interim ) Alicia Lines (left in photo above) assert:
     “Air cargo keeps the world moving with 35% of goods by value shipped by air.
     “Industry needs to remain resilient,” Lines said.
     Host airport Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) Executive VP Operations Chris McLaughlin (center in photo above) noted:
     “This year of 2024 is the 50th Anniversary of our gateway airport.
     “DFW is the fourth largest metroplex and the third largest passenger airport in the world. We are also the largest 'carbon neutral airport',” Mr. McLaughlin declared.
     “DFW will move 100 million passengers by 2030.
     “Our big story for cargo is that 120 companies have relocated to Dallas, Texas in the past decade as we move toward a nine-billion-dollar expansion plan that will include a 19th Street upgrade and improvement to support our growing air cargo enterprise.”
     As the CNS opening continued, the importance of listening deemed a priority, Stephanie Abeler, (right in photo above) VP Americas Lufthansa Cargo nailed it all down for everyone.
     Others brought some ingredients to the fore as the morning opening continued, but Stephanie stirred the drink and really got the party going for the some 300 people in the session.
     “I spend a large amount of my time seeing customers and partners, both local and global; building up and maintaining relationships, listening to both views and complaints.
     “If we want to be sustainably successful and deliver a excellent service to our joint customers and connect the world, I believe partnership was, is and will be essential.
     “Partnerships between forwarders, groundhandlers, airlines, airports, regulators, anyone participating in moving freight from door-to-door is what this industry and CNS is all about and that is what drives Lufthansa Cargo.
     “Let's put to good use all the business cards, the multitude of conversations, the thousands of meeting minutes, the cocktail hours of networking; and not forget to strike the right balance between give and take.
     “Thank you and good luck for a successful conference and look forward to seeing some of you,” the lady, Stephanie Abeler concluded.

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