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Vol. 14 No. 14                    Friday February 13, 2015

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
    Hard on the heels of a shutdown last weekend comes word from The Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) that vessel operations at U.S. west coast ports are once again suffering a total shutdown, which began today and will continue until next Tuesday during the Presidents' Week holiday.

Duggan To Saudia
   Mike Duggan is the new Director of Charter Sales for Saudia Cargo.

Will Cargo Embrace Air?
   Quote of the week from a trusted forwarder source that asked for anonymity:
   “Well, at least so far, nobody seems to hate it.
   “Hopefully the implementation of all-in rates will expand to other carriers.
   “The glaring differences in fuel surcharges (LH $ 1.05 -- CV $0.65) are not sustainable and may not even be legal.”

Chuckles For February 13, 2015

Coo Coo Keukenhof
    We’re approaching that time of year when the favorite story is who flew how many flowers for the romance of Valentine’s Day (Saturday, February 14) or upcoming Eastertide on Sunday, April 5, 2015.
   As an avid knitter, there are two things that entice me most: texture and color. I have a habit of appreciating combinations of color and texture that might go unnoticed by non-knitters, and it’s a habit I know I share with my knitting brethren. Piet Mondrian’s famous

Vol. 14 No. 13                    Tuesday February 10, 2015

Dan Muscatello By Richard Malkin
   Described in its simplest terms, the design and construction of an airport are for safe aircraft takeoffs and landings; and in between is Dan Muscatello who has spent more than three decades in the public and private sectors wrestling with all manner of cargo problems and strategies. Over the years, like a planter sowing seeds he has applied his expertise and progressive outlook around the world. His proven talents as a development strategist for “both the business and physical facility planning of an air cargo complex, as well as the integration of an ancillary and logistics support services,” rank high as an authority.

Chuckles For February 10, 2015

SkyCargo Stems From Valentines
   ‘Play me Hearts and Flowers,’ as the saying goes but no doubt less than a week from now the order of the day will be romance as an early indicator (along with pitchers and catchers showing up for Spring Training in Baseball) that a new season of romance and hope is tipping off.
   But we wonder what the season of love means to air cargo?

Vol. 14 No. 12                    Saturday February 7, 2015

West Coast Port Meltdown
    According to reports, the west coast of the United States could experience a total shutdown.
    In a recent photo, incoming container ships queue up outside the Port of Los Angeles waiting for dock space.

Block Buster Ocean Alliances
   In early February two of Europe’s largest container lines announced they would further enhance their cooperation. CMA CGM and Hamburg Süd were already offering joint services from North Europe to South America and the Caribbean, but starting in May there will be further cooperation.

Chuckles For February 7, 2015

Mom We Are Coming Home
   A crowd of passengers queue up at counters to get their boarding passes at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, China, February 4, 2015.
   China transportation is currently geared up at full capacity to handle the annual surge of travelers at the start of the 40-day Spring Festival holiday rush, as everybody is on the move to get home to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year.

Oil Dips Fuels India Cargo
    The sharp fall in global crude oil prices by nearly 35 percent over the last year has awakened the freight forwarding industry in India. Other than the forwarders, it is the express industry that uses airlines. So, it was not surprising when the Express Industry Council of India (EICI), the apex body of express delivery service providers in India, demanded the immediate withdrawal of Fuel Surcharge (FSC) levied by domestic airlines.

Vol. 14 No. 11                    Tuesday February 3, 2015

Cargo Speeds To Lunar Break
    Most signposts for air freight are looking rather perky ahead of an expected spike in demand out of China before factories close for Lunar New Year celebrations.

Chuckles For February 3, 2015

On Not Going Up In Smoke
   The good, the bad and the politically incorrect
   For FT readers below the age of 40, this may sound utterly alien: There was a time when smoking was permitted almost everywhere. That time is gone for good, and older movies are often re-cut to erase smoking scenes.

