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Geoffrey FIATA Fellow

Vol. 20 No. 34                                   TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2021

Laurent Bernet A Life Well-Lived
    Laurent Bernet, a genuinely lovely human being and a great pioneer of air cargo in France and beyond, died on July 7 in Paris. He had been battling cancer for the past decade.
    “Laurent was a lovely man and a great colleague,” said United Cargo President Jan Krems, “For sure we miss him.”

Nothing To Lose But The Wait
Boston Logan International Airport air cargo stakeholders have some congestion challenges, but help is on the way as Massport, the airport operator have teamed up with Kale Information Solutions the wunderkind Airport Community System (ACS) that streamlines the entire export and import process for all airport cargo stakeholders.

Chuckles for September 7, 2021

First From Fred New CNS President
     Last week attendees in Miami at the 30th Annual Cargo Network Services (CNS) Partnership, the American-based pioneer air cargo organization dedicated to advancing cooperation between airlines and forwarders, were introduced to a new look as CNS met its new President Frédéric Leger.

Brandon Fried With Willie Walsh
     Airlines Might Cease To Exist, Says International Air Transport Association (IATA)'s Willie Walsh.
     With Brandon Fried Head of the U.S. based The Airforwarders Association Association (l) is Willie Walsh, Director General of IATA as the Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) Partnership Conference in Miami took off early shortly after sunrise Monday August 30 for a half hour meeting on stage from 08:10 to 08:40.

AA Cargo Lauds Miami CNS Partnership
     Jessica Tyler President of American Airlines Cargo, who just back from CNS Partnership that concluded August 31st, is over the moon (in Miami) as Wednesday dawned deep in the heart of Texas, the home of AA Cargo:

More From CNS
     From Jason Berry, VP Air Canada Cargo reporting from Montreal:
     “Regretfully, we made a last minute decision to refrain from sending any of our out of country staff.

Airline Problems Began Long Before COVID-19
     Bill Boesch is a true air cargo pioneer having served in top cargo posts at Seaboard World, Pan American, American Airlines Cargo, Emery, DHL and elsewhere. One of my fondest memories of Bill is inside a container with Julie Kupersmit, founder of Containair manufacturing company in New York.

Little Into Big On National Aviation Day
     Celebrating National Aviation Day last month brought to mind a story to share.
     In the U.S. National Aviation Day is celebrated on August 19. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the holiday in 1939. Here FDR is pictured in Dayton, Ohio with Orville Wright after he issued a Presidential proclamation, designating the anniversary of Wright’s birthday (August 19) to be National Aviation Day.

Vol. 20 No. 33                                     MONDAY AUGUST 30, 2021

Questions for Willie Walsh at CNS Miami
    We continue to observe lockdown as Delta Variant & COVID-19 has made travel a non-entry for us at this time. We look forward to 2022, when we are assured that the world is safe and our ability to move more easily will be back.

Pumping Traffic for August 30, 2021
22 carriers at Newark Airport's main air cargo handling Buildings 339-340 are about to be displaced and right now are scrambling for space as walking papers are sure to follow a deal the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey made allowing Amazon complete control of those buildings.

Chuckles for August 30, 2021

CNS Partnership Celebrates 30 Years
     Given these uncertain times, we recall what made Cargo Network Services a one of a kind successful organization.
     It was the many people who during the past 36 years gave of themselves in a genuine effort to make the air cargo industry better by supporting CNS.

Steve Prince A Gentle Giant
     Sad to report our colleague Steve Prince of Woodstock, Georgia died of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis on Friday August 20, 2021.
     He was 72 years of age.

Vol. 20 No. 32                                     MONDAY AUGUST 16, 2021

The Butler Did It
    Jim Butler, the youthful, energetic, just retired senior vice president airport operations and cargo from American Airlines in Dallas, barely misses a beat, having said goodbye and then hello in almost the same breath.

Will Amazon Dominate Newark Airport Cargo?
Amazon is cooking up a deal with the New York New Jersey Port Authority that, if enacted, could end up turning over 23 acres or the heart of Newark International Airport Air Cargo handling space via Buildings 339 and 340 to one company, Amazon, leaving almost every other cargo operator at the airport including 22 airlines, whistling in the wind.     

Chuckles for August 16, 2021

Closer Encounters Puts ATC Ahead
     You cannot mask that during these lockdown times, Ingo Zimmer, CEO and his global team at ATC GSSA are holding the relationships developed over the years across an expanding roster of service partners "even closer," as Ingo puts it.

PumpingTraffic for August 16, 2021
     You cannot mask that during these lockdown times, Ingo Zimmer, CEO and his global team at ATC GSSA are holding the relationships developed over the years across an expanding roster of service partners "even closer," as Ingo puts it.

