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Vol. 13 No. 74                    Thursday September 4, 2014

Joint Is Jumping For ANA & Lufthansa
   Just as the MD-11 painted WOW seems to have exited the skies forever, here comes word of a new air cargo alliance between Lufthansa and a Japanese carrier.

Where Green Cargo Takes Hold
   Energy efficiency and cost savings are topics that pique the interest of air cargo terminal operators worldwide, as modern cargo-handling equipment and storage systems—however efficient—are still dependent on utilizing conventional electricity-generating sources.

News Briefs
Bardarbunga Sits On Its Ash

India Agents Cass Plea Dumped

Ma Asia First At QR Cargo

Chuckles For September 4, 2014

Thinks The World Of Dubai World Central
   Al Maktoum International Airport, (Dubai World Central [DWC]) that large bit of real estate that is also home to Emirates SkyCargo freighters, recently sent Paolo Serra, VP, DWC Business Park to Delhi as part of a “Showcase Dubai” initiative.

Quotable First Six of 2014-Part 1V
Linda Is Top Notch—May 6, 2014

   FlyingTypers' spoke to Linda Dreffein, Managing Director Cargo Sales at American Airlines Cargo as part of an attempt to shine a light on the people who propel our business.

Quote Me From CNS
   At the CNS Partnership Conference in San Antonio, Texas, on May 2-4, President of the Airforwarders Association Brandon Fried and Secretary General of IATA Tony Tyler held what we imagined


Vol. 13 No. 73                    Tuesday September 2, 2014

Issa BaluchEbola Impacts Transport
   “Folks are not paying attention to the dangers of Ebola,” Issa Baluch said last week when we met up in Boston.
   “News reports state that more than 1,500 people have died from the Ebola virus in West Africa.”

Peak Season Back In Primetime
   Cold War Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain (1957-63) Harold Macmillan delivered a speech, which became known as “Winds of Change,” to the South Africa Parliament on February 3,1960.

News Briefs
A-350 At Fraport

JAL Orders Mitsubishi MRJ regional jet planes

How IATA CEIV Affects Cool Cargo
  Last week, IATA announced that Brussels Airport “has become the first European shipping hub to adopt a cold-chain certification program for pharmaceutical cargo” which IATA claims to “go beyond GDP requirements.”
GDP, for those not familiar with the term, means “good distribution practice.”

Drones Lifting All Cargo Innovation
    Google was born in the mining part of California, so it makes sense that it has a large, visible operation on Main Street, smack dab in the middle of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
   There’s gold in the daily street life, as an endless parade of eager, smart, and well-to-do young people attend Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where the yearly cost of gaining an education can top $60,000.

AirBridge Open Wide & Say Freight


Vol. 13 No. 72                    Monday August 25, 2014

The Ground Handling Landscape
   Trends and fads in the industry come and go: at one time, airlines strived to become conglomerates, adding the “Group” title to their names and accumulating holdings from hotels to catering and aircraft maintenance to IT and logistics, epitomized by the likes of Jan Carlzon at SAS, Philippe Bruggisser at Swissair/SAir Group, and Robert Crandall at AMR Corporation and American, to name a few.

Nighmare In Ningbo
   Labor unrest in China—somewhat commonplace in 2014—flared white-hot as the Chinese port of Ningbo was hit by strikes with thousands of truck drivers demonstrating. It all spun a bit out of control last Thursday.
   As usual, the dispute centered upon attempts by truckers to raise salary and haulage rates. Right now operations are now disrupted at the world's sixth busiest ocean port.

Offer GilboaBetter By A Nose
   “Winning by a nose” is a term that can describe a horse race, or as Israel-headquartered CAL Group sees it, by adding a B747-400ERF all- cargo aircraft to the fleet.

Quotable First Six Of 2014 Part III
Where Security Is Not A Rigmarole—April 2, 2014
   Frankfurt Germany’s Commerzbank Arena is all about business, as cargo security took center stage April 1 in a confrontation that suffered no fools.
   The local Bundesliga soccer team that populates the venue might have spent the day thinking about their future, but for the hard working, business-challenged air cargo industry, tomorrow hung

An Evening With Jacques Ancher—April 28, 2014
   He may have “departed the building” 15 years ago, but last Friday well-wishers gathered in a compact room as one of the truly great executives of air cargo—a dreamer and doer unrivaled in our industry—Jacques Ancher was finally inducted into the prestigious TIACA Hall Of Fame in Istanbul, Turkey. During the last decade of the 20th century, Jacques made history at KLM Cargo.

Jim Dandy Cargo Club To The Rescue
   It is one thing to gather with colleagues and schmooze about the business, our kids and other state of life issues, whether at a trade show or just a sales call.
   The human condition is that every once in a while any of us can be overwhelmed by events.
   That is exactly what happened to Paul Carrabes, who has served the air cargo business for nearly 38 years and today is the Import Manager for Geodis Wilson in Boston, Massachusetts.


Vol. 13 No. 71                    Thursday August 21, 2014

Ocean Biz Moving U Toward Fall
   Volumes are picking up on the East-West container shipping trades and lines are planning major new General Rate Increases to take advantage of the peak shipping season, despite most previous GRIs doing little more than giving spot rates a temporary nudge upwards.

LAN Recycles Easter
   Air cargo, always in search of new commodities, may have found a new one as LAN Cargo said that it has signed an agreement to remove more than 24 tons of cardboard per month from Easter Island.
   LAN Cargo is currently transporting bundles of compacted cardboard to Santiago from Easter Island for recycling and reuse.

Halit AnlatanTurkish Steppes Up Astana
   Turkish Cargo doubles down on flights from Istanbul to Astana—capital city of Kazakhstan—adding a freighter from once to twice weekly starting August 20.
Carsten WirthsLagosthansa Freighters September
   “Adding Lagos to our freighter network considerably strengthens our involvement in West Africa,” said Carsten Wirths, vice president Europe & Africa at Lufthansa Cargo, as the carrier readies twice-weekly MD11F flights (Monday and Thursday) starting September 15.

Chuckles For August 21, 2014

Inside Fraport Cargo
  Frankfurt Am Main continues as number one airport both in terms of passenger and cargo traffic in Germany and is also the second busiest airport in Europe.
The slogan “Managed by FRAPORT” already suggests that FRA prizes itself for its experience in running airports and airport-related business.

news briefs
TATA SIA Airlines Ltd. crew members pose with their top officials;

Czech this out, as OK B737-829, or Aha Praha

And now for something completely different… on the IAH hardstand at sunrise last Thursday, a United Airlines tail is manipulated via an Instagram filter.


Vol. 13 No. 70                    Monday August 18, 2014

Report Targets China Cargo Sky
   The financial viability of China’s airlines was recently put under Macquarie Research analysts’ considerable microscope.
   While the performance of their respective freight divisions is a major concern for the country’s leading airlines, not all carriers are suffering equally.

Chuckles For August 18, 2014

Thank Shelat For SmartKargo
   Back in November 2013, Team SmartKargo (above) showcased its solution at the Air Cargo Americas show. It was an attempt to woo air cargo stakeholders to test the next-gen solution. With its state-of-the-art architecture and low operating costs—essential, these days—it must have impressed everyone who saw it.

Budget Budge Benefits BuildingIndian Finance Minister
  The Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, and Defense Arun Jaitley, ready for the presentation of the Union Budget in Parliament. On his left is the Minister of State for Commerce and Industry (Independent Charge), Finance and Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman.


Vol. 13 No. 69                    Monday August 11, 2014

Delta Versus Ex-Im Bank
   Emirates Airline may have inadvertently rubbed a tender spot in U.S. politics as it launched blue ribbon, non-stop service from Chicago to Dubai via a B777 aircraft.

After Summer 2014 Back To The Future
    Early August carries different meaning depending on where you live in the world.
   My friends in Europe have probably just embarked on a glorious month long holiday, while those in Asia are probably doing the same—but maybe for a week rather than a month! However, if you live in the southern U.S. and specifically Atlanta, you are getting ready for the school year, which starts in three short days.

Chuckles For August 11, 2014

Green IT Blowing In The Wind
An article that appeared some time ago in Green Aviation & Logistics Group’s Dubai-based newsletter revealed some startling statistics.
According to Green A&L, 87 percent of Americans are seriously concerned about the environment and 79 percent say a company’s environmental practices affect the products they purchase.

Sun & Moon
   Once upon a time, long before FlyingTypers, I worked at KXEO Radio in Mexico, Missouri, running specialized programming at KWWR- FM.
   The best part of my job was creating original studio productions and scheduling block programming of old-time radio shows of the 1930s & 1940s, including The Lone Ranger, Gangbusters, The Shadow, and others.


Vol. 13 No. 68                    Thursday August 7, 2014

Hello To The Star Of India
   Air India’s Maharaja finally found his place in Star Alliance on July 11.
   The membership has experienced some hiccups on its four-year journey.
   Now, the onus will be on Air India to prove to the world that it is indeed a star—not only in providing facilities to passengers, but also giving a leg up to cargo.

Emirates Flags ChicagoEmirates Flags Chicago
    Flag Waving . . . Emirates first officer revives the “taxiing flag” tradition popular during the 1930s from the right seat cockpit window of a Boeing 777-200LR, as the airline celebrates its inaugural flight into Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Tuesday, August 5, 2014.

Quotable First Six Of 2014-Part II
    Here we go again, with some story clippings that share unique thoughts from the more than 150 exclusive and original feature-length articles created exclusively for FlyingTypers’ readers during the first half of 2014.
   This multi-part summer reading series continues through August, offering an almost instant replay look at various topics you may have missed.

NY Times Leafly AdHigh Times
   This picture of a groundbreaking full page ad in Sunday’s The New York Times was taken in New York City’s Grand Central Station. The ad is selling the services of a website that claims to know everything about marijuana.


Vol. 13 No. 67                    Tuesday August 5, 2014

Rajni Days & Maya Angelou
    (New Delhi Exclusive)— “I wanted to be a pilot,” says Rajni Bhaskaran.    Unfortunately, “there were not many opportunities available” when she was ready. To fulfill her dream—well, at least partially—she joined the cargo and logistics industry. “Since our industry is built on the foundation of services provided by airlines and ocean liners, I was naturally attracted to relive my dream through this job,” she points out.


PIA Petitions Return To Europe
   PIA, the only Pakistani flag airline operating cargo service to Europe from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad on its Boeing 777 and Airbus 310s, hopes to be back flying into Europe this week after flights were banned by EU edict on July 28.

Chuckles For August 5, 2014

California Measures Air Cargo
  The institutional air cargo industry gathered in Los Angeles earlier this year for its annual IATA World Cargo Symposium with Hollywood serving as the backdrop—quite a propos given the various stunts, sets, and stars.

A Vertical Runway In Laos
   A runway, by definition, should be more or less horizontal. More or less, because some runways in remote areas such as the Andes had to be constructed over slopes, which makes approaching them a skills test for any modern-day pilot.



Vol. 13 No. 66                    Friday August 1, 2014

Buoyant Asia Even IATA Upbeat
   Like a midsummer night’s dream, confidence in major air freight markets is surging and is now supported by evidence of pricing gains on lanes out of Asia.
Drewry’s East-West Air Freight Price Index was up 2.3 points in June and is now considerably higher than a year earlier, although the analyst warned that more seasonal bellyhold capacity entering the market over the summer could exert downward pressure in the coming months.

