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Vol. 14 No. 41                  Thursday May 14, 2015

Logistics Failing Nepal
(SkyKing In Nepal)—The humanitarian relief effort into Nepal is being hampered by a failing logistics network, which is in danger of leaving as many as a million people without adequate food and shelter ahead of the June monsoon season.

Sultan Of Cargo At Emirates
   Shortly after Nabil Sultan emerged on the world stage as Emirates’ “newly appointed Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo July 1, 2013,” he headed to the United States to meet staff and customers. We met up with him at SkyCargo John F. Kennedy International Airport before that fateful exercise got underway.

Ospentos Innovates New IT Solution
   We met Erik Byman in midtown Manhattan as a chilling late March wind locals have dubbed the “Hudson Hawk” cuts up from the Hudson River and careens through the canyons of buildings.
   We recall catching up with Erik in similar climes over the years—Moscow at Trans-Russia, the big logistics event held in the Russian capitol, and in Finland and Estonia in the deep winter.

Chuckles For May 14, 2015

Four Decades Of Vital Views— George A. Shipman and Brian P. Barrow

Dale Drones On
  Take it from us: the air cargo visionary, the air cargo pundit extraordinaire, will always be around. His thoughts leap time to a yet unrealized future.

Vol. 14 No. 40                  Monday May 11, 2015

East Side/West Side Reporting Lufthansa Cargo 2015
   Recently at CNS Partnership Conference in Orlando, Florida, we met Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, the new board member products & sales of Lufthansa Cargo, and the effervescent cargo professional, Achim Martinka, vice president cargo, the Americas.

Chuckles For May 11, 2015

Swisseriffic News From Munich
   The best may have been saved for last at Air Cargo Europe Thursday afternoon. SWISS WorldCargo put together a tasty gathering of fun facts, a teaser regarding a future reveal of next month's successor to retiring chief cargo officer Oliver Evans, and news that by 2016 the first of a half dozen B777s will join the fleet, bringing increased capacity and replacing the A340s on long haul routes.

Rainer MuellerSV Builds CDG
     “Our focus is to improve connectivity and provide a growing network of destinations and quality operations to our customers,” said Rainer Mueller, VP Commercial for Saudi Airlines Cargo.



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dnata Timednata Time

At Air Cargo Europe, left to right—Kevin Ennis, vice president business development dnata Cargo; Bernd Leo Struck, senior vice president-UAE cargo, dnata and Micky Jadeja, manager commercial cargo, dnata.



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Extraordinary People
   We are glad to report that in this world of ordinary people, there are still many dear hearts in air cargo.
  And none better than Lionel Smith, CEO, Air Cargo Integrators, a Dubai-based wunderkind, who is busy right now extending a helping hand to the victims of the Nepalese disaster.

Sir Maurice FlanaganHappy Landings Maurice
   My friend, the great Maurice Flanagan, Emirates Airline chief executive who built the company into the world’s largest international airline, died on Thursday at his home in London. He was 86.

Trees Gave It Up For Daily Blah
   Last week we picked up a copy of the “Official Air Cargo Europe” daily publication commissioned by Transport Logistic Air Cargo Europe.
  Printed on extra thick glossy stock, the issue felt and looked wonderful.

Vol. 14 No. 39                  Wednesday May 6, 2015

China Exports & Capacity Flatten Rates
   Deteriorating exports from China allied to an influx of capacity on ultra-large container ships are combining to put even more downward pressure on ocean liner spot rates on key East-West trades.

Always On Sunday
   The head of Customs at Athens International Airport teams up with Athens International Cargo marketing manager as Greece continues its long but steady climb back from economic ruin.

Matters Of The Heart—Lena Boueri
   Sometimes the cargo business is about making a lot of money, other times it is about following others into the business.

Chuckles For May 6, 2015

AA Cargo Picks Up The Beat
“As great as 2014 was for network expansion, 2015 should be even more exciting as we add non-stop service between Dallas and Beijing, and between Miami and Frankfurt.”

Oman Air Takes Off
   Look up in the sky—it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Oman Air!
   You might think Suresh Nair is a new kid on the block—the youthful head of cargo sales and marketing at Oman Air projects the image of an eager, dedicated young airline executive, driven by his unique role in the emergence of a major niche player on the air cargo scene.

