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   Vol. 13 No. 87  
Thursday October 16, 2014

IPad Launch

Although sales have flattened out for the product, Apple’s two new iPads—brought to market today—renew the familiar “need for speed,” with Apple Stores experiencing long lines of shoppers eager to be the first to snatch up the new products.
   Now air cargo, with a new model iPhone driving “Apple Mania” during peak season, can only hope for yet another blast as the venerable iPad gets tweaked and reintroduced as a “must have” for the upcoming holidays.

Urs Faces New
Swiss eBooking

Urs Stulz
   “At Swiss WorldCargo, we constantly strive to maintain the best possible standards and processes worldwide, to ensure consistently high quality,” says Urs Stulz, the old cargo pro who also happens to be vice president and head of Central Services, as Swiss launched a new eBooking platform.
   “The new booking and data capturing platform, which is based on Unisys’s Cargo Portal Services, is accessible via the website, and gives customers round-the-clock access to Swiss WorldCargo’s full range of products and services,” Urs told FlyingTypers.
   “With eBooking, cargo agents all over the world can now manage single or multiple bookings in one step, monitor a shipment’s confirmation status, capture MAWB and HAWB data, and/or create templates for recurring bookings.
   “Our endeavors here include continually finding ways to further enhance and refine our e-services, to both meet our industry’s standards and fulfill our customers’ needs,” Urs insisted.
   No argument here.




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