Wake Up Call For India Airports
    There seems to have been a sudden realization in India’s Civil Aviation Ministry circles that cargo has been ignored for far too long.
Though the fact might not be accepted by officials in the ministry, proposals for the establishment of cargo facilities that were pending for quite some time have been given the green signal.

Quotable First Six Of 2014
   Einstein once said:
   “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”
   As we pass the midway mark for 2014, FlyingTypers begins a multi-part summer reading series that looks back at issues published during the first half of the year.

For Elaine & Phil & You
  The year 2014 is more than half over, and Phil Everly and Elaine Stritch—two people I listened to when I was still in school—have departed this dimension.
But their music is always with me. Any time I listen to these artists, it reminds me that they work from a place where the music always sounds good.


Vol. 13 No. 65                    Tuesday July 29, 2014

Jan In Command At United Cargo
   Jan Krems is on fire and is easily the most enthusiastic cargo ambassador and top executive we have met in awhile!
   He’s clearly enjoying his work and welcomes with open arms any challenge thrown his way, such as having put together and aligned the processes of the

EMO Trans Global Aerospace Logistics
   July is running down but things are ramping up as EMO Trans Customized Global Logistics brings a new product to market. “Global Aviation/Aerospace” debuted July 28 with a promise to engage in new thinking and greater customer service levels, breathing new life into a market that the nearly 50-year-old company thinks can use a bit of fresh air.

Alex PloegMH17 Close To Home
   We were very saddened to learn that Alex Ploeg, Secretary General of Ornamental Fish International and frequent ATA conference speaker, was one of the victims of the MH17 tragedy.

Family Time
  Family Time . . . Our best wishes go out to all the folks celebrating EID al-Fitr 2014. Here, an Egyptian family rides their motorbike on the first day of the Muslim holiday, in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, July 28, 2014.

Chuckles For July 29, 2014


Vol. 13 No. 64                    Thursday July 24, 2014

Konnichiwa Japan Rolls Out The Barrel
    'Konnichiwa Japan’ (Good Day Japan) is well-known term of endearment. It’s also a new name proudly carried aloft by an MD11 freighter of Lufthansa Cargo that is serving destinations worldwide, including between Japan and Germany.

What About Lithium Data Loggers?
   By and large, the shippers, handlers, and distributors of Lithium batteries are likely tired of ongoing and incomprehensive changes pertinent to the regulatory requirements for those oh-so troublesome batteries.

Peter Paul Colors South Africa Forward
  First time I met Sibusiso Peter-Paul Ngwenya he was sitting in the dining salon on one of those dinner cruises. I noticed a well-dressed, clean gentleman, slight of frame, sitting at a corner table all by himself.

Chuckles For July 24, 2014

Airports Can Drive Change In Air Cargo
 "I have always liked the idea of a suggestion box: if I were being cynical, I would say it can be the critical element in helping management avoid the burden of creative thought.
   From a more rational perspective, however, and depending on the area of focus, it can produce some real winners for an organization, and—in this case—an industry that needs innovation.

A Turkish Dunk In A Pool


Vol. 13 No. 63                    Tuesday July 22, 2014

Can Malaysia Air Survive?
   The Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, a Boeing 777-200ER, registration 9M-MRD, which crashed at 10:15 EDT on Thursday, July 17th near the village of Hrabove, Ukraine, was only about 90 minutes into its journey from Amsterdam-Schiphol to Kuala Lumpur International when it was deliberately shot down with a BUK 9K37 anti-aircraft missile system.

Innovation Starts At Home
  We’ve been thinking about the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Air Cargo Innovation Award contest, which will choose the best innovative idea on November 30 and award one winner USD $20,000.

Chuckles For July 22, 2014

Times What?
Summer issue of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) Times “South Korea Ready For Takeoff” writes of building a better air cargo industry:
“The leadership of TIACA is enthusiastically embracing all of these responsibilities.


Vol. 13 No. 62                    Thursday July 17, 2014

China Rising Bucks IATA Reporting
   IATA may have joined the soirée late, but it arrived eventually. After months of bearish forecasts, the venerable association changed its tune at the start of July, finally recognizing that the slow start to the year for Chinese exports had quickly metamorphosed into accelerating growth.

Rick NelsonAir New Zealand Innovates
  FlyingTypers recently caught up with the delightful Rick Nelson, Air New Zealand GM Cargo. He said an ever-expanding network of global partnerships was helping the carrier extend its reach, bolstering the country’s economy in the process and enabling New Zealand PLC to reach the world’s most lucrative markets.

Air Shows & Summertime
Summer in America, first means public beaches, parks, and swimming pools across the country open for business with lifeguards and park rangers ready to greet the crowds.


Vol. 13 No. 61                    Tuesday July 15, 2014

Going Postal With USPS
   In case you missed it because you were watching World Cup soccer, hanging with the kids at the pool, or attempting to keep your business or job afloat, last Friday July 11, 2014, was an important date—it marked five years since the United States Postal Service (USPS) International Air Mail Deregulation was first enacted.

Calogi Says You Can
   Calogi’s Patrick Murray, “The IT Sage of Dubai,” talks with great enthusiasm and hope about innovation and building fast-growing Calogi.
   Murray, who serves as head of Calogi, is no stranger to IT, having been involved with various systems, from British Airways to IATA to Mercator.

Edoardo PodestaOn Dascher Looking East
  German logistics group Dachser is looking east in a bid to grow its air freight business.
   The drive to boost Dachser’s air freight business by expanding the network has seen the company develop increased focus on Asia, with both organic expansion and acquisitions on the agenda. But air has always been a core part of the business, according to Edoardo Podestá, managing director, Air & Sea Logistics Asia Pacific for Dachser Far East Ltd.

Malaysian 370 Positioned
The headquarters of British satellite telecommunications company, Inmarsat in Old Street pictured on July 13,

Bonne F ête
   Yesterday, July 14, France celebrated a national holiday in commemoration of the storming of the Bastille prison, which took


Vol. 13 No. 60                  FRIday July 11, 2014

Competing Sense & Sensibility
   A recent study from Handelsblatt Research Institute titled “Factors of Competitiveness for the International Air Transport Sector” appeared as a coordinated effort to present a unified front. It came with the endorsement of most major German transport companies.
   Taken at arms length, “Factors of Competitiveness” might have been a comprehensive state of the industry report with an unbiased view on the shortcomings and strengths of the industry in Germany.

TempControl To India
   "Delhi and Mumbai are particularly noteworthy additions to United's TempControl network," said Mary Tussing, Manager of Specialty Sales as UA added the service to its flights serving the sub-continent gateways bringing TempControl to locations worldwide to 49.

Turkish Cargo AwardAn Award More Rewarding
   Turkish Cargo received a La Dolce Vita nod from National Association Air Cargo Agency Italy (ANAMA) for its remarkable performance in market development during 2013.
  The award was presented during a Gala Association Dinner on June 11th.
  In a related development, Turkish Cargo stood up and was counted among supporters of ANAMA’s charity project in support of children stricken with leukemia.


Recalling The Lone Eagle
 Off we go, into the wild blue main deck of a B747 freighter as a replica of the “Spirit of St Louis”—one of several created for the movie of the same name—flew to Paris on June 29 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paris-Le Bourget Airport.

Chuckles For July 11, 2015

Nadezhda Popova Season Of The Witch
   It’s been a year since the world lost an important, if not one of the most important heroes of WWII. Having passed on July 8, 2013, at the age of 91, Russian pilot Nadezhda Popova missed the 75th anniversary of WWII by less than a year. There are many who do not know her name, and know even less about what she, along with about 40 other women—“Night Witches”—did to drive the German army back to Berlin.

Notes From The Backyard
   “Imagination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bee think of honey, just as I think of you,” sings Tommy Dorsey, but it could just as well be me speaking to dear air cargo . . .
   Lying in the hammock, looking at the sky whilst that song played on the radio this past July 4th weekend, supplied a momentary flight of fancy. I fell deep into a dream and without ever leaving my own backyard.


Vol. 13 No. 59                    Wednesday July 9, 2014

An Indonesian Melancholy
   There may be strong GDP growth, surging passenger demand on an array of international and domestic lanes, and a seemingly relentless roll call of new aircraft orders from the likes of national carrier Garuda Indonesia, but not all is well in Indonesia, as presidential elections loom in July.
    Such is the extent of congestion around capital city Jakarta that passengers travelling at peak times need to allow three hours to make it from the central business district to Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK), located just 20 kilometers to the west.

CASS Versus India Round 2
   The controversy of IATA’s CASS (Cargo Accounts Settlement System) in India continues to hold center stage. In a recent move, ACAAI (Air Cargo Agents Association of India), the apex body representing the air cargo industry in India, which has not accepted CASS, has once again gone to the Competition Commission of India (CCI), for what it has termed as “a clarification.” The need for “clarification” concerns directives first from Emirates SkyCargo and later from Cathay Pacific.

Christian UretaHorse Latitudes
   Counting polo ponies is more fun than counting sheep, especially aboard a LAN B777 freighters from Miami to Madrid.
 Fifty polo ponies from Argentina traveled to participate in the Polo Summer Season in Sotogrande, Spain.

Willie MercadoEnd Of An Era
  FlyingTypers has learned that Willie Mercado, long time “Mr. Aer Lingus Cargo” in the USA, will retire from the airline July 18.
    “It’s been a great ride over these last 37 years with Aer Lingus Cargo,” soft-spoken Willie said.

Norwegian AirNorthern Lights
Norwegian carried more than 2.3 million passengers in June 2014, an increase of 21 percent compared to the same month last year. Load factor was 82.5 percent.

Chuckles For July 9, 2014

Oh! Atlanta Cargo
   The June get-together at the Atlanta Air Cargo Association featured a panel moderated by Airforwarders Association Executive Director Brandon Fried, Delta Air Lines’ Vice President Global Cargo Sales Ray Curtis, Southwest’s Senior Director of Cargo & Charters Wally Devereaux, and Qatar Airways’ Ian Morgan [formerly with Centurion and Cargolux].

Air Cargo & The Movies
   Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo carried six lions from Amsterdam to Johannesburg July 2.
   After a delightful repast at the KLM Cargo Animal Hotel at Schiphol, where every aspect of hospitality service was


Vol. 13 No. 58                    THursday July 3, 2014

Lutz GrzegorzPACTL Downturn That Wasn't
    Bears have outnumbered bulls on the Chinese economy this year, but actual transport demand has been resilient and the anticipated slowdown in export and import volumes at major gateways has failed to materialize, a fact more than apparent at the country’s leading air cargo gateway, Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
   After a strong start to the year, May volumes at PVG surged 8.5 percent year-on-year to 263,400 tons, led by a

DG RULES Watch Your Language
   In June 2014, Germany is a prosperous, rich, and otherwise quite overregulated state, and yet it does not have any law governing the transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.

Gitka PruthiI Love Pruthi
   At first glance, Gitika A. Pruthi looks more like a style editor from one of the top fashion magazines.
   But beneath the stylish looks lies a topnotch cargo boss. It has been a long journey for the National Sales Head at Aargus Global Logistics (AGL), and Gitika Pruthi knows well that there were no shortcuts.

