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Vol. 21 No. 34                         MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

FIATA Green Light To Busan
     Under the title “The FIATA World Congress (FWC) will provide an opportunity for logistics to become greener” FIATA interviewed Dr Soo-Yong Shin, PhD and Associate Research Fellow of the Korea Maritime Institute, in preparation of the next FWC to be held in Busan, South Korea between 11th and 16th of September 2022.

Lionel van der Walt Vectors Forwarder's Approach
     “The profound positive impact of’s rapid expansion and innovative approach to helping freight forwarders solve their business challenges with AI, is leading a new wave of meaningful transformation across the industry,” said Lionel van der Walt (l) who joins as the London-based company's Chief Growth Officer.

Chuckles for September 12, 2022

Escape From The World Trade Center
     We have known Jim Larsen for as long as we have been in the air cargo business.
     Always a stand-up guy and air cargo pioneer to boot, Jimmy served at Seaboard World Airways, the great pioneer carrier that spawned many other air cargo greats like Bill Boesch, John Mahoney, Dick Jackson, Guenter Rohrmann and Vincent Chabrol, the list goes on.

Mayflower A Cargo Carrier
     Times have changed
     And we've often rewound the clock
     Since the Puritans got a shock
     When they landed on Plymouth Rock.
     If today, any shock they should try to stem
     'Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock
     Plymouth Rock would land on them.”

Queen Elizabeth And The Lady In The Harbor
     Now, as the world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, we recall a singular person we've been aware of since 1953.
     We settled in the New York City borough of Queens moving from Toledo, Ohio, in 1953 the same year Elizabeth became Queen.

Vol. 21 No. 33                         FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2022

Smaller Ships Better Maritime Trade
     FIATA Senior Vice President Jens Roemer delivered a speech at the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Chile, CNC, on May 26th 2022 that was registered as webinar by the tile of “Shipping crisis and its impact on the economy”. In my view this is a clear, daring analysis of what happened in the global maritime market after the eruption of the pandemic.

ATC Aviation And Korean Air Cargo 20 Big Ones
     Eat until your hands get tired!
     There’s lots more when sharing comes from the heart!
     “You can learn a lot about each other by sitting down with our team and service partners and enjoying a meal together,“ declares Mark Thiermann Regional Director South America-ATC Aviation Services AG.

Chuckles for September 2, 2022

Saving Frankfurt Airport History
     Last week we wrote about an artifact at FRA ( that was here when the airport opened 86 years ago and is still on public view today.
     The Globe of the World on an obelisk needs some help and once again our readers answered the call.

Letters for September 2, 2022
     I have to admit that I haven’t been aware of the great story of this globe in the background of our picture. Thanks for sharing this story. I now judge this picture and the background piece of art as much more valuable!

Vol. 21 No. 32                         WEDNESDAY AUGUST 24, 2022

Ocean Carriers Fly Their Airships
     Summer has been a scorching experience in the north of Italy. This is the longest drought that I can remember and the weather records tell us that the only period in recent history that can be compared to 2022 is 1952, when I was born. That is the explanation why I cannot remember such a boiling and dry summer. Sabiha and I were pondering on these issues the other day and COVID and FIATA and what happens to global conventions.

Letter From Hong Kong Highlights Progress
     Some small signs that Hong Kong may be reconnecting with the world.
     “Recently the seven-day hotel quarantine was reduced to three days with an app based restriction on entering bars and restaurants for a further four days and also a requirement to do daily testing,” reports our friend and Hong Kong full time resident Bob Rogers Vice President & Treasurer of ULD CARE, who also happens to be a full time Hong Kong resident.

Chuckles for August 24, 2022

History Alive In Pictures
     Sometimes a picture can tell more than one story.
     Here is the new Executive Board of Air Cargo Community Frankfurt (ACCF). From left Michael Hoppe, who also shines as Board Chairman and Director of Board of Airline Representatives in Germany or (BARIG), Dr. Tobias Riege (Riege Software), Susanne Klingler-Werner (UPS Supply Chain Solutions), Henning Dieter (Swissport Cargo Services Germany), Dr. Pierre-Dominique Prümm (Fraport) and Dietmar Focke (Lufthansa Cargo).

John Ryan Super Summer 2022    
You might take a pause after a lifetime in air cargo and wonder “Is that all there is?” when adding up a long and illustrious career humping freight.
     This totally captivating picture of long time, all-around good guy and air cargo professional is of John G. Ryan & Co, circa 2022 in New York. John, among other things, built the Virgin Cargo USA brand at start up, joining the airline in 1987.

Vol. 21 No. 31                         THURSDAY AUG. 11, 2022

Christopher Foyle Belongs To The Ages
     Chris Foyle died yesterday in London.
     You may not know who Chris was, or meant to air cargo, but should.
     Chris was a vital force to our business during the era of another great man, named Robert Arendal, who just turned 84, (see below).

Fall Back Lightly Into Trade Shows
     Now come a few quiet weeks after which, from September until later November, air cargo trade shows will be front and center.
But wait, the pandemic is still loose and people are still getting sick.

