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Vol. 21 No. 2                              MONDAY JANUARY 10, 2022

IATA Plays Through CNS Partnership
    Time To Play Through CNS Phoenix?
    Looking up conferences taking place or hoping to this year 2022 brings us to CNS Partnership Conference, but you can no longer find the listing for the proposed event scheduled to be held in Phoenix May 23-26 on the CNS website.

Petrov First FIATA Electronic President
World Exclusive: Marco Sorgetti in a candid first-person interview with the President of the largest freight forwarder organization in the world.
    Ivan Petrov has become the 32nd FIATA President in November 2021 and is the first one to have been elected by electronic vote. In 2019 FlyingTypers had already published an article about President Petrov, then Senior Vice President of FIATA. His

Chuckles for January 10, 2022

American's Iconic LaGuardia Hangar 1 Bites The Dust
     Just came across an announcement that American Airlines Hangar 3 and 5, the old ones from 1939 have been cleaned up at LaGuardia Airport.
    That only caught my eye as the notice casually mentioned that Hangar 1 that sat astride Hangar 3 and 5, and was the original AA domestic passenger facility and one of the most historically significant buildings on any airport anywhere was demolished last October.

Vol. 21 No. 1                              THURSDAY JANUARY 6, 2022

Cargo vs Cabin Fever
    You might be wondering if an aversion driven by COVID of attending an industry trade show can finally be packed away in your file of forgotten bad dreams?

A Cargo Cabin In The Sky
Pan Am Clipper Cargo, the mightiest air commerce operation in the world in 1961, created a giant Cargo Building #67 at Idlewild International Airport (IDL today’s JFK) to serve Clipper Cargo’s burgeoning global fleet of B-707s.

Chuckles for January 6, 2022

Spirit Drive And Hopes Alive in 2022
     Viewed through the looking glass 2021 will be remembered by the global air cargo community and especially in India as a time when air cargo kept Indian spirits high.

Qatar Cargo Makes The Going Great
     International Air Transport Association (IATA) CEIV Live Animals Certifies It!
     QR does it again, becoming the first airline in the Middle East to receive CEIV Live Animals certification by IATA, announced Wednesday January 6, reportedly after six months of rigorous process and product audits.

Airport Congestion Study Moves Forward
     While most of the conversation lately has centered on what the world, of airlines, forwarders and other players in air cargo, will look like going forward, here are some thoughts from Dan Muscatello, an expert in airport Cargo and Logistics strategy and planning. Dan brings an impressive portfolio of more than 40 years of experience, in both the public and private sectors. He has been a development strategist for both the business and physical facility planning of air cargo complexes, and the integration of ancillary and supporting logistics services.

Vol. 20 No. 50                                THURSDAY DECEMBER 30, 2021

Those Memories Of 2021
     The year we lost so many people, there remains a lull in my life when I think about my best friend Jo Frigger, Chairman of EMO Trans who died April 19.
     It happens especially when I have some hot news or ideas to share, but especially a joke to relate that might unlock his very wry sense of humor.

Vol. 20 No. 49                                THURSDAY DECEMBER 23, 2021

Coming In On A Wing & A Prayer
    It was perhaps inevitable that the swift and dramatic response of air cargo during 2020 and 2021 has offered logistics dividend celebrity as a “glamour industry.” Even Boeing is selling freighters having announced a “December Surprise” this week from UPS of a reported 160 new and used” B767 freighters.

Word Up From The Godfather
Jan Krems can’t go home.
    Now everything flies after Jan spent the better part of the past two years showing everybody the way to Cargo during the pandemic.
    United Cargo numbers have just been sensational and Krems had the Chicago-based airline out of the gate first.

A Waltz By Tim Strauss
    No doubt as this tender picture underscores these lovely children of Mr. & Mrs. Tim Strauss, can make us all feel better for this time of year.
    Tim is CEO of Amerijet International, and as it turns out “is a caring guy who will share lessons learned from his vast experience, keen insight, and visions as Airforwarders Association conducts our big annual AirCargo Conference in New Orleans, beginning January 17,” promises Brandon Fried President of AfA.

Through The Looking Glass Onto 2022
     The old norm, the holiday rush began in October, new norm is it’s year ‘round,
     The old norm, air cargo heavy pickup days were Monday and Tuesday, the new norm is get in line every day and wait.

