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Geoffrey FIATA Fellow

Vol. 20 No. 18                                       TUESDAY MAY 11, 2021

    Day and night we hear of the miracles of the vaccine beating back the Corona Virus.
Now we are into week 20 of 2021.

FIATA Up To The Minute
     Dr. Stéphane Graber is the new Director General at FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations. FIATA.
     Dr. Graber had served as Secretary General at STSA (Swiss Trading and Shipping Association), the national trade association for commodity trading, shipping industry and trade finance in Switzerland. He was also Chair and CEO at eGTSA, a company that successfully developed a digital communication platform for commodity trading companies and commodity trade-financing banks (TRAFEC).

Chuckles for May 11, 2021

Will India Agents Kiss the IATA CASS?
     Will the Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) accept the decision of the nine-year-old case that had been going on at the Competition Commission of India (CCI)?
     The CCI recently put an end to the case that had been going on since December 2012, nine years ago when the ACAAI said that IATA was guilty of anti-competitive practices. . . .

Pumping Traffic
     Turkey . . . sorry to report impacted by COVID-19 lockdown has caused the high-flying Turkish Airports to reverse earlier gains with flights down 26% during the past two weeks alone.

Vol. 20 No. 17                                       WEDNESDAY MAY 5, 2021

Respect The Mask
    Looking at the picture of the caring people of Qatar Cargo, including mon ami Guillaume Halleaux, Chief Officer Cargo, who is pictured far left just prior to the carrier leaning in with relief flights into COVID stricken India early this week, brings to mind the need of continuing to mask up, despite some reports and confusion here in America that mask time may be over.

Why No FIATA IATA Partnership Yet?
     When I think of airfreight these days I get a different reflection depending on the viewpoint, like entering Hendrix’s “Room Full of Mirrors” and I get dizzy, as though I was looking at it through the Pretenders’ dazzling version
In a way this is not surprising, if you look at the figures monthly published by ICAO.

Chuckles for May 5, 2021

Pumping Traffic
     Trips from USA to the rest of the world are surging driven by high inoculation figures. Now with bookings averaging 98 days before departure the rest of the world looks on, yearning to get COVID-19 shots into the arms of citizens . . .

Feliz Cinco De Mayo
     A mariachi band honors medical staff outside Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, as once again it’s Cinco De Mayo, which celebrates the Battle of the Puebla and victory for Mexican rebels over the baddies.

Vol. 20 No. 16                                       WEDNESDAY APRIL 28, 2021

Jo Friggger Inspired Freight Forwarding
    EMO Trans Founder and Chairman, Joachim (Jo) Frigger, passed away unexpectedly April 19, 2021.
     Jo served EMO Trans for nearly 50 years as Chairman, CEO, President and the founder of EMO Trans USA.

Vol. 20 No. 15                                     MONDAY APRIL 19, 2021

Strong Voice Dramatic Company
    In March as Women’s History Month continued to march along, the world celebrated International Women’s Day March 8, and Jennifer Frigger-Latham, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at EMO Trans based in Long Island, New York was hard at work from home, away from the spotlight, with her husband Paul and the couple’s two small children.

Brandon Fried Is A Treasure
     Of all the transportation executives at all the companies serving air cargo no one is more public or more involved in supporting the cause of U.S. air forwarders than Brandon Fried.
     Brandon is a one-person passion field that carries forward a point of view about what’s new and what things mean to air cargo people all across the nation.

Chuckles for April 19, 2021

Philomena Sees Women As True Martyrs
     In Mumbai, India Philomena Pereira, Managing Director, P.V. Agencies Freight Forwarders Pvt Ltd (Customs Broker), Director, Grace Global Logistics (multimodal transport operator) and Partner, BBB Speed Services (a transport company) has seen it all.
     In the logistics and forwarding business for quite a few years, Pereira has helped break through what women have collectively smashed to smithereens—the glass ceiling, by approaching our male-dominated transportation industry with unusual skill, including having her priorities straight about what women have to go through – at home and at work.

Miami's New Frontier
     No masking the joy as Frontier Airlines celebrated the airline’s inaugural flight from Miami International Airport to San Salvador and Miami-Guatemala City April 12. Frontier is now serving both routes with twice-weekly service.

Vol. 20 No. 14                                       MONDAY APRIL 12, 2021

The Lost Year of 2020
     Sitting in my car on a short masked-up trip from our home last week, I noticed a building in nearby Rego Park, Queens with the words “The Lost Battalion” inscribed in limestone atop the structure.
     The art deco design of the place confirmed my suspicion that it was built by WPA labor in the 1930s Roosevelt years.

Chuckles for April 12, 2021

Vol. 20 No. 13                                       THURSDAY APRIL 1, 2021

AGI Has A Handle On Air Belgium Atlanta
    Air Belgium is operating four A330-200Fs for the French CMA CGM Group that just launched its cargo airline division and began thrice weekly all-cargo operations Liege-Atlanta where AGI is providing the ramp and warehouse services.

Trieste—The HHLA Land Between Hamburg and Hong Kong
     This is the period of the year when FIATA Members meet face to face in Zurich at the Headquarters’ session. In 2021 the format had to change due to the pandemic, so the novel FIATA WEEK meeting ran for all registered Members swiftly and flawlessly: on-line only, a useful time to see old friends and listen to old and new topics that are central for FIATA and the entire forwarding sector.

