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   Vol. 22 No. 40
Tuesday November 7, 2023

Another Opening Another Show

Jean-Claud Delen, Lionel vander Walt

     Brussels Skyhall, where the adaptive reuse of the elegant former passenger facility at Brussels National Airport Zaventem is a statement of restoration and preservation all by itself, The International Air Cargo Association TIACA has gathered for its Executive Summit 2023. This evening, Tuesday November 7, TIACA will enshrine Jean-Claude Delen, (L) Senior Advisor to Arnaud Feist-CEO, Brussels Airport Company Airport into its TIACA Hall of Fame, which has previously honored people like Fred Smith, Bill Boesch, Richard Malkin, Jacques Ancher and others.
     JC is pictured here with Lionel van der Walt, Chief Growth Officer of Raft.
     Who is on the “Raft” with Lionel?
     “Raft’s sales automation platform. delivers rates more effectively, streamlines sales workflow, and demonstrates why your organization is the best partner for their business.”
     How about driving increased conversions by rapidly handling inbound quote requests with Raft’s email auto-quotation assistant. Instantly populate replies with rates from your RMS or TMS directly from within your sales team’s inbox.
     “I’m glad to be here to see JC honored by TIACA for a lifetime of service to our industry, and for his dedication to advancing FIATA,” Lionel smiled.

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