Christmas Routines At Other Times
     In perfect timing with the season, my friend Geoffrey asked me whether I had a story for Christmas. As it happens, in Europe we were recently faced with a “suggestion” that EU citizens should avoid the word Christmas in favour of more “inclusive” terminology, e.g. the nonspecific Happy Holidays. Just after hitting the headlines, the EU Commission’s suggestion was swiftly withdrawn, as most had observed that when you try to become “inclusive” at all costs, that is precisely when you start excluding someone else. The Commission observed the document was not “mature”.

Vol. 20 No. 48                                MONDAY DECEMBER 20, 2021

Merry Christmas 2021: Everybody Loves You!
     Who Said No Gift? It’s December and Christmas is busting out all around us: much stronger than in the past two years, our emotions take control of families and friends. Our four offspring (the oldest is 43 now), what great fun it will be having them all with us this 2021 Yuletide season! There is a cartoon of a Christmas table inside a boxing ring.
          ULD Can Cans
          Georgia What To Love About The South
          Jenni Moves Forward At EMO
          Nollag Dhona From Dublin
          Joyous Season From Tallinn
          One From The Heart
          Freight Forwarders Make the Season Bright
          By Gosh By Golly Mistletoe & Kale

Vol. 20 No. 47                                THURSDAY DECEMBER 9, 2021

Ruby Lankan Logistics At 40
    Camilla Gram is new Head of Global Sales & Marketing for SAS Cargo Group.
    On the way up Camilla had served as Head of Sales Scandinavia & Europe.
    Plenty is at stake, with maybe 20 tons of cargo on any SAS long-haul flight, for both the carrier and Camilla who has been described as “a driving force in how SAS Cargo successfully navigated throughout the pandemic."

The International Civil Aviation Organization at 75
On Tuesday this week was the 75th Anniversary of the Chicago Convention, when on December 7, 1944 world diplomats gathered in Chicago as World War II was raging, and drafted a peacetime plan for international civil aviation that was signed by 52 countries.

Chuckles for December 9, 2021

2021 Was A Swift Kick In The Can
     These are strange times indeed, when newspaper and other media front pages feature pictures of container ports with stacks of shipping containers and when the stories talk about the logistical challenges of managing these devices. Considering that these devices have been sitting in the background for the best part of 50 years, one can only wonder at their sudden rise to notoriety.

So Many Trucks And One Lav?
     Winston Thomas MBE, Manager and Owner of Pembrey West Wales Airport looked out his window the other day and observed:
“Due to the situation with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, shipment of goods to and from Europe has truck queues exceeding 17 miles long each day.

Dees' Chrismas Makes The Season Bright
    For most every soldier stationed overseas, no matter how hardened, waking up during Christmastide and finding yourself so very far from home is always a rough assignment, and short of war, the toughest duty.

Vol. 20 No. 46                                 MONDAY DECEMBER 6, 2021

When A Gram Could Count For A Million Tons
    Camilla Gram is new Head of Global Sales & Marketing for SAS Cargo Group.
    On the way up Camilla had served as Head of Sales Scandinavia & Europe.
    Plenty is at stake, with maybe 20 tons of cargo on any SAS long-haul flight, for both the carrier and Camilla who has been described as “a driving force in how SAS Cargo successfully navigated throughout the pandemic."

Jerry Trimboli A Slugger Without A Bat
A sad parade is passing by the little bird sitting on our window ledge right now as some missing people lost in the shutdown, pandemic and passing time have left us tip-toeing quietly into eternity.
But how dare they “go gentle into that good night.”

Chuckles for December 6, 2021

Christmas 2026
     Never mind 2021, what will Christmas look like in five years?
     According to Huffington Post, which talked to Paul Hunter, a professor, who is an expert in infectious diseases at the University of East Anglia

We Love These Hearts & Gentle People
     One of the nicest people we (or you) could ever hope to meet or get to know is Oliver Evans who served as Chief Cargo Officer at Swiss WorldCargo - Air cargo division of SWISS for half a lifetime before stepping back, retiring, and then reemerging as Head of Global Development at Matternet, a ground breaking drone delivery service based in Menlo Park, California that most recently was swooping from the sky to deliver life-saving vaccines.

You've Got To Have Heart
    They got a lot of women at work at Atlanta Customs Brokers just off the main runways at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.
    What you may not know that they also have a hell of a lot of heart.