Vol. 14 No. 10                     Monday February 2, 2015

Hong Kong Tops Again
    Hong Kong International Airport looks set to retain its place as the world’s largest freight airport after racking up record volumes in 2014. Intense competition between its three ground handlers has underpinned its success.

Wish We Said That—Bill Boesch
    I noted your last issue talking about industry awards.
    In air cargo when you talk of Emirates, one name comes to mind.
    How much of the value of that company was lost when Ram left?
    You don’t even have to say his last name to know of him.

Best In Show—FIATA Not Yada Yada
   There were three important and informative gatherings that capped off the air cargo trade show event year for 2014. To us, the content of these industry encounters can serve as a primer for things to come this year.

Chuckles For February 2, 2015

Now There Are Three
  Lt. Col. Edward Saylor one of four surviving Doolittle Raiders, died at his home in Washington State last Wednesday at the age of 94.
   Saylor enlisted in the Army Air Corps on Dec. 7, 1939, and served as an enlisted airman throughout World War II.

Best 2015 Super Bowl Ad

Vol. 14 No. 9                     Thursday January 29, 2015

Ayesha Hassan AbdulRahman Al Marzooqi Doing The Heavylifting
    At FlyingTypers, we’re endlessly thrilled when we hear news of women not just securing jobs in air cargo, but also excelling in them. The news is even more exciting when it involves a pioneering effort, which, in the case of women in air cargo, it often does.

Chuckles For January 29, 2015

CAL And ATC Team Up
   CAL’s Global GSA Conference in Belgium this week confirmed several exciting new announcements. Not only will CAL be picking up the service slack for customers in Cyprus (left by since-liquidated Cyprus Airways), but CAL Cargo airlines is also teaming up with ATC, which will act as CAL’s GSA in Holland, effective February 1st. With this partnership, ATC will become CAL’s 56th GSA partner worldwide.

Flanagan's Capital Talk
  Emirates would be valued at $40bn if it went public, said founding CEO Maurice Flanagan when addressing Dubai’s Capital Club recently.

Cargo Awards Leave Some At A Loss
   It’s that time of year again. Awards announcements, nominations, and events are flooding websites and email boxes all over the air cargo world. Trade publications (most in conjunction with trade shows) and industry organizations are all promoting awards-related solicitations, whether it be for votes, sponsorships of awards, or dinner seats for the actual awards ceremonies.

Vol. 14 No. 8                     Tuesday January 27, 2015

Where We Are Right Now
   After a strong end to 2014, air cargo demand is again building in the run-up to Chinese New Year and forecasts are now suggesting that 2015 could see the sector further improve from where it was a year ago.

In Our Own Write—Notes From Phnom Penh
   Talk about a tropical paradise of a different kind: Cambodia (or Pre_h Réachéanachâk Kâmp_chéa, as its official name goes) or most notably its capital, Phnom Penh is certainly a horse of a different color.
   When thinking of a tropical paradise, places such as Hawaii or maybe the resorts in Southern Thailand come to mind—warm, breezy, and clean getaway places for those who can afford air travel.

Chuckles For January 27, 2015

Women In Charge—Logistics Needs Help To Stand Alone
   You need a lady to bring method to the madness that is the chaotic world of logistics, especially where last-minute changes are the norm.
   Step in Dr. Veni Mathur.

Memories Of Joe Franklin
   A media giant here in New York and a good friend for many years, Joe Franklin died on January 24 at age 88.
   Joe was a broadcast pioneer and hosted shows on the old WOR TV Channel 9 in Manhattan, and also WOR AM Radio.

Vol. 14 No. 7                     Friday January 23, 2015

Smithsonian CoverDreams And False Alarms
   I can remember, when I was very little, paging through one of the airport books my father had written and seeing a picture of a young woman standing next to a small airplane. I think I noticed her because, like me, she had very short hair—at the time, my older brother and I received our haircuts from our father’s barber, so my hair never grew past my ears. She was tall and lithe, possessing a gamine

EMO Transitions
   The meteoric growth of EMO Trans has continued unabated since it launched in 1965, and now, fifty years later, many of the employees who helped ensure its success will be leaping forward within the company.

