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   Vol. 23 No. 24
Tuesday May 14, 2024

EMO Trans AmidSpring's Day Dream

Italian Culinary Delicacies

     Unexpectedly we can start this little rerun from a Shakespearian quote. In the second act of Midsummer’s Night Dream, Oberon reproaches Titania for leading Theseus “through the glimmering night from Perigenia, whom he ravished.” Why is Perigenia (or Perigune) suddenly important for the Flying Typers? As we read in Wikipedia, “after Theseus killed her father, Perigune hid herself in a bed of rushes and asparagus. Theseus was unable to find her, but it was said that she revealed herself anyway after he promised not to harm her. She later bore Theseus’s first male heir, Melanippus, who became the ancestor of the Loxids of Caria. All this would have been impossible without a bunch of asparagus . . .
     Ancient myths always bear references to habits and circumstances of the period when they were conceived. This one tell us that Greeks were growing asparagus, probably having imported the habit from the Egyptians, who left pictures of asparagus used as offering to their divinities. Greeks were soon followed by the Romans with their fully-fledged appreciation of the green vegetable on their tables. The picture above is in the National Museum of Naples in which we see a bunch of asparagus and other culinary delicacies that were popular in Pompeii, before the city was destroyed by the Vesuvius’s eruption in 79 A.D.
     Asparagus was extremely popular in many parts of the Roman Empire, including England and the Netherlands where archeological material suggesting its use and cultivation was popular there too. Other than the more common green asparagus, there are the German white variety and the rarest violet one from Albenga, IT. It is not clear whether white asparagus was already part of the Roman spring banquet, but it is indeed the variety which makes Germans so proud and whets their appetite in this period of the year. This is the time when in many parts of the German speaking world the tasty vegetable is celebrated and consumed in conspicuous quantities. Spargelzeit is not unique to Europe, there is a growing tradition in the USA, too, and we, at the Flying Typers, have been part of it . . .
     In Manhattan tomorrow May 15, the German American Chamber Of Commerce celebrates its annual White Asparagus Gala dinner that will fill the exclusive Tribeca Roof with revelers in attendance for a great meal and a cascading view of The World Trade Center, the Hudson river and the New Jersey Skyline.    
     Speaking for EMO Trans 2024, Chairwoman Karin Frigger said: “To EMO Trans business partners worldwide our wish is for good health and well-being at this special time of year as we gather around the table to celebrate Springtime with Spargelzeit. Germans take white asparagus seriously. The country consumes more than 70,000 tons of it annually and the rural region from Baden-Württemberg to Brandenburg where the plant is cultivated becomes a pilgrimage trail for asparagus aficionados. The grand tradition of Spargelzeit in 2024 and the white asparagus that we bring into America this year to New York City, Chicago, Illinois and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania via Lufthansa remind us that EMO Trans is a family-owned business that simply loves what it does and, as we grow, we work hard to keep the same family values and ethics in every aspect of our business.”
     As we shall see EMO’s effort is also made possible by resorting to Lufthansa’s wings.
Jillian Daza      Jillian Daza, (left) Lufthansa Cargo Sales Manger for New York and Connecticut, who leads a team of highly experienced sales representatives that work to sell hundreds of tons worth of capacity each week concurred: “Asparagus season in Germany is a time of celebration and togetherness, and we at Lufthansa Cargo are proud to play a part in bringing this beloved vegetable to people around the world. Our commitment to handling white asparagus with the utmost care and attention reflects our dedication to preserving and promoting German culinary traditions. Supporting the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) in their efforts to promote German white asparagus is a natural fit for us, as we understand the cultural and culinary significance of this tradition. We are honored to be a part of bringing people together through the joy of food, and we look forward to continuing to support and celebrate this important aspect of German culture.”
     Karin Frigger continued, “We are a multi-national, privately owned company, deeply invested in understanding and internalizing the needs and goals of our customers. Our goal is to forge partnerships, ensuring that we are able to facilitate the most efficient, effective supply chain solutions possible.” “Global Logistics,” said her son Sven Frigger,Vice President Compliance “is what EMO Trans loves doing. Some of our customers have been with us for decades.” His sister Jenni Frigger, VP Corporate Strategy/Innovation added, “People have stayed because they recognize that beyond rate tariffs and automated processes, the relationships we build offer added value.”

The Pride EMO People

     Alexander Hendrix, Route Development Manager USA-Germany based in Chicago said: “Working for EMO Trans I did transfer from Germany to Chicago in February 2023.
     “My responsibility is to develop organizational growth in the U.S.-German trade lane. Being aware of EMO Trans’ involvement in supporting the annual White Asparagus Dinners in various cities in the U.S., I thought let’s add Chicago (GACC May 23).
     “Thankfully, there was strong mutual interest among my colleagues and the team from the GACC Midwest got onboard as well. We started discussions about a year ago, and the positive energy and support from everyone involved was amazing.
     “Growing up in Germany, I personally am very familiar with white asparagus dishes. I’m thrilled to now be able to provide an opportunity here in the Midwest to experience this unique flavor.”
     “EMO moves the harvest from Spargelhof Schulze in Weisenheim, Germany said, Dominic Cruz, EMO Trans NY/NJ Branch Manager.
     “I’ve worked in the logistics industry as a forwarder for 30+ years and almost a decade on the EMO Team beginning in January 2015.
     “One of the traditions was EMO's annual sponsorship of the German American Chamber of Commerce – GACC and specifically handling the transport of the “White Asparagus” itself.
     “I am proud to say this tradition continues today as we (EMO) will once again handle the collection of the harvest from Germany and proudly deliver to the GACC event site in NYC.
     “It's an event I look forward to every year where we get dressed up and enjoy a wonderful evening with clients, colleagues, and industry members.”
     We know only too well that the services EMO Trans immaculately provided in all previous Spargelzeit events has been a strong element in building the confidence and trust that their customer relationships require. As EMO founder in America, the late Joachim Frigger always said: “We measure our Success by Performance, period. In fact, those words are both our motto and our method. Constant investment and focus on customer needs has brought us to where we are in terms of today and will continue to carry us into the future.” Joachim was particularly careful to get the Spargelzeit logistics in gear and was one of the most enthusiastic beneficiaries, together with us, as we were often invited: that was the time we became accustomed with some of the subtleties of the preparation . . .
     Fielding a first-class global team of logisticians under the watchful eye of President & CEO Marco Rohrer and Chairwoman Karin Frigger, a solid, experienced and continually successful team at the top, matched by up and down the line professionalism in every aspect of the EMO Trans offering, insures the succession and carries on the solid growth of EMO Trans founded in Germany nearly 60 years ago in 1965.
     Today EMO is a world force in all the shipping disciplines. Especially dynamic has been the rise of the company activities throughout their global footprint. There is no doubt that the EMO Trans team, together with their colleagues in Lufthansa will deliver the much anticipated white asparagus from Germany to start 2024 springtime Spargelfest in the USA. We suppose the only other thing you need now is an invitation. If you are among their customers, you have surely already received it.

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