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Geoffrey FIATA Fellow

Vol. 19 No. 62             MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

Trust and the Market
     In case you have been at the shore all summer with no phone or computer, air cargo is not only doing very well right now, in fact not since the wild days of the China build up a couple of decades ago have rates been as sky high.
     Do the math. When the pandemic struck if you could get 4 bucks a kilo you might have been a local hero,
     Right now, ex-China rates are as high as $25 per kilo.

Chuckles for September 14, 2020

Street Smart Cargo Show
     It’s time to Fall Back!
     It’s a great time of year, when the first hint of a shift in the weather and shorter days advance the sense of renewal.
     Sorry, but this move toward laptop webinars with six people crowded on a screen has gotten old in a hurry.
     I think face-to-face from a distance with the loved ones works: we enjoy seeing Uncle Claude, young Obhishek, Nilu and Zahir via Zoom.

The Indispensible Sherpas
Nils Haupt is top corporate communications officer at Hapag-Lloyd AG, the fifth biggest container shipping line worldwide.
  Nils served in the same position at Lufthansa Cargo between 2002 and 2012. Here, he brings an enlightened, objective view for today and tomorrow.

Cargo on Fire Worldwide
Isaac Nijankin will always be recalled as “Mr. Air Cargo” for his legendary run at pioneering Varig Brazilian Airlines. Founded in 1927, it ended just short of 80 years of leadership in 2006.
     Later, Isaac served at Cargo Air Lines. During a distinguished thirty-plus year air cargo career, he guided the fortunes of Varig Cargo and initiated and supported various efforts to advance the industry.
     Isaac was a key pro-industry source who was very instrumental at the start-up of TIACA and CNS.
     Now retired, he is still thinking about these things . . .

Harold Hagans Lit the Sky Above Atlanta
A great man of the logistics business, both in Atlanta and worldwide, Harold Hagans, died September 10. He was 82 years old.
     Harold and Gail Hagans created Atlanta Customs Brokers (ACB) in the early 1980’s and grew it from a small customs brokerage operations to a legendary international freight forwarder and customs brokerage firm that is today, as their slogan says “locally grown, internationally known”.

Vol. 19 No. 61             SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2020

Time & the River
     There is an ad on TV playing right now in America from a company that says it can look up my Dad’s military record and send me details.
    It ran during a news report marking 75 years since the end of World War II.

Chuckles for September 5, 2020

Air Cargo Took off Above the Himalayas
     If you want to know exactly when the defining time occurred for air cargo in the 20th century, and what led to its development, just cast a line back seventy-eight years ago and you will discover that modern air cargo was born in India and China.
     Today, as air cargo’s future is increasingly connected to these two ancient countries, it can be said that what is old is new again.

Why FlyingTypers
     It is also worth mentioning that the publication that you are reading worldwide today called Flying Typers can trace its name back to the days of the AVG.

Vol. 19 No. 60             MONDAY AUGUST 31, 2020

True Confessions of a Freight Forwarder
      Marco Leonardo Sorgetti was a practicing freight forwarder in Turin, Ital,y before he pivoted to organized air cargo. He sold his company in 2000, worked for the Italian federation (FEDESPEDI) and then joined CLECAT, the European Freight Forwarder Federation as Director. In 2012 Marco became Director General of FIATA, the international association of 40,000 Freight Forwarder member organizations. He retired in 2017, but has remained active in the logistics field.
     Marco is always soft spoken, smart and steadfast. What we like most about Marco is that he is a good listener with a wealth of ideas and he is always willing to share with everyone. Here he answers our questions and shares his thoughts.

Chuckles for August 31, 2020

Vol. 19 No. 59             MONDAY AUGUST 24, 2020

Days of Futures Past: What to Do Now
     Forty-five years ago we endeavored to create a publication unlike any other in the air cargo industry. I learned something important early on in our effort:
     In order to have a clearer vision of what lies ahead, we must deal with what happened before.
     So, the first order of business at FlyingTypers has always been to cast a clear line to the history of air cargo.

Chuckles for August 24, 2020

Pandemic Pulled Blanket Off World Economy

     "If ever there is a perfect storm, this is it! The Covid-19 pandemic makes every other crisis that we called a perfect storm during that time (e.g. 2008/09 market crash etc.), look like a walk in the park.
     Having gone thru our own share of wars, market crashes, epidemics and pandemics, even though this time around the air cargo industry came into its own to support the world, I am quite happy to sit this one out and watch it all playing out from a gallery seat."

