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Vol. 22 No. 16                      Thursday May 18, 2023

Kale Shaping Sustainability At Airports
     Amar More, CEO and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions up against the wall at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe last week with a paper copy of a study his company produced titled “Kale Shaping Sustainability at Airports.”

Ian McCool Talks Future
     “No doubt, at the biggest trade show for air cargo in 2023, takes on what the big crowd talked about have varied.
     Overwhelmingly it was mostly about people and relationships as Air Cargo Europe was absent for four years during the Covid pandemic.

Chuckles for May 18, 2023

Thanks To The People Whom We Met In Munich
     “As we take stock of our time this week at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe in Munich I must express my personal thanks to the many people who have stopped by our stand to share some moments, and yes it has been too long since this great show has brought us all together,” said ATC Aviation Services AG CEO Ingo Zimmer.

EMO Trans At ACE
Dear hearts and gentle people . . . Jennifer Frigger Latham, VP Sales & Marketing, EMO Trans at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe pictured with The Airforwarders Association (USA) Executive Director, industry trade show organizer and empresario Brandon Fried.

Airblox Stacks Up
     “Great show!” said Mike Oslansky, one of the outstanding air cargo professionals in attendance at Messe Muenchen Air Cargo Europe Munich last week who were having some high times enjoying the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones in MUC.

Vol. 22 No. 15                      Monday May 8, 2023

Navigating Air Cargo Europe Why Spargelzeit Matters
     Earlier we wrote about the Asparagus Festival taking place in Bavaria and elsewhere right now in Germany and decided to make the point again.
     If Covid has taught us anything it’s to look around and find some extra pleasure when we travel.

The Man Who Is Changing The Way To PayCargo
     This is the first article that the FlyingTypers is publishing to debate an issue that has been on the tables of trade and logistics experts for decades by now, yet without anyone in a position to finally indicate the word END. Digitization in freight logistics is a reality, a “world changer” as our guest Eduardo del Riego defines it, but in a way it is an unaccomplished reality. When it comes to payments, we are still in a sort of limbo and nobody seems to be perfectly happy about the situation. There is light at the end of the tunnel though and we shall see with our guest, this light is pretty bright.

Vol. 22 No. 14                      Sunday April 30, 2023

Let ULD Harmony Play Up There
     In airports and airfreight, harmony in procedures and collaboration are essential to establish a reasonable level of quality in service and ensure the respect for the environment our day and age require.
     Bob Rogers VP & Treasurer says, “here at ULD CARE we get elated when we have a glimpse of such harmony.

Kale Brings More Solutions To IATA
     Amar More, CEO and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions in Istanbul at The International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium last week is a newer face on the air cargo circuit but in real terms he has been in the forefront of modernization and streamlining of air cargo operations in the U.S., especially recently as Kale Atlanta transformed the way to keep cargo moving a few years back.

Chuckles for April 30, 2023

Call Me Al
     If Al Kalmbach, the air cargo guy for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) were any happier with what he discovered at LogiPharma, the world's biggest Life Sciences show last week in Lyon, France, he might qualify in air cargo as the most happy fella!

A Quinella For LogiPharma
     LogiPharma in Lyon France at Palais des congrès de Lyon on April 25-27 was slick well-organized and interesting, full of heavy duty business, and lots of people and action at a great venue.

At Munich And LAX Cargo May Rule
     While last week was a good time for greet and gather and if you were lucky, you might even have rubbed elbows with the airline cargo chieftains at IATA’s Annual Air Cargo Meeting now branded IATA World Cargo Symposium going on all this week at Istanbul. Elsewhere the air cargo event calendar moves into overdrive with a couple of headlining events.

Recalling Jo Frigger

Vol. 22 No. 13                      Monday April 17, 2023

FIATA Up Close Devil In The Details
     Spring is silently creeping into the landscape. I had left Turin with little green and no foliage on the trees and today I can see the colours changing to a pale, pastel hue of green all around me. Each time the cycle repeats a new lifecycle begins. One wonders whether all the change we appreciate is just an illusion, and we are in fact trapped in cycles repeating themselves. Yet progress is perceptible, today’s services are in general safer and more efficient, in particular in areas such as aviation and aircraft. Flying fifty years ago was a profoundly different experience

Happy Birthday United
     United Airlines founded by Bill Boeing turned 97 years on April 6.
I recall sitting down a couple times and talking with Jane Galbraith who served as Bill's Executive Secretary.

Vol. 22 No. 12                       Sunday April 9, 2023

Easter 2023
     Good morning, everyone out there.
     It is another Easter Day, celebrating the resurrection of nature to life after the winter lethargy. A couple of days ago Sabiha told me she wanted to run my 2020 Easter article in retrospect and I was a bit puzzled at this choice. I think she was right though. It is interesting to read it now, after billions of vaccines saved so many lives and the official ending of the pandemic made it possible for us to turn the page. Yet, we have come back to “normal” in a world that looks even more unstable, on the brim of disaster, after a cruel war has invaded Europe again.