Robert Arendal At 84
     Happy Birthday at 84 years young to air cargo pioneer, dreamer, and doer and a truly great human being in every respect, Robert Arendal.
     A major figure for the past half century Bob brought experience in the air cargo industry, occupying various shipping and air cargo management positions in Europe

True Confessions Of A Freight Forwarder
     Marco Leonardo Sorgetti was a practicing freight forwarder in Turin, Italy before he pivoted to organized air cargo. He sold his company in 2000, worked for the Italian federation Fedespedi and then joined CLECAT, the European Freight Forwarder Federation as Director. In 2012 Marco became Director General of FIATA International Federation of Freight

Vol. 21 No. 30                         WEDNESDAY AUG. 3, 2022

Seems We've Heard That Song Before
     We worked to save the classic Building One at Newark Airport that opened in 1934.
     That began in 1975, as we got the ball rolling with a big picture book titled, "Great Airports Newark" published and distributed worldwide in 1978.

Chuckles for August 3, 2022

The Discrete Charm Of A True Innovator
     Aldo Da Ros is an Italian entrepreneur, whose career looks like a miracle floating in the space between his discretion and his high level positions. Standing at a crossroads between different worlds and different histories, you would be wondering why you have heard so little about him, but as I said this is a miracle of discretion. In taking part in Gottardo Ruffoni,

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch
     Last Saturday all hell broke loose at DHL home base Germany as Transform LEJ Climate Activists in Schkeuditz, Germany occupy a hill holding umbrellas spelling out their displeasure in a protest against construction to support expanded DHL air cargo activity at Leipzig-Halle Airport.

Blue Dart Scores A Financial Whopper
     Blue Dart India results for the April-June 2022 quarter saw a four-fold jump in its net profit: INR 119 crores or USD$1,49,15,924. The company’s strong performance has seen revenue going up around 50 percent to INR 1,293 crores or USD$1,62,072.

Vol. 21 No. 29                         MONDAY JULY 25, 2022

Super Eight An Ode To Jan Krems
     Read somewhere to say Happy Work Anniversaryto Jan Krems for eight big ones at United Cargo.
How about thanks for being a great human being? That you certainly are. A bag of chips and a cold Heineken wish to you on this warm Summer's Day in 2022.

Chuckles for July 25, 2022

Trade Shows Urge To Merge
     The Urge To Merge . . . For the Air Cargo Trade Show Industry the surge to pump up the return of highly successful mostly maskless event around the world continues at high pitch.
     This year has witnessed return of air cargo people to revenue-rich event venues from India to USA with some UK and a Korean interlude and even Istanbul and Miami yet to happen during Fall 2022.

InterGlobe Starts Up With UPS
     Even as IndiGo, India’s largest airline, is all set to induct its first freighter plane – FT reported some time ago that IndiGo was keen to start his freighter airline, on the heels of the air cargo boom that was ushered in the pandemic – InterGlobe Enterprises, the parent company has gone ahead to craft a 50:50 joint venture with Atlanta-based logistics giant United Parcels Service (UPS) for an initiative in the Indian logistics market.

Long Goodbye Richard Malkin Pluse Five
     Five years ago on July 11, 2017, while still working as a reporter, thinker, dreamer and doer at age 105, Richard Malkin who founded the publication Cargo Airlift during the Berlin Airlift of 1948 filed his last story and took off forever.
     Thinking that a new generation should know Dick Malkin, who wrote about air cargo for 70 years, we offer some comments on his passing from the great air cargo pioneer Bill Boesch.

Amazon Cancels Newark Airport
     “I Don’t Got To Show You No Stinkin’ Badges,” amounts to what Amazon said to The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, operators of Newark Liberty Airport right after the USD$125 million cargo terminal deal with the Bi-State agency fell through. The proposed deal would have paved the way to allow the Jeff Bezos- megaconglomerate to take over almost all the facility, terminating all tenant leases in the building.

One Night's Haul Over The Hump
     The China India Burma Hump (CBI), "The Hump” being the Himalaya Mountain Range—the tallest, most dangerous place on earth for flight. During the first half of the last century the CBI can be recalled as where modern air cargo was born..

Vol. 21 No. 28                         MONDAY JULY 18, 2022

Balanced Assessment Can Correct Excess On Both Sides
     Regarding Air Cargo Pallet availability, a perfect storm is approaching: this is the conclusion of a relatively brief read published by our good friend Bob Rogers. He states that “for a good many months the air cargo community has been struggling with the demand for PMC pallets to handle the significant increase in air cargo volumes. There are a number of reasons behind this critical operational shortage and the main solution has been for airlines to buy or rent additional equipment.”

Chuckles for July 18, 2022

Happy Birthday Nils Haupt
     Just thought about it and realized that July 9th was Nils Haupt's birthday.
For people that might not know, Nils is a good-guy that when he had his head handed to him by Lufthansa Cargo, landed on his feet pivoting perfectly,

Celebrate Bastille Day La Fête Nationale
     Paris touched the sky from the top of the Paris La Défense Grande Arche at 08:30 am on July 14 Bastille Day, at one of the greatest spots to celebrate as low flying fighter jets and other aircraft zoomed above the building before heading to the Champs-Elysées.

