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   Vol. 23 No. 28
Thursday June 13, 2024

Super Summer On The Wild Side

Jan Meurer, Floris Meurer, Hans Meurer, Michael Meurer

     Good friends remind you what matters in life.
     I'm looking at this picture and to paraphrase a tag line that once used to described the flight experience aboard Air Jamaica:
     "It makes you feel good all over!"
     Right on the heels of the almost nostalgia hangover from last week, when Normandie was front page news worldwide, came this charming snapshot of best friend and air cargo great Jan H. Meurer and his sons on holiday in Scotland.
     Tagged simply: “With my three sons for a long weekend on the West coast of Scotland! Glasgow, Oban, and Fort William . . . Fantastic!”
     Pictured (from left) Jan, Hans, Floris Meurer and Michael Meurer having a good time, the way it ought to be.
     There has never been an airline guy we have liked better than Jan Meurer.
     Jan has always been involved with change, personally and professionally.
     New companies and challenges, new places to live and bringing up his boys with his wife Annatine have resulted in an expansion of the character of the man, with knowledge of new languages and cultures and the global village.
     Professionally, change has been driven by business imperatives like growth, mergers, or reality.
     I guess Jan Meurer can best be described as a facilitator of change. He is a person who recognizes the human dimension of change and one who will work with people to understand, accept, and implement the inevitable.
     But what elevates this guy above the din has always lived inside of the man himself.
     Jan Meurer is tall, maybe 6-foot-five, so when you meet him he is bigger than you are.
     He is also very down to earth and warm hearted, often speaking in what sounds like a hoarse whisper.
     Jan gets lots of ideas and shares them all around.
     As long as we've known him in the business, he operated faithfully and with great determination and élan through a series of assignments at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.
     Part of Jacques Ancher's outstanding cargo team, to top position at KLM United States during the KLM/Northwest alliance era, recalled as one of the smoothest airline cooperations, to Jan's finale at KLM where he served as the head of all of KLM's onboard personnel (stewards and stewardesses).
     Jan completed his airline career nine years ago, founded Meurer Aviation Consultancy and has kept his hand in with various assignments.
     Jan began with P&O Nedlloyd, moved onto Martinair, and after that to PANDAIR SA before joining KLM.
     You could say that for almost all his life Jan has been part of the team that held up the pillars of Dutch transportation heritage.
     As Father’s Day June 16 approaches in USA, this picture makes all of us not only look good, but also feel great.
     Here we share a favorite song, extending good wishes for a “Super Summer 2024” all around!

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