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   Vol. 16 No. 79
Thursday October 5, 2017

Two For The Future

      Once again, FIATA brought forward some smart, interesting, and very appealing young forwarding talent at the opening of the organization’s World Congress event taking place this week in Kuala Lumpur.
      As always, Stanley Lim and Issa Baluch were in the center of the action.
      Both gentleman have served as President of FIATA and today continue in various posts as part of the organization’s Board of Directors.
      But that is not what this is all about.
      With all their years of service and success in business, these two professionals remain totally committed to building FIATA into the global transportation organization with the best educational outreach program in the world.
      It’s not just the legions of young logisticians that owe the development and pride they hold for their careers to the encouragement and training received via FIATA. Day One at FIATA 2017 was a showcase for two fine gentlemen and their continued effort to build freight forwarding through education from the ground up.
      Of course, the FIATA educational program is a team effort and the result of hard work by many people.
      But Stanley & Issa put a face on the proceedings year after year and their decency and hard work is nothing short of inspirational.
      To understand the motivations behind the men, we asked a simple question: If you faced your younger selves today, what would you tell them?
      You might guess what their answers were.
      Their spirit of education and commitment to the next generation of forwarders speaks louder than any words.


Yiffy Regional Winners

On Wednesday, October 4, FIATA opened its Annual World Congress in Kuala Lumpur in grand style, revealing a new crop of young, up-and-coming Gen Y logistics professionals. The gathering included the best and brightest forwarders who are bringing innovation and creativity to the industry.
      The FIATA Young International Freight Forwarder Award (YIFFA) is no walk-in-the-park handout. It reflects the best practical application of the transportation scheme by young professionals in the business today.
      The beautiful and well-appointed Kuala Lumpur Convention Center lies amidst a fantasy venue of world-class hotels in a business district landmarked by the skyscraping Petronius Towers.
      But just listening to these youngsters topped even the towers in terms of excitement.

Rolando AlvarezPositive Audience Feedback

      Rolando Alvarez, newly elected President of the Freight Forwarders Association of Panama and Director, Up Cargo-EMO Trans partner in Panama, noted, “the training programs of FIATA are the best in the world.”
      “As capabilities of the Panama Canal have increased activity across the sector in our country, the need to deliver the best trained personnel to grow with the industry brings us here to FIATA 2017.
      “Panama is on the move and we are looking to partner with this great organization,” Rolando declared.
      Xuan G. & Ai Huey, young forwarders from Korman Worldwide located in Selangor, Malaysia, declared that their day at FIATA was spent “learning from other young professionals.”
 Geoff selfie Tham Tze Yuen and Shamsa     “We are just starting out and the atmosphere here provides growth & understanding,” Xuan G. declared.
      Note that when the photographer went for a two-shot, Xuan, in typical Next Gen fashion, insisted on a selfie instead so we all got into the picture.
      Elsewhere, Western Warehousing, a company in Selangor, sent in Operations Manager Tham Tze Yuen and Shasha, who heads up Import.
      “FIATA offers a window to smart thinking in every aspect of the shipping arts,” Tham Tze said.
      “It is also an opportunity to learn about advances in warehouse techniques from a truly world-based crop of attendees,” Shasha noted.

World Regional Winners

      Pictured at the top of the story is the “Class of 2017” regional winners who submitted dissertations of how to best handle an import and also an export shipment.
      There were twenty-two entrants, four regional finalists, and nine judges.
      The most oft-repeated comment was “how hard the work was,” and that “it was really worth it.”
      “We made friends and learned from each other,” said one winner.
      “I was in sales but learned how operational logistics work,” said Bradley Davis from Canada, Americas Region winner.
      Nina Brose, Europe Region winner from Lübeck, Germany, utilized transporting goods across the famed “Silk Route” in her dissertation about determining cost and operational efficiency optimization.
      Wan Nian, Asia Pacific Region winner from Hubei province, China, wrote of multi-modal freight movements between India and China and Africa and China.
      “Combining ocean with air and even road is a precise and difficult job; the more you do it, it actually can become an art,” Wan Nian observed.
      Wan Nian took a moment to share “Mid-Autumn Day Greetings” with the FIATA assemblage.
      As Wan Nian spoke, we thought ‘here is a youngster who travelled from home during one of the most important family celebration weeks on the Chinese calendar to be with others, to share what can only be described as the future of cargo transportation.’
      From Zimbabwe appeared Africa Middle East Region winner Tinashe Chiwanza, who noted:
      “This competition was no easy journey, but several things were brought home loud and clear, including the impact of weather in all aspects of transportation.
      “But for me it is a matter of national pride to be considered, let alone win this recognition.
      “My dissertation underscored the benefits all around to practical follow-through.
      “The exercise was time-consuming and expensive given the condition of doing business in the African market.
      “But it also showed knowledge is power, and power can move mountains.
      “Special commendation goes to The FIATA Logistics Academy, which provides a great education,” Tinashe said.