Vol. 20 No. 31                                     WEDNESDAY AUGUST 11, 2021

Get Off Your Duff & Sell The Stuff
    Air Canada Cargo has announced it will add all-cargo aircraft to its fleet beginning later this year as the only North American combination carrier to do so in the near future.
That is great news for air cargo and means Air Canada is transforming an almost moribund North American cargo scene by turning the all-cargo freighter service potential into reality and, something to watch and be excited about.

Can We Releye on New Envirotainer?
     Everybody loves something new. Out comes a product with all the bells and whistles as the the flaks and p/r types open up their thesaurus looking for new superlatives.
     So here we separate the wheat from the chaff for an unbiased view from a guy that knows more about cans and where to kick them than anybody else.

Chuckles for August 11, 2021
    Longest bridge on an airport in the world is Sky Bridge at HKIA connecting Terminal 1 and the North Satellite Concourse.

High-Flying Air Canada Promises More Of The Same
     When Air Canada Cargo put out the news late last month underscoring the best air cargo quarter the airline has ever seen we sat up and took immediate notice.

PumpingTraffic for August 11, 2021
     TIACA Executive Summit scheduled for November 8-10 in San Francisco is postponed and will take place on March 22-25, same location. Check for further developments here . . . Atlas Can’t Lift This?—Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings held an earnings call last Thursday but before that happened Robert Kirchner, trustee for the International Aviation Professionals (IAP), Teamsters Local 2750, sent out a call to arms over deeply-held beliefs amongst many Atlas pilots that company leadership “is

Report From The Chairman
     We have met dozens of public relations types during our half century on the air cargo beat.
     The best, most prolific and easily in tune, whenever the song is sung, is Nils Haupt.

Vol. 20 No. 30                                     WEDNESDAY AUGUST 4, 2021

Dr. Yang And The Optics Of Logistics
    We received news that at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) 54th Session, FIATA welcomed and supported the note produced by the UNCITRAL Secretariat on the preparatory work towards the development of a new international instrument on negotiable multimodal transport documents, and its crucial findings.

Chuckles for August 4, 2021

Sky Bridge At Hong Kong International Airport
    Longest bridge on an airport in the world is Sky Bridge at HKIA connecting Terminal 1 and the North Satellite Concourse.

Memories Of A Trabi and Friedrich The Great
     Guess I should have kept the Trabi I bought in Berlin for USD$200 after arriving on the first DLH flight in 1989 from Newark to Berlin. As I recall we landed in Hamburg first, then onto BER. It was the first flight after acquiring Pan Am's routes that the German national airline made to Berlin. That inaugural flight carried the mayor of every city in the U.S. named Berlin. For more listen here.

Vol. 20 No. 29                                     WEDNESDAY JULY 28, 2021

Irresistible Virgin Cargo
    When you think about it, very early in the pandemic, Virgin Atlantic Cargo made it clear that the red coats were going to take the bull by the horns and damn the pandemic. They stepped out brilliantly with an aggressive, well thought out strategy to move cargo upstairs on aircraft seats before anybody else.

Chuckles for July 28, 2021    

Oh! By Golly Here Comes Kale
    Amar More is Director, Kale Logistics Solutions.
    Kale is pronounced (Kah-Lay) Kale is also a well-known last name in the Maharashtra State of India.
    Amar is well-known in air cargo and logistics circles as the ‘Go-to’ man who knows everything about technology.

PumpingTraffic for July 28, 2021
     Air Canada put out some figures last Friday and Matthieu Casey, Senior Director, Cargo Global Sales and Revenue Optimization could not be happier. “We’re tremendously proud of the strongest quarterly results Air Canada Cargo has ever seen,” Matt (left) told PumpingTraffic, adding “Those numbers and that effort is a testament to our continued efforts to maintain stable and consistent capacity flows for our customers across the globe through cargo-only flying.

Letter for Hong Kong
RE: Don't Count Out Hong Kong
Dear Geoffrey,
I applaud Bob Rogers for taking the courage to tell the western world the exact opposite of what they have been preaching . . . Bob is telling the facts of life now in Hong Kong, no more, no less, but just factual. 2019 was a disastrous year for Hong Kong, there were riots, arson, destruction, stopping of public transport services, killing of a few people with a different view by the so-called democracy fighters. All under the pretext of democracy.

Buck Moon 2021
     Even though many are not flying and Canadian wildfires had clouded the sky above New York City, we kept looking up.
    On Friday July 23, that effort paid off big time as Mother Earth delivered quite a sky show as the Buck Moon had Lunar enthusiasts and astronomers alike basking in the glow. The full Moon in July is called the Buck Moon because the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode at this time.

Vol. 20 No. 28                                     TUESDAY JULY 20, 2021

Tokyo Olympics Heat Up
    Fierce heatwave in Japan distorts photo of trucks and big ocean containers at Tokyo docks as work continues toward opening of The Summer Olympic Games this Friday July 23.

What Has Air Cargo Shown During The Pandemic By Dominic Kennedy
     Virgin Atlantic and air cargo has adapted and innovated to ensure its long-term future post pandemic.