Favorite Tuesday Photo
   Why are these people smiling?
   Because they love each other, that’s why!

Vol. 14 No. 38                   Tuesday May 5, 2015

New Landmark For Air Shippers
   (Dateline Istanbul)—Our first impression upon walking into the building was that we had just landed at Google Headquarters.
   The space was so big, bright, and airy, and filled with young, smart looking, purpose-driven people.

Chuckles For May 5, 2015

ATC Aviation Out Front Pulling Away
   Nobody has to tell ATC Aviation CEO Ingo Zimmer to stand tall.
   At nearly 6 foot five inches, the dynamic leader of “wunderkind” GSSA ATC, based in Cargo City Sud Frankfurt-Main Airport, is usually the easiest to spot, even in a crowded room.

Cowboys & Indians
   Never mind the Cowboys—here come the Indians!
   One of our favorite trade show pictures has Pradeep Kumar, senior vice president,

Playing An Ace In Munich
   In the game of cards, the Ace of Spades has two paradoxical meanings: it’s the card with the highest value, but it’s also the death card.
   Topic A at Air Cargo Europe (ACE), taking place in Munich, Germany, as part of Transport Logistic from May 5th to May 8th, raises the question of whether ACE will be the trump card of 2015’s cargo events, or another joker wrapped up as a super- sized industry event.

Feliz Cinco De Mayo
   A man dressed as a female Mexican rebel takes part in a recreation of the Battle of Puebla

Vol. 14 No. 37                   Monday May 4, 2015

True Confessions: An Interview With Peter Gerber
   Peter Gerber assured me that he has kerosene in his blood, which translated to a simple though important fact: virtually the entire career of the 51-year-old CEO of Lufthansa Cargo has been within the Lufthansa Group. The kerosene apparently has turned out to be an effective mix, and Gerber replied to

For David Communication is King
   United Cargo’s Managing Director of Pricing, Revenue Management and Sales Strategy, David King belies the green eyeshade, rolled-up sleeves, cliché image of a moneyman. He prefers instead to be active in the marketplace, learning from and about his customers and industry colleagues.

Chuckles For May 4, 2015

Everbody Loves Somebody Sometime
   And the awards just keep on coming . . .
   Now with Air Cargo Europe underway, the award season ramps itself into overdrive.

More Cool At Swiss ZRH
    “The expansion of these cold storage facilities further confirms our joint commitment to making Zurich Airport a first-class hub for handling pharmaceutical shipments.

Four Decades of Vital Views
   William D. Clarke, former director of cargo planning at Trans World Airlines, called attention to the following: “When deregulation occurred in 1978, the pricing environment began to change. At first, the changes were not pronounced as forwarders

Spargel Zeit Asparagus Time Again
   If you’re in Munich this week you must try to enjoy the great German “royal vegetable” spargel (white asparagus). It was once reserved for only the upper classes, but is now enjoyed by everyone in Bavaria and beyond.


Vol. 14 No. 36                   Tuesday April 28, 2015

At CNS Time Delayed Report
“All in all, a decent turnout and a great opportunity to visit with our business partners, friends, and colleagues in one place over a couple of days in a nice hotel,” said Marco Rohrer, president of EMO Trans as the CNS Partnership Conference

David O. King, United Cargo At CNS

High Speed Change At Slowdown
   The U.S. West Coast slowdown continued to benefit the air cargo sector through the first quarter, with cargo moving in increasingly diverse routings from Asia to the U.S. as logisticians, airlines, and shippers adapted to a fast-changing market, according to one leading forwarder.

Chuckles For April 28, 2015

Lithium Shippers Options Narrow
    While regulatory changes pertinent to the shipping of Lithium batteries are winding their way through the regulatory process in the United Nations (UN) and International Civil Aviation Organizations bureaucracy slowly but surely, a sizable number of leading airlines have decided to take matters into their own hands and take unilateral action by outlawing transportation of Lithium batteries either partially or altogether.

Angelo PusateriFour Decades of Vital Views
   Angelo Pusateri, president of Virgin Atlantic Cargo, commenting on the role of opportunity, declared:
   “If there is anything I have learned

Help For Nepal
Nepal Photos   As aid agencies launch a global relief effort after the horrible Nepal earthquake, victims continue to descend upon Tribhuvan International Airport in Katmandu.

