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Vol. 23 No. 16                   Wednesday April 10, 2024

Greg Schwendinger Cycling To The Show
     Greg Schwendinger is President of American Airlines Cargo, where he oversees one of the largest air cargo networks in the world. Greg re-joined American in fall 2022 after leading the Finance team at health services provider AccentCare during a period of transformation and growth, but he had already spent 15 years in American Airlines previously after his MBA at Rice University.

IATA Head Of Cargo Ahead On USA
     “I like the feeling I get when I’m riding in a jet, saying I’m going places” sang The Jackson Five in an uplifting message about air travel back when Michael was just a kid.

India Open Skies Benefits
“The operation of foreign ad hoc and pure non-scheduled freighter charter service flights shall be allowed at all international airports in India without co-terminal rights by cargo-only aircraft for three years from the date of issue of the aeronautical information circular.” That was India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issuing a notice circulated at the end of February this year.

Chuckles for March April 10, 2024

United Cargo Opens New Newark Facility
      Eclipsing The Competition . . . On Monday April 8 as the world awaited the Solar Eclipse, down on the ground United Cargo had officially just opened a brand spanking new full-service air cargo facility with all the bells and whistles at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) at 100 Frontage Road.

Vol. 23 No. 15                   Thursday April 4, 2024

Eppur si muove (And yet it moves)
     Eppur si muove (And yet it moves) is reportedly the utterance that Galileo Galilei pronounced after being obliged by the Inquisition to recant his findings that the Earth revolves around the Sun. True or false the idea that he really pronounced this phrase, it has become celebrated in Italy as a slightly rebellious exclamation that means a self-evident truth is refuted against all evidence.

MSC Brings It Home In USA
     On April 22 the remarkable journey of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) will be the subject of a talk by Brittney Knisley Lawler, Branch Manager of MSC based in Charleston South Carolina.

IAG Cargo India Growth Spotlight
The cargo division of European major International Airlines Group (IAG), expressed its plan to partner with Indian carriers and logistics players – with the condition that it would be done at the right time. IAG which represents the cargo business of five airlines -- British Airways, Iberia Cargo, Vueling and LEVEL (Spanish carriers) and Ireland’s Aer Lingus Cargo—gets 10 per cent of its global export revenues from India.

Chuckles for March April 4, 2024

Maersk A Sustainable Future
      A sustainable future just got a bit closer to reality as Danish shipping company A.P. Moller - Maersk’s second large methanol-enabled vessel is soon to arrive in Yokohama, Japan.

Vol. 23 No. 14                   Tuesday March 26, 2024

Going Dutch With Delta Cargo
     Nice Picture, Nice Guy and Consummate Professional . . . Took this picture of Peter Penseel during Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe in 2019.
     Beginning June 1, Peter currently serving as COO at CEVA Logistics, assumes command at Delta Air Lines as SVP and President –Delta Cargo.

United Campfire Gathering
     We’ve gotten kind of used to having meetings that are described as roundtables that are not round or fireside chats minus the fire, but in Houston United Campfire Gathering got the job done and was electric.

Donna Mullins A Thoughtful Lesson
In a perfect world the following few lines would just make no sense. Yes, indeed, in a perfect world . . . We are talking about how much logistics, and air cargo in particular, is missing by overlooking women’s skills, but we are doing this sideways, as it is convenient at the Flying Typers. Women’s skills can be ignored knowingly or as a habit, in any case it is a missed opportunity at best. This is not the main concept of this article, but it cannot be ignored if you wish to fully understand its content.

Chuckles for March 26, 2024

Four For Why CNS Matters
      And It’s not just Great Golf Opening Day Sunday at IATA's Cargo Network Services (CNS) Partnership Conference April 14-16.
      This is the 33rd CNS gathering and it is at The Gaylord Resort & Convention Center, in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.