Chuckles For July 3, 2014

The Beauty Around UsThe Beauty Around Us
   In Geneva, the M.A.D. (mechanical art device) Gallery is a universe of kinetic art where machines and mechanical devices reign supreme.
     No, this is not a Rube Goldberg machine, but rather a platform showcase that transforms commonplace mechanical devices into art pieces.
     Occasionally M.A.D. puts up an exhibit that showcases sculpture and photographic talent.

How High A Fourth Of July
   Having spent a few days at CNS in San Antonio a couple weeks ago, we can guarantee the local folks will be high as the flag and wonderfully in the moment or the 4th of July—check


Vol. 13 No. 57                    Tuesday July 1, 2014

Fred SmithAfraid For Freighters
   At the IATA WCS 2014, Fred Smith described the 747-400 and MD11-9 as the workhorses of a golden age. Now they have become very expensive to run, and airlines need to rethink their freighter strategy.
   A triple seven-freighter flight from Hong Kong to Anchorage costs $30,000 less than a 747-400F while carrying almost the same payload.
New, fuel-efficient, twin-engine freighters in the form of the 777F and the A330F provide airlift with much lower unit costs than the 747-400 and MD11.

Surprise P-3
   How ironic.
   In a world where cooperation can only be reached if we work together, in the end it was China—where the state monopolizes politics and much of the economy—rather than the EU or U.S. that decreed the P3 alliance of shipping giants would hurt competition on the high seas.

The Logistics Gap
  Logistics most likely started with farmers moving their produce in carts to the villages, towns, and cities for sale. Then as trade developed, 3rd parties operated ships and caravans to move goods and materials from producers to users. During the Industrial Revolution trains were developed and added to our logistics arsenal. Then came the internal combustion engine and trucks were added. Finally aircraft were added to our logistics tools.

Chuckles For July 1, 2014

#1500 Flies Lufthansa
   To Lufthansa goes the 1,500th Boeing B747.
   It’s only fair—the German carrier kept the production line open for the venerable aircraft, ordering its latest incarnation, the B747-8.

Roy Stapleton, Mich Fountain and Don QuigleyBest Friends
   See What The Bears In The Back Room Will Have . . .
   The cargo business is about nothing if not personal friendships, which in many cases last a lifetime.
   So it’s little surprise that when (l) Roy Stapleton, Mick Fountain, & Don Quigley gathered at a favorite New Jersey watering hole last month all three fell into familiar conversation and rekindled friendships.


Vol. 13 No. 56                     Friday June 27, 2014

101 On Greatest Reporter
   For many people, June 6, 2014 marked the anniversary of an event that changed history. It was 70 years ago on that day that the Allies landed at Normandy, France, began the liberation of Europe.
   But speaking for air cargo, we’d like to say there is more than one historic date in June—just back up the calendar another 32 years. A baby boy was born on June 27, 1913; he would go on to serve at the creation of our industry as the first air cargo reporter.

Asia Rising Despite Predictions Otherwise
   Latest demand figures out of Asia again illustrate Q2 pessimists were a long way off the mark, although the excess of bellyhold capacity remains a drag on pricing.
But could air volumes receive a boost in July due to labor unrest at U.S. West Coast ports?
  Read On . . .

Tomorrow Is Today At Delta Cargo
  Exclusive in Atlanta—It is 2014, and a step change is taking place in the airline business worldwide.
  Right now the passenger airlines with the advent of “secret freighter” aircraft, (planes that can carry loads rivaling freighters), are in a position to move on up and, in some cases, dominate the air cargo market.

World Cup? Nah . . How About Bubble Football?


Vol. 13 No. 55                     tuesday June 24, 2014

UK Blasts Lithium Metal Batteries
   The British AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch) has released their preliminary findings addressing the onboard fire incident relating to an Ethiopian Airlines B-787 parked on the LHR tarmac last year.

Legendary Dubai Cargo Pioneer De Pauw Retires
   All of us have a vision of what life without air cargo might be.
   Well, maybe not all of us.
   Richard Malkin, FlyingTypers’ Senior Contributing Editor, who turns 101 this week, once told me: “[I’m] glad I came out of retirement at 100 to write air cargo history to share with future generations.” He is currently readying a return to conducting interviews with industry leaders.

In The Event TIACA Blossoms
  Editor's Note: The major takeaway from all of the cargo events centers on what we heard from the always astute and varied group of remarkable executives, who either attended only some of the them or, like us, were present for them all.
  In 2014 there are two schools of thought about air cargo events:

Alaska Begins Big Easy
   Alaska Airlines began a daily round-trip service between Seattle and New Orleans Wednesday as the only carrier offering nonstop service between Seattle and “The Big Easy.”


Vol. 13 No. 54                     Wednesday June 18, 2014

Jan KremsJan Krems Named President United Cargo
   At a critical time in their history, United Cargo has decided to bring in a top air cargo executive from outside the company to replace Robbie Anderson, who stepped down from the post on June 9. The new United Cargo President is well equipped, with hands-on experience and measurable success as a key member of the group that combined the cargo resources of Air France KLM and Martinair.

Dan MuscatelloTrade Shows Work With Planning
   As someone who has attended a lot of “Cargo Shows” here are some observations regarding their proliferation (which is something of an issue), and value (which I think is the primary concern).
   The value will depend on which industry segment is the focal point.


Vol. 13 No. 52                     Thursday June 12, 2014

Delta The Straight Story—Tony Charaf Calls A Career
   Senior Vice President and Chief Cargo Officer for Delta Air Lines Tony Charaf characteristically sounds positive and ready for what is next as he heads down the long and winding road of retirement from the carrier starting August 1.


Vol. 13 No. 51                     Tuesday June 10, 2014 BullDog Edition            

Robbie Anderson Leaves United CargoRobbie Anderson Departs United Cargo
   FlyingTypers has learned that President of United Cargo Robbie Anderson was released on Monday, June 9.
     A source at United confirmed the news to FlyingTypers simply stating:
     “I can confirm that he decided to leave the company.”

Floored TIACA Clips Its Wings
   Just about a month ago in early May, FlyingTypers featured an article titled “Is TIACA’s Future Waiting in the Wings?” It pointed to a floor plan depicting booth sales at this autumn’s upcoming Air Cargo Forum, scheduled to take place October 7-9 in Seoul,



Vol. 13 No. 47                     Monday June 2, 2014            

Outlook Argument As IATA Meets
   IATA, as we learned in Part One of this story may have been bearish on the global economy and air freight demand out of Asia, but FlyingTypers has spoken to people amongst the region’s forwarders and airlines and they are striking a rather more optimistic tone.
  Indeed, some are predicting acceleration in demand growth in the second half of the year.

Bill BoeschQuote Of The Week—Bill Boesch
   "The time has come for IATA to report cargo carried in passenger bellies and on freighters as separate numbers highlighting express and non express.

Glen GatesMatheson Open For Business
   “CASA 212’s big rear cargo door offers available capacity where it might not have been on the menu previously,” reports Glen Gates, president for Matheson Flight Extenders, the GSA for AAR Airlift.


Vol. 13 No. 46                     Friday May 30, 2014            

Can IATA Numbers Be Trusted?
   Earlier in May IATA poured a substantial bucket of cold water on those looking for signs of improving cargo demand.
   IATA did see positives in the U.S. and Europe, but despite Asia-Pacific carriers reporting a 6.9 percent rise in freight liftings in March compared to a year earlier, IATA warned of a looming slowdown in Chinese manufacturing impacting exports from emerging Asian countries.


Celebrating Spargel With EMO TransEMo Trans Team And Friends
 If you are in Germany, the time of year has arrived to enjoy one of the world’s most delectable treats, fresh, white asparagus, or “spargel,” which is best grown in Bavaria and only in season for an all-too-quick, fleeting six or seven weeks in April and May.

UA TempControl Keeps On Turning
   And proud Mary keeps on burning . . .
   “Transport of temperature-sensitive material demands faultless teamwork and execution, so we invest in a great deal of preparation and training before we certify a new TempControl location," assures Mary Tussing, United Cargo's Manager of Specialty Sales.

TPA Tips JAL And Delta
   Aviation Week has issued its top performing airlines (TPA) list for 2014, put together by some smart, east coast aviation moneymen and consultants.
   Notably the group likes Copa, however, there has also been a strong resurgence by major carriers after restructuring or mergers.


Vol. 13 No. 45                     Friday May 23, 2014            

Can Asian Investment Work?
   For European and U.S. companies, investing in Asia can be a tricky proposition, with risk identification difficult and numerous ethical issues to consider alongside the usual investment criteria.

Quote Of The Day—Thierry Antinori, Emirates Airline
   "We can just encourage Airbus to continue and speed up the possible improvements,

SriLankan Looking Upward Is Chamara
   When SriLankan Airlines was inducted as an oneworld member some time ago at Sri Lanka’s second international airport—the $200 million China Exim Bank-funded Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA)—there was one person who had more than a smile on his face.

Gatwick Says Javel To Norwegian
   Norwegian will lease three Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft for 2016/2017 delivery.

Memorial Day 2014
   The barbeque was served family-style on plates by the side of the road, when beef ribs were almost too big to lift and bread this size was a wonder.
   Later we fished in a stream that was clear straight down to the bottom.


Vol. 13 No. 44                     Wednesday May 21, 2014            

DSV Air And Sea Moves
   China’s rising appetite for consumer products is now bringing more balance to East-West air freight lanes.
   At least, that is how Michael D. Hansen, Managing Director of DSV Air & Sea Ltd, views the evolution of China’s economy and the impact its burgeoning middle class is having on domestic consumption rates.


Ernst ReuterILA Berlin This Week
   (Exclusive Berlin)—“People of this world, look upon this place and realize that you may not and cannot extradite this city.”
   These words were spoken by Ernst Reuter, the first governing Mayor of West Berlin, at the Republic Square in front of the Reichstag on September 9th, 1948.

Chuckles For May 21, 2014

Flying Lightweights
Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht   Deduct 14 kilos from every single Lufthansa Cargo LD3: the carrier has now switched to flyweight made out of plastic containers to transport cargo and luggage.

Mehmet Gurkan and Tarik Parlak

RE: Bruce McCaffrey Did Not Back Down
Dear Geoffrey,
   I was deeply saddened to learn about Bruce McCaffrey’s passing.
   I’m very pleased that you took the time to write such a great piece about Bruce and try to undo some of the injustice that he suffered at the hands of the company and country for which he sacrificed so much.

Ode To Concorde
   It was a DC9 hiding inside a sleek design… “The striking, dagger-like outside gave way inside to a DC-9-sized cabin . . . lovingly appointed, but in the end, a pretty tiny tube.
   “And yet, when the aircraft made its farewell tours at iconic airports, people came out to gasp and point and laugh and smile and show their grandkids.


Vol. 13 No. 43                     FRIDay May 16, 2014            

Richard Malkin In His Own Write—Thrilling Pre-Jet Air Cargo Part Four
   It has been a lusty second half of the Forties, highlighted by such events as the surge of the GI airlines, the aerial support of the blockaded population of Berlin, and Washington’s official embrace of the cargo airlines and air freight forwarders.    Now, the nascent industry was almost within reach of the outer edges of the Fifties. Handling methods in and out of the warehouse and airplane were still


RE: Bruce McCaffrey Did Not Back Down
   Bruce McCaffrey was a good person and a credit to our industry.
   I agree that he was the “Fall Guy” and it is a shame that DOJ made Bruce McCaffrey their case and let the airline that started this get off almost free.

