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   Vol. 18 No. 71
Monday November 4, 2019

About Africa
EMO Trans Big South Africa Win

“The EMO Trans organization proudly announces our new exclusive global co-operation partnership with Bidvest International Logistics (BIL) in South Africa that commences in early 2020,” Jo Frigger, CEO of EMO Trans told FlyingTypers as a blockbuster deal between BIL and EMO was announced Monday November 4.
  “EMO Trans, founded 1965 in Stuttgart with a network of 250 offices in 120 countries has worked with Sebenza in South Africa since 1995,” Mr. Frigger said.
  “Sebenza is now integrated into Bidvest International Logistics.
  “EMO Trans and Bidvest International Logistics are strategically positioned for further growth and will continue to provide superior and innovative services to our customers everywhere.” Mr. Frigger declared.

Bidvest Moves To EMO From Panalpina

  What makes this announcement even more dramatic is Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL) is splitting from DSV/Panalpina after 46 years of commercial partnership and will in future trade as Bidvest International Logistics, effective early 2020, once all regulatory changes have been completed.

Pride of South Africa

  “Bidvest International Logistics, a proudly South African Company is owned by The Bidvest Group Ltd. (Bidvest-89%) and The Makana Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd. (MIC-11%),” a spokesman for Bidvest said.
  “Bidvest and MIC have been partners for the past 20 years, underscoring Bidvest’s commitment to the transformation and the empowerment of South Africans.”

Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela Connection

  The late President Nelson Mandela established Makana Investment Corp. to look after the families of former political (apartheid) prisoners.
  “Bidvest is proud to join forces with EMO Trans Global Logistics as its global forwarding network partner.
  “Through this exclusive agency partnership, Bidvest International Logistics’ global reach will extend to 335 network offices in over 140 countries.
  “The customer centric focus and global service offering of EMO Trans has made them the perfect choice for BIL,” Bidvest said.

EMO Proven South African Service

  “EMO Trans and MIC’s operating business, Sebenza Forwarding, have worked together for the past 20 years, bringing world class service to the South African market. “Through this relationship, EMO Trans has developed an in-depth understanding of the South African landscape,” Bidvest assured.
  “BIL is strategically positioned for further growth and will continue to provide superior and innovative service to its customers.
  “Our company provides end-to-end supply-chain solutions across a number of different industries and offers international import and export services, using road, sea and air.

Taking South Africa Cargo Upward

  “Bidvest and its new global partner, EMO Trans are poised now more than ever before, to take business to new places by delivering the world as your trusted partner,” the company said.

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Qatar Airways Nic Danton Has The Knack