Chuckles for April 1, 2021

Outstanding People Make Our Business Better
     As late 2001 turned into 2002, I had just left airport consulting firm LeighFisher Associates to start my own cargo-focused firm and was managing (on a part-time consulting basis) air cargo affairs for Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA), which needed supplemental support and I was available. Not only was it financially helpful to my then-fledgling firm but I gained invaluable insight into how an effective trade association operated and how associations cooperate when circumstances require.

Our Prayer
     As Holy Week 2021 continued with Holi, Passover, Good Friday and Eastertide, a grand tradition continued in Saalfeld, Germany where the Christina and Volker Kraft family celebrate the season with their tree decorated with 10,000 Easter eggs.

Vol. 20 No. 12                                       WEDNESDAY MARCH 24, 2021

No Silence For Bad Behaviour
     Say hello to Priyanka Ann Saini.
     Priyanka is Chief Strategy Officer, Charlie Pesti where she handles the hefty responsibility of serving as marketing strategist for logistics, shipping, and supply chain solutions.

Chuckles for March 24, 2021

Will Trade Shows & Face-To-Face Come Back?
    The quick answer is of course they will. Right now while you are reading this story COVID-19 vaccines continue to arrive in doses by the millions almost everywhere on earth. At the same time eager cargo events are reaching out entreating us to join a webinar or attend a trade show convention or a regional meeting.

Vol. 20 No. 11                                       MONDAY MARCH 22, 2021

What It Means To Be #1 In 2021
    Qatar Airways Cargo, in case you missed it, was already the largest cargo carrier by FTKs in in the world of 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.
    But QR was not about to lean back and rest on its laurels, rather management in Doha doubled-down as the carrier became fastest out of the gate as COVID-19 smacked the airline industry square in the jaw a year ago.

Chuckles for March 22, 2021

ANA Back To Munich
     In Germany, where General Sales Agent ATC Aviation Services AG represents ANA Cargo, the carrier will resume flights to Munich with two cargo-only flights between Munich, Germany, and Tokyo (Haneda), Japan starting on March 26th and 28th, 2021 via a Boeing 787 Dreamliner with a 35-ton lower deck capacity.

Blue Dart All-Women Service Center Mumbai
     And none are about to be judged as just one of the boys!
     Blue Dart, the India express company that at one time was managed and driven in large part by a pioneering woman named Tulsi Mirchandaney and then bought by DHL, said that it is operating the first 100% women-run service center in Navi Mumbai.

McCools Too Cool For School
     I received a letter with a photograph enclosed, from John Ryan, the old cargo pro.
     John is an air cargo builder. From 1987 until 2004, he and Angelo Pusateri put Virgin Atlantic Cargo on the map in the Americas.

Vol. 20 No. 10                                       MONDAY MARCH 15, 2021

    “When we review 2020,” Ingo Zimmer, CEO of leading global innovator ATC Aviation Services, the GSSA force in European Cargo that has grown into the global leader during the past dozen years, “we first remember all the people who suffered and died during this terrible pandemic.

WOXOF & Where Is Air Cargo Now?
    In aviation the letters spoken as a word reporting atmospheric conditions is WOXOF.
"Weather: Overcast, Ceiling Obscured, Visibility Zero in Fog."
    Pronounced like it looks: "WOXOF," when spoken most often gets the same response from everyone, especially pilots: “you're not getting me up in that.”

Happy St. Patrick's Day
     There may be always an Ireland and, beyond that lovely prospect, a special day this week as the first flowers of spring are peeking out of the ground as we celebrate St Patrick’s Day on Wednesday March 17th.

Vol. 20 No. 9                                       TUESDAY MARCH 8, 2021

Let's All Choose To Challenge
    Today marks the 110th Anniversary of International Women's Day, and we here at Air Cargo News FlyingTypers recognize and appreciate the achievements of women, in both air cargo and the world at large.

Chuckles for March 8, 2021

Where A Woman Leads Air Cargo
    Just in time for International Women’s Day, Dorothea von Boxberg, Chairperson of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Cargo sticks out her happy face amongst us reporting, 2020 delivered the best results in history for the air cargo airline in Frankfurt.

Vol. 20 No. 8                                       TUESDAY MARCH 2, 2021

Charlie In A Box & 100% Screening
    After the air cargo security measures were put into place after 9/11, most of the security measures for 100% screening were placed on the flights carrying passengers and cargo. Almost 20 years later, measures are moving forward under new TSA regulations that will require 100% screening on international freighter flights departing the United States.

Chuckles for March 2, 2021

Here Comes Regulating U.S. Skies
    Pete Buttigieg, former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana decided a couple years ago that he wanted to be President, but settled to being named U.S. Secretary of Transportation February 3 in the Biden era.

Wings Of Hope
     Although this publicity gag has become almost routine, the larger reality is pondering just how long it will take to get reliable COVID-19 vaccines to the world.

Voyage Of Discovery
     I received a letter with a photograph enclosed, from John Ryan, the old cargo pro.
     John is an air cargo builder. From 1987 until 2004, he and Angelo Pusateri put Virgin Atlantic Cargo on the map in the Americas.

In Memoriam
     Last week FlyingTypers offered a profile of the life and times of Basil Pietersen, the third African born President of the global freight forwarders’ organization FIATA, which is the reference body for all airfreight forwarders in the world.

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