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   Vol. 13 No. 87  
Thursday October 16, 2014

Next Monday Tells
American Airlines Cargo

Next Monday Tells AA Cargo

gda jbAsk President of American Airlines Cargo “Big” Jim Butler what’s up for Monday, October 20th, and he will tell you point blank that it is “really a historic day for American Airlines Cargo, as we will finally present one combined network between American Airlines and US Airways to our customers.”

     We spoke to Jim late this week. He’s deep in the heart of Texas, where they have been burning the lamps late, casting attention across the country and around the world from the foot of the American Great Plains to deliver the new American Airlines Cargo this Monday.

Power Of One Number of Changes

     “We have been working behind the scenes for over a year and on Monday, we become one Cargo entity with one set of products, operational procedures, and air waybill.”

One Air Waybill Next Monday

     “There will be a number of notable changes for our customers, including the fact that all freight shipments booked and originating on October 20th and beyond will tender on a 001 air waybill.
     “In addition, for these shipments:
     1)   All customers will be able to book, track, and learn about products, services and our combined network on
     2)   ExpediteTC, our temperature controlled product, will be expanded across the combined network offering active and passive full-service cold chain solutions.
     3)   The new American Airlines Cargo will be a full will-carry dangerous goods carrier.
     4)   PPS (Priority Parcel Service) will be our product name for all traditional over-the-counter/baggage shipments, and is available for individual pieces up to 100 lbs. and under 90 linear inches.
    5)   High Value shipment services will be expanded across our combined network in select facilities equipped with additional security measures.
     6)   TLC will be our new product name for human remains service.”

Two Carriers Add Up
     “Our customers will see that by combining the best of both carriers we are able to offer additional U.S. domestic locations with significantly more flights, expanded reach into South America as well as many options to Europe.”

More Asia More Service

     “In addition, we continue to expand our offerings in Asia, having recently added Hong Kong to the network.
     “Our focus continues to be on delivering the best customer experience and our customers should expect the same great service they experience today, including delivering creative solutions across the combined network,” Jim Butler said.
     “I expect we will continue to grow our network and overall offering, and position ourselves as a leader in innovative solutions and customer service.
     “We are incredibly excited to take delivery of more cargo friendly aircraft with an order book of at least 68 new widebodies, and our combined and growing network will present significant new opportunities for our customers. For example, with the December start of our new service to Viracopos International Airport (VCP) in Campinas, Brazil, from both MIA and JFK, we will inaugurate our 10th destination in Brazil.”
     But it’s not just about the destination(s)—for American Airlines Cargo, it’s also about expanding on the journey: “Customers can also expect that we will continue to develop and invest in our products.      "In fact, we are about to open our new state-of-the art pharmaceutical facility in Philadelphia. It is hard to believe, but during the time we have been planning for this integration, our ExpiditeTC team has also been quietly building what customers will see as the flagship of our temperature-controlled offering.
     “Best of all, we’ve been able to grow our business while working through integration activities and maintaining a strong performance level for our customers. We’ve had a strong year so far and we are focused on continuing at this pace,” said Jim Butler.


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