Chuckles For January 23, 2015

CAL Cargo Airlines To Larnaca
   CAL’s Global GSA Conference in Belgium this week offered some good news for customers in the Cyprus market—CAL Cargo Airlines will fill the gap left by Cyprus Airways’ recent voluntary liquidation with two independent weekly cargo flights to Larnaca (LCA). The

IAG Art Of The Move
   Forty-four years ago, a teacher named Geoffrey Bardon was visiting a resettlement community of Aboriginals in Papunya, Australia. Bardon was distributing art supplies to schoolchildren, but the men in the community, looking for something to do, took up the brushes and paint and, with Bardon’s assistance, formed a cooperative of 11 artists called Papunya

Vol. 14 No. 6                     Tuesday January 20, 2015

Black Wings Pioneered Flight
   Exactly 50 years before Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech, an intrepid young man, aged thirty-one, became the first licensed African American aviator. The odds are you will not even recognize his name.

Chuckles For January 20, 2015

Oliver Evans By Richard MalkinNo Desk Job For Him
   It was Samuel Johnson who observed that languages are the pedigrees of nations. And it was Oliver Evans, chief cargo officer of Swiss International Airlines and chairman of The International Air Cargo Association, who leaned on those pedigrees to broaden his executive and managerial talents in a global air cargo universe.

Vol. 14 No. 5                     FRIday January 16, 2015

United Cargo Moves Ahead
   “We believe this realignment will streamline our decision making and quicken our response to opportunities offered by our customers,” said United Cargo President Jan Krems, as United Cargo named Jacques Leijssenaar—an 18-year veteran from AF/KL Europe—as Vice President, Cargo Sales EMEIA. The appointment of Leijssenaar is part of a new re-aligned sales set up with all four sales divisions, including Vice President, Cargo Sales Americas Jim Bellinder, newly named Vice President, Cargo Sales Asia Pacific(APAC) Mirco Renfer, Managing Director, Cargo Sales Strategic Accounts Helen Kristensen, and the aforementioned Leijssenaar, reporting directly to Mr. Krems.

Drinking LaGuardia
Tim Peirce at the center of the entire LaGuardia Airport staff on a snowy February day in 1978.  

   I’m sitting at a bar in the basement of the Central Terminal Building (CTB) at LaGuardia Airport, in a space that used to be home to Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank, reminiscing on a time that I thought would never go away.

Tim Peirce LaGuardia KiwanisPeirce Another Heart
     What happened to Tim Peirce?
     They took my friend’s airport away. It was a place where he grew up and then managed for 23 years, and that broke his heart, and he died.
     It's been 14 years, and it's taken me this long to finally share these words.


Vol. 14 No. 4                     Wednesday January 14, 2015

Best In Show—TIACA In Seoul
   By now almost everyone who attended—and the legions of top flight air cargo companies that refrained from attending—have agreed that TIACA ACF held in Seoul, Korea, was on many levels less satisfactory than anticipated.
   But what about the Air Cargo Forum (ACF), the sessions in which many well-intentioned and dedicated smart people came forward and gave it their all?

TSA Deadline Looms
   With a February 16, 2015, deadline for implementation, the TSA-mandated security updates for all-cargo aircraft—affecting all U.S. and non U.S.-based freighter aircraft operators into and out of the U.S.—drew sharp fire from TIACA Secretary General Doug Brittin. Brittin worked for the TSA before joining TIACA.

Peter GerberLufthansa Cargo Cautiously Optimistic
   With a cargo load factor of 69.7 percent (2013: 69.9 percent) Lufthansa Cargo says it transported more than 1.7 million tons of freight and mail in 2014, posting a slight year-on-year decline of -2.7 percent.

