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   Vol. 14  No. 20
Friday March 6, 2015

Women In Charge—Good To Be Karuna Sharma
Karuna Sharma
   One fine day 19 years ago, Karuna Sharma suddenly found herself in the cargo industry. It was a move that she had never considered. The first few days were a learning experience for her, but Sharma has never looked back and would also never switch careers.
   Her simple reason: “This particular industry is the hub and spoke for all other major industries.” But there is another, more compelling motive why she would never quit air cargo: “Unlike ocean, air export is a fast-paced, quick-decisions industry, which requires quick thinking on the feet and this is what I love most about this particular field.”
   She did not find her surroundings alien—with so many males around—but one where she could learn the intricacies of the cargo industry. Today, she points out, “There is a perception that the cargo industry is a male-dominated one, but with the opening up of the economy and supply chain subjects becoming mainstream in colleges and universities, I have observed that more women have started to find employment in this field.”
   As Manager - Air Exports, Co-Load at UTi Worldwide, Sharma has specialized in client claims. On her air export team are members “who are DG qualified to handle such shipments.” Together they make a great team. In praises for her immediate work environment—where teamwork is encouraged—Sharma emphasizes the fact that the fairer sex has a major role to play in the movement of goods.
   “We are an equal opportunity organization [that] is purely merit-driven and it encourages lady employees to take on senior roles in the management,” she tells us, going further to mention that she is fortunate to work in an organization that espouses these very values: “therefore, I am very confident about my future.”
Tirthankar Ghosh

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