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Monday December 17, 2018

Wright Stuff For Children
Wright Stuff For Children
     There are plenty of inexpensive wonderful books and items for children that deal with the Wright Brothers. In time for Christmas are a few suggestions for the wee ones in air cargo.
     There is also a great website for all this stuff @www.yellowairplane.com. (also neat aircraft models and other transportation items).

Pioneers of American AviationThe Wright Brothers:
Pioneers of American Aviation
By Quentin Reynolds

   We love this book; in fact think adults should read it too.
   One of the best-selling children's book series ever published.
   This one is a must-to-have because it is bright and lively, and fun to read.
   The dream of Wilbur and Orville Wright, two self-taught bicycle mechanics, was cared for and nurtured along the way by people who went to work everyday and loved their kids and helped them get to where they wanted to be.
   When you think about it, that’s something we all have in common right now.
  Read this one with your kids. Buy here.

Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane
by Russell Freedman

   This is a clear, understandable and readable account of how the Wright Brothers invented the airplane. Even the technical stuff is explained in language that is not hard to understand.
   The events are illustrated with lots of photographs, many of which were taken by Orville and Wilbur Wright.
   When you realize that just maybe the airplane is the first invention to be fully documented by photographs, you are drawn into the brothers’ single-minded passion for achieving powered flight, for tinkering and experimenting until they could solve the problems that had eluded other scientist for years. There are many humanizing details (the firemen who were on “standby” and the cows and horses who had to be shooed from the “runway”) and excerpts from contemporary accounts make it fun to read. For instance, in 1904, Amos Root who ran a beekeeper’s supply shop, drove nearly 200 miles and saw the first circling flight ever made. He wrote his own account of the event that begins the book.
   Here are a few sentences:
   “The machine is held until ready to start by a sort of trap to be sprung when all is ready; then with a tremendous flapping and snapping of the four cylinder engine, the huge machine springs aloft. When it first turned that circle and came near the starting point, I was right in front of it; I said then and I still believe, it was…the grandest sight of my life!”
   Buy here.

Wright Flyer Kite Flying Model Airplane

   This one actually flies.
   A scale model of the original Wright Flyer, it has a five-foot wingspan and flies well as either a glider or a kite. (www.yellowairplane.com


Taking FlightTaking Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers
by Stephen Krensky, Larry Day (Illustrator)

   The story of the Wright brothers is familiar to many adults, but this adult does a great job of telling the story to young readers.
   The watercolor illustrations work to expand the text and they let readers have a glimpse at the machine shops and tough conditions that the Wright brothers faced at Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills.
   This edition is part of the "Ready-To-Read" series. Buy here.

The Wright Brothers:
The Birth of Modern Aviation
by Anna Sproule

   Developed for grades 5 through 8, here is a clear and concise account of the lives and times of Orville and Wilber Wright with the story of their family life, education and their first experiments with engineering in their bicycle repair shop.
   Also included are illustrations of their workshop and descriptions of their most famous experiments and flight trials at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
   The difficulty the brothers encountered as they tried to develop and market the first aircraft to a skeptical U.S. government and other important facts along the way emerge in an excellent collection here of original quotes from the Wrights themselves.
   A summary of important dates, a bibliography and a glossary are also included.
   Buy here.

Peanuts Kitty Hawk video The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk
A Peanuts Cartoon Video

   This video, a miniature history lesson of flight takes off with the legend of Icarus and lands as the Wright Brothers are born in the late 19th century.
   Charlie Brown (our hero) and Linus (friend) are invited to visit Linus' cousin Dolly in North Carolina.
   Together, they witness the Wright Brothers' first flight. Snoopy (Charlie’s dog) serves as the cheer leader to the first flight.
Charlie gets into the act attempting to fly the Wright Brothers' kite and it flies him instead.
The counterpoint and pad under all the action is the smooth cool-summer sound of the great Wynton Marsalis, who now heads up New York City Jazz at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
   Something for everybody here.


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