Vol. 20 No. 45                                 MONDAY NOVEMBER 22, 2021

An Old Hand & New Horizons For Dangerous Goods
    An old hand in the air cargo business, Radharamanan Panicker, has seen it all, done it all. One of the country’s well-known air freight specialists, he managed Cargo Service Center India (CSC) for around 20 years. In his time, the company grew from a single station set-up into a multi-airline handling company with stations in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

FIFA World Cup Doha Next Year
GWC, the logistics provider of next year’s FIFA World Cup Qatar hosted a virtual forum on Tuesday November 16, 2021, featuring industry experts showcasing highlights on the preparations for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM that FIFA says, “will create new benchmarks not only for the region, but for the entire world.”

Chuckles for November 22, 2021

Getting To Know You Ellie Jiang
     One of the more pleasant aspects of utilizing the popular Linkedin platform for business and further enhancing the human experience, is meeting new people.

Air Cargo Is Everybody's Santa
     For the past 58 years our holiday tradition has been to order a Hess Corporation Toy Truck with all the bells and whistles at Christmas, Kwanzaa and Chanukah.
     Every year, even after we could not pick up our truck at the Hess Gas Station,

Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day
     Here we are in the picture with Cousin Azra and Claude at the Cardine's family chateau built in 1745 located in Normandy, France.
     Although this is a land of marvelous country cooking and hospitality in plenty with the Calvados and Camembert, we always look forward to this day each year when the new wine is ready.

Going Home & Giving Thanks in 2021
     We spent many of our Thanksgivings in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts at our family home in Great Barrington and later in our place nearby in Monterey, MA on Lake Buel.

Vol. 20 No. 44                                WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2021

Air Cargo In A Crystal Ball
    It was perhaps inevitable that air cargo came back down a bit closer to the ground after the swift and dramatic growth of air freight importance since the start of the pandemic. For a while cargo enjoyed celebrity as the new glamour industry, but now air cargo has attracted an assortment of crystal ball gazers, mostly men whose official positions presumably endow them with the rare gift of prediction. Personally I prefer to maintain a relative sobriety.

Child Is The Father Of Man
The old saying “you can take the boy out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the boy,” also comes to mind.

Gentleman Dave Sharma
     Vyas Dev “Dave” Sharma, a quiet spoken dignified air cargo builder from the pioneering modern era of the late 1960s died November 9 in Long Island, New York at age 86.

Return Of Icarus
     In 1952 at the height of the McCarthy anti-communist witch hunts that adversely impacted the arts, especially the movie makers and muralists of the Roosevelt Administration, at LaGuardia Airport’s Marine Air Terminal, a giant 237and a half foot circular and 12 foot tall mural titled “Flight” was thought to have communist overtones and was painted over in drab gray wall paint by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.

Vol. 20 No. 43                                 MONDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2021

98 Years To HEL and Back
    Finnair, founded 98 years ago on November 1, 1923, and branded Aero OY, started operations with a single Junkers 13 aircraft.
    But for us, Finnair began 50 years ago at JFK International, when Vinnie Pannullo was the AY cargo guy and then later Kari Tikkanen came into the picture and carried Finnair Cargo for close to 20 years into modern times.

Alitalia—Wings Of Change
When I was very young I saw my linguistic aptitude as an advantage in the fascinating, cosmopolitan world of airlines. Just after college, I sent my application as flight attendant to Alitalia.     To my surprise, the entire interview, which took place a few months later, was held in Italian and my language skills were not examined. The examiner’s first question was: “who suggested you should apply for this job?” Clearly there had been no “suggestion” for me, so my application remained unfulfilled. I have happily worked in logistics and freight for the rest of my life.

Chuckles for November 8, 2021

API Gets It On Air Canada Cargo
    “We are thrilled to implement important technology for Air Canada Cargo and are excited about the role it will play in advancing the industry toward the digitization of processes, and indeed our business as a whole”, said Matthieu Casey, Senior Director, Global Sales and Revenue Optimization as Canada’s largest airline went live with its air cargo Application Programming Interface (API) solution.

Anti Airport Protests
    While you were sleeping, getting back to normal after surviving the worst, thank God, a reality check shows that there are still a lot of people out there that don’t want airports in the first place.

Cindy Harris Turkish Airlines Contest
    Cindy Harris from Indianapolis, Indiana packed her bag and came to New York City. On Tuesday October 27, Cindy imagined she might like the view from the top of New York City’s iconic Empire State Building where she found herself amidst the Run Up Contest

Sky Bar Halloween Best
    It was Halloween in New York City and the kids were out.
    Our home is the one with with the Sky Bars, a candy made in small batches off and on in Boston since 1938.

Launching Krishi Udan 2.0
    Winner by a Dose . . . SpiceJet unveiled a special aircraft livery in New Delhi, India, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021 to mark 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines delivered.


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