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   Vol. 16 No. 45
Thursday May 11, 2017

ATC Winning At The Heart

   A family affair! ATC Aviation is amongst the fastest growing most dynamic GSSAs on the planet and Ingo Zimmer ATC CEO (center back row) wants the world to know that it is “all about our people.”
   “We also thank our partners, the expanding roster of airlines we represent from around the world.
   “Their faith and trust in our brand is sent back every day in the care and action that we take on their behalf.
   “We never forget how important you are,” Ingo pledges.
   Despite the hectic non-stop pace of Air Cargo Europe this week, ATC managers and staff took time out to send a collective smile to the world.

Air Cargo Europe Faces

Emirates Lands Uptick

Jeffrey Van Haeften     Jeffrey Van Haeften began his tenure as Emirates SkyCargo Vice President Cargo Global Sales having previously gained vital training in this ever-widening and specialized air cargo business at Martinair Holland, DHL Global Forwarding, and CEVA Logistics.
      Jeffrey is a well-connected key accounts specialist and his rise into top ranks at SkyCargo is apparent.
      Six months ago, we wrote that “he stepped out into the spotlight in Paris at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum last autumn with a strong mandate from management to accelerate options and offerings of the cargo program at EK.”
      Those words feel like “dejavu all over again,” to quote the U.S. baseball player and folk hero, the late Yogi Berra.
      However you may put it, we discover Jeffrey amidst all the flurry and hope at Air Cargo Europe, and he remains quite upbeat as he continues his ride of a lifetime at Emirates SkyCargo.

Up To The Minute

     “The air cargo market, Jeffrey Van Haeften says emphatically, “has improved significantly in 2017 compared to the challenging situation in 2016.
      “Volumes have increased uniformly on almost all the trade lanes, but of course we continue to monitor market trends worldwide to ensure that we’re on top trends.
      “Optimizing our network is certainly a priority for us.”

Forty Destinations In Europe

     “For example we have multiple daily frequencies to over 40 destinations in Europe and that allows us to move cargo to and from destinations, directly eliminating the need for trucking and additional handling, but most importantly saving time for our customers.”

Keeping Customers Close

     “In order to ensure that our business remains sustainable we are of course also working very closely with our customers, both freight forwarders as well as shippers, to ensure maximum value for all parties involved.
      “Business is stronger than ever.
      “We have seen volumes improving since October 2016 and because of the market situation with the shipping lines, ocean freight sometimes is transported by air because of time criticality.
      SkyCargo has also noted a trend where there is an increased focus on specialized transportation solutions for business verticals as logistics networks get more and more sophisticated.
      “We have redesigned several of our product offerings, including for pharmaceuticals, perishables, and automotive.”


     “We launched Emirates SkyPharma to ensure secure transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.  Emirates SkyCargo additionally operates the world’s largest GDP certified multi-airport hub in Dubai.
      “Also e-commerce is something that cannot be ignored. E-commerce freight has shown a year-on-year CAGR of 10 percent and a majority of this volume moves through air freight.
      “So Emirates SkyCargo is very well positioned to take advantage of these trends with our modern fleet of all wide-body aircraft, our global network covering 155 destinations, our state of the art hub facilities in Dubai, as well as our capable and knowledgeable staff.”

Market Standouts

     “As mentioned, everything is up in 2017, but volumes from Europe have picked up significantly after having remained soft for quite a while.”

The Emirates Difference

      “Emirates SkyCargo and our Dubai hub have an extremely high operational performance record.
      “Our network spans six continents and offers multiple flights from key origin and destination pairs every day, and we offer an excellent portfolio of transportation solutions developed in close consultation with our customers to ensure that they add value to their business.
      “Emirates SkyCargo operates state-of-the-art cargo facilities at its dual hub locations in Dubai. Emirates SkyCentral DXB located at Dubai International Airport is dedicated to cargo from passenger aircraft and Emirates SkyCentral DWC located at Dubai World Central handles cargo from freighter aircraft.
      “The two facilities offer our brand a combined cargo handling capacity of over 2 million tons per annum and also feature extensive, dedicated storage for temperature sensitive goods and a sophisticated Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS).”

