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Vol. 21 No. 23                            TUESDAY MAY 31, 2022

Bharat Jamnadas Thakkar Was Heart, Wisdom & Passion
    The death of Bharat Jamnadas Thakkar, at age 66, Co-Founder and Joint MD, ZEUS Air Services Pvt Ltd, founded in 1986 in Mumbai has left the freight forwarders of India minus both a visionary top leader, and a lovely human being.

Another Opening Another Show
    As Air Cargo India gets ready, set, to go at Grand Hyatt, Santacruz, Mumbai today, May 31 through June 2 maybe someone can answer a big get India is out for as it strives to become “pharmacy of the world.”

ATC Hosts VIP Lounge At Air Cargo India
It is not unusual for people in air cargo to be in contact with their partners in business.
     But for the past few years business as usual has been unusual.
     Take the case of ATC, the fastest rising GSSA in the world based in Frankfurt Cargo City Sud and its CEO Ingo Zimmer.

Ram & Des In 2022 What Old Friends Do
You remember what you liked when we were all together prior to the COVID-19 separation.
     Being together and being there was always about “the networking”.
     Back in office when heads were put together, what aside from maybe a couple of contracts mattered from that last trade show?
     It was always the people.

Vol. 21 No. 22                            WEDNESDAY MAY 25, 2022

Amar Is The Phoenix At CNS Partnership
    Amar More is the President and CEO of Kale Logistics, a company that has made its way through the airport and airfreight communities in the last 10+ years with great success, starting from the beginning and getting to very high results in terms of business and geographical coverage. Read on until the end to get acquainted with the number of communities that cooperate with Kale. Amar More’s presentation told us all that he knows about how community systems can transform an airport ecosystem into a more profitable, efficient and environmentally compliant business place.

Chuckles for May 25, 2022

Memorial Day 2022
The moon gives you light,
     And the bugles and the drums give you music,
     And my heart, O my soldiers, my veterans,
     My heart gives you love.

                                                  —Walt Whitman

Vol. 21 No. 21                            TUESDAY MAY 24, 2022

IATA & TIACA Sullivan & Hughes At FIATA Geneva
     On May 18th Dawit Woubishet, (left) the Ethiopian chairperson of the FIATA Air Freight Institute, introduced the themes of his session, 'Business Recovery (eCommerce, Digitalisation, COVID, etc.)' and 'Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI)', hosting a high-rank panel of speakers: James Hookham, Secretary-General, GSF, Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA, Brendan Sullivan, Global Head, Cargo, IATA and Cortney Robinson of ICAO, gathered in Geneva or participating from remote at the first face to face reunion of the FIATA community after the FWC in Cape Town in 2019.

Chuckles for May 24, 2022

Life Goes Down To Zero
Word Up May 22, 2022 . . . Having ducked COVID for what feels like a half a decade now, although guess it is only the past two years, we celebrated an evening out in Manhattan last week just as fat, dumb and happy as it gets after 47 years of marriage.
     Yesterday, Sabiha came down with COVID.

Vol. 21 No. 20                            TUESDAY MAY 17, 2022

Come May EMO Trans Delivers Spargel
    Our favorite yearly treat was delivered to New York City this week. Air cargo is once again delivering cases of the great German “royal vegetable,” spargel (white asparagus), once reserved for the upper classes. The German American Chamber of Commerce celebrates the season with its Annual White Asparagus Dinner that was held at The Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan.

Franceso Parisi Propels Trieste Port To The Future
On my way to collect Francesco Parisi from Turin’s train station on Friday 29th of April, I received an email from Geoffrey, which demanded: “Would so appreciate a story with Francesco. He is a beautiful human being . . . When he is in our issue he makes us all look good. Perhaps you can have him talk and predict ocean or something connected to gateway Trieste?”

Chuckles for May 17, 2022

LAACA Comeback At Proud Bird
The Proud Bird may no longer have a Golden Tail as it once had back in the glory days of Continental Airlines but for the air cargo community of Los Angeles May 12 was a once a year day as the Los Angeles Air Cargo Club hosted Air Cargo Day.

