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   Vol. 19 No. 46
Wednesday June 17, 2020
Other Worldly Matters

SpaceX Series

  “Keep looking up” are some words that people might take to heart especially after the apparently flawless performance of that recent U.S. SpaceX Rocket launch which transported NASA astronauts Dragon Crew Doug Hurley and Bob Behnkenon on a four-day trip, flying up for coffee at the International Space Station and then returned the NASA Astronauts home safely on Thursday June 4.

Freedom 7
Alan Shepard Jr.  Never mind that manned U.S. space travel in 2020 debuts a vehicle that recalls the Mercury Space capsule Freedom 7 that was plopped onto the top of a redstone rocket, basically a guided missile that Alan Shepard, Jr. flew in 1961, pioneering U.S. space flight.
  The four-seater Dragon Space ships are totally cool with interiors that look vaguely like the inside of the four seater Tesla vehicles that delivered the fliers to their takeoff at Pad 39 at Cape Canaveral Florida.
  Wonder if the computers from the Tesla interface with the Dragon?
  Very cool and uplifting!

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