Madam Secretary
Madame Secretary



Vol. 13 No. 42                      Tuesday May 13, 2014            

Turkish Cargo Value Proposition
   Turkish Airlines Cargo’s pattern for growth goes on unabated into 2014, defying almost everything—including gravity—as Istanbul continues to emerge even stronger as a central international hub.

Customs Brokers Permits Up In The Air
There is a controversy brewing in the U.S. Customs Brokers community as it relates to the future paperless use of ACE (Automated Commercial Environments) and the national versus established regional approach to clearance.

Bruce McCaffreyBruce McCaffrey Did Not Back Down
   A friend told me he just learned that Bruce McCaffrey died February 25 at age 71 in Bradenton, Florida, from complications of renal failure.
   Bruce worked at Qantas Freight for 26 years and was among the first people to be caught up and convicted in the air cargo price fix scandal.


Vol. 13 No. 41                      Friday May 9, 2014            

Delta Cargo Gets Down To Business
   I’ve seen Tony Charaf twice in the last two weeks—first at the TIACA AGM in Istanbul last week and then this week at CNS in San Antonio.
   You know that kind of silent communication that comes with a quick handshake or a nod, with the verbal conversation not occurring until much later?

Buzz Gondran And Annie GondranWhere's The Action?
   Our favorite picture so far this year, with all due respect as Mother’s Day 2014 approaches, is this “Father & Daughter” snap.
   Say hello to Buzz Gondran and Annie Gondran of Action Freight Services, based in Austin, Texas.

Sound Bites From CNS
Flying Video At CNS

Peter O'Neill, Director Cargo Aer Lingus & Anne Marie MacCarthy, Global Sales Manager, Aer Lingus Cargo.

Patrick Dooley. Director Airport Development, Ft. Wayne Allen County Airport.

Helmut Berchtold, Managing Partner, ADI Consult

Chuckles For May 9, 2014


Vol. 13 No. 40                      Tuesday May 6, 2014            

Sound Bites From CNS
Flying Video At CNS

Jim Compton, Vice Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer, United Airlines

Achim Martinka, Vice President The Americas, Lufthansa Cargo

Eric Hartmann, VP South America & Europe, Aeromexico Cargo


Linda DreffeinLinda Is Simply Top Notch
  FlyingTypers spoke to Linda Dreffein, Managing Director Cargo Sales at American Airlines Cargo as part of an attempt to shine a light on the people who propel our business. As 2014 moves forward, we will continue to take this wider approach to the community of business people who support air

Chuckles For May 6, 2014

News Shorts


IS TIACA's Future Waiting In The Wings?
   TIACA AGM, Dallas, April 2013
“The new Board and I stand on the shoulders of our predecessors, and our starting point is gratitude for everything they have achieved.
“I am therefore not one to declare or even desire radical new departures or initiatives.
“… streamline our efforts to communicate more effectively internally and externally.”


Vol. 13 No. 39                      Monday May 5, 2014            
A CNS Clash Of Titans
   It may be a case of saving the best for last, or putting the meat of the order under too much gravy, but an air cargo gathering this week could raise some interesting and unusual dialogue.

Strong United Message At CNS
  (With Geoffrey in San Antonio)—As CNS Partnership takes off today in San Antonio, Texas, and conferees are gathering from all across the country and around the world under a blanket of deep blue, south central Texas skies, Robbie Anderson, President United Cargo delivers a message that is upbeat, realistic, and in tune with the future.

News Shorts
Written On The Wind

Word From The Kingdom

Chuckles For May 5, 2014

Special Commentaries—Up To The Minute At CNS
   Well, it is that time of year again, and I am sure most of the movers and shakers in the global air cargo industry are packing their bags and getting ready to head to San Antonio for the annual CNS Conference.

San Antonio From The Ground Up
    There’s a party happening on Sunday & Monday May 4-5, as crowds fill Market Square—also known as El Mercado—in downtown San Antonio during the Annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. The party draws an average of 30 to 50,000 people.


Vol. 13 No. 38                      FrIday May 2, 2014            
Nabil SultanMay Day And Emirates Freighters
   If “May Day” to you means the international call for distress, then think again.
   In Dubai, Emirates SkyCargo made a big move on May 1 by migrating all of its freighter lift from Dubai (DXB) to Al Maktoum Dubai World Central (DWC) with nary a bump in the road between the two mega UAE gateways.

Chasing The Modal Shift-Integrating Solutions Optimizes Leverage
Jeff McCorstin   FlyingTypers asked a number of leading executives whether improving consumer confidence in key western markets would boost air freight volumes as the need for expedited shipments rose; or whether they thought the lengthy dip suffered by the air cargo industry in both volume and pricing was indicative of a more fundamental, long-term modal shift. Jeff McCorstin is President of Global Freight Forwarding District, UPS Asia Pacific.

News Shorts
Breathtaking . . . Delta Airlines Boeing 757 does a flyover of the Juneau International Airport in Juneau, Alaska, earlier this month.

For India that hotly contested dust up between the Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) and the International Air Transport Association

Unexpected Cargo . . . Hawaiian Airlines Flight 45 arrives in Kahului Airport in Kahului, Hawaii, from San Jose, Calif.,

Chuckles For May 2, 2014

Hi Geoffrey,


     The 16th Annual Atlanta International Forwarders and Brokers Association (AIFBA) picnic is set for Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 11:30 am-1:30 pm at HWC Logistics and everyone involved in the transportation and logistics industry is invited to attend.

For Dan Paradies Best Was Yet To Come
   Dan Paradies, founder of a chain of airport stores called “The Paradies Shops,” died this week in Sarasota, Florida.
   He was 92.


Vol. 13 No. 37                      Tuesday April 29, 2014            

New Faces At Lufthansa
   With profits back on the rise, the executive board of Lufthansa AG, (L-R) Christoph

An Evening With Jacques Ancher
  He may have “departed the building” 15 years ago, but last Friday well-wishers gathered in a compact room as one of the truly great executives of air cargo—a dreamer and doer unrivaled in our industry—Jacques Ancher was finally inducted into the prestigious TIACA Hall Of Fame in Istanbul, Turkey. During the last decade of the 20th century, Jacques made history at KLM Cargo.

Ceva Logistics Sees Cost Change
   Ceva Logistics announced disappointing 2013 financial figures as EBITDA and revenue declined. Underperforming air freight volumes out of Asia were cited as a key contributor. However, according to Rickard Ingvarsson, Vice President, Airfreight, Asia Pacific, the full year results did not fully reflect more recent changes in air freight markets.

Chuckles For April 29, 2014

Saints Alive
   Now that Pope Gregory and the retired Pope Benedict have declared Pope John Paul II a Saint, we recall a day to remember in October 1979.
   We were at home just like millions of Americans and people all over

Something's Gotta Give
   What happens “when hit the brake” becomes “hit the gas pedal”?
   Well, in MIA the hits just kept on coming, as a UPS Boeing 757-200 (N462UP) got whacked and flies to tell about it!


Vol. 13 No. 36                      Thursday April 24, 2014            

Air Cargo Honors Jacques Ancher
   Every once in a while, late night conversations turned to people we have known over the years in the air cargo business.
   Make no mistake about it: despite changes felt in almost every quarter of the air cargo experience, this industry is still all about people.
   There have been a few people who have touched almost every facet of air cargo, even impacting people in companies other than their own.

Trending Pacific Up To The Minute
   It has been quite some time since there weren’t grey clouds on the Asian air freight horizon.
   But March figures for cargo handling at major airports and by leading carriers revealed clear year-on-year gains and an acceleration on January-February volumes.

Chuckles For April 24, 2014


Vol. 13 No. 35                      Tuesday April 22, 2014            

ICAO Nixes Lithium Metal Pax 2015
   The ICAO Dangerous Goods Panels (DGP) working group studying Lithium batteries that convened in Montreal from April 7th to 11th has come down with a decision to ban transport of Lithium Metal batteries, shipped aboard passenger carrying aircraft.
   Effective January 1st, 2015 when a new ICAO Biennium will begin and a new


Vol. 13 No. 34                      Saturday April 19, 2014            

AFKLMP Presser Impressive
   Change, as the result of the less than spectacular past couple of business years, is certainly in the wind.
   It may be driven by world economies, or it could be the freighters, or maybe even a paradigm shift of priorities, but AFKLMP cleared the air on many subjects Thursday April 18 in Amsterdam.

Aer Lingus Opens Toronto
  We are delighted to add a direct service to Canada to our network, said Aer Lingus Director of Cargo Peter O’Neill.
“Toronto is a very important market in terms of business links.

India Security Ramps Up Focus
   No doubt that continuing world events bring air cargo security to the fore.
   In a recent move, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which provides security to nine major cargo terminals in the country, has now made a specific request to be allowed to take a look at consignments landing at the airports.

Chuckles For April 19, 2014

Upstairs Downstairs
   Move over, Downton Abbey—this is what first-class travel looks like these days.


Vol. 13 No. 33                      Wednesday April 16, 2014            

Call For Universal Cargo Security Rules

   Bahrain Exclusive—This week Issa Baluch planned to devote at least the first few days of his Spring Break (off from his teaching duties at Harvard University in Boston) to travel to the ICAO/WTO meetings.
     But alas, struck down with a cruel flu tht has left him speechless, the “Enhancing Air Cargo Security and Facilitation,” panel that tips off Wednesday morning will have to settle with Mr. Baluch, who serves as a Member of the Board for the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) discussing his view of an integrated cargo system to facilitate the safe and secure transport of goods by air, in these pages, whilst recovering.

Hong Kong Period Of Adjustment
  Cathay Pacific Airways is struggling to bolster air cargo volumes even as it expands its service network. But with a major fleet renewal program underway and analysts claiming its freight division is acting as a drag on Group profits, improvement will be needed this year.

News Shorts
Planespotters track Sichuan Airlines aircraft as it approaches Taipei Songshan Airport.

Information as you never see it at Flughafen-Stuttgart.

Happy Days . . . Cebu Pacific Air President Lance Gokongwei, left, and Philippine Airlines President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon S. Ang flash the

Remembering Pan Am 812
   In Bali, Discovery Events is organizing what promises to be a most memorable and unique commemoration of the 107 lives lost 40 years ago in the crash of a Pan American B707-321 April 22, 1974 in Tinga Tinga, North Bali.

Great Moments Weekend of April 11
A poignant pre-match moment occurred last Sunday at a soccer stadium in Liverpool, just as global excitement is heating up for FIFA World Cup matches beginning in Brazil this June.


Vol. 13 No. 32                      Monday April 14, 2014            

Malaysia Air Quits USA
Malaysian Air Group

October 2004—Julie Johansson, cargo manager North America, third from right with her Los Angeles staff.

   Add Malaysia Airlines (in both passenger and cargo) as succumbing to business pressure and competition by withdrawing line service from North America later this month.

