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   Vol. 22 No. 13
Monday April 17, 2023

Happy Birthday United

     United Airlines founded by Bill Boeing turned 97 years on April 6.
     I recall sitting down a couple times and talking with Jane Galbraith who served as Bill's Executive Secretary.
     She later married my friend, Ralph O’Neill, the World War I fighter pilot Ace.
     Ralph worked for Bill following the Great War when Boeing built fighter aircraft and Pratt & Whitney made the engines and O’Neill working for both came up with the idea for NYRBA, an airline that operated in 1929 from New York down the east coast of South America to the Copacabana.
     When you think of it, coverage of the passenger side of the business has always had the upper hand in terms of stories, although during the opening era when United began 97 years ago, the mail consisting of letters, cargo and packages provided the revenue that kept the airlines afloat.
     So the cargo business has always been, at least amongst the faithful, an element of immediate potential, always seemingly just a breakthrough away from realizing its manifest destiny.
     With congratulations, we can only wonder how history will recall the amazing impact, when for a couple of years in a world of Covid, the passenger business evaporated and Jan Krems and his United Cargo team and others kept the airline flying like it was, when it all started 97 years ago carrying cargo.
     The thrill, of that recent time of “air cargo electric” and 97 years prior (before passengers), when cargo was king, cannot be lessened, it can only be forgot.
     The early days of Covid brought cargo all the way back to United with Jan at the helm; it reminds us of how the Air Mail Scandal of 1930 brought William Patterson to UA in 1934, who remained as president until 1963.
     Have you noticed that what is happening next at United Airlines is the most exciting story in aviation right now?

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