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   Vol. 20 No. 16
Wednesday April 28, 2021

Joachim H. Frigger

     My colleague and very best friend Joachim "Jo" Frigger Chairman of EMO Trans died on Monday April 19. Here is the press release from EMO Trans and some warm words of praise from Airforwarders Association and Jo’s good friend, Brandon Fried.
     Later after the shock of this sudden and great loss to people all over the world has passed our time of mourning, we will share with you our story of a long friendship and alliance with this truly remarkable air freight forwarding pioneer.     

     EMO Trans Founder and Chairman, Joachim (Jo) Frigger, passed away unexpectedly April 19, 2021.
     Jo served EMO Trans for nearly 50 years as Chairman, CEO, President and the founder of EMO Trans USA.
     Under his tenure, EMO USA grew from one office at JFK Airport in New York to a logistics powerhouse with a presence in every major U.S. shipping hub and an international reach through the EMO Trans global network. Today, EMO Trans USA has grown to 33 branches nationwide, employing nearly 400 staff.
     Born October 16, 1940 in Opladen, Germany and raised in nearby Cologne, Jo first moved to the United States in 1966 as part of his work for Deugro freight forwarding company.
     He went on to found EMO Trans USA in 1972 in partnership with EMO Germany.

Building EMO From The Ground Up

     Jo worked tirelessly from day one, and over the ensuing decades, to propel the company to great growth and global reach. EMO Trans was more than his company; it was his extended family, and his colleagues will miss him immeasurably.
     He is remembered as a savvy businessman with a passion for the freight forwarding industry and an unwavering commitment to serving customers with excellence and the highest of ethics.
     “Success by Performance,” was Jo Frigger all the way underpinning the company’s reputation for customized customer solutions and attention to detail.
     EMO Trans President & CEO Marco Rohrer in a statement said:
     “EMO Trans’ current management team is fully prepared to continue Jo’s legacy of strong leadership, careful planning, and wise decision-making.
     “Together, we will work through our grief and continue providing the level of service that Jo expected and exemplified.”
     Brandon Fried Executive Director Airforwarders Association declared his sorrow at Jo Frigger’s loss telling FlyingTypers:
     “Jo Frigger was a trusted mentor and advisor to me personally and was instrumental in my development as Executive Director of the Airforwarders Association.
     “Over the years, we had frequent conversations discussing our views on cargo security, world trade, infrastructure issues, and challenges facing the freight forwarding community.
     “He was always a candid and valuable source of wisdom, thanks to his many years of extensive experience.
     “Jo's views always focused on what was best for our industry as a whole and not specific interests.
     “The freight forwarding community has lost a truly memorable member who will be missed by us all. Our sympathy goes to his family and the EMO Trans organization at this sad time,” Brandon concluded.
     Always passionate at the forefront of what was new and next for freight forwarding, Jo engaged in social and charitable causes including the German-American Chamber of Commerce, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Feeding America, Ampo Burkina Faso, a home for orphaned children founded by fellow German Katrin Rohde, and the children’s hospice Baerenherz.
     Joachim Frigger is survived by wife Karin, son Sven and daughter Jennifer as well an extended family that includes grandchildren Maya, Lucas, Kai, and Jaxon.

Jo Frigger

Since 1965

     The phenomenal growth of EMO Trans as an innovative multi-national force in forwarding story began in 1965 Stuttgart, Germany.
     Since that time privately held EMO Trans has been on a path of continued expansion and success.
     “In 2021 with over 85 EMO Trans offices in 21 countries and 250+ network offices in 120 countries covering six continents adds up to solid infrastructure that consistently delivers exceptional logistics services to customers large and small.
     “We are deeply invested in understanding and internalizing the needs and goals of our customers.”

Women In Charge-Air Cargo

On A Cool Patch Of Land
     A German folk song titled “On a Cool Patch of Land” with its mournful and haunting melody by The Harmonists was recorded in Berlin 1932. Here is part of the lyric:
                    I want to travel as a minstrel
                    Far away around the world
                    And sing my tunes
                    And go from house to house.
                    And sing my tunes.

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