Tracking 8th World Cargo Symposium Sessions
  Exclusive—FlyingTypers provides unique insight into the WCS Sessions. Did IATA WCS Sessions deliver?
    “It would have been good to have seen Tony Tyler (left) as a keynote speaker at World Cargo Symposium,” said Patrick Murray, Head of Calogi and IT Guru, as he recalled IATA Cargo Week in Los Angeles in March.
    “As ever, the presence of the IATA top executives no doubt clearly underlines IATA’s commitment to the cargo business.

Italian Court Slaps EmiratesEmirates Malpensa
   The Wall Street Journal reports Italy’s administrative court in Rome ruled on Thursday in favor of Assaereo, an airline association that represents Alitalia and other Italian airlines.

ICAO Could Jolt Lithium
   Even the Energizer rabbit will feel the heat if the ICAO panel that met up in Montreal all this week comes down hard (as expected) on the cargo and pax transport of lithium batteries.
   The 14-member ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP) is mostly government appointed from the leading trading nations – plus some key industry stakeholders such as IATA and PRBA who enjoy observer status.

Chasing The Modal Shift Part II
   In the years since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis it is has been commonly assumed that there has been a drift of cargo from air to ocean solutions and, on the Asia-Europe trade lane, to new and ever improving intermodal solutions via Russia or Central Asia.
    While much of the evidence is circumstantial and exact data is difficult to come

Chuckles For April 14, 2014

Aeroscraft Will Change Air Cargo
   Earlier this month at Air Cargo 2014 in Orlando, Florida, keynoter and forward-thinking air cargo stalwart Bill Boesch spoke of fleets of airships.


Vol. 13 No. 31                      Tuesday April 8, 2014            

Air Cargo News For April 8, 2014
Air Cargo News For March 31, 2014

Richard Malkin In His Own Write—Pre-Jet Air Cargo Part 3
  To Our Readers
     The series of articles, Pre-Jet Air Cargo, is a condensed history of the opening phase of the infant air cargo industry’s first generation—a period that is unfamiliar to most of the current crop of men and women comprising the industry. The text is based on a broad scope of authoritative sources—highlighting the more significant events, official actions, technical developments, and professional comment.

Chuckles For April 8, 2014

Christian Haug On Daily LH B777F Service Shanghai-Frankfurt
"We are strengthening our position in China considerably through the use of the best freighter.


Vol. 13 No. 30                      Thursday April 3, 2014            

ATC's Big Open In South America
   First time this week in Sao Paulo, ATC Aviation Services, the fast growing global cargo GSSA with offices in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, “is now also targeting growth in South America,” according to company CEO Ingo Zimmer.

Sabine WiedemannWhere Security Is Not A Rigmarole
  Frankfurt Germany’s Commerzbank Arena is all about business, as cargo security took center stage April 1 in a confrontation that suffered no fools.
   The local Bundesliga soccer team that populates the venue might have spent the day thinking about their future, but for the hard working, business-challenged air cargo industry, tomorrow hung on today, as "Recognize Risks – Build Alliances" brought Sabine Wiedemann, head of group security at Daimler AG Stuttgart, to emphasize the theme—the need for partnerships throughout the supply chain.

Quote Of The Day
  "The new terminal and facilities are a key part of our growth plans.

The Importance Of Clive
The big show was in town and although Hermes Aviation operates right nearby out at LAX, what really drove long time air cargo pro Clive Langeveldt, Hermes Aviation President, to World Cargo Symposium were the customers.
“We had set up a GSA Track which is actually an IATA premier spot to bring our business into the conversation at WCS.”

Chuckles For April 3, 2014

ACC3 Asia Late Risks It
   Supply chain players in Asia risk being late to meet the requirements of the EU’s new air cargo security regime, which comes into force on July 1, according to leading industry representatives.
   Starting July 1, the EU’s new rules require carriers transporting cargo or mail into the EU from a non-EU airport to have their operations independently


Vol. 13 No. 29                     Monday March 31, 2014            

Vertannes Out At IATA
    According to a published report Des Vertannes will leave his post as IATA Head of Cargo in June.

Boesch Futurecast At AirCargo 2014
  Bill Boesch, who served as top management at American Airlines Cargo from 1988-1998 and during an amazing four decade-plus career on the front lines of air cargo went on to build logistics services and save troops’ lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, stepped center-stage with a view of our industry and some forward thinking, as keynote speaker at the AirCargo 2014 held this week in Orlando, Florida.

AirCargo 2014 Two-Fisted Startup
The two fisted start up of AirCargo 2014 Annual Conference held all this week in Orlando, Florida included a deep dish encounter on Sunday March 30 in the form of a couple hours of power with Marilyn Sherman who is both motivational speaker and also especially interested in advancing women’s issues.

Chuckles For April 3, 2014

Remembering The Great Larry Rodberg
   Richard Malkin, the man who invented modern air cargo journalism, has breakfast with me in a diner near his home in Queens every two weeks.
Nearing 101 years old, Malkin is writing again; here is a link to the most recent story that we published.

Kudos To Saudia Cargo
Say Hello To My Little Friends . . . Saudia Cargo flew on the wild side from Johannesburg (South Africa) to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) moving 141 animals including giraffe, kudu, hartebeest, gemsbok, impala, springbok, blesbok and duiker to the Riyadh Zoological Garden.

United Adds Long Haul Frequencies
New “left side” USA connections via SFO, as United added a Taipei daily (B777) and a daily (B747) flight SFO/ FRA. UA goes twice daily (B777) frequency SFO/LHR .

India And Africa Over Easy
   India’s interest to connect with Africa has seen a rise. It is not that it was not there earlier, but it has, of late, grown. The reason: trade with Africa is one-way with hardly any exports coming into India. Air cargo stakeholders pointed out to ACNFT that the freight prices on the India-Africa route will continue to be on the high side simply because carriers found the routes uneconomical.

Face Of The Franchise
   Was looking at the picture of our daughter Christina on the cover of Time Magazine this week and thought that we often forget to express our feelings until it is too late.


Vol. 13 No. 28                       Wednesday March 26, 2014            

Karl Ulrich Garnadt videoOutside The Box
Inside Lufthansa Cargo

   Lufthansa Cargo held an annual rite of spring in Frankfurt this week as hosts of a big press gathering to reveal numbers, talk about the year gone by, and venture a look ahead at 2014.
   Lufthansa Cargo also said goodbye to Karl Ulrich Garnadt, who moves to the top position at Lufthansa Passenger next to CEO Carsten Spohr on May 1st.

Christoph HerchenheinEverything On Ice And Nice
   Just prior to the main event, its annual numbers press conference, Lufthansa Cargo put its Perishable Center on the half shell.
   “We have made the investment and have grown our business and capabilities here in every aspect of this business,” said Christoph Herchenhein, (left) Management Director Perishable Center, revealing a flow chart of activities at the center.

Rube GoldbergTurkish Delight
   Move over, Rube Goldberg: Turkish Cargo connects the world in this video where each piece (like the company) falls perfectly into place.
   It’s inventive, clever, and delivers a great message for air cargo.

Chuckles For March 26, 2014

IATA Digital Ready For Primetime?
  Late last month on February 26th, IATA released the 2nd Edition of its Cargo XML Manual and Toolkit.
   Add this latest entry to a number of manuals published by IATA, some of them well known and recognized, such as the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
   Cargo XML is priced at a hefty $999 ($649 for members).


Vol. 13 No. 27                     Wednesday March 23, 2014            

SkyCargo Readies Biggest Move
   (Los Angeles) Although the May 1, 2014, deadline for Emirates SkyCargo to move from combined freighter & belly operations at DXB to freighters only at nearby Dubai World Central (DWC) is rapidly approaching, Nabil Sultan, Emirates SkyCargo Divisional Senior Vice President, is here to tell you that long before the hour strikes for the operational split, cargo will be testing the new secure link between the gateways to make sure everything is sorted.

Contact & Connections From The Heart
  If you didn’t know Jim Bellinder, Vice President, United Cargo Sales, was indeed a sales guy, just put him in the middle of the presentations at any event and watch the room come alive as he gets up and speaks his piece.
  Jim is engaging to be sure, but his real strength is the human contact he makes with the audience, whether it’s a small group at an airport sales club or (most recently) as a principal speaker at EMO Trans’ Annual General Meeting this week in Puerto Rico.

AchimMartinkaLufthansa Cargo In The Americas
  FlyingTypers spoke with Achim Martinka, Vice President Lufthansa Cargo The Americas regarding current developments in the Americas, which he oversees from the Atlanta head office.
  “We are satisfied with the start into this year, which was clearly better than in 2013. But it is still too early to say that the entire year will be good; some customers are still skeptical. We'll see; for the time being we are moderately optimistic.

EMO Group San Juan
Why Are These People Smiling?
    Many who fled the 20s temperatures of Northeastern USA have found themselves suddenly luxuriating in 80-degree weather, as soft trade winds promise days and nights of business-laced enchantment.

EMO Trans Latin American Panel

   L to R— Julio Fernandez, EMO Trans Sales Manager-LATAM/Caribbean; Rolando E. Alvarez V, President UPCARGO, Inc.; Miguel Guardado, Director Administrative-SERCOGUA Group; Julio Avila, Commercial Director SERCOGUA Group and Orlando Yanez, Director General/CEO SYNCRO LOGISTICS.

JFK Cargo Day March 27
  Once more, the Annual Air Cargo Association Air Cargo Expo at JFK International Airport comes to New York City on Thursday March 27, and surprise! Brandon Fried is not the guest speaker.

Vol. 13 No. 26                              Monday March 17, 2014            

Irish Cargo Gets Competitive With It
   “Summer 2014 will see Aer Lingus further expand its network into the U.S. with a new service to San Francisco,” said Peter O’Neill, Director Cargo at Aer Lingus.
   We like this guy immediately.
   Not only are the Irish bringing their grand St. Patrick’s Day Parade to New York today, but after a brutal 2013-14 winter, Peter says the right thing when he reminds us that summer is just around the corner.

  As EMO Trans readies its 13th Annual Meeting, which begins this week in the warmth of beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, company CEO Joachim “Jo” Frigger reports that with a few days in a warmer climate his troops can gather themselves, compare notes, land on the same page, and get fit for what promises to be another banner year for the company.

Chuckles For March 17, 2014

Fred's Future Forgot A Billion People
   The great Joseph Czyzyk, CEO & Founder of Mercury Group Los Angeles, was present during the “Supply Chain” track at IATA World Cargo Symposium in Los Angeles last week to deliver some words.
   Jo Frigger, CEO of EMO Trans, another self-made man who went out and built a big international logistics company from humble beginnings off the main runways of JFK on a street called Rockaway Boulevard, set the table for the discussion as moderator at World Cargo Symposium, and was followed by presentations from UPS, Intel, and Hewlett Packard.

Where In The World Was Tony Tyler
   At WCS in Los Angeles last week, IATA served up a ball for the air cargo industry to chase in that widely reported, “Call for Cut in Transit Times” ‘initiative.’
   Our thought is that using the theme of cutting transit times as an IATA rally at their biggest annual air cargo gathering raises even bigger questions as


Vol. 13 No. 25                          Wednesday March 12, 2014            

Peter GerberLufthansa Cargo Gerber Baby
May Day will be significant in German aviation as Karl Ulrich Garnadt, (right) CEO and Chairman of Lufthansa Cargo moves to the passenger side as Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and CEO of Lufthansa German Airlines.
   He succeeds Carsten Spohr, who will become Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Group, also on May 1.
   Peter Gerber (left) takes up the post of CEO and Chairman of Lufthansa Cargo AG.

