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   Vol. 23 No. 18
Monday April 15, 2024

State Of Air Cargo Industry

brandon Fried, Moritz Claussen, Salih Kamil Salihoglu, Susana Pereira and Michelle Williams

     As Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) Partnership Conference continued in Dallas April 15, a session titled "State of The Industry, Partnering For A Changing World", hit on some interesting points.
     At the session chaired by Brandon Fried from right are: Michelle Williams, MD Strategy & Business Services Southwest Airlines; Susana Pereira, VP IAF Global Procurement UPS Supply Chain Solutions; Salih Kamil Salihoglu, Cargo VP Americas Turkish Airlines and Moritz Claussen, Co-CEO cargo.one.
     Michelle said that Southwest Cargo “has made incredible strides incorporating IT and innovation into the air cargo product offering.
     “It was the pace of innovation we were able to experience in the pandemic. How do we keep up with that pace of innovation now?
     “During the pandemic were able to get things done very fast and see explosive growth and not just in what we carried.
     “I'm talking more about how things change, because the only way we could carry that much stuff was through innovation.
     “I think one of the challenges domestically that we see is it being an election year.
     “Election years always come with a certain amount of uncertainty and pose challenges to us, and this is somewhat isolated to the United States, but impact is felt everywhere.”
     Susana Pereira noted, Big Brown continues to invest heavily in technology.
     “We really believe data connectivity is key for the future.
     “Having a full digitalized sales and customer experience, UPS teams are bringing that on as standard,” she said.
     Salih Kamil Salihoglu,Turkish Cargo pointed to the importance of collaboration:
     “Last year THY opened service to Detroit.
     “This year we are going to start in Denver in the summer schedule.
     “Now in addition to our infrastructure in Turkey, we are quite competitive on the network side.
     “Turkish Airlines reaches most countries in the world, but we are still are not in some regions like Australia, South America.
     “So, collaboration comes to mind, we really need some partners.
     “I believe there, are some new forms of collaborations in the future in our industry,” Salih said.
     Plain talking is something we understand and in some circles in America really appreciate. This panel was great and long on that, especially Moritz Claussen, cargo.one who did the smart thing and got right to the point.
     “I was,” Moritz told the gathering, "in Europe before my current role.
     “Am in America here just for a year now.
     “Maybe that’s not long enough to make a generalization regarding the situation here in U.S., but here goes.
     “It seems for me that U.S. is a little bit lagging behind Europe in terms of digitalization, automation, adoption, and so on.
     “Here, air cargo is conducted more in the traditional manner, compared to Europe, which rapidly is integrating into digital.
     “But here,” Moritz smiled, “the relationships seem very honest.”

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