Talking It Up Lying Down . . .
    While many can think fast on their feet, David Vance could think big thoughts from a horizontal position as well.
    In the picture David tells it like it is a few years ago, while Rick Elieson AA Cargo President listens up!

Chuckles for July 20, 2021

Don't Count Out Hong Kong
     For some time now quite a rather large cross section of the world’s media has bemoaned loss of freedoms in Hong Kong in what is often described today as a Mainland China-controlled city.
     So with Hong Kong as the air cargo driver that it is in the world today, with the busiest air cargo enterprise anywhere, we thought it might be good to talk to someone on the ground who is also a well-known and respected air cargo specialist, someone who lives and work there.

Pumping Traffic for July 20, 2021
     Number one in the world, Qatar Cargo adds WebCargo to its USA offering. Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo Guillaume Halleux declared: “Following our successful launch across Europe, we are glad to introduce WebCargo across the U.S. We are actively pushing for digitalization in air cargo as it brings in efficiencies

Never Forget Flight 800
Twenty-five years ago on July 17, 1996, 230 people were lost when Trans World Airlines Flight 800 bound for Paris from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New Yok City exploded above East Moriches, Long Island and fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

Vol. 20 No. 27                                     MONDAY JULY 12, 2021

Brendan Sullivan Named IATA Global Head Of Cargo
    Brendan Sullivan was named IATA Global Head of Cargo Monday July 12.
  That post has been vacant all of this crucial pandemic year, ever since Glyn Hughes took the package and flew off to new horizons atop TIACA, The International Air Cargo Association.

Turgut Erkeskin A Force For Good
     In early July as FIATA, the largest organized air freight forwarder organization in the world announced a major deal with PayCargo, I began thinking about the forces that are moving that organization forward in 2021 and Turgut Erkeskin of Istanbul came to mind.
     FIATA has some very fine people in its leadership group as that 95-year young organization continues its march through the pandemic and other challenges facing us all, with calm and reason and innovation.

Chuckles for July 12, 2021

Maple Terrace Small Hotel Close To Home
     Getting back on the road again as COVID-19 fades in the rear view mirror, there may be bigger hotels in Williamstown, a well- heeled Western Massachusetts community where the College and Summer Theater Festival get a lot of attention nationwide.

Vol. 20 No. 26                                     WEDNESDAY JULY 7, 2021

New USMCA Agreement
    Agreement between the United States of America, the United Mexican States, and Canada (USMCA) Implementing Regulations Related to the Marking Rules, Tariff-rate Quotas, and Other USMCA Provisions is in the spotlight as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on July 1 issued two of its three highly anticipated U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) regulatory packages setting forth requirements on a range of issues.

Man Bites Dog For Cargo Security
     We now know that new rules from ICAO have forced change to air cargo as 100% industry screening went into effect June 30.
     Simply put, these ICAO international air transportation standards mandate that all-cargo aircraft flights receive the same level of security screening and scrutiny that cargo shipments on passenger fights do.

Chuckles for July 7, 2021

Pumping Traffic for July 7, 2021
     Aviation In the swamp until 2025—“The situation remains very challenging for European aviation. We’re heading into summer 2021 and most restrictions are still in place despite encouraging progress on the vaccination front.

COVID Devastation Of India
     (New Delhi, June 21, 2021) —Why do we still seem to be living in denial? The second COVID wave that struck major metros and cities—in fact, the whole of India—taking away near and dear ones does not seem to have jolted us.

Contrails Days May Be Numbered
     For some time now the ominous truth has been that some of what we thought was good for us can also be bad for someone else.
     Take the pleasure of looking up into the sky at long thin and often romantic, really quite beautiful contrails from big passenger and cargo aircraft flying across the familiar to places yet to be discovered.

Vol. 20 No. 25                                     THURSDAY JULY 1, 2021

FIATA And PayCargo Mega Deal
    PayCargo teams up with FIATA in a landmark global agreement impacting the largest organized group of freight forwarders in the world.
    PayCargo has developed a tailored solution, called Freight-Pay, which will allow members of The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) to instantly make and receive payments between themselves, while also benefitting from reduced transaction costs and heightened security features.

What Makes Jason Berry Run?
    Word up from Jason Berry, Air Canada Vice President of Cargo that the airline in a standout move was breaking away from every other North American combination carrier by adding all cargo B767 freighters to the fleet as fast as the carrier can convert them, quickens the heart of every true air cargo executive.

Pumping Traffic
     SWISS to slash fleet 15%, workforce by 20% as business is expected to be about half this summer what it was during summer of 2019 . . . Airbus delivered 50 aircraft in May. Boeing delivered 17 during May, including 10 737 MAX . . .

Chuckles for July 1, 2021

Baseball as High as the Flag on July 4
     We’ve reached a fork in the road in New York City, as July 2021 finds some folks venturing out to dine once again and gather in the parks
     The summer will not be denied as the most famous sports address in the world—Yankee Stadium in the Bronx—switched on the bright lights this year for a full season.


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