At Home In Dubai

      “Our Dubai location enables us to access and connect trade and business to two thirds of the world’s population within just 8 hours flying time.
      “Our geo-centricity between East and West gives us the global connectivity and reach.
      “So what we bring together is a very unique offering which has contributed to our position as the market leader in the industry.”  

Pledges Cooperation

      “SkyCargo can tell any customer that when you approach us, we will listen to understand your requirements and work without fail to develop a solution that works to our mutual benefit.”

Forwarders Are Essential

      “We consider our freight forwarder partners an essential part of the logistics chain.
      “Forwarders ensure end to end offerings to customers.
      “As we work through a closely integrated model with freight forwarders globally, we integrate some of our largest forwarding partners as part of our sales structure.
      “We believe that as part of a successful partnership, it is important to have a tripartite dialogue with the freight forwarders as well as the shipper.”

Benefits Less Than Obvious

      “Here,” Jeffrey assures, “is an underrated SkyCargo customer benefit that works so well that it might be taken for granted.
      “Emirates deliver exceptional operational performance and excellent hub facilities in Dubai, allowing for seamless operations and transport of cargo.
      “Though less obvious, that benefit makes us an agile partner to freight forwarders in what can be a challenging and changing landscape.”

Impressions of Dubai’s Mega Airline

      Jeffrey has been an air cargo stalwart for some time now, despite his youthful enthusiasm. He came to the company three years ago with high expectations.
      “I think what surprised me most in Emirates SkyCargo was that despite being the largest international cargo airline, it is a very flat organization.
      “The communication lines are very short and decision making is done quickly and efficiently.
      “This helps in that Emirates SkyCargo is a very agile organization and its operations form the backbone of the company.”

Delivering The Promise

      “I think it’s important for more of the industry to adopt Cargo iQ standards.
      “I also believe it is important to move toward using the ‘Delivered As Promised’ metric as the key measure of success for our customers rather than ‘Flown as Booked.’
      “After all, to the customer it is always about having the shipment delivered on time.”

More Cooperation

      “It is also important for freight forwarders, air cargo carriers and shippers to work in a closer tri-partite relationship that exists currently.”

A Life Well Lived

       When he departs from Emirates headquarters, he repairs to home in what Jeffrey describes as “ very nice neighborhood in Dubai.”
      “To relax I love beaches and water sports and Dubai has no shortage of nice beaches.
      “Of course, in my heart I will always have Amsterdam as my favorite city, even though Dubai is a great place to live and very stable and safe, especially for families.
      “I quite like sushi and once again in Dubai there is no shortage of restaurants serving eclectic international cuisine.”

Why Air Cargo?

      “I always find it inspiring to meet people in the industry who are very open to new ideas and concepts and willing to adapt to new situations even if they have been in the same industry for a very long time.
      “I think the air cargo industry is fortunate to have a number of inspiring leaders who are willing to change and take people along with them by sharing their knowledge.
      “Openness makes the industry better for all participants,” assures Jeffrey Haeften.

Trees Gave It Up For Daily Blah

     This week we picked up a copy of the “Official Air Cargo Europe” daily publication.
     Printed on extra thick glossy stock, the issue felt and looked wonderful.
     But then we got to thinking: how can the air cargo industry, which is attempting to project an image of sustainability, allow itself to be presented to the professionals (at ACE) in a series of printed issues that have the look and feel of having been printed on what remains of the Black Forest?
     Yes, FlyingTypers’ parent company quit print more than a decade ago, so perhaps we are a bit sensitive on the subject, but we think it is past time that air cargo put its money where its mouth is and insist that wasteful usage of paper to print industry news is not consistent with the message that everyone in this industry—from IATA to FIATA, to the airport sales clubs—is trying to get across.
     We must accelerate our effort to get as much paper out of the air cargo business as possible, because still today in 2017, despite all our efforts, our industry continues to sink beneath an avalanche of documents every day.
     Did people at ACE who picked up the Daily see the irony reading the lead story about “digitization” printed-on-slick, heavyweight-paper?
     Probably not. There are all the other concerns—operating a business or working for one; being out of office; or looking for an edge at Air Cargo Europe.
     Besides, who in 2017 doesn’t get most of their editorial information including what you are reading right now, dear reader, from their PDAs?

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