Nicolas Danton, Regional Cargo Africa for Qatar Cargo is surveying the scene at the just concluded FIATA World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.
     Qatar Cargo landed Nic, who today can count 30 years in the business, about six years ago in November 2013.
     Since then the soft-spoken executive has stepped up and made things happen.
     What it is about Nic Danton is, this great cargo professional continues to deliver his specialty—the shipping business to and from Africa as the Doha-based carrier moves into top of the heap in global air cargo airlines.
     A long-time air cargo professional who brings first-hand knowledge from both sides of this business, having already made a great reputation whilst at DHL and Expeditors, and prior to the forwarder turn, at Lufthansa Cargo.
     What you like about Nic right away is that he is a no-pressure guy, who always seems to be leaning into and expanding the conversation.
     Worth mentioning in Nic’s impressive work resume is that the Mauritius-born cargo specialist speaks English and French fluently, worked for and alongside the legendary and great Peter Rose, a true giant of this industry who took freight forwarding to another level, founding and then operating Expeditors.
     Nic’s experience in moving products ranges from textiles to coal mining, oil and gas.
     So, from both sides of the fence—the airline and the forwarder, Nic understands what great service is and what needs to be delivered and he manages to be knowledgeable with a velvet glove.
     He has a genuine smile and manner that lets it flow in any situation.
     Anyone old enough to remember the big band era in popular music might recall the easy crooning boy singer.
     Not sure if Nic can carry a tune in a basket but he sure could be the poster boy in 2019 for the “Mohair Sam” of another era.
     That particular attribute cannot be taken lightly.
     Today with versatility, market knowledge and just plain business decency, Nic has the Knack, anyway you look at it.
     “Opening up Africa to the world for trade is the every day mission and what we are doing at Qatar Cargo,” Nic said.
     “Building two-way traffic both into Europe and via our hub in Doha is an exciting proposition right now.
     “Our footprint is bigger and growing faster, as we expand into new cities and are part of the drive to new markets.
     “QR will open service to Gabarone in December 2019 and Angola in March 2020,” Nic said.
     “Our vision for Africa is quite clear:
     “Here is the continent of opportunity of the 21st century and QR leads the way with 22 online stations.
     “No question that Qatar Cargo is the go-to resource in Africa with high safety and security standards and great customer service. Qatar Cargo is moved by people and our mission is to connect Africa with the world, develop new products and support the emerging economies.”
     Nic lives in Johannesburg with his wife Christel, and Sacha, the youngest of the couple’s three children, while son Samuel and daughter Charlotte attend Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape province of South Africa.
     Nic admits that his career has included quite a few moves but characteristically he smiles and says softly:
     “My family is just great—as we move, they have always been onboard, perhaps a bit of a cry on arrival and again on departure, but overall the experience has produced some lasting friends all around for all of us.
     “Qatar Cargo is growing at a record clip.
     “We are winning because Qatar Cargo understands the human condition and steps up.
     “As example, people can fill up two big suitcases inbound and basically sell the contents at home.
     “That might not be a big deal, but to people working to take hold with new business enterprises, Qatar Airways is paying attention,” Nic Danton said.

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Africa As Issa Baluch Sees It

Issa BaluchIssa Baluch may know as much about logistics as anybody you will ever meet.
    Issa possesses the chops and know-how gained over a career that spans 40 years.
     Best known as the founder of Dubai-based Swift Freight, which was a medium sized multi-national that he eventually sold to Barloworld, one of Issa’s lasting contributions is that he is the guy that launched sea-air in Dubai.
     These days Issa is at Harvard in the USA, where as a visiting professor he is undoubtedly continuing to think, share and teach big thoughts about logistics.
     While others in the west profess some expertise on Africa, Issa Baluch who was born in Kenya has spent years developing, farming and building understanding by breaking down challenges there.
     He is Chairman of First Hectares Capital, an agribusiness and forestry infrastructure investment company for Africa. Another African venture where Baluch is Chairman is African Agribusiness Knowledge and Innovation Leadership Initiative (AKILI), hosted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Advanced Urbanism (MIT-CAU), the U.S.-based non-profit organization that provides financially, socially and environmentally sustainable farming in Ghana.
     We caught up with Issa on the sidelines of the recent FIATA World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa as he shared some further thought.

FT:   What is your take on Africa at the moment?
IB:   Africa, as a continent, is moving in the opposite direction to Brexit. 55 countries are committed to make the Africa Free Trade Zone (AFTZ) work so they can achieve the economies of scale to pursue investments, manufacturing on the basis of freedom of movement of people, goods & currency!

FT:   What are the bright spots?
IB:   Several countries are ahead of others and these include Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, DRC, Ivory Coast, South Sudan Just to name a few!

FT:   What are some areas of concern?
IB:   The time table the African leadership have committed themselves to this project - is it feasible? How fast can the open sky be achieved in real terms?

FT:   How can logistics open some doors?
IB:   Logistics is key and FIATA has been singled out as one that can support this journey! Without the “wheels of commerce” fully inducted it will be a challenge. This ties into the liberalization of the open skies policy in Africa which is within this frame work - how else can they achieve freedom of movement of people, goods and currency without opening the skies? Particularly when infrastructure cannot support the planned drive.

FT:   Can you offer a view of Southern Africa?
IB:   Southern African countries are set to take maximum advantage of the AFTZ - this can be beneficial to them!

FT:   How can the success of a place like Cape Town lift the rest of the continent?
IB:   Cape Town is set to play its role as a regional player.