Vol. 23 No. 13                   Wednesday March 19, 2024

FACE To FACE—East Side/West Side Cargo
     Both New York and Los Angeles organized air cargo have big doings at important meetings this week bringing together industry leaders on both coasts of the USA.

I Got The Horse Right Here
     So, what do you do whilst in Hong Kong to top the greatest, most well attended meeting in IATA Cargo history?
     I mean did World Cargo Symposuim 2024 blow the doors off Hong Kong Expo Center or what?

Ingo On The Road Again
We have been tracking the movements of “Road-Meister" Ingo Zimmer, CEO ATC Aviation Services AG, who in the last month alone has appeared in Mumbai, Addis Ababa, São Paulo and all last week in Hong Kong at International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium.

Chuckles for March 19, 2024

An Education In Many Languages
     Tervetuloa! That is how you would be received by Airport College, Helsinki, if they offered their courses only in Finnish. No worries, the institution we are presenting today boasts over 30 ready-to-use online eLearning courses available worldwide 24/7 in many languages including English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Finnish, French, Thai, Spanish and more to come.

Letter From Brandon Fried
Hey Geoffrey,
     Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in our efforts!
     As for Michael Steen's comment at the WCS in Hong Kong about greater engagement with legislators on sustainability, he's definitely got a point. While we're actively working on sustainability initiatives, there's always room for more collaboration, especially with lawmakers. We're all about being proactive, and our new Environmental Sustainability Committee is a testament to that.

Vol. 23 No. 12                   Wednesday March 13, 2024

IATA Hong Kong Humdinger
     The party may be just about over for IATA’s World Cargo Symposium in Hong Kong where the show closes on Thursday at noon at the Hong Kong Expo Center but no doubt results are in when standing back and taking measure of the gathering experience for our air cargo business.

IATA ONE Record Priority
     Brendan Sullivan, International Air Transport Association (IATA) Global Head of Cargo with the people that brought IATA World Cargo Symposium to Hong Kong, led the charge Tuesday March 12 where the news was as big as the audience itself.

Think Tank IATA WCS
One of the highlights of any really fine conference aside from networking and sessions, (and if you’re really lucky this week at IATA WCS Hong Kong a bit of local color experience to remember this jewel of a destination) are the ideas and friends; and maybe one or two new ideas that will endure, that you pick up along the way.

Chuckles for March 13, 2024

Three Words Big Story At HACTL
     At WCS 2024 Hong Kong this week if there were Skytypers writing across the sky above the throng gathered below at HK Expo Center, the words, like the focus of HACTL would be:
     “Digitalization, Safety & Sustainability.”

A Great Day For The Irish
     Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these words as you raise your glass to friends and family:
     May the road rise up to meet you
     And may the wind always be at your back
     May the sun shine warm upon your face
     And the raindrops fall soft upon your fields
     And until we meet again
     May God hold you in the small of his hand.

Vol. 23 No. 11                   Wednesday March 5, 2024

Party For The Age Of PayCargo
     Remember “Hair”, the age of Aquarius? There was a Broadway production in 1968, there was Foreman’s film eleven years later and there was and international hit, indirectly connected with the musical, released on March 1st 1969, precisely 55 years ago. The 5th Dimension marked a turning point in music and show-business, when 1968’s events changed the world for a generation or more. We thought it was forever; well, that did not work . . .

On The Road Again
     On The Road Again with a great story to tell including being named “Best GSSA by Ethiopian Airlines Cargo “ up in the air somewhere from Mumbai to Addis Ababa to São Paulo

Wim Will Always Be A Winner
Our colleague Willem Sonneveldt passed away on Tuesday, February 27, at the age of 74.
     Wim worked a long time as Director Airfreight at Ziegler Netherlands, served many years in the Board of the Dutch Airfreight Forwarders Association (NVVL) and later, on behalf of ACN Air Cargo Netherlands and the Dutch Forwarders Association Fenex, in the International Air Transport Association (IATA)-FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations Consultative Council (IFCC) and the Air Cargo Program Joint Council.

