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   Vol. 23 No. 25
Tuesday May 28, 2024

Raising Hong Kong Not Just WCS

Hong Kong

  International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s big cargo meeting in March set attendance records not seen at that organization since its founding in 1945.
  With all the excitement of the WCS fading into the rearview mirror it seems timely to provide an update from Hong Kong from our friend and colleague Bob Rogers who also happens to be the top shaker and mover at ULD CARE.
  At the top of the pile, came an announcement a few weeks ago that once again Hong Kong International Airport has retained its status as the number one cargo airport worldwide.
  This is no small feat as there are plenty of airports nipping at its heels, but Hong Kong's unique geographical location and its proximity to the manufacturing powerhouse of the Pearl River Delta, now folded into the Greater Bay Area project supercharges Hong Kong's position.
  And over on the passenger side it is almost impossible to reconcile what one experiences today coming through the terminals compared to even just 18 months ago when Hong Kong was still in Covid travel restrictions.
  Cathay Pacific continues rebuilding their operations and expects to reach 100% of pre-Covid levels very early next year, but in the meantime pretty well every destination they covered before 2019 gets at least some service, if not quite the original frequency.
  Moving away from the airport, it's wonderful to feel that Hong Kong energy now is full steam ahead, powered by business travellers and tourists alike, along with cruise ships, conventions and events, and as these visitors come to Hong Kong and experience something that is very different from the picture presented in the western media over the last few years, the message is spreading far and wide.
  An example of such an attraction (pictured here) is a lavish drone show that was put up just a couple of weeks ago to mark the Buddha’s Birthday Holiday.
  Just for fun . . . THE PEKING TO PARIS RALLY ASSOCIATION LIMITED Peking to Paris Classic Car Rally began May 18 in Beijing at (where else?) The Great Wall of China!
Not only a spectacular event, but breathtaking surroundings and on a perfect blue sky morning as they set off.
  How anybody can imagine driving a modern car on the highways from Peking to Paris is beyond me, and these guys were all driving antique cars and often on minor or no roads at all conditions and against the clock!
  Bob Rogers was there as was a friend from Mongolia, Helge of Nomads Tours & Expedition, who has run support for this event in the past when it used to pass through Mongolia. Helge, always a super trooper was back for 2024, running support for this edition Peking to Paris up to the Caspian Sea.
  Bob put a series of photos in a 5-minute Vimeo.

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