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   Vol. 15  No. 14
Wednesday February 17, 2016

Letters To The Editor For February 17, 2016

LettersRE: When LAX Landed The Beatles

Dear Geoffrey,

   What an excellent selection of materials, and so very well written.
   Thank you for brightening up my morning, it brought me back to an exciting and innocent time in life.

With best regards,
Terry Holman
Administrative Assistant to RVP and RSM, Americas,Virgin Atlantic


RE: A Schiphol Enigma

Hi Geoffrey,

   You always write so nicely about everything and everyone, so I hope you'll write something about my friend (and old boss) Jos van der Woensel.
   As you know, Jos died 5 years ago in 2011.
   Saw the FlyingTypers article last week with John Vuursteen detailing the Sequoia Tree at SPL Oost, and John mentioned Jos, his colleague at Seaboard World Airlines.
   Think Jos deserves a nice little story, don't you?
   And who can write that better than you?
   Thanks for all you do,

Mirjam Zijtregtop

Dear Mirjam,

   Thanks for the letter.
   As usual, our readers are our inspiration.
   Below, following all the love we can muster during this “Valentine's Week,” is our story written in June 2010 about Jos.
   We got to know Jos and his wonderful wife, Truss, and then almost as quickly, Jos died. We felt the deep sadness and loss as if someone from our family had been abruptly taken.
   Thanks again for reminding us what wonderful people we have grown to know in this lifetime of covering the global air cargo community.

All good wishes,

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