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   Vol. 19 No. 44
Wednesday June 3, 2020
Pay Me My Money Down
Lionel van der Walt

     “COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed our lives for the foreseeable future, with those who are fortunate to still be employed now having to adjust to changes such as working from home, managing teams and completing daily activities remotely,” said Lionel van der Walt, CEO of Pay Cargo.
     “In an industry that until now is still dominated by many manual paper-based processes, this is no mean feat.
     “For those that had the foresight to modernize their systems and processes prior to the crisis, the adjustment is less painful.
     “However, the rest are left scrambling to adjust to this new work environment where working remotely has become the new norm and face-to-face contact, the handling of physical items such as files, forms, checks, vouchers, credit cards etc. by multiple stakeholders has become a significant health threat and therefore taboo.”

Waiting For An End

     “The most pertinent question of the day being how long will this disruption continue?
     “My sense being that the more time we spend adjusting and working under these circumstances, the greater and more lasting the transformational impact of COVID-19 on our industry and daily lives.
     “Some commentators are already predicting that it will have a similar lasting impact on supply chains and the drive towards digitalization and online systems as 9/11 had on air travel and aviation security back in 2001.”

Changes On The Fast Track

     “The fact that this crisis is proving to be such a catalyst towards expediting the adoption of a paperless and connected supply chain, is one of the few silver linings in a world dominated by doom and gloom.
     “The global spread of Covid-19 has highlighted how inadequate the industry’s payment systems are and the glaring need for the efficient processing of safer, more secure, faster and transparent online transactions, is what we are hearing at Pay Cargo.”

Face To Face Has No Place

     “The coronavirus pandemic has confirmed that handling and processing cash, checks, vouchers and other physical payment methods such as face-to-face credit card transactions are a health risk and no longer acceptable; the global pandemic highlights the need and value of a cash/paper-less society and supply chain.
     “Online payments solutions are the future, both across the shipping industry and our broader society as a whole.”

The Way To Pay

     “PayCargo’s online payment platform provides the perfect solution in these challenging times and helps to keep the cargo flowing securely and seamlessly through the supply chain.
     “Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have seen an increase in interest for our services and stand ready to do what we can to help the cargo community get through the crisis.
     “At the end of the day, online payments are more efficient, secure and safer for the supply chain, and allow stakeholders from across the value chain and globe to stay connected and continue work as usual from home.”

A Resilient Industry!

     “History has proven that we are a resilient industry,” Lionel declared, “and I am optimistic that despite all the present disruption and pain, we will eventually emerge from the crisis stronger than before.”

PayCargo On the Line

     “PayCargo is here to support you through this unprecedented crisis:
     “As a secure online platform, there is no need to place yourself, your family, your co-workers or your clients at risk.
     “Use PayCargo to process payments from the comfort of your home or other remote location using any connected device such as your computer, smartphone or tablet.”

Pay Cargo Money Wants To Help

     “‘We need credit to help manage our cash flow,’ is a statement we often hear these days,” Lionel said.
     “Our sister company, PayCargo Capital, offers flexible options available to support our business partners such as 15 or 30 day credit terms, with amounts ranging between $50k to $2.5 million available.
     “Once registered as a Payer,” Lionel points up, “go to your PayCargo dashboard, click the FUNDS AVAILABILITY tab and click “Apply for Credit.”

Five Minutes To Freedom

     “The process only takes about 5 minutes to complete the application.
     “PayCargo is standing by to answer any questions or to lean in to support your effort.
     “Our team is your team and we are always there for you and available 24/7 by e-mail at support@paycargo.com or call 1-888-250-7778.”

Register For Takeoff

     Our invitation to all industry Vendors and Payers is to register in our system, here.
     “If you are a Payer and don’t see a Vendor that you are paying listed on our platform, talk to us and we will find the solution, which in this case is as easy as working with you to get them added to our system,” Lionel said.
     “Suggest a Vendor to be added or send your PayCargo account manager or our customer service team an email and we will work to get this done at no charge,” Lionel said.
     Lionel adds that “it should be noted, that many Payers have also identified the broader value of the PayCargo system and are now registering as Vendors, using the system to receive payments. Once again, our customer service team is there to assist any Payers interested in learning more regarding the benefits of and how they can use the PayCargo system to receive payments as a Vendor.
     “We are here for you!” Lionel van der Walt proclaimed.

The Weavers Pay Me My Money Down

     Pay Me My Money Down is performed here in 1956 in Carnegie Hall New York City by The Weavers an early folk song group that featured Pete Seeger (left on album cover) as lead singer.
     Pete (who lived to be 94, he died in 2014) retired after Weavers fame and fortune and went to live a rustic life on the Hudson River north of New York City where he dedicated himself to saving the Hudson that was very badly polluted.
     Parts of the Hudson River Valley today look much like they did when Henry Hudson sailed up from Manhattan in 1609 looking for an ice-free passage to Asia.
     But alas by the 1960s when Pete moved there the river was near dead.
     But unlike Henry Hudson who tried twice to find his passage, and finally gave up near where Albany, New York is located today, by the time Pete left us in 2014, the river was on its way back to life.
     We saw Seeger perform one Thanksgiving at Carnegie Hall with Arlo Guthrie (Alice’s Restaurant) the late song writer Woodie Guthrie’s (This Land Is Your Land) son.
     Seeger was an Ace in all aspects of life.
     He was also a great musician and songwriter.
     It was Pete that wrote the lyrics to “We Shall Overcome,” the song so closely associated with the Rev. Martin Luther King.
     Pay Me My Money Down is the music of black stevedores who worked in the Georgia Sea Islands during the 1800s that later was adapted by Lydia Parrish.
     Arlo BTW, continues performing in Carnegie every Thanksgiving! (G)

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