Johnn NorcumRemembering Johnn Norcum
   Word came early today that Johnn Norcum, born January 20,1935, died a few days short of age 80 last Friday, January 9, 2015, after a long battle with lung cancer.
   He is survived by his wife Mary, age 92.
   Johnn was one of the first sales guys for a Middle East airline in USA, when he took the top spot for Kuwait Air and set up offices in a building on Rockaway Blvd. back in the mid-1970s.

Vol. 14 No. 3                     Monday January 12, 2015

Voyages Of Discovery
   You cannot help it. You work in, or are connected by air cargo to, the airline business.
For many people, airlines depart from the familiar to explore places yet to be discovered.

Nabil KhojahNew Wings For Malpensa
“By operating direct freighter flights into Malpensa we are offering first class connections from our entire network including

Brandon Fried on CNNForward Fried 2015
   You may not know much about the Air Forwarders Association (AfA), but certainly almost everybody knows of the group’s president, Brandon Fried.
   Brandon Fried seems to be everywhere and can be considered amongst the longest-lasting opinion makers in the air cargo industry; he is easily the most vocal and well-known forwarder anywhere.

RE: Way To Go Dick Tracy

Dear Geoffrey,
   While being aware of Yogi Berra’s maxim “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” I feel it only fair to write in defense of IATA’s forecasting record for air cargo.

Paris Tragedy
   We are moved by the senseless murder of the editor, cartoonists, and others at Charlie Hebdo and where this rampage also impacted innocents in a restaurant and a policeman last week in Paris.


Vol. 14 No. 2                     Wednesday January 7, 2015

Buoyant Bellinder Brings 2015
   Lucky 7—When Jim Bellinder was named Vice President, United Cargo Sales on January 7, 2013 (exactly two years ago today), he assumed command, leveraging 26 years of experience in Continental Airlines and United Cargo Sales.
He needed that experience and more, as we all know now.

India Extends 24/7 Customs
   India’s air cargo stakeholders received a big year-end gift from the Central Board of Excise and Customs (the board is part of the Government’s Ministry of Finance and responsible for collection of Customs duties).
   On the last day of 2014, the Board issued a circular regarding the extension of 24/7 Customs clearance facility to more airports for all export goods and to seaports for specified import and export goods.

Take 5 And Hop Aboard A 3D Jet
   We have long thought about technology as human invention devoid of humanity—we create tools, but we rarely feel connected to those tools the way we do with, say, pets, children, family, and friends. The closest we have come in recent years is perhaps with the Apple iPhone’s Siri feature, which talks back to the user when asked a question.


Vol. 14 No. 1                     Monday January 5, 2015

Up Up & Away 2015
   Global air cargo demand now seems certain to soar well into 2015, and analysts believe Asian carriers and handlers are best placed to prosper.
   “Volumes have stayed strong throughout all of 2014 and we see no reason for this not to continue into the New Year,” said Stewart Sinclair, managing director of Suvarnabhumi Airport ground handler Bangkok Flight Services. “There have been some additional charters related to the west Coast congestion, but in general we have seen continued strong volumes throughout the year.”

Way To Go Dick Tracy
   In 1930 writer and cartoonist Chester Gould imagined a world in which a hero detective named Dick Tracy communicated via a two-way wrist radio, which later became a wrist TV. It is not uncommon to find our future written by our past, as most science fiction scholars will contend that the best science fiction predicts the course of the future.
   With that in mind, the Apple Smart Watch should be coming out during the first quarter of 2015.

Wish We Said That—Jo Frigger, CEO EMO Trans
   Our positive results in 2014 show me that we are doing many things right . . .

Home Of The Lightweights
    Air France-KLM follows last year’s introduction of lightweight pallet nets with the introduction of lightweight pallets.

