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   Vol. 17 No. 3
Monday January 22, 2018

No More Waiting To Exhale

  If you happened to be above France last week and noticed a slight bump in the air, there is no doubt that it was a collective sigh of relief from Toulouse as an order for 36 A380s arrived from Emirates Airline. That order has saved the Airbus flagship plane from the scrapheap.
    Airbus has delivered 222 A380s since 2007 and said recently that it might end A380 production unless a big, new order came in soon.
    “We are still talking to Emirates but quite honestly they are the only one that has the ability in the marketplace to take a minimum of six a year for a period of eight to ten years,” said Airbus COO John Leahy.
    “Airbus needs to make at least 6 A380s a year in order to maintain an efficient production line,” Leahy added.
    Last year, A380 did not book a single order.
    So while A380 makes a curtain call with new hope for the future, it's doubtful the same can be said for the venerable Boeing B747, which appears to be headed toward its finale a half century after the first aircraft entered service at Pan Am.
    But don’t cry for Boeing.
    The company booked 912 orders and delivered 763 planes in 2017.
    The current Boeing order backlog is 5,864 commercial airplanes, or about seven years' worth of production, according to Boeing.
    But Boeing's order book and the skies around the world are saying goodbye to the Boeing 747 in its passenger variant.
    Airlines have been retiring the epic four-engined wide-body from their fleets in recent months and have gone to sleeker, more fuel-efficient twin engine models.
    Boeing, as we recall, was over the moon with a UPS bailout order for 16 B747-8 freighters two years ago, whilst we were attending TIACA Paris, and once again received a call last October for 14 more B7478Fs from UPS.
    So stay tuned:
    Lovely sentimental Friendship Farewell Flight here.

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