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   Vol. 23 No. 28
Thursday June 13, 2024

Peter Sedgley One Of A Kind

     Peter Sedgley died Saturday June 8th at 78.
     A long-time airline cargo professional, present at the creation of Emirates SkyCargo, Peter retired in 2010 and spent his days post-retirement in Penang, Malaysia with his wife Stella.
     His friend and co-founder of SkyCargo Ram Menen writes:
     "We are very saddened to hear about Peter’s passing on. He was a great guy, a motivator, a great friend and a wonderful colleague.
     "Peter was always ready to lend an ear to whoever approached him.
     "A great team player and the ultimate streetwise air cargo professional, Peter had a wonderful way of telling it like it is, and thus he never minced his words!
     "His contribution to the development and growth of Emirates SkyCargo was immeasurable.
     "We all loved his easy sense of humour; Peter was always fun to be with.
     "Our condolences to Peter's wife Stella and his near and dear.
     "It was a privilege to have known and worked with him over many years and continue on as friends.
     "He will be greatly missed.
     "May the good Lord bless him and may he rest in peace," Ram Menen said.
      Peter was so well thought of, we discovered after he retired, that on July 17, 2010 we devoted an entire issue to his final work days at EK SkyCargo talking to him of course, but also making room to share the thoughts of others who worked and lived alongside him day-to-day for many years at EK and elsewhere.
      Although much has changed, people, places and things in the past years, here again, it is all about Peter.
      The thoughts in our mind have only deepened over time, which we respectfully send along as testament to the great adventure and a life well-lived. (Read here)
      Keep 'em flying and happy landings always, Peter!

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