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   Vol. 13 No. 87  
Thursday October 16, 2014


New Action Plan

TIACA Needs Action Plan

Neel Shah(Seoul Exclusive)—A lot has been written in recent weeks about the ACF 2014 exhibition and conference in Seoul with most of it being focused on the poor exhibitor attendance that will undoubtedly leave TIACA in a huge financial lurch.
     I can confirm that this is certainly how it played out with the size of the hall much smaller than previous years with far fewer exhibitors present.
     That being said, I don’t think we can simply judge the success of this conference based on how many companies paid for the square footage in the exhibition hall because TIACA is much bigger than a trade show.
     It is an organization that is trying very hard to represent all aspects of the industry to find solutions to the many challenges that we face.
     Unfortunately, TIACA in my view just doesn’t have the resources to keep the momentum going over the long term since the majority of time is spent selling exhibition space for the next ACF!
     I strongly believe that TIACA needs to undertake a new membership structure where companies pay much higher annual dues based on their turnover and completely eliminates the reliance on a massive trade show to finance the organization’s agenda every two years.
     The organization would be better served turning their gatherings (both the ACF and AGM) into true networking conferences where leaders from all corners of our industry gather and discuss the meaty issues, including the drivers to make air cargo work better with our counterparts on the regulatory side of the equation.
     Under that scenario TIACA conferees could expect an action plan to move the ball a few yards down the field rather than regurgitating the same topics every gathering, year after year. In between these meetings, the attendees can play a round of golf and do some commercial business.
     This is very similar to how CNS operates and I would argue that it is the most successful industry gathering in the world today.
     We might even be so bold as to begin to link the agendas of IATA WCS, CNS and TIACA so we can meet as an industry every four months and really tackle the major issues until we get solutions.
     TIACA has a very important role to play in this industry but if it doesn’t evolve its rigid philosophy around its AGM and ACF to be in sync with the current market realities it will always be treading water to keep from drowning rather than thriving.
     I have confidence that Doug and Oliver will be able overcome this latest stumble and change the model to ensure long- term viability for an organization with a long proud history of serving air cargo.

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