Flying IndiGo By The Seat Of Your Pants
   Even as carriers continue to flounder in India—the latest, according to aviation pundits, to go the Kingfisher way will be the low-cost SpiceJet—there is one airline that is thinking out of the box to be productive. The carrier is India’s largest—534 daily flights connecting to 37 destinations, including 5 international destinations—and is the only one that has made profits when most of the others have been swimming in the red. For the financial year that ended on March 31, 2014, India’s top five

Vol. 13 No. 104                  Wednesday december 31, 2014

In Our Own Write
   All year long we faithfully report the news with much fondness for this industry we love. We originated the name Air Cargo News in 1975, when our publication was founded in New York City 40 years ago.
   In fact, we were the very first industry media to carry the title Air Cargo News.

Christmastide 2014

One From The Heart For The Manta Rays
   Air cargo and forwarder executives could unwittingly be participating in the illegal transport of manta ray products from Indonesia.
   The hunting and trade of manta ray products was banned in Indonesia in February 2014, while the trafficking of manta rays without an export or re-export certificate issued by the ‘Management Authority of the State of export or re-export’ is also now banned under Appendix II of the UN’s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Chuckles For December 31, 2014

Our Time At Horse Latitudes
    When I was a kid, maybe about 11 years old, my parents took me to a place in New York City’s West Greenwich Village called The White Horse Tavern.
   “The Horse” (as locals called the place) was always filled with writers. It offered liberal libations and served up wonderful hamburgers wedged between slices of toasted bread.


Vol. 13 No. 103                  Wednesday december 24, 2014

A Christmas Story
   Christmas is quiet this year. Or relatively quiet, considering our rather spacious abode is usually stuffed to the rafters with family and Christmas visitors. I’ve grown quite accustomed to sharing a room with a sibling, but this year there are rooms to spare, and my sister and I have the pick of where we wish to rest our heads.

Chuckles For December 24, 2014

A Christmas Playlist
   I remember when I learned John Scott Trotter wrote all of Bing Crosby’s arrangements, and his orchestra played on Crosby’s immortal album “White Christmas.”

Best Wishes 2014


Vol. 13 No. 102                  FRIday december 19, 2014

Taking Control Of Lithium Shipping
   A frame grab of a video that made its way into mainstream media worldwide shows a test conducted at the U.S.A. FAA technical center in Atlantic City, N.J., last April, where a cargo container packed with 5,000 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries simulated a single battery experiencing uncontrolled overheating.

When Over Is Not Out
   Apparently, CHAMP CEO John Johnston has not departed the building entirely, despite reports this week in German logistics journal, Verkehrs Rundschau that he will be stepping down.

Best In Show Scores Productivity
   Several leading international air cargo gateways were at Air Cargo Handling (ACH) Milano this past September.
   Here we present Part Four of our exclusive series, with a deeper look into the session content at ACH Milano.
   Part Four will be followed in January by in-depth analysis of October’s TIACA Seoul, and finally November’s FIATA Istanbul.

Chuckles For December 19, 2014

Nut Gate At Korean Air
    The behavior of one Korean Air executive illustrates how, despite all its accomplishments, South Korea is still trying to escape its past.
   The success of South Korea’s economy over the last five decades has become something of an inspiration for today’s emerging economies.

Stamp Maurice
   A ceremony was held in Dubai recently to launch a commemorative line of postal stamps recalling the rich heritage of aviation and its contribution to the amazing growth and development of Dubai.
   Many important people attended the event, including HRH Sheikh Maktoum (pictured far right), but what caught our eye was the man in the dark suit, seated in a wheel chair in the front row.


More Chuckles For December 19, 2014

Ode To Concorde
    “This film combines beautiful, original photography and animation to create a joyful portrait celebrating one of the world’s best loved design icons.
    “It’s a nostalgic visual poem that conjures up a dreamlike recreation of Concorde’s heyday.


Vol. 13 No. 101                  Tuesday december 16, 2014

Ray CurtisRay Of Hope For Delta Cargo

   Having piloted the big carrier’s cargo fortune into a positive air space in 2014, Delta Cargo VP Cargo Commercial Ray Curtis is in Atlanta looking forward to 2015.