Ray CurtisRay Puts The Lamp On Boston Seafood Show
  Ray Curtis (right) gets excited about attending air cargo industry events, but when it comes to choices he really gets worked up about show venues that also offer an opportunity to do some good, lasting business.
   So while the big thoughts this week are being sprung and sung in Los Angeles, Delta Cargo’s vice-president of sales muses about the gigantic Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America.
   Scheduled for Boston Convention Center March 16-18, it is the largest seafood trade event in North America.

Quotable Los Angeles
Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles
Robert D. Isom, Jr., COO, American Airlines

Fred Smith, FedEx CEO

Chuckles For March 12, 2014

Honoring Jacques Ancher
  Live From IATA World Cargo Symposium this week in Los Angeles, Oliver Evans, Chief Officer Swiss World Cargo and Chairman of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) will talk about a very special event: Jacques Ancher (KLM),

Marco Rohrer and Jo FriggerEMO Trans California Home
    Top session Wednesday 0830 at IATA WCS is titled “Supply Chain Management” chaired by EMO Trans Chairman and CEO Jo Frigger (pictured right) in Los Angeles with EMO Trans President Marco Rohrer.
     Panel brings together people from Hewlett Packard, Intel, UPS and several ground handling companies.

Vol. 13 No. 24                               Tuesday March 11, 2014            

Jim ButlerButler Cargo's New American Way
  Jim Butler, the relaxed, plain-speaking new President of American Airlines Cargo, squares the ball up on the tee as World Cargo Symposium opens in Los Angeles this week, declaring:
   “I want everyone to know American Airlines Cargo is committed to the industry.

Let's Take A Powder To Boston For Chowder
   “We are extremely upbeat about our new Boston service.
   “From the moment we first announced plans to connect Massachusetts to our global network, we received a strong and positive response from travellers and our business customers—not only in the U.S., but also in our home market of the

Chuckles For March 11, 2014

Chasing The Modal Shift
   In Europe, cars more often than not come with a standard gearbox instead of automatic. So in the course of accelerating, one must “shift up,” e.g. change the gears from the lowest to the highest.
   If you shift up too late, your fuel consumption goes up and your engine revs out of the optimal range, causing unnecessary wear and tear. If, however, you shift down too late, you will not be able to use your engine’s braking function when going downhill or have insufficient torque when going uphill.

Turkish Cargo WCS Opus
  Meet Turkish Airlines Cargo’s Selcuk Gencaslan Regional Cargo Marketing Manager the Americas and Sarper Ozpercin Regional Operations Manager Americas as TK and the entire Turkish delegation in Los Angeles bring news of yet another start up city in USA as Boston/Istanbul opens May 12.

Flying High To Los Angeles
    Say hello to Frank Cutler, LAX-based B767/757 Captain and Anna Lenhoff Methot, the First Officer, both of whom brought us to Los Angeles today with the greeting:
   “We love to fly this B757 aircraft; it’s like a sports car in the air.
   “So thanks for empowering us to do what we love,” Captain Frank said.


Vol. 13 No. 23                               Monday March 10, 2014            

Something In The Air At United Cargo
   “There’s a new spirit of optimism and a momentum toward innovation within the United Cargo team – and our customers are sensing this as well,” said Robbie Anderson, President-United Cargo as Air Cargo Symposium in Los Angeles takes off this week.
    “This is an offshoot of many positive developments in the new year and a number of enhancements that are either in planning or in place.

Star Trek Smith's California Sojourn
   On April 17, 1973, fourteen French Dassault Falcon planes took off from Memphis International Airport and delivered 186 packages to twenty-five U.S. cities along the east coast.
   Those first flights not only marked the beginning of FedEx Express, but also the start of the express industry as a whole.

David FielderACC3 What Happens Next
   With the deadline for compliance with new European security requirements looming, FlyingTypers has teamed up with FIATA’s David Fielder, Chairman of the FIATA’s Advisory Body on Security Matters, to help explain to forwarders exactly what they need to understand before ACC3 enters into force on July 1.

Nabil Sultan, Emirates SkyCargo DSVPEmirates SkyCargo Adds Africa Freighter
   “Africa is a key growth region for Emirates SkyCargo and the additional capacity and frequency of a scheduled freighter service will create new opportunities for businesses in Tunisia and Cote D’Ivoire,” said Nabil Sultan, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo as scheduled weekly (Mondays) B777F begins service

Inspiring Change For Women In Air Cargo
   March 8, 2014, is International Women’s Day. Every year, the month of March takes on a theme; this year, the theme is Inspiring Change.
   It’s ironic, then, that in 2014 we’ve found so many women in positions of power who wish to recede into the background when it comes to their gender.    Acknowledge me for my work, they say, and not for my gender.

RE: FIATA Outlines Modern Times
Dear Geoffrey,
   Thanks for the very nice article you published; I really think that the readers of FlyingTypers will have a better understanding for FIATA after they read it.


Vol. 13 No. 22                               Wednesday March 5, 2014            

Air Cargo News For March 5, 2014
    Air Cargo News For March 5, 2014

Has Air Freight Finally Crossed The Rubicon?
   As full year data for 2013 is released, it is becoming ever clearer that global air freight markets swung upwards in the final quarter. Analysts forecast more of the same in the months ahead, although as previously explained in FlyingTypers, expect a skewing of the figures in January and February due to the moveable feast (more like famine from an air cargo perspective!) that is Chinese New Year.

LH Freighter To Milan
Milan Malpensa Airport was added to the Lufthansa Cargo freighter network March 5 with twice weekly services via MD-11 freighters and newly delivered Boeing 777Fs.
   Milano now also serves as stopover for Lufthansa Cargo flights returning to Frankfurt from Cairo.

View From The Tower
   “Control Tower” is something new from United Cargo that Peggy Guse, Cargo Director of Sales Strategy, Marketing and Customer Service, says will greatly enhance the planning and management of temperature-sensitive cargo shipped via their TempControl service.

FIATA Outlines Modern Times
   Today’s international trade demands the traded goods arrive just in time—safely, securely, in an increasingly sustainable manner and, more than ever, at reasonable costs.
   Economic factors are not just keywords; they set the new “norm” throughout the logistics industry.

Calogi Keeps On Trucking
   The Dubai cargo business continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, putting pressure on local stakeholders to do things smarter.

Chuckles For March 5, 2015


Vol. 13 No. 21                               Monday March 3, 2014            

Berlin A Bowl Of Cherries
    While most of air cargo that attends events were networking and thinking big thoughts at Air Cargo India in Mumbai, Fruit Logistica in Berlin was doing business like crazy, setting records for innovation and attendance by more than 60,000 as the top transportation and commodity event in Europe in 2014.

Issan Waiting In The Wings—Women In Charge
   (Thailand Exclusive)—When thinking about Thailand, most people inside and outside the industry focus upon Bangkok—Khrung Thep, the city of Angels. Some may even recall the Golden Triangle-cum-hill tribal area of Chiang Mai, or the holiday destinations Pattaya or Phuket.

Face Off
   Here are two opinions on FlyingTypers coverage this week, "Voices From UPS Flight 1354."
   Since in many ways we are a family, FlyingTypers people follow familiar patterns, including occasionally disagreeing.
   You too are invited to join us.
   What do you think?

Seaboard World Airlines—Thanks For The Memories
   All too often we forget the people and companies that set the foundation for the growth and success of air cargo.
   Letting the Seaboard sign fall into disrepair is an indication of this. I, for one, will gladly send the NY Port Authority the money to fix the sign. It is just that we all need to respect the people and companies that have preceded us.

Chuckles For March 3, 2014

Weathering Fat Tuesday
   Tomorrow March 4 is “Fat Tuesday” in many parts of the world, with celebrations including a series of big Mardi Gras Parades in New Orleans, ending the last day before the beginning of The Lenten Season that leads up to Eastertide.


Vol. 13 No. 20                               Wednesday February 26, 2014            

Voices From UPS Flight 1354
    UPS Airlines Flight 1354 was a scheduled cargo flight from Louisville International Airport to Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport.
   On August 14, 2013, the aircraft flying this route—a UPS Airlines Airbus A300-600F—crashed and burst into flames short of the runway on approach to Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport in the US state of Alabama.

Airlift Stems For The Love Of Women
   International Women’s Month is celebrated around the world during the month of March.
   The theme for International Women’s Day on March 8th is “Inspiring Change.”

Qantas At A Loss
   Qantas could slash as many as 3,000 jobs in a plan to strip $2 billion in costs. Tomorrow it will reveal half-year results, which could be as much as $300 million according to statements issued by the airline last December.

Changi Struggles With Stagnation
   Singapore Changi Airport has again extended a range of financial incentives as part of its decade long drive to try and boost its cargo throughput and hold on to its existing business.

Jacques Ancher Save The Date
   Jacques Ancher will be named to the TIACA Hall Of Fame at the association's executive summit in Istanbul on April 24, 2014. Join to honor Jacques by registering here.

Chuckles For February 26, 2014

And Now For Geoffrey Arend 2
   Geoffrey Arend has signed on as a series regular opposite Tea Leoni and Tim Daly in CBS’ drama pilot Madam Secretary.


Vol. 13 No. 19                               Monday February 24, 2014            

William DuffAlways The Great Bill Duff
    The notice was brief:
    “Bill Duff, who served as Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s trusted financial expert during the early development of the emirate, passed away on Friday February 14, 2014, at his residence in Jumeirah .
   He was 92.

Nabil Sultan, Emirates SkyCargo DSVPEmirates SkyCargo Freight Switcheroo
   Emirates SkyCargo freighters will be based at Al Maktoum International Airport beginning May 1 just as belly cargo operations will continue to operate from Dubai International Airport.

New Look Cargo & Logistics
   A veritable treasure trove of reports released in the second half of January unveiled a new look at the cargo and logistics industry, which is on the brink of positivity after two years of heavy slogging against structural and economic headwinds.

Southwest Europe Cargo Meets
   Stop the world—we want to get off!
   Somebody finally held an air cargo industry event without Gala Awards?
   IATA Cargo Aviation Day held recently in Zagreb heard a blitz of numbers (what else?) claiming that the annual turnover of goods transported across the globe is about US$ 6.4 trillion, or 35 percent of the global traffic share in all cargo transport.

There was bad news for travellers at Frankfurt International Airport Saturday as thousands of passengers were delayed because of a lightning strike by private security company members of Union Verdi, petitioning for a pay raise.


Vol. 13 No. 18 BullDog Edition           Tuesday February 18, 2014            

Prosecutors Raid Lufthansa Frankfurt
   The words from a Lufthansa Cargo spokesman to FlyingTypers were terse:
   “During the course of investigations by the prosecutor’s office against, among others, an employee of Lufthansa Cargo, various company offices were searched today at the Frankfurt base.