Vol. 14 No. 35                   Friday April 24, 2015

Jan Krems On SustainabilityJan Krems, President, United Cargo
On Earth Day & Sustainability

   Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to recognize and recommit ourselves to aviation’s responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. We’re proud of United’s industry leadership in this area through our Eco-Skies initiative – and of Cargo’s contribution.

Speak Up Air Cargo
   Despite a full air cargo agenda schedule at CNS Partnership Conference in Orlando, Florida, this week—including coverage of everything from drones to social media—there was nary an announced session directed toward air cargo and sustainability.

The American Way
   American uses more than 15,000 ULDs (so-called Unit Load Devices) to transport both air cargo and baggage on board our aircraft. Earlier this year lightweight containers replaced many of our existing units. The lightweight container change provides over 500,000 gallons

True Confessions—Bill Boesch
From The Bottom

    Quite a number of year’s ago, a time when Bill Boesch sat astride American Airlines Cargo, I entered the carrier’s first class lounge at Kennedy Airport one morning and spotted him at one end of the room, partially surrounded by a small group of cargo employees. His voice was low, but judging by his stern face and decisive gestures, I guessed him to be in lecture or censure mode. Boesch glanced in my direction, got

Dawn GriggsHot Ginger & Dynamite
Grande Finale… It all went glam—fun feather boas, zoot suits, and roaring 20s—as CNS came to close its 25th anniversary celebration.

Vol. 14 No. 34                   Tuesday April 21, 2015

Tony CalabreseThe Man Who Invented CNS Partnership
   People have called CNS Partnership a lot of things over its first quarter century, but the gathering has never been slow or late in providing a first-class venue for conducting business.

Post Graduate . . . The venue in a big Orlando hotel was a giant dark room, but the place lightened up a bit when Tim Maginn and Dana Zaher

Chuckles For April 21, 2015

Why Ram Menen Matters
   The keynote speaker at CNS Partnership, Ram Menen said a lot of things, but nothing was more memorable than the following:
   “If you don’t know who your customers are then we are all in trouble.”

Pasi NopanenFinnair Sends The Pasi In
   Good guys “Finnish First” as Pasi Nopanen got promoted to VP Global Sales in Finnair Cargo this month on April 8.
   Most recently Pasi had brought a fine hand and deep experience in logistics and managing international sales teams as sales director, North America & Scandinavia, to head Cargo Sales.

Voices At CNS-Jim Butler, President, AA Cargo

A Family Affair
   Her Dad was on the ramp, her son works in passenger, and Vivian Cervantes—national account manager, based in Los Angeles—rounds out the United Airlines family.

Echoes 1975-2015, 1998
   Patrick Henry remarkably stated that he knew of no way to foretell what lay in the future than to rely on the past. We make no claim that the immortalized patriot observation on forecasting somehow influenced the seers of IATA, but they have relied heavily on international airlines’ past performance to predict what can be expected in the next five

Vol. 14 No. 33                   Monday April 20, 2015

Customer Country
   Kicking off CNS Partnership in Orlando on Sunday was a customer meet & greet event hosted by Board Member Product & Sales at Lufthansa Cargo Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech and Vice President Americas Achim Martinka.

Richard Malkin In his own write—I Told You So
  As Cargo Network Services (CNS) gathers this week in Orlando, Florida, for its 25th Annual “Partnership Conference,” a private survey of a representative group of air freight forwarders and cargo agents disclosed the existence of widespread doubts in IATA’s core adherence to the principle of the airline-intermediary “partnership.”

Ray Ray On Relationships

AA Cargo Heating Up The Cool Chain
   First of all, you have to love the classical overtones.
   Tom Grubb, manager, Cold Chain Strategy at American Airlines, knows a lot about what he does, and like any true devotee he loves his work and makes no secret of it!

Superman Returns
   The highlight of any big gathering is always the keynote speech.
   Ram Menen is the speaker this year at CNS Partnership, having retired from Emirates SkyCargo two years ago after shepherding the enterprise from a 1985 start-up into a leader of international logistics.