Any Which Way But Down
   Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to change the country’s ‘Look East’ policy to an ‘Act East’ has prompted the aviation ministry to ensure that the country’s North-Eastern region is better connected.
  In fact, the new civil aviation policy draft has specifically mentioned that a special package would be developed for the North-East.

Drone On
   The FAA of the United States has stated four companies will get their drone wings in order to figure out how to fly the things without smacking into other aircraft or people on the ground.

RE:  Molinelli Was Always Certain

Dear Geoffrey,

     Thank you for your very kind words on my impending retirement.      I will miss interacting with my friends in the airline industry and especially those in the JFK area. I will not miss the commute every day to JFK from Long Island,


Vol. 13 No. 100                  FRiday december 12, 2014

Oliver Steps Down
   News that SWISS Chief Cargo Officer Oliver Evans will step down in September 2015—retiring in the same “long goodbye” manner we saw when Ram Menen packed it in from Emirates in 2013 and Des Vertannes left IATA in 2014—has been met with sadness as well as some

1, 2, 3, Look At Mr. Lee
   Singapore’s Changi Airport is something of a mystery. Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading airports, a wander around its calming terminals reveals facilities designed to within an inch of perfection.
Unlike most global hubs, it is rare to even see queues. A seat is always easy to find and the staff is polite, helpful, and well-trained.

Chuckles For December 12, 2014

Samsung Same Song
   Suggestions that Apple block-booked air capacity out of China to expedite the shipment of the iPhone 6 and prevent counter-product launches by competitors illustrate just what an important strategic tool (as well the means of reaching market) air freight has become for the world’s largest electronics providers.

Brendan Furlong, Pat Pignatelli and Gerry Molinelli Molinelli Was Always Certain
   There are some people in air cargo who are certain to be where you expect them, despite the years and changing winds and circumstances.
   We were thinking about that when we heard long time JFK International Airport cargo man Gerald “Gerry” Molinelli has decided to pack it in. Molinelli will depart his current post as Senior Cargo Executive at Emirates Sky Cargo on December 31, after 42 years of continued service.

Jim EricksonJFK Cargo Christmas December 16
Our friend and air cargo great Jim Erickson (Amerijet) tells us The JFK Air Cargo Association and The JFK Cargo Sales Manager's Club Annual Holiday Luncheon is on for Tuesday, December 16 from 11:30 am–3:00 pm at Russo’s On The Bay, just off the main runways of JFK International Airport in Howard Beach, New York.


Vol. 13 No. 99                  Tuesday december 9, 2014

Pasi NopanenFinnair Readies Big Leap Forward
 It was early in the morning last week, just a few days before Finland’s Independence Day (December 6th), when we sat with Pasi Nopanen in one of those vest pocket hotels that line Rockaway Boulevard. Like the dashed lines on a map, Rockaway Boulevard’s hotels draw the pathway to New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport.

Air Rates Up Through Chinese New Year
   2015 may be the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese lunar calendar, but the bulls seem to be ruling the air cargo business—December continues with projections of demand driven by ocean slowdown continuing into the first quarter of next year.
   Strong air freight demand on key lanes could be sustained into 2015 as U.S. port chaos continues to drive Transpacific demand in the lead up to Chinese New Year in February.

Best In Show What Airports Can Do
Giovanni Constantini, Sabine Petera and Nathan De Valck
   Some leading international air cargo gateways were at Air Cargo Handling (ACH) Milano this past September.
   Here we present Part Three of our exclusive series with a deeper look into the session content at ACH Milano. Part Three will be followed by in-depth analysis of TIACA Seoul held in October, and finally FIATA Istanbul held in November.   

RE: Enough Lawsuits Already
Dear Geoffrey,
   Thank you for bringing the report on the DB Schenker lawsuit, and Bill’s always simple and to the point comments.
   Honestly, this whole issue is just a big mess and the only winners, if we want to call it that, are the attorneys involved.