Vol. 23 No. 10                   Wednesday February 28, 2024

March Air Cargo Shows-A-Poppin
    Now in 2024 IATA World Cargo Symposium meets and the air cargo world returns as the future lights up Asia World Expo in Hong Kong beginning March 12.
    There is a saying that the construction crane is the national bird of China, and certainly anybody arriving in Hong Kong for the upcoming WCS will see a veritable nest of these “birds” as work continues apace developing Hong Kong International Airport located on the island of Chek Lap Kok in western Hong Kong.

Chuckles for February 28, 2024

Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?
Greek theatre saw its climax with the establishment of catharsis, when the difficult plot of the play, often a tragedy, was resolved through the phenomenon of anagnorisis, or agnition. In time, the initially simple stage process got jumbled, as reaching the climax through the agnition was becoming more and more difficult. But theatre in ancient Greece was no trinket, it was a very important affair, with big political implications. Can we say . . . it was their equivalent to our television?

Buffalo Cargo Delivering At Jet Speed
      “We join a very small group of companies (in modern times) that can say they’ve flown DC-3s and B737s,” says, Mikey McBryan General Manager Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife on Northwest Territories-based radio station Cabin Radio.
      Hay River-based Buffalo acquired the 737-300SF saying the purchase was necessary because existing freight connections into the NWT cannot keep up with next-day demand. Freight carried by Buffalo mostly arrives in the Northwest Territories by truck. Cargo is then loaded onto the airline’s DC-3 and C-46 aircraft, some of them 80 plus years old, for onward travel to the territory’s smaller communities.

Vol. 23 No. 9                   Thursday February 22, 2024

Why Women Matter To Air Cargo
    This year the air cargo spectacle landed in Mumbai, which in ancient times just a few years ago was known as Bombay. Possibly no one thinks about Bombay all that much anymore, but why not? History, where we have all been and still are . . . in the making, always offers signposts to where we are going. Differences can be enriching, too. We shall take a look at this reunion from a different slant of light for once, if you allow us.

Chuckles for February 22, 2024

Oman Air Cargo Ready
Right now central to a plan to develop itself into the here and now of the future, Oman Air Cargo has launched flights from its capitol Muscat to several new destinations across India via a newly added B737-8 freighter.
     The connections and can-do of the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman are increasingly coming to the attention of smart logisticians everywhere.

Vol. 23 No. 8                   Thursday February 15, 2024

Kale Digitizes Global Air Cargo
    If you were asked to speak on “Digitalisation for efficiency, customer delight and profitability”, other than having a field day on the advantages created by technology what would be your dream talk?

Chuckles for February 15, 2024

No Mood Indigo For Ingo
Can you imagine something more buoyant than this? You are in the air and this is your message: “Hi Geoffrey, this message reaches you from 10.000 m above Turkey on my way to Mumbai thanks to LH FlyNet®.”

Mardi Gras
     The big party for “Fat Tuesday”, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and in other places in USA and around the world was yesterday. Yesterday Ash Wednesday began Lent that ends with the celebration of Easter Sunday March 31, 2024.

Vol. 23 No. 7                   Tuesday February 13, 2024

UPS Keynoter Air Cargo Showstopper
     Big organizational news out of AirCargo 2024 the kickoff event yesterday which partners the The Airforwarders Association, the AEMCA (Air and Expedited Motor Carriers Association) and Airports Council International - North America in Louisville, Kentucky is that Jim Luciani was named Executive Director of AEMCA.

Chuckles for February 13, 2024

Pharma Not Just Dry Ice In A Box
Jennifer L. Haigh, United Cargo Head Of Specialty Products, Americas is thinking “Small” when the big subject is "Pharma".
     “Pharma today is smaller shipments with shorter lead time in small dosages that can add up millions of dollars in value..