Chuckles For April 20, 2015

Echoes 1975-2015, 1999 CNS Rising
   Cargo Network Services’ computerized AWB number distribution service was upped to 38 with the joining of two U.S. and two foreign-flag air carriers: Trans World Airlines, United Airlines, TACA, and New Zealand Airways. It was noted that air freight forwarder and IATA cargo agent users have expanded to slightly under 1,800.

Vol. 14 No. 32                   Friday April 17, 2015

New Landmark Address For Air Shippers
   Istanbul is home to fast rising Turkish Airlines Cargo, and the carrier just moved into a beautiful and dramatic new Air Cargo Transfer Facility on January 1, 2015.

Taking Delta On The Road
  Delta Cargo Vice President–Commercial Ray Curtis gets excited and deeply involved whilst attending air cargo industry events. He can also get pretty worked up about show venues that offer an opportunity to do some good, lasting business.

Echoes 1975-2015, Year 2007
   The year 2015 marks our 40th year in the world of air cargo news reporting—first as Air Cargo News and now as FlyingTypers.

Intermodal Gets High Marks
   The big Intermodal South America show held last week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, gets high marks from Jim Bellinder, Vice President, Cargo Sales Americas – United Airlines.

Chuckles For April 17, 2015

India Postman Rings Twice
   The Internet may have almost sent the venerable 150-year-old India Post into hibernation, but it is the same Internet that is bringing it back to its feet.
   Like the fabled carrier of the mail, for India, the postman rings twice!

Vol. 14 No. 31                   Tuesday April 13, 2015

Echoes 1975-2015—Alive In '75
   It was not the kind of a year to inspire cheerful souls. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Flying Down To Sao Paulo
  Later Jim Butler told FlyingTypers, “Intermodal does a great job of bringing together key decision makers across various aspects of the supply chain in an energetic and engaging venue.
   “Given our vast LATAM network, Intermodal is a critical venue for us to reinforce our regional
FedEx Ignites TNT
   The proposed takeover of TNT Express by Fed Ex would not take place until 2018, but it comes as the big integrator rides a strong dollar and tries to do what UPS couldn’t.

Chuckles For April 13, 2015

CAL Cargo Goes To School On Pharma
   "Completion of the program will strengthen CAL’s position as a leader amongst a frontline of carriers providing services for the Pharma sector," said Eyal Zagagi, CEO of CAL Group, as it began IATA's Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification program at Liege Airport.

Swisserific Summer
   "Network enhancements allow Swiss WorldCargo to expand its consistent offer of high-value and care-intensive solutions and meet our customers’ increasing demand for premium air cargo services in these diversified markets,” Ashwin Bhat, head of Global Area Management said as SWISS debuted its Summer 2015 services.

Vol. 14 No. 30                   Tuesday April 7, 2015

Qatar Lights Up Sri Lanka
   There are plenty of things to do these days down Colombo way in Sri Lanka, but Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo Uli Ogiermann put things in proper perspective on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, when QR dropped in to say thanks and celebrate the region’s top freight forwarding agents and their role in supporting the airline’s cargo growth.

ABC Easy As 1, 2, 3
  "Our 20 percent growth of tonnage and 28 percent growth of FTK is a solid first quarter (2015) performance.
  The successful teamwork and continuous implementation of our customer-based long-term strategy made it possible to achieve such good operating results.

Chuckles For April 7, 2015

Rates & Spring Hearten April
   Drewry’s East-West Air Freight Price Index gained 2.2 points in February after two months of falling rates in which the index had lost over 21 points from November’s all-time high.

April Showers Turkish Cargo
   "Great airlines must have great networks,” insists Halit Anlatan, Turkish Cargo vice president of sales and marketing.

Angela Has Inspired Us All
   You don’t have to look further than Angela Gittens, the director general at Airports Council International, to find one of the greatest inspirational leaders in aviation.

High Times

Waxing Moon Plane

Everybody Loves A Good Egg
   The Arend clan is steeped in rich holiday traditions. We deck the halls together at Christmas, we sing the first stanza of “We Gather Together” before every Thanksgiving dinner, and at Easter—with everyone well over the age of five—we still paint Easter eggs.
    I’ve personally confronted raised eyebrows and sidelong glances when I tell people we still paint eggs.


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