Vol. 13 No. 98                  Friday december 5, 2014

All About India 100 Days & Tomorrow
 Narendra Modi’s government just celebrated its first 100 days in office. While 100 days is too short for any government to show its performance, ministers from almost every department have not stopped beating their drum and announcing the work they have started.

Women In Charge—Hear India Singh
   India’s air cargo sector would have lost Vandana Singh if the rules from way back in the Nineties permitted young ladies to join the fighter squadrons of the Indian Air Force. Singh’s father, Brigadier S. L. Kapur was aware of the ambition of his daughter: to become a fighter pilot. In fact, he tried his utmost to fulfill her dreams, but the rules could not be bent or broken. So, Vandana settled for a career that would take her close to flying fighter jets.

India Dreams Frankfurt On Nagpur
   Remember the Multimodal International Cargo hub and airport at Nagpur, in the center of India?
   Known as the Multi-modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur (MIHAN), the almost forgotten project has been 10 years in the making. No wonder, then, that while campaigning for his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at an election rally some time ago in Nagpur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared, “The MIHAN file took 10 years to travel 500 meters—that is the tragedy of MIHAN.”

J. KrishnanTrust Deficit Blocks Infrastructure Reform
   Even before the dust could settle on the policy guidelines for Air Freight Stations issued by the Indian government, a section of cargo stakeholders have taken it upon themselves to lobby for improved cargo infrastructure.

Big Box Theory . .
A total of 54 boxes containing Deutsche Bahn's (German Railway) indictment against multiple airline companies stand at the delivery entrance to the regional court in Cologne, Germany, December 1, 2014.
RE: Enough Lawsuits Already
Dear Geoffrey,
   It is amazing to me that a forwarder like DB Schenker, which demands the lowest rates and the highest service, wants to get money back from the airlines for fuel charges.


Vol. 13 No. 97                  Tuesday december 2, 2014

Enough Lawsuits Already
  Yesterday, December 1st at 1pm EST in Germany (our press release stated), Deutsche Bahn was to reveal to the media webinar details of the $2.2 billon lawsuit against 15 airlines, aimed to recover what they deem to be excessive fuel charges levied against their DB Schenker unit during the price-fixing dust up.

Andreas Otto and Peter Gerber2020 On The Nose
   Peter Gerber had barely just landed in the top spot at Lufthansa Cargo when he was called upon to introduce an affectionate goodbye party a couple weeks ago in Wiesbaden for his friend and colleague Andreas Otto, who moved on to the top spot as COO at Austrian Airlines.

Best In Show eAWB Reality Check
   Recently, as part of a series of excellent if not overlooked presentations at the Air Cargo Handlers Conference in Milan, Oliver Evans, Chief Cargo Officer, Swiss WorldCargo took the podium to present a fresh angle on e-freight.

Finnair SantaSanta Delivered
   The Season . . . Santa Claus arrived at Narita on November 28 after flying aboard Finnair, “The Airline of Santa.”
   During his stay in Japan (until December 24, at which

EMO Moves Hsu's Ginseng
If you mention the State of Wisconsin what immediately comes to mind—in addition to architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s home Taliesin in Spring Green—is the large, longstanding dairy industry.
   Actually, every license plate in the state proclaims Wisconsin is “America’s Dairyland.”
   But look again.

Remembering Bing

   We are the original Air Cargo News founded 40 years ago in 1975 in New York City, USA.    
    Edited by Geoffrey Arend, the acknowledged dean of air cargo publishers, we are the go to source for the air cargo industry worldwide.
    In-depth and knowledgeable coverage of the air cargo market.    No advertorials, no press releases, no dubious awards. Just market savvy.
   Responsible for saving the Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport, New York and Building One, Newark International Airport, New Jersey—historic first-generation aviation buildings.
   Only publication ever to be honored by the U.S. Department of Transportation for outstanding contribution to transportation and aviation.


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