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   Vol. 23 No. 26
Tuesday June 4, 2024

Air India Readies Cargo Future

Air India

JRD Tata and Nevill Vintcent      Well, if you want to say Air India is keen to get back into its prime position as an international cargo player, you wouldn't be far off.
     Plans are underway right now to boost international cargo as Tata Group moves deeper into developing its return in 2021 to owning the airline that was branded Air India in 1946 after JRD Tata (in photo left) and Nevill Vintcent (in photo right) invented Tata Airlines in 1932 as India's first commercial airline.
     To tell the truth when it comes to the power in the India cargo market, other international cargo carriers have been the prime movers.
     Almost 90% of the cargo market from India goes via another flag carrier.
     Figures show that Air India's share of the country's international air cargo stood at about 7%.
     During fiscal 2023 Air India transported 104,000 metric tons international cargo, while Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific and some others split the bigger piece of the pie.
     The Air India Air Cargo Outlook 2023, by the India Trade and Transport Group, mentioned, opportunities exist for further freighter fleet growth.
     Hey, that's a good tongue twister.
     Further freighter fleet growth, as a driver to support international services, particularly in expanding wide body space.
     That's what the report said, but not that many times.
     Air India plans to make the most of its international air cargo opportunities.
     During the past two years, Air India has added capacity and started new routes and destinations, mostly international, with the enhancement in international connectivity. The carrier is seeing an uptick in cargo. The introduction of widebodies on domestic routes has also seen a significant rise in belly cargo.
     It must be mentioned that with its sister airline Vistara - TATA SIA Airlines Ltd. flying widebodies to European destinations like London Heathrow, Paris and Frankfurt, there's been a substantial increase in international air cargo.
     For its part, Air India has been focusing on Delhi, which has become its cargo hub connecting the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.
     The hub is serviced by bonded cargo services arriving at the airport from all regions by road and air.
     Air India management has adopted a proactive approach to tie up with bonded truckers and hatched a level of efficiency that has landed a rise in outbound cargo loads from Delhi. The bonded truck services started with nine routes, which will ultimately be enhanced to 200.
     Air India has recently tied up with Interline partners to key markets in the United States adding to the bonded services.
     Additionally the carrier recently partnered up with Envirotainer for pharma containerization and now is moving full throttle into building services into that vital offering for air cargo.
Tirthankar Ghosh

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