World Bee Day Is May 20
     Can’t come fast enough for a shipment of about 800 pounds of bees, or more than 5 million individual bees, that were being shipped by Delta Cargo to Alaska from Sacramento, California in early May that were left to die on the tarmac at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport according to EcoWatch.

India Superdog Takes A Bite Out Of Cargo
     India's air cargo received a thumping boost when the Harvard and Stanford Graduate School of Business-educated Jyotiraditya Scindia, the country's minister for Civil Aviation charted out a target: achieve 10 million metric tons of cargo by 2030 from the 3.1 mn metric tons at present.

Space The Future Lifting Cargo
The face of the future—lifting super heavy cargo payloads and passengers into space, on a mural in Brownsville, Texas created by PoPC.
     Once again part of the success of getting off the ground depends on action taken by aviators to get out of the environmental bullseye as the magnificent and huge SpaceX “Starship” works its way through the development process to eventually deposit heavyweight satellites into near earth orbit, and humans on the Moon and Mars.

Vol. 21 No. 19                            WEDNESDAY MAY 4, 2022

Living Loving It's Just A Trade Show
    Living near a street named Utopia Parkway in New York City, I suspect something unexpected could happen anytime. My great city is a kind of utopia in its own way and loyally prepares you for the unexpected. No wonder something unusual can lurk between the trade show resort meeting rooms and the golf course.

Ramzan Ends New Beginnings At PIA
A Muslim woman with her hands painted with traditional henna prays during an Eid al-Fitr prayer, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramzan, at the historical Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan, Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

Chuckles for May 4, 2022

Brussels Sprouts Needs 1,200 New Hires
Aviato, Brussels Airport’s job hub says it needs 1,200 new hires for all kinds of jobs at the airport.

India Ready For Take Off
     Overcoming challenges – the Coronavirus pandemic, rising costs and supply chain woes notwithstanding – the Indian aviation sector seems to be ready for a booming take-off. While most carriers faced huge losses, with the announcements of two new airlines coming soon, Akasa Air and a resurrected Jet Airways, there is optimism from the ground up. Along with the steady rise in passenger traffic, air cargo is making rapid strides.

This Birthday Is A Moveable Feast
     April 25th was all hands on deck around the Arend household as Sabiha celebrated her 70th birthday.
     True to character at a last-minute emergency she spent this important day in Kalamazoo, Michigan with daughter Florence caring for her ailing brother Ahsan, who thankfully is now well on his way to full recovery.

Vol. 21 No. 18                            MONDAY APRIL 25, 2022

HKIA Cargo Gold For Hong Kong
     “The last few months have been pretty tough here in Hong Kong,” Bob Rogers Of ULD Care writes.
     “Having ducked the bullet and having escaped the ravages of COVID Alpha and Delta through our stringent social distancing and travel bans,” Mr. Rogers said,

Shanghai Lockdown
Seed Group, a subsidiary of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, has formed a strategic alliance with PayCargo to bring its tried and tested payment technology to the UAE.

Russia's Grand Theft Airplane
     “War in Ukraine casts a shadow over the aviation recovery, and that is particularly true for aviation lessors, who are reeling after Russia’s version of “Grand Theft Airplane” saw a $10 billion plane grab, with almost 800 foreign-registered aircraft forcibly reregistered domestically,” says Eamonn Brennan, Director General of EUROCONTROL.

Joe McBryan The Flying Of Flying A DC-3
Joe McBryan is a modern-day air cargo pioneer of aviation and air cargo.
     For over a half century he has pulled himself and Buffalo Airways up by the bootstraps, first by flying supplies to little hard to reach villages in Northern Canada and also as an aerial firefighter, and maybe more importantly by lovingly keeping the art and ability of some 50- and even 80-year old aircraft not only together but also air worthy.

What Made F. Trevor Brading Run?
     Another great one has left us.
     Well-known air cargo industry icon and leader for 40 years, 1956 until 1996, Trevor Brading died at aged 89, in UK following a brief illness.