Vol. 21 No. 27                    TUESDAY JULY 5, 2022

The Lady Declares The Time Is Now
     Talk about no guts, no glory, an overlooked, albeit quite courageous lady named Michelle DeFronzo has worked as an Airline Cargo Sales Agent (CSA) for 30 years.
     In 2000 she formed ImEx Cargo, a global logistics and air transport service provider.

Chuckles for July 5, 2022

High-Tech JFK Cargo System Debut
     When it comes to future thinking in air cargo, Phil Jensen, Vice President Business Development and Industry Relations at Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and Donna Mullins, Vice President Kale Logistics Solutions are all smiles after a test collaboration of the partners' Kale-provided Community Cargo System recently at the WFS JFK Cargo Building 9 in New York.

Sally Takes Another Ride Into History
     They dedicated a statue to Sally Ride on Friday June 17 that now stands in the entrance courtyard of the Cradle Of Aviation Museum in Uniondale, Long Island, New York.
     Created by Colorado-based sculptors and brothers George Lundeen and Mark Lundeen, working with fellow artist, Joey Bainer, the seven foot tall statue is executed in bronze and gold.

The Boys Of Summer
     We’ve reached a fork in the road in New York City, as July 4th, 2022 found my New York Yankees, the most storied sports franchise in the world cooling on a rare day off, breaking a torrid winning streak so far this year, but still comfortably in first place with the best record in the sport.

Vol. 21 No. 26                    FRIDAY JUNE 17, 2022

The Human Rhapsody Of Rudy Auslander
     The firmament of bright lights in the transportation business flickered and dimmed when Rudy Auslander passed away at age 87 peacefully in his sleep on the morning of June 14th, 2022.

Vol. 21 No. 25                    THURSDAY JUNE 16, 2022

PayCargo Follow The Money
    Logistics payments and data infrastructure platform PayCargo has announced a new investment of up to $130M from funds managed by Blackstone Growth (BXG). BXG’s investment will support the company’s continued expansion both domestically and internationally, development of new products, as well as potential growth opportunities through M&A.

WeQare A Children's Song
    On Bedford Street in Manhattan is a wonderful ancient passage that runs for some blocks parallel to Hudson Street.
    There is a beautiful wooden frame home on Bedford Street right down the block from Chumley’s, a great writer's saloon and at one time a stop on the Underground Railroad that until the end of the U.S. Civil War worked to free slaves.

Chuckles for June 16, 2022

Ram Menen Looking At Tomorrow
     In late May we wrote of the enduring friendships formed by people in transportation that outlast companies, careers, and in the case of Ram Menen and Des Vertannes, still going strong with expansive thinking and on point after 40 years.
     We asked the gentlemen about some current issues in cargo.
     Here Ram Menen opens up on a variety of subjects.

Wear A Mask
     Need more proof that COVID is still out there? Although in some cases people are reluctant to come right out and say “I have COVID” we are getting reports from attendees of Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) held in Phoenix May 23-25 and also Air Cargo India Mumbai May 31-June 2, by people, who after flying home, a few days later are coming up sick, bitten by the pandemic despite being vaccinated several times . . .

Vol. 21 No. 24                    THURSDAY JUNE 9, 2022

May Was The Month That Was
    May Was The Month That Was whilst we registered a wind of change that will dictate our future in a way that perhaps was not expected. The proclamation made by U.S. President Biden was duly published, as it is usual since 1948, and ends with these ritual words:

ATC Best In Show
    One of the busiest people in Mumbai recently was the person who creates the awards and honorariums.
    We may wonder as example, if every panelist needs a citation for their attendance and participation in a talk session, but guess that is a personal choice.

Adani India Big Time Operator
The Adani Group, headed by Gautam Adani, has, in just over two years after entering the aviation space, become the largest operator in India. Through the Adani Airports Holding Limited (AAHL), it manages the airports at Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram (all the airports were won through a competitive bid that was announced in 2019). Adani also bought the Mumbai International Airport from the GVK group - today, it is the jewel in the crown. The six airports along with the Mumbai airport, handled nearly 80 million passengers in 2019-2020, approximately a quarter of India's total air traffic of 341 million.

Throwing Caution In The Wind
Air cargo trade show elbow and fist bumps, kisses and hugs and sharing food in what used to pass as normal behavior in a trade show setting anywhere, right now, may be premature and worse, might make you sick according to some people that we talked to in the past days.

Chuckles for June 9, 2022

D-Day In Bernay
     Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité On June 6
     On June 6 we recall D-Day in France during World War II when the Allies landed and it was the beginning of the end of Nazi rule of Europe.
     We especially recall three years ago when on June 6 more than 40 DC-3s that had first accompanied the landings in 1944 returned to the skies above the coast of France to mark the 75h Anniversary of the landings.

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   Responsible for saving the Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport, New York and Building One, Newark International Airport, New Jersey—historic first-generation aviation buildings.
   Only publication ever to be honored by the U.S. Department of Transportation for outstanding contribution to transportation and aviation.

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