Chuckles for April 9, 2023

Happy Easter
     In many ways, air cargo makes the season, as the great air hubs are filling aircraft holds to the brim with large consignments of flowers from Latin America, Africa, and elsewhere to destinations around the world.

Vol. 22 No. 11                       Tuesday March 28, 2023

Cargo In Freefall One Year Later
     As the calendar closes in on April 25-27, the air cargo event schedule arrives in beautiful Istanbul at International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s 2023 Annual mandated meeting of top airline cargo management.

Children Know The Way
      At FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations Headquarters Session last week at The Geneva Convention Center, one panel discussion contradicts the notion that our industry trade show sessions are getting older.

Navigating The Uncertainties Of Our Times At The FIATA HQ
     Here I am in Chambery, writing at a desk conveniently provided by the railways. SNCF being on strike, there was just one train leaving Geneva to Chambery in France today, so that I could board my Frecciarossa to Turin. Hence, I had to leave my meetings at the FIATA Headquarters’ (HQ) too early and arrived in Chambery four and a half hours ahead of my schedule, but my harvest is ripe and even abundant nonetheless.

Why Are These Mean Smiling?
     As FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations wrapped its 2023 Headquarters Session in Geneva once again, this was the place on the cargo schedule to be, in Spring 2023 post COVID, where the sessions were bright, the talk was meaningful. It can be said no organization in transportation delivers back to its members the level of training and industry building, as does FIATA.

Play It Again Ingo
     The ATC Air Force is once again front & center as exclusive GSSA for Avianca Cargo in Germany and Switzerland.
“We are thrilled to partner again with Avianca Cargo for Germany and Switzerland,” said Ingo Zimmer, (above right) CEO of ATC Aviation Services AG.

Letter From Hong Kong Springing Back To Life
     FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations ULD session in Geneva raised some eyebrows over at ULD CARE, a well-versed organization that began as an International Air Transport Association (IATA) committee in 1971 and then in 2011 became a legal entity based in Canada.

Vol. 22 No. 10                       Friday March 17, 2023

First Sean McCool Invented Irish Air Cargo
     Air cargo great Sean McCool (pictured here with his son Ian) at 91 looks ahead this Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 to turning 92 in April.

Stronger Together Navigating Uncertainties With FIATA
      A relatively new Italian writer, Beppe Sebaste, in 2008 published a book with a curious title: “Panchine”, i.e. park benches in Italian: an unusual book with no real plot, but with the declared purpose of “getting out of this world without getting out of it”.

Vol. 22 No. 9                       Wednesday March 8, 2023

ATC On The Mark@Intermodal South America 2023
     They just completed a giant of a trade show in São Paulo, Brazil on March 2 called Intermodal South America.
     This year the annual event regained post COVID luster as a most important yearly transportation gathering.

Banker's Miserable Numbers
     This is Kam Shing Kwang, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Private Bank, Vice Chair, Greater China Investment Banking, at J.P. Morgan.
     This Month and its International Women’s Day March 8, which is focusing

Qatar Cargo Once-A-Year Day First
     This year, International Women's Day (March 8) is centered on the theme of #EmbraceEquity.
     March is also Women's History Month in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and is a time to celebrate and recognize the amazing contributions of women throughout history.

UA Cargo Annual Meet
     It was no crap shoot that United Cargo held its Worldwide Meeting 2023 last month and the first since the Covid struck, in Vegas Baby!

Sheryle 'Cheese' Burger The Lens Of Love
     Sheryle Ann “Cheese” Burger, of Newnan, GA, passed away Thursday, February 23, 2023, peacefully at home with family by her side.
     Her friend and ours, Reverend Donna Mullins officiated at her funeral services, (today Donna is vice president, Kale Logistics Solutions).

Cathay Pacific Cargo Now Cathay Cargo
     We learned recently that Cathay Pacific Cargo is now branded Cathay Cargo (CC).
     Cathay Cargo’s online publication still branded Cargo Clan has been published for 48 years in various formats. The magazine went digital in March 2017.

Vol. 22 No. 8                        Wednesday March 1, 2023

Tulsi Bullseye For Dart
     The theme for International Women’s Month this year is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.”
     Who better to represent air cargo during International Women’s Month 2023 than Tulsi Nowlakha Mirchandaney, who is celebrating over five decades in air cargo. Tulsi is Managing Director and Accountable Manager of Blue Dart Aviation and is our lead off story as we launch Women’s Month 2023.

ATC Aviation In Africa At The VIP Lounge

Chuckles for March 1, 2023

Campbell Likes The Maharajah
     As expected, Air India's Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, industry veteran Campbell Wilson confirmed a 470 aircraft order Tuesday, February 28.

The Maharajah
     Air India's Maharaja has been the carrier's oldest and best-loved mascot.