Dave Brooks Look for Opportunities

     Dave Brooks assumed command of American Airlines Cargo in 1996 and continued at that post for one month short of 16 years retiring in 2016. Dave, out of the gate, let the charge for innovation at American Airlines Cargo, making AA Cargo the first U.S. flag airline to offer e-freight internationally.
     Today Dave serves as a non executive director at Saudia Cargo
     Ask Dave Brooks what he would like to see happen in cargo 2020 and the answer is immediate.

Cargo 1000 Goes American

     American Airlines said the carrier will operate 1,000 cargo only flights in September serving 32 cities; a plan that began as an experiment has now grown exponentially over the last 6 months.
   “We didn’t have a playbook. We’d never done this before,” the carrier said.
   “We began to explore how much cargo we could take if we couldn’t transport passengers.”

United Krems, a Cargo Superstar

     United Airlines Cargo has flown than 5,000 cargo-only flights since March 19.
   Amidst all the bad news of layoffs and forced early retirement, Jan Krems President, United Cargo has demonstrated in vivid results what a dedicated, inventive and no limits, all out air cargo professional can do, given a broad canvas.
   There are passenger freighters at UA today that have moved mountains, not just boxes, transporting more than 170 million pounds of cargo, including medical supplies and other cargo around the world.

Vol. 19 No. 58             TUESDAY AUGUST 18, 2020

Imagine Freeze Dried Vaccine
     Sometimes in the process of getting it there, when air cargo delivery must meet the need, factoring in all the variables including new possibilities can be illuminating, enlightening, and ultimately even helpful.
     Here we look briefly into the expanded usage of a process called lyophilization.

Chuckles for August 18, 2020

Letter From Brandon

Why, Peter?

     Up pops cargo pro Peter Scholten, now serving as CCO for London-based Air One that serves as sales agent for   Aerotranscargo, an all-cargo outfit based in Sharjah, fielding four B7474Fs.

Vol. 19 No. 57             MONDAY AUGUST 10, 2020

Pharma Readies Vaccine Solution
     Workers in the fields of life sciences and transportation are laboring diligently to discover a COVID-19 vaccine and researching the means of moving that vaccine to restore the balance of normal life all over the world.

Chuckles for August 10, 2020

Hamill, Prince of the City

     Pete Hamill has died.
     The reporter covered everything from boxing to politics and once wrote, “I don't ask for the meaning of the song of a bird or the rising of the sun on a misty morning.” In 2020 the City that he loved as much as he could weeps for the loss.
     To my mind, Pete was the greatest and most heartfelt chronicler of New York City life. He talked about and wrote the most revealing yet romantic tales during an era that gave us Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, and Norman Mailer.

Summer Cooler

     We take a break as Summer 2020 is really in full bloom.
      In Frankfurt, ATC CEO Ingo Zimmer and his team of Dog Days bosses including (L) Tobi, the wonder dog and Aretha (r) are moving supplies as business is slowly winding itself back up to some kind off new normal.

Vol. 19 No. 56             MONDAY AUGUST 3, 2020

Vaccines Can Get it on American
     American Airlines Cargo is opened wide and declaring it is “ready to deliver” vaccine and therapies to combat the global pandemic.
     “While the production of a COVID-19 vaccine remains unclear, we are inspired that experts and scientists around the world are working together to beat COVID-19,” Jessica Tyler, President of American Cargo told FlyingTypers in an exclusive interview.

Letters to the Editor for August 3, 2020

India China Boycott Takes Hold

     In the beginning of July, when FedEx and DHL stopped picking up cargo from China for India, it was not surprising. If the Corona Virus pandemic made transportation difficult, the situation with the bloody conflict in the Galwan Valley (bordering the Indian state of Ladakh and China) on June 15, 2020 that saw the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers, made India’s relations with China even worse.

Good Guy Retires in a Minute

     Good guy Richard “Dick” Dougherty, Project Manager – EDI American Airlines Cargo eBusiness Strategy, has stepped down from his post at American Airlines Cargo.
     Aside from his responsibilities at AA Cargo, Dick was heavily involved with C2K in a very fundamental fashion; he was both a participant and a big thinker, as well as being the guy who meticulously took the minutes of each meeting.


   We are the original Air Cargo News founded 45 years ago in 1975 in New York City, USA.    
    Edited by Geoffrey Arend, the acknowledged dean of air cargo publishers, we are the go to source for the air cargo industry worldwide.
    In-depth and knowledgeable coverage of the air cargo market.    No advertorials, no press releases, no dubious awards. Just market savvy.
   Responsible for saving the Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport, New York and Building One, Newark International Airport, New Jersey—historic first-generation aviation buildings.
   Only publication ever to be honored by the U.S. Department of Transportation for outstanding contribution to transportation and aviation.

Jessica Tyler Jessica Tyler


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