FT:   What can people interested in growth and the future begin to build in Africa?
IB:   At minimum a sales and contact representation in Africa - then build from there as things get clarity!
     Policies are clear, attracting investments because the availability of natural resources and the keenness to do business are there.

FT:   We hear of Rwanda in the same breath as Singapore? Can you comment?
IB:   Commitment to make change is quite visible!
     The winds of change are shaping Africa. We have far too many heroes versus villains, as witnessed in the past. The young generation 35 and under comprise approximately 70% of the population so delivering tangible results is a call of the hour!

More Thoughts On Air Cargo

Traditional Forwarders Playbook

     We should make no mistake, if the traditional forwarder does not embark on innovation, it will be wiped out.
     There is a process that demands that everyone get on board, catch up, and embrace the new thinking of this modern age.
     What suffices today is outdated tomorrow. Those that are content with today’s deliverables are in for a surprise.
     The emergence of virtual forwarders is because the traditional forwarders have left all the windows of innovation wide open for newcomers to jump in.
     So better think of what the customers of tomorrow want, while keeping innovation and talent development moving forward on a priority basis.
     All effort must be raised toward more investment and forward-looking activities.

The Human Factor

     One final point on this—the best and worst asset remains the human element.
     It is humans that make or break organizations.
     I see no change to this narrative.
     I recall that the popularized “y2k” did not stop the world.
     Having said this, there is adequate space for virtual forwarders (VF), but only those that will base their offering with complementary skills—this will be crucial in the long run.

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Babar Badat High Times In Cape Town

  No one has to tell FIATA Immediate Past President Babar Badat that life has its fair amount of highs and lows.
  Mr. Badat of Pakistan who, in 2017 assumed command of the world’s preeminent logistics organization with 120 National Associations and 50,000 companies as members worldwide saw the hope and promise of the organization’s annual 2018 “World Congress” held in New Delhi impact him personally when India refused to issue a visa to this extraordinary industry builder, claiming some bureaucratic snafu.
  Of course, Pakistan and India at loggerheads over many issues these days may have played into that decision.
  But if Badat was taken by surprise, attendees at FIATA New Delhi 2018 carried on as usual, thanks to some quick thinking by Badat.
  Badat still chaired the main meetings via video link but was quick to designate his other duties as host President to his colleagues as the band played on.
  This year at the just completed FIATA World Congress in Cape Town October 2-5, Babar hosted, what most folks inside and outside the organization agree, was one of the greatest World Congresses in the 90 plus year history of the organization.
  Meetings were crisp and well planned, the venue was sparkling, the food was great and last, but not least, the hosts put on a great presentation rich in African culture and pride of place.
  From the opening of the sessions to the grand closing gala the halls of downtown Cape Town were filled with music and song amidst waves of persuasive percussion.
  “I think the changes, I am most satisfied and proud of was the 98% vote to move our headquarters from Zurich to Geneva and the merger of two separate endeavors within FIATA into one upgraded organization to train & educate the next generation of logisticians.
Geneva is the global headquarters of multilateral organizations, many of which interact with us, it is also the business city of Switzerland, the online capitol of commerce.
  “We will be better centered for growth and progress in the 21st century by being located in Geneva,” Badat said.
  “The FIATA vocational training program is already the best in the logistics industry and now moving forward we will combine our Advisory Body Vocational Training and the FIATA Logistics Academy into one upgraded Institute that will both extend the scope and range of our training program.”
  Babar Badat is undefeatable.
  Based in Karachi, his group Transhold and its companies have grown throughout Pakistan and the region.
  But in terms of giving back and opening doors, not only has he been instrumental in the founding of organized logistics, transport and freight forwarding activities throughout his home country and the region for scores of other companies, he departs the FIATA Presidency, having delivered step change to that great organization that will be felt for generations to come.
  “My greatest wish is to continue building trade and better understanding between people everywhere and will continue my work with FIATA as member of the board of directors,” Badat said.
  We wonder about breaking down the barriers between Pakistan and India.
  Badat says simply with a smile:
  “That may take a bit more time.”

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