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   Vol. 14  No. 25
Wednesday March 18, 2015

Fresh Thinking United

Fresh Thinking United
     Led by Jim Bellinder, Vice President, Cargo Sales Americas, United Cargo is sending a clear and concise message to the seafood community gathered in Boston this week:
     “We want your business, and we have everything it takes to provide the specialized service you need.”
     “United has been in the seafood shipping business a long time, and we execute proven processes that put the emphasis on speed and consistent quality handling.
     “We have the sales expertise, the consistent quality handling processes, the routes, and the capacity to provide the service you need for these products. In addition, we value your business and each shipment you entrust to us.”

Nothing Taken For Granted

“While the carriage of fresh and frozen fish has long been one of the core elements of United Cargo’s business, we never take it for granted. In the Northeast part of the U.S., in Boston in particular, every United Cargo employee is acutely aware of the importance of our seafood shippers. But this mindset has also taken hold in many other cities and regions.
“Looking to the future of seafood shipping, we expect that United Cargo’s share of the international seafood shipping business will continue to grow. United’s increasing presence in Asia provides us many opportunities to serve that expanding market. This is a great complement to our longtime strength in domestic seafood shipping.”

Step By Step

“Since speed is of the utmost importance, we keep our processes as simple as we can, while ensuring that security requirements are met and the packaging will keep the product viable to its destination. We use a standard seafood shipment checklist, which ensures that quality acceptance standards are maintained worldwide. We also make sure that everyone who comes into contact with the shipment at any point during its transport is trained to our quality standards. Our training emphasizes the need for the quickest processing possible and the absolute necessity of maintaining a temperature environment that supports the cargo's viability.”

Why Boston?

“United Cargo exhibited at the Boston Seafood Show in the past, and we will now support Seafood Expo North America, because it’s the largest and the most important seafood event in North America. For many years, Boston has been the only seafood show we participate in.
“One reason we send a large contingent of our Sales Team to the Boston Show is to connect with a great number of our existing customers face to face. The show also represents a wonderful opportunity to discuss the services we can offer with potential new customers from all over the globe. We don’t directly book shipments at the show, but we see a connection between the contacts we make and the new seafood-related accounts we gain. If our presence at the Boston show wasn’t contributing to our business, we wouldn’t come back year after year after year.”

A-Team Front & Center

“Because we recognize the importance of Seafood Expo North America, United Cargo will be represented by an experienced team from all over our system. I will be there, along with Kevin Romer, United Cargo’s senior regional sales manager of the North Region and Adam Cooper, senior regional sales manager of the West Region. Our international contingent will include Andres Bolanos Riesen, account executive from Panama; Carlos Medrano, account executive from Argentina, and Diego Subia, account executive from Ecuador. Joining them will be cargo sales account executives from our U.S. North and West Regions: John Curran, Joe Heinz, Maria Jones, Nancy Muramoto, and Marcel Smith.”

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