Thanks To The Supporters

      Especially touching were short presentations from David Logan, The South African Association of Freight Forwarders; Alvin Chua, Federation of Malaysian Freight Forwarders; Ruth Snowden, Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association and Seamus Kavanagh, Irish International Freight Forwarders Association, some of the organizations around the world that support YIFFY.
      For example, Ruth Snowden from the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association said:
      “Forty-five years ago there were no trained employees nor global training available.
      “Today we have four international courses with text books and basic and advanced certification.
      “We need to continue to expand the search as employers of choice to attract the next generation to freight forwarding.”


Number 9 For EMO China 
 Fast-growing EMO Trans Global Logistics opened their ninth EMO China office on September 1 in Wuxi.
  Wuxi, served by Wuxi Sunan Shuofang International Airport, is located on the southern border of Jiangsu Province, about 128 kilometers (79.5 miles) northwest of Shanghai.
  Covering an area of 4,785 square kilometers (1,847.5 square miles), the city has a total population of 4.6 million people.
  Coyee Zhou has been named Acting Branch Manager
Email: coyee.zhou@emotrans.com.cn

Delta And Virgin
Team Up Pharma

Shawn Cole   Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Delta Cargo opened combined Pharma handling at London Heathrow at their Cargo Point facility.
  Now a fully segregated area dedicated to handling and storing pharmaceutical shipments is at Cargo Point.
  “Delta Cargo has successfully achieved CEIV certification in Atlanta and for Delta’s headquarters.
  “Over the next year we aim to add our other key hubs to the network, starting with New York-JFK and Los Angeles,” said Shawn Cole, Vice President-Delta Cargo.

Why QR B747-8F

  Qatar Airways recently took delivery of the first of two new B747-8 freighters.
  We asked Qatar Airways Chief Cargo Officer Uli Ogiermann why Qatar chose that aircraft type where aircraft would fly.  
   Until recently, we had been leasing this aircraft type from third party suppliers so that we could offer solutions for out-of-gauge and high-volume movements mainly on a charter basis. 
   “We grew very quickly into this market segment and have consequently made the long term investment into full ownership. 
   “As Qatar Cargo builds a qualified pool of pilots, we will be deploying our aircraft on a very fixed pattern of routes that our customers tell us are the most critical, namely from Hong Kong to major European centers such as Frankfurt and Luxembourg.
   “At this time, we have no plans to add more B747-8F beyond the two aircraft entering our fleet this year.” 
   “ However,” Uli said, “we always maintain a watching brief on all market segments and stand ready to invest should our customers tell us that they see a clear need.”
   “The carrier added a twice-weekly freighter to Pittsburgh that starts October 11.
   “The freighters to Pittsburgh make history as Qatar Airways becomes the first international airline serving the Steel City with main deck cargo services.


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Remembering Richard Malkin

Richard Malkin and Geoffrey Arend     One of the most important pioneering journalists in air cargo history, Richard Malkin died peacefully at home this past July 11, 2017.
     Dick turned 104 years old on June 27.
     Richard Malkin was part of our print publication from 1990 until 1994. He returned to FlyingTypers at age 100 and wrote continuously until mid-2016, supplying a flurry of final of interviews, comments, and feature stories.
     As we send our condolences to his children, Susan and Barry Malkin, we remember and celebrate a life well lived. When Richard Malkin reached the amazing age of 100 years, we presented his story in words and pictures that included many air cargo people who knew Dick either in fact or by reputation.
     It seems fitting that today our last news story about Richard should include the most recent comments from people that knew, respected, and loved him.
     So once again, here is the story of Richard Malkin.
     It is worth mentioning that Richard left us with a living legacy of yet-to-be-published stories created in 2014 and 2015. They cover his exploits during an amazing 65+ years covering the air cargo business.
     Happy landings and love to you always, Richard.

Richard Malkin Video Message

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