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Family Aid 2020
   Vol. 20 No. 15
Monday April 19, 2021
Philomena Sees Women As True Martyrs
Philomena Pereira

     In Mumbai, India Philomena Pereira, Managing Director, P.V. Agencies Freight Forwarders Pvt Ltd (Customs Broker), Director, Grace Global Logistics (multimodal transport operator) and Partner, BBB Speed Services (a transport company) has seen it all.
     In the logistics and forwarding business for quite a few years, Pereira has helped break through what women have collectively smashed to smithereens—the glass ceiling, by approaching our male-dominated transportation industry with unusual skill, including having her priorities straight about what women have to go through – at home and at work.
     Here Philomena sets aside the business pitch, although her enterprises in all aspects of logistics underscore her dynamic leadership role.
     Women’s issues are the topic as Philomena speaks out about the state of women up and down the line across the sub-continent brought forward by the impact of COVID-19.

Opportunity Knocks

     “The pandemic,” Philomena declared,” has led businesses to explore and adopt technology as a substitute to manpower.
     “The processes which required people to visit their offices now has advanced for many electronically.
     “Also, the government – where once human interaction was required – has advanced exponentially to the digital platform.
     “Faceless, digitization has progressed much faster than expected.
     “This has resulted in human resources especially women seeing some opportunities in securing dynamic and challenging roles.”

The Balancing Act

Philomena Pereira and family     “Women have held the fort as true martyrs.
     “Household help were restricted entry to homes or in some places totally banned for a quite a long period of time because of the pandemic.
     “A few of us women took it upon ourselves to complete our chores and have ended up breaking our backs after a few months.
     “With children and husbands being at home, it has been difficult for the women.
     “They have had to stretch themselves far and beyond to maintain peace in their homes.
     “Also, space constraints in their homes for all the family members to be awake and kicking through the day has been a challenge for the women, yet most of them have endured the test of patience.
     “Some women with small or school-going kids had to give up jobs because they were required to be with them all through their online lessons.
     “Worse, In India at least, since women were at home, in-laws (grandparents, for example) refused to look after the children.”

When Women Farmers Protest Change Is Going To Come

     “As example presently, in the rural areas it has been observed that most of the men migrated to cities to work in factories or do other jobs.
     “Therefore, especially in rural areas, the women work in the fields.
     “The thing is these women do have some level of education or exposure to others in our society who will support them in their protest.
     “Make no mistake, when women take up a challenge, they will persist until they see some success.
     “Those in authority must come to an amicable closure to this protest.
     “India’s Farmers should be considered seriously because they have suffered and continue to suffer due to drought, floods, inadequate inputs leading to yield gaps, absence of markets to sell their produce.
     “Government should take serious steps to take up these projects.
     “Also, the women who are educated and residing in the same areas should be encouraged to take up these projects, to support their fellow womenfolk. They will contribute in bringing about the change.”


The Major Challenges For India’s Women at Work

     “Generally,” Philomena asserts,” women are not preferred over men knowing their dedication to their families and also the inherent nature of most women that they do not compromise and accept help by others.
     “Also, it must be said, some women have made their household members so dependent on themselves instead of making them self-reliant and involving them in household chores.
     “Women should stop considering their jobs/services less important and ensure they work on a timeline whether at home or work.”

India Violence Skyrockets Against Women

     “First, importance has to be given to education of women, especially in rural areas.
     “Women should be provided incentives to attend school.
     “Men and women should be at equal levels.
     “Our women should be involved in the decisions affecting the family.
     “There also needs to be a widespread educational effort directed at empowering women, including something as basic as managing a bank account.
     “It may seem unbelievable in 2021, but millions of Indian women don’t have their own personal savings account, and that is something that should be an essential.”
Tirthankar Ghosh

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