Bill Gottlieb FIATAThomas Sim FIATAICAO/FIATA DG Develops Standards
    Bill Gottlieb, (left) Honorable Member of the Board of FIATA and Thomas Sim, (right) Chairman of the FIATA Advisory Body Vocational Training, approach 2014 with a full agenda and some exciting news as the ICAO/FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Program has seen tremendous developments since its inception two years ago.


Vol. 13 No. 16                               Friday February 14, 2014            

Delta Hearts Days Night—Profit Sharing Valentine
Tony Charaf is an optimist.
   When the Delta Airlines Senior Vice President and Chief Cargo Officer speaks, it doesn’t matter what the current situation is—you get the clear sense that he is both in the moment but also able to look ahead, weighing options and never allowing things to get out of hand.

Carsten In His Own Words
    Recent announcement that Carsten Spohr has been named as Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa brought to mind an interview we conducted with him in Leipzig a few years back, as the company Aerologic (the cooperation between Lufthansa Cargo and DHL) was launched.

Ken Mbogo
Everybody's Valentine
    “Over the last year, Saudia Cargo has significantly increased its scheduled capacity in the Kenyan export market by 40 percent,” commented Ken Mbogo, Regional Sales Director Africa, as Saudia Cargo

Blowin' In The Wind
   The biggest worry for the airlines industry right now is probably cargo. Air cargo continues to be weak and for the big airlines in this region (Asia), it is a very important component of their revenue,” IATA Director General Tony Tyler told a news conference at the Singapore Airshow.

Winter Games Showcase Logistics
   It may seem peculiar reading this from someone in snow-locked New York City, but this week all we can do is pray for snow in Sochi, Russia.
   Right now, teams from around the world are in Sochi with dreams of bringing home glory and gold medals during the 17 (Feb 7-23) days of winter events and 9 days of Paralympic games.

Emirates SkyCargo India Group
Themes Like Old Times . . . Nabil Sultan, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo, center left with Pradeep Kumar, Emirates Senior Vice President Cargo Revenue Optimization and Systems (holding award) and a great cross section of the Emirates SkyCargo team received ‘International Cargo Airline of the Year’ at Air Cargo India 2014 last week in Mumbai.

Playlist—For The Birds February 14

Shirley TempleSo Long Shirley
   Shirley Temple, who died Tuesday at age 85, was once a gigantic child movie star who later became an American icon and a US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1990.
  In 2014 she may be best known as a favorite drink of the fast class, who belly up for a sweet Shirley Temple, little umbrellas in the drink and all.


Vol. 13 No. 15                               Monday February 10, 2014            

Emirates Taipei launchEmirates Launches Daily Taipei Service

   Takes The Cake . . . Emirates launches daily B777-300ER services from Dubai to Taipei Monday.
In the picture (L) Edwin Lau, Emirates Vice President Hong Kong & Taiwan; Barry Brown, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations East; His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline & Group; Nabil Sultan, Emirates' Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo and Mr Yin Chen-Pong, Chairman of Taipei Taoyuan Airport Authority.

India Cargo Agents Draw Line In The Sand
   The 2014 edition of Air Cargo India last week in Mumbai may be recalled as the event where the Air Cargo Agents Association (ACAAI)—the body representing the air cargo agents in the country—stood its ground. ACAAI did not back down and actually took off the gloves, engaging in a verbal fist fight with IATA and some others, including TIACA and even a well-known industry icon.
   “Freight Forwarder Perspective In Indian Scenario” only lasted one hour and forty five minutes, presented just before lunch last Wednesday, February 5.

Chang Soo JungIncheon A Roll
   FlyingTypers recently caught up with Chang-Soo Jung, President and CEO of Incheon Airport. Along with the port of Busan and its world leading container terminals, Incheon International Airport is the key to South Korea’s continuing ability to punch above its weight in global trading terms. Indeed, the airport has ranked second globally in terms of international freight handled since 2006, trailing only Hong Kong International Airport.

Special Commentaries—Tear Down The Walls
   Most recently airlines as principals, have stepped up CASS and e-freight presenting the same to the forwarders as well cooked and ready to be served.
   But in order for things to work, several other things need to happen, the least of which should be an effort by the carrier to recruit support by approaching forwarders as equals and stakeholders.

Chuckles For February 10, 2014

Aer Lingus Boston Service Where Boston Goes Green
“A welcome addition to our freight capacity between Ireland and Boston,” said Peter O’Neill, Director of Cargo, as Aer Lingus launched its inaugural Boeing B757 service from Shannon to Boston.

RE: Beatles Day At JFK
Dear Geoffrey,
   Just wanted to comment on Air Cargo News/FlyingTypers.
   I have been reading your media throughout the years with always great interest.

Air Tahiti Nui Dreamin'
   A $400USD camera with the ability to take fisheye, wide angle images and video makes this view fun and fantastic.


Vol. 13 No. 14                               Friday February 7, 2014            

Beatles 1964 JFK Arrival
The Beatles—In 1964 We Got Our Ticket To Ride

Beatles Day At JFK Airport
   The mannered manager of the English band whose name few had previously heard had a message for all those present in the conference room at JFK's International Arrivals Building (IAB, now Terminal 4). Speaking to mostly seasoned representatives of Pan American Airways, the Port Authority, and the New York Police Department, Brian Epstein could not have found an audience less likely to believe that they were weeks from experiencing a crowd unlike anything they had seen before.

Flowers Get Franco Dutch With It
   Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo adds extra capacity for Valentine's Day.
With more more than 800 tons of flowers moving to Europe from Kenya (NBO) and Andean countries (UIO and BOG), the additional capacity is aimed primarily at supplying the British, Dutch and Russian markets with fresh cut flowers.


Vol. 13 No. 13                               Wednesday February 5, 2014            

Worldwide Lunar New Year Celebrations 2014

Trade Kicks Up At Horse Latitudes
Gong Hei Fat Choi Happy Chinese New  Year wherever you are, as Chinese Lunar New Year, the “Year of the Horse” begins in China and is celebrated around the world.
   As you read this, many in Taiwan and Hong Kong have reopened for work, but the “big soup dumpling” of Mainland China remains almost entirely on holiday until next week.

Going Places—Best In Show 2014
   Time to to once again be active on the conference circuit, but make sure to pick the events that hold the most promise of furthering the industry agenda while at the same time allowing for ample opportunity to network and develop new business opportunities.

India Déjà Vu All Over Again

   India’s only air cargo show -- Air Cargo India 2014 – took off on its fifth foray yesterday (February 4, 2014) at the country’s commercial capital of Mumbai.
   The event opened amidst a lot of expectations and hopes for a resurgent air cargo industry driven by an active India market after a Luke warm 2013.

Chuckles For February 5, 2014

Air Malta's Valentine

   ‘The Air Malta Love Plane’ is back following last year’s resounding success, offering couples a round trip over the Sicilian coastline and Mount Etna by night.

Flossie Arend Mr. Chips
Always Year Of The Dog
   You don't have to convince us that cocker spaniels are smart. We've had cocker spaniels in our house for over a decade and know from first-hand experience—if there's some treat or toy they want to get their paws on, no matter how hidden, they will find a way.


Vol. 13 No. 12                               Monday February 3, 2014            

Fire On A Baggage Belt
   A bag checked by a passenger booked on Bangkok Airways flight PG931 bound for Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Tuesday, January 28th caught fire while being placed on a conveyor belt by a baggage handler.
   The preliminary result of the investigation carried out by the Thai CAA, the airport authority of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International airport and

Andreas Otto Lufthansa CargoLufthansa Trending
Upward With It

   We joined Dr. Andreas Otto, member of the Executive Board at Lufthansa Cargo, for his annual “Meet The Trends” event in Frankfurt on January 30, just after he had hosted a two-day customer conference.
   The events were held at The Aircraft at Burghof, featuring a lively, stylized aircraft interior, that we imagined could also serve as a unique and uplifting venue for a wedding or all-night dance party.

Chuckles For February 3, 2014

Aruba Jamaica WN Goes Kokomo
Maybe it’s because we experience a kind of “cabin fever” in the U.S.A. around this time of year, as for all of January we found ourselves frozen amid Arctic air and snowfall, but Southwest Airlines that changed the domestic landscape here, now will ramp up international services beginning July 1.

Eastern Mulls Return
    Last week a group in Miami, which reportedly included some Chinese investors, filed for obtaining a 121 certificate. Eastern Airlines, which once filled up airports like MIA & ATL (pictured circa 1990) and single-handedly invented the “Air Shuttle” concept (between LGA and DCA), attempts a Summer of 2014 start up.


Vol. 13 No. 11                               Friday January 31, 2014            

Drinking LaGuardia
   I’m sitting at a bar in the basement of the Central Terminal Building (CTB) at LaGuardia Airport, in a space that used to be home to Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank, reminiscing on a time that I thought would never go away.

Pierce Another Heart
      What happened to Tim Peirce?
     They took my friend’s airport away. It was a place where he grew up and then managed for 23 years, and that broke his heart, and he died.
     It's been 14 years, and it's taken me this long to finally share these words.


Vol. 13 No. 10                               Wednesday January 29, 2014            

air cargo news May 16, 2013 Container homes
Air Cargo News For January 29, 2014

Did Cargo Report Earn Its Wings
   A recent joint press release by the industry triumvirate—TIACA/IATA/FIATA (no mention of GACAG), plus ICAO—reported that after “a two-year research project… the so called ‘higher-skills’, which include leadership, team-building as well as market and financial analysis techniques…” concluded that the “availability of air cargo-focused programs that teach these higher-level skills is limited.”

Why Panalpina USA Is A Company To Watch In 2014
Benno Forster Panalpina Vice President USA

Benno Forster
Area Head Air Freight USA, Senior Vice President
Panalpina World Transport

   "I want to highlight our U.S. gateway, Huntsville, AL, with our B747-800F’s.
   When Mercedes-Benz announced in 1993 that it would be opening a plant in Alabama, it was a milestone.     

Chuckles For January 29, 2014

Concor Accord A Concorde
   (Mumbai Exclusive) India’s air cargo sector started the year on a questionable note when the government-controlled Container Corporation of India (CONCOR, created in 1998 to provide, according to its website, efficient and reliable multi-


Vol. 13 No. 9                               Monday January 27, 2014            

Where Fruit Freshens February
  There are a number of well-known industry events that we have on our personal radar—even if we choose not to attend—for which we receive in-depth media coverage in all industry publications, such as the IATA World Cargo Symposium, Air Cargo Americas, and Air Cargo Europe every other year at Transport Logistik.

Tough Shaking Freighter Hangover
“Take two aspirin and call me in the morning,” the doctor used to say back in simpler times. Here, SkyKing talks of freighters and the lingering impact of lift as the industry struggles to work itself back into profits in 2014.

Chuckles For January 22, 2014

Reefer Madness Strikes India Perishables
   Even as the pharma sector in India has captured a large slice of the air cargo pie, the government has seized the opportunity to push exports of fruits and vegetables.

RE:  Richard Malkin In His Own Write
Geoffrey: What a wonderful article from a man at any age, let alone from a person 101 years old. His memory of the early days of air freight is simply amazing. The repros of the old air cargo ads also were quite interesting. As a matter of fact, I found them more interesting than current ones.


