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   Vol. 14  No. 12
Saturday February 7, 2015

Mom We Are Coming Home

Mom We Are Coming Home
A Chinese Tibetan mother holds her child at the Xining Railway Station before going back home for the upcoming Spring Festival to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year in Xining city, northwest China's Qinghai province.

     A crowd of passengers queue up at counters to get their boarding passes at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, China, February 4, 2015.
     China transportation is currently geared up at full capacity to handle the annual surge of travelers at the start of the 40-day Spring Festival holiday rush, as everybody is on the move to get home to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year.
     More than one million trips were made via 12,500 airline flights on the first day of the holiday period, known as Chunyun, which will run until March 16.
     China Railway Corp, operator of the country's trains, said it handled 6 million trips on Wednesday.
     Chinese tradition holds that people should return home and spend Spring Festival with their families.
     The observance creates an annual travel rush that may be the largest recurrent human migration in the world.
     The Spring Festival feast day falls on February 19 this year.
     During the travel peak in 2014, Chinese passengers made more than 3.6 billion trips. Among them, about 3.3 billion were made by road, 266 million by rail, 44 million by air, and 42 million by ship.

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