What Happens When The Sea Turns Red
     Today the Red Sea is a place where maritime trade gets into a lot of trouble. You can turn the puzzle around one thousand times, but the riddle is difficult to unfold. And it is not the first time. I have personally lived through another three or four similar periods in which the Suez Canal and/or the Red Sea became difficult or blocked for ships with traded goods, and each and every time the consequences of such obstruction ignited waves and ripples in the economy that conditioned our development for a number of years.

Letter From Hong Kong
     Kung Hei Fat Choi to all readers as we say goodbye to the Rabbit and hello to the Dragon, ushering in a whole New Year of opportunity in China and around the world from Hong Kong.

Vol. 23 No. 6                   Friday February 9, 2024

Shaker & Movers In The Year Of The Dragon
     FT just published the FIATA Past-Presidents’ wishes for the New Year, but we shall not stop at that: we all know that the New Year starts on January 1st in many areas of the world, but not everywhere. In China the New Year starts on February 10th 2024 and this day will introduce the highly revered Year of the Dragon.

Chuckles for February 9, 2024

QR Cargo Freshens Fruit
Biggest most important event held anywhere we think during February is Fruit Logistica going on this week iin Berlin February 7-9.
     Here Day 1 of Fruit Logistica 2024 Qatar Airways Cargo Team in Hall 26 Booth H49 show strength as to how important this show has become.

Year Of The Dragon In The Wings
     Here is our Bob Rogers getting ready for International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s World Cargo Symposium being held next month in Hong Kong March 12-14.

Beatles Day At JFK
     It was 60 years ago on February 7, that the Beatles arrived at JFK!
     It has already been ten years since FlyingTypers published one of our most popular pieces. It is rare enough that articles from an air cargo publication get reshared among Beatles fan groups and sites but this one touched Pan Am alumni, aviation buffs and others who agreed they’d never read anything quite like it about one of the most researched phenomena of the past century.

Vol. 23 No. 5                   Tuesday February 6, 2024

FIATA Past Presidents Future Vision
     The global world is our environment and we are both limited by its boundaries and entitled to promote the development of its potential. We occupy a unique position that requires wisdom and balance in order to achieve positive results.

Chuckles for February 6, 2024

ATC At aircargo India
Ingo Zimmer, CEO of ATC Aviation Services AG, the greatest GSSA in the world who also takes centerstage as a notable lover in attendance at aircargo India, which, as it happens kicks off in Mumbai on Valentine's Day February 14.
Did Tata Wistron India Takeover Get The Right Number?
     Air India is looking at cargo to write the words for its celebratory song. The Tata Group-led India’s national carrier recently started operating six Boeing 777s (Air India has ordered 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft and deliveries will start in 2025). These widebodies will be helped by temperature-controlled transport solutions and bonded trucking services and will provide competition to the foreign carriers that have been predominant in the transportation of cargo from India. FT has often pointed out that foreign carriers handle around 85-90 per cent of the exim air cargo business from India.

Vol. 23 No. 4                   Thursday February 1, 2024

The Man Who Fell From Good To Better
     Doha, Qatar - “Qatar Airways Cargo confirms that Mark Drusch has been appointed as Chief Officer Cargo effective immediately.” This in Qatar’s Press Release: “with over 25 years in senior airline management roles, Mark is a well-known figure in the aviation world. His most recent role was SVP Revenue Management, Alliances and Strategy at Qatar Airways where he led the development and implementation of the company’s revenue strategy as well as managing strategic alliances with key partner airlines.

India Sees Red As Horn Goes At Midnight
     Air cargo forwarders in India are worried about what is happening on the Red Sea. The disruption caused by the Red Sea crisis will, in all probability, see carriers raising airfreight rates any day. And that, at this moment, would spell challenges not only for forwarders and exporters but also the air cargo sector in the country.

Chuckles For February 1, 2024

When It Comes To Fork Lifting Japan Airlines Is A Winner
     In Hong Kong our Special Commentaries Editor Bob Rogers reports, “it's all smiles as the Lunar New Year celebrations take off on February 10th.”


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