Vol. 13 No. 8                               Wednesday January 22, 2014            

air cargo news May 16, 2013 Container homes
Air Cargo News For January 20, 2014

Snapshot—Company To Watch In 2014
Go Figure Jo Frigger

   Sometimes it’s tough to figure out how some people build success.
But not with Joachim “Jo” Frigger.
   This transportation executive has been building a company called EMO Trans for most of his adult life and has successfully moved up in the transportation arts from apprentice to grand master.

Down In The Dumps?
   “We have reviewed our long-haul freighter program following the merger of British Airways and Iberia freight businesses to create IAG Cargo,” Steve Gunning, CEO of IAG Cargo, said.
   “We are delighted to reach an agreement with Qatar Airways.
“This new partnership is an important step forward for us and enhances our relationship with Qatar.

Saudia Cargo Donates Lift

   Saudia Airlines Cargo Co. signed an agreement with the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation offering free

FIATA Engages UN Enviro Meet
You can credit FIATA as a present and accounted voice for transport and commerce at The United Nations earlier this month, as the 7th UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development (SDG) took place in New York City.
FIATA underscored the common goal held by many that logistics and transport both need to listen and be heard when drafting SDGs for the post 2015 development agenda.

Chuckles For January 22, 2014

Overcapacity Blights High Seas Trade
   Overcapacity was the main blight for shipping lines last year. But with a huge number of ships due for delivery, there is likely to be little respite for managers trying to boost utilization rates in 2014 unless lay-ups become more fashionable or the various proposed super-alliances such as P3 between Maersk, MSC, and CMA-CGM lead to more efficient methods of managing capacity.


Vol. 13 No. 7                               Monday January 20, 2014            

Richard Malkin—On Air Cargo Marketing

Air transport had to wait for decades before it could prove that the carriage of heavy, bulky freight was a natural for the airplane.
A few short years later, America’s commercial airlines, hand in hand with the Air Force, kept a blockaded Berlin alive with a duplicated mass airlift of dazzling performance

Chuckles For January 20, 2014

Our Martin Changed Air Cargo
   If you want to learn about August Martin, the great air cargo pilot who flew for Seaboard World Airlines during the 1950’s, and was also the first black man to captain a U.S. flag air cargo airplane, you better plan on either using your old Funk & Wagnall’s Encyclopedia, or visiting the wonderful high school located near JFK International Airport in Queens New York City named in honor of the air pioneer.

Vol. 13 No. 6                               FRIday January 17, 2014

Hiran Speaks The Language Of Freighters
Somehow, Hiran Perera has kept his youthful good looks and easygoing manner, even managing to appear amused and not overwhelmed at the increased attention he has received lately as Emirates SkyCargo Vice President Cargo, Freighters.
   Maybe it’s the experience gained after nearly 20 years aboard Emirates SkyCargo.

Snapshot—Company To Watch In 2014
Peter Scholten, VP Commercial Saudia Cargo

“Good question, but our answer may be even better!
  “Saudia Cargo customers will benefit as the airline further grows our passenger network with new B777-300 aircraft and opens new routes to Los Angeles and Manchester.

Jim Bellinder United CArgoJim Bellinder, VP Sales United Cargo
“United Cargo is a company to watch in 2014 because we’ve worked through the transformation of the past few years and we’re now executing a stable, consistent process and technology.

Dr. Andreas Otto, Executive Board Member Product & Sales, Lufthansa Cargo
   “Although the airfreight industry has seen better times, we will stick to our Lufthansa Cargo2020 strategy.
   “Large investments are being made to digitize our processes (e.g. eAWB, ebooking) and modernize our IT, sales channels, and our fleet (two further Boeing 777 freighters to come).

Jim Butler, President American Airlines Cargo

jim butler American Airlines Cargo US Airways Cargo DFW Hong Kong Shanghai IATA“Right now as 2014 begins, we also launch a big year for the new American Airlines Cargo.
“In December we began our journey to become the world’s largest airline, allowing us to offer our customers an even larger global network and even more capacity.

Chuckles For January 17, 2014

Platinum Name Change To ATC Aviation Services
   ATC Aviation Services has completed the integration of Platinum Air Cargo in the United States.
   All nine U.S. Platinum offices are now trading as ATC Aviation Services (USA) LLC.

Vol. 13 No. 5                               Wednesday January 15, 2014

American Airlines Cargo Takes Off For Tomorrow
Ask Jim Butler, President of American Airlines Cargo, what the customer can expect from the newly formed biggest airline in the world and the freshman manager handles that question with the determination and ease of a seasoned veteran:
   “It’s an exciting time for our customers.
   “In December, we officially closed our merger with US Airways and began our journey toward building the world’s largest airline.

Snapshot—Company To Watch In 2014
Uli Ogiermann, Chief Cargo Officer Qatar Airways

“Substantially increased capacity with new freighters and wide body capacity added to our network.
  “New destinations to be announced, with service from a new Cargo Terminal in operation to further improve quality of the hub in Doha.

Oliver Evans, Chairman TIACA
   “TIACA is a great institution that brings together and binds the widest spread of companies in the industry (large and small, every stakeholder group, from all over the world) to drive the industry agenda and create great networking events.

Chuckles For January 15, 2014

India Says Give Us Five
   (New Delhi Exclusive) It’s that time of the year: to look back, and, perhaps take a cautious look ahead.
     While the air cargo sector faced a harrowing time, stakeholders in India tightened belts and looked at ways to tackle the challenges. At the end of 2013, the air cargo sector emerged with the feeling that the present infrastructure available to the stakeholders in India still needs a huge amount of work.

Ah, Maurice
   Sir Maurice Flanagan, one of the founders of Emirates Airline, retired to London (Kensington) earlier last year.
Always plainspoken, Maurice was asked recently by Management Today to recall his career:

Vol. 13 No. 4                              Monday January 13, 2014

Trade Fine For Better Business
On January 10, Switzerland’s Competition Commission (Comco) fined 11 airlines 11 million Swiss francs ($12 million USD) for operating an air freight cartel between 2000 and 2005.

Peak Portends Improved 2014
After a tough first three quarters, inventory renewals in Europe and the U.S.—allied to a return to a traditional peak-season spike in demand—saw Asia’s air freight sector finish the year strongly and with ample cause to expect a more prosperous 2014, albeit one marked by small gains rather than a return to the good times of yore.

Chuckles For January 13, 2014

Where In The World Is Issa Baluch
No doubt about it, when Issa Baluch stepped down and quit the Board of TIACA in protest late in 2013, the impact was felt throughout the air cargo industry and continues to reverberate into early 2014.

SFO No Fault Towers Above All
   San Francisco International Airport (SFO) tops all airports January 14, 2014 as the final topping out beam festooned with an evergreen tree and an American Flag are hoisted in place.    

Bottoms Up Airplanes
   People sending bread & butter gifts for holiday hosting this Christmas past might consider an oversized coffee table book titled AirCraft-The Airplane as Art.

Vol. 13 No. 3                              Friday January 10, 2014

A Different Face Of Pakistan
A Different Face Of Pakistan

Oliver Twist On TIACA 2014
It will be a year of discovery; new board members, a great world meeting, plus an unparalleled push into new frontiers for    The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and Chairman Oliver Evans hits the ground running.
   Evans, if nothing else, seems determined, even fearless as he and his team at TIACA are reforming TIACA forever.

Lufthansa B777F BOM Away
   Lufthansa Cargo lands its new Boeing 777F Jambo Kenya in Asia for the first time as Mumbai gets 90 tons on Thursday at 03:08 am, with no one even breaking a sweat.
   Lufthansa says two of the five B777s ordered are already being used in scheduled operations between Europe and North America.

Call For Action
 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said it is “inexcusable” that New York’s JFK and LaGuardia airports have not been redeveloped to keep pace with the best international gateways.

Chuckles For January 10, 2014

Fish Fry Southwest
   Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly and SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison shake hands. Southwest Airlines debuts its newest specialty plane, Penguin One, in celebration of 25 years of partnership with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, on Thursday, June 20, 2013, in Orlando, FL.

JEH Tops U.S. Department Of Homeland Security
   Once upon a time, the top political patronage job in the USA was serving as U.S. Postmaster General.
   But today, USPS is in such financial dire straits, even the power guys and election fixers don’t want the job.

Thank You, Gracias, Obrigado, Merci, Danke Je Wel
   While many of us are giving thanks to the old year and getting into 2014, I would like to suggest that we also consider and appreciate the people who make business and vacation time possible, and who ensured all those gadgets under the Christmas tree were actually available in stores in time for the annual global celebration.

Vol. 13 No. 2                              Wednesday January 8, 2014

If You Knew Robbie Anderson
"I believe United Cargo customers will experience a more creative and collaborative partner in 2014,” said Robbie Anderson, President for United Cargo, in a year opening interview exclusively for FlyingTypers.

Core Craf Carriers Final Departure
he rapid U.S. withdrawal from Iraq in 2012 and now Afghanistan has left many of the airlines that have been serving the DoD almost exclusively since 1991 fighting for their very survival. We all know that the one of the largest and longest serving core carriers in the CRAF program, Evergreen, went belly up last month and ceased operation, grounding their fleet of 13 Boeing 747 aircraft. We believe others will join them in the near future. The most likely candidate to join Evergreen in the desert parking lot will be World Airways. Having filed for bankruptcy protection last month for the second time in less than 12 months doesn’t instill a lot of confidence they can survive.

No Time To Horse Around
   In 2013 Jettainer introduced a new, collapsible “Horse Stall” container, which allows for loading on the lower deck, adds upstairs main-deck space, and increases efficiency.
   Units include sidewalls of lightweight composite material, saving weight and fuel.

California Dreaming On Such A Mom & Pop
   Many small- to mid-sized freight forwarders are not generally portrayed as “Mom & Pop” operations, but they share many of the attributes of small businesses competing in a very tough economic climate.
   The “Mom & Pop” forwarder, like other small businessmen and women, must wear many hats.

Chuckles For January 8, 2014

Six Degrees
   Yesterday (January 7) the outside temperature in New York City dipped to six degrees.
   Sitting inside (of course) we started thinking about “Six degrees of separation,” the theory that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. Essentially, a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

Vol. 13 No. 1                              Monday January 6, 2014

Air Cargo News For January 6, 2014
A Different Face Of Pakistan

Richard Malkin's Air Cargo—Pre-Jet Era Part I
  In my preceding article entitled The Founding Forties, I devoted the space to a streamlined overview of the earliest forces that wove the fabric of a brand new industry—air cargo.
   Hard on its heels is this piece, the first in a series of articles that will encompass the pre-jet era dating from the budding industry’s beginnings in 1945 to the ensuing decade-and-a-half.

Scrooges Look Backward, Not Forward (er)
  While airport and airline data in late 2013 showed a marked improvement and most analysts predict an improved market in 2014, leading forwarders are surprisingly downbeat.
   Peter Orange, (right) Regional Manager Freight Sales in the Asia Pacific & Indian Subcontinent for GAC, said a major problem for those in the air freight sector is that structural-innovation in Asia in technology and electronics is leading to new products that are smaller and lighter, resulting in smaller volumes being moved.

Chuckles For January 6, 2014

RE:   A Christmas Story
Hello Geoffrey,
   A lovely Christmas story, thanks for sharing.
   Best wishes to you and the family this Christmas and all the best for 2014.
   Keep up the good work with FlyingTypers.


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