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   Vol. 15  No. 14
Wednesday February 17, 2016

Arafa Goes Global At SWISS
Arafa Goes Global
“We are pleased to welcome Alexander Arafa as our Head of Global Area Management,” said SWISS Head of Cargo Ashwin Bhat. Mr. Arafa has moved to the position Ashwin occupied before he assumed top command of SWISS World Cargo last year.
    “Alexander’s strong commercial expertise and vast experience and personality will perfectly complement our current skill set and Swiss World Cargo culture,” Ashwin assures.
    Mr. Arafa, 55, will be in charge of the worldwide sales of Swiss World Cargo.
    A German/Egyptian dual national, he began his airline career 33 years ago in Hamburg as an accounting analyst with Northwest Airlines.
    He later worked with Olympic Airways and American Airlines before joining Lufthansa in 1993 as its General Manager Sales & Distribution USA, based in New York.
    Mr. Arafa moved through Swissair to his most recent position as Head of Cabin Crew in 2008 after having served as Head of Sales Europe since 1993.
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