Men Mountain Smiths 2.0
     Air Cargo Integrators (ACI) CEO Lionel Smith and his son Aaron Smith were surveying the trade show scene Tuesday February 21 at the Air Cargo Africa 2023 in Johannesburg. As he looked up and down the aisles, Lionel at six feet, seven inches tall, enjoyed a unique vantage point.

Joel Ditkowsky—A Custom Brokers's Custom Broker
A well-known and liked, long-time organizer and advocate for Customs Brokers in New York and beyond named Joel Ditkowsky Friday February 17.
    “I delivered my first consignment to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, a shipment of Rabies Vaccine in 1954 bound for Amsterdam,” he once told me.

Vol. 22 No. 7                         Tuesday February 21, 2023

Crime Spike Has South Africa On Guard
     Air Cargo Africa opened today in Johannesburg barely four days after AirCargo Nashville closed; in Pretoria located less than 45 miles away from JMB, the Police Minister, a man named Bheki Cele issued a warning to people who live in or visit South Africa that, “you'd better hide your wallet.”

Air Canada Cargo Freighters New Normal
     Jon Turner, Vice President, Air Canada Cargo is upbeat:
     “As Air Canada returned all temporarily converted passenger aircraft back to their core mission of flying passengers, the cargo team continued to grow market share across some of the largest global trade routes. The results achieved during this transition year validate our long-term growth strategy for Air Canada Cargo.

Chuckles for February 21, 2023

Catch 22? Lionel Glad To Be Back
     Right now air cargo people all around the world are more or less steeling themselves to a 2023 business climate that is a bit milder than last year, post pandemic, for example when the sky seemed no limit.

QR Cargo Flowers Growth
     “I’ve got a rose between my toes from dancing barefoot through the hot house to you, pretty baby.”
     Received lovely greetings from the folks at Lemon Queen Public Relations Council in France on behalf of Qatar Airways Cargo with numbers that flower even greater as time goes by.

At AirCargo 2023
     Words to think about at AirCargo Nashville as Keynote Speaker Vaughn Moore, Executive Chairman and CEO of AIT Worldwide Logistics knocked it out of the park speaking to an audience of 700 + logisticians.

Mardi Gras Musique

Vol. 22 No. 6                         Monday February 13, 2023

When A Forwarder's Got Moxie
     Brandon Fried, energetic executive director of the Airforwarders Association (AfA) has a smash hit trade show on his hands in Nashville, which started yesterday Sunday February 12 with maybe 1,000 people wall to wall.

Not Easy Being Green
     In 2016 the late Joachim Frigger, CEO and guiding spirit that lead EMO Trans into international prestige and power said:
     “Airplanes and ships don’t move much faster than they did 40 years ago. But the speed of communication and customer demand for total transparency of the location of the cargo at each step of the logistics chain is the big change. What also has changed is the strong demand of customers for environmental sustainability.

Chuckles for February 13, 2023

Day One At AirCargo 2023
     Right now air cargo people all around the world are more or less steeling themselves to a 2023 business climate that is a bit milder than last year, post pandemic, for example when the sky seemed no limit.

One From The Heart
     This is a Valentine for every parent who works in air cargo that celebrates or celebrated the airport with their children.
     I feel like we all have something in common as part of a special group that in some ways can see that world from the inside out.

Donate To Help Turkey
     The terrible earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 in the Pazarc|k district of Kahramanmaras, Turkey has left unimaginable death and destruction and was felt in many provinces, especially in Gaziantep, Sivas, Hatay, Sanl|urfa, Mersin, Samsun and Trabzon. 10 provinces were destroyed. Turkey has issued a level 4 alarm. The alarm also contains the International help code. There have been several hundred after shocks, the largest of which was 6.6..

Vol. 22 No. 5                         Tuesday February 7, 2023

Fruit Logistica Berlin this Week
     Fruit and vegetable lovers will be 'loving it up' at Berlin’s Annual Fruit Logistica all this week at the massive Berlin ExpoCenterCity and CityCube in Germany, February 8-10, 2023.

Of Three Lithium Certified Two Are Qatar
     It may come as a shock to some shippers to learn that one of the biggest challenges to safe handling of lithium batteries or lithium anything is the paperwork.
     Enter an IATA-initiative branded Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV), a process that now can assure auditing the action and providing confidence for lithium battery shipping.

Chuckles for February 7, 2023

Donna Is The Milk Of Human Kindness
     All of us in the supply chain can take a lesson from @Kale Info Solutions present at the Manifest 2023, last week at Caesar's Forum Hotel, Las Vegas.
     The Manifest conference brought 3,000 supply chain executives from all disciplines including – BCOs, ports, airports

Captain Zoya
     “My Airplane Doesn’t Know Whether It’s A Man Or Woman In The Cockpit,” smiles Air India Captain Zoya Agarwal.

Brave Bessie Blazes A Trail
     In February, America celebrates Black History Month and March celebrates Women’s History Month, which beggars the question of where to place someone as historically significant as Bessie Coleman.


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