Vol. 21 No. 17                            SATURDAY APRIL 16, 2022

Easter In 1960 With Animals
     Geoffrey called while I was driving to the seaside on Ash Wednesday. I was supposed to meet the builders who are in charge of restoring the apartment my family owned since 1962. Geoffrey wanted to run the Easter article I wrote in 2020 again, but I am not sure the feelings and the meanings are the same. In 2020 I was trying to go back in time to the late 1950’s when we were able to use a car for the first time and drive to the fields for our Easter Monday traditional al fresco, often with rain or even snow.

Chuckles for April 16, 2022

Vol. 21 No. 16                            TUESDAY APRIL 12, 2022

Will Air India Bring Back The Maharajah?
     After all, he never really left not at least in the heart and imagination of the world that adopted the Maharajah caricature as the icon and brand of Air India.
     Once upon a time the Maharajah of Air India and the Meatball of Pan Am were airline brands as recognized as Coca Cola was.

From A Seed To A Mighty Way To Pay
Seed Group, a subsidiary of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, has formed a strategic alliance with PayCargo to bring its tried and tested payment technology to the UAE.

Pharma Party On French Riviera
     “Our biggest goal is to adapt and stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare supply chain. While the vaccine rollout has seen huge success, the fight still isn’t over and we need to keep working with our partners to advance equitable vaccine delivery around the world.

Chuckles for April 12, 2022

Sabiha Pioneered Dawn In Aviation
There is this famous woman in Turkish Aviation named Sabiha Gökçen.
     Sabiha was born March 22, 1913 and she died on the same day in 2001.
     Sabiha was a Turkish aviator. During her flight career, she flew around 8,000 hours and participated in 32 different military operations.

Tutti Frutti
     At Fruit Logistica Berlin last week, old friends and colleagues—Nils Haupt, (l) former top Lufthansa Cargo Public

Logistics Alive
     One of the great museum experiences, if you can get to it, or to put on your bucket list is The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland.
     All kinds of inventive and clever exhibits.
     This one punches way above its weight.

Thukral From Rags To Riches
Many of the world’s top garment retailers like H&M and MANGO have downed shutters in Russia during the brutal invasion of Ukraine. No wonder India garment exporters are a worried lot. As example, the Noida Cluster is a major exporter of readymade garment products.

Showdown At The Hamburger Door
     Watch the video to find out why the mail & cargo door on a DC-3 (officially an Emergency Exit dating back to the 1930s,) is referred to as The Hamburger Door.
     We created an 800-page book on the history of airports called Great Airports Worldwide in 1998 for Airports Council International - North America.

Vol. 21 No. 15                            THURSDAY APRIL 7, 2022

Kale Logistics Solutions & More
     On the road again like hundreds or maybe thousands of others in logistics right now, Amar More, the Kale Logistics co-founder and Chief Executive Officer carries a business card that states in no uncertain terms: “Committed to transformation of global logistics industry”. Let us discover together why this is indeed a true statement, as many in our industry already know.

Marjan Rintel Air France CEO
The oldest airline in the world is changing the guard, come July 1, 2022. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will have Marjan Rintel as CEO! Happy to report she is the first woman to ever hold the position at the company.

Shanghai Covid-19 Shutdown
     In China as Shanghai is in its most extensive coronavirus lockdown in two years, mass testing is ongoing to control a growing outbreak as questions are raised about the economic toll of the nation’s “zero-COVID” strategy.

Chuckles for April 7, 2022

Feel Good Story For 2022
Imma van der Walt who faced life threatening brain surgery has come all the way back and will resume her normal life.

Vol. 21 No. 14                             TUESDAY MARCH 29, 2022

This Guy Lifts All Of Us
     He sold the company he built into a powerhouse in 1997 to UPS, getting what must have amounted to everything and a bag of chips, against anything that he might desire for the rest of his life.
     Lynn Fritz spent 35 years creating a 10,000-employee, world multi-modal shipping Goliath across 120 countries.

United Cargo Winner
Terms of Endearment . . . United Cargo wins Sustainability Award at The International Air Cargo Association( TIACA ) San Francisco Executive Summit March. Jan Krems, who never in his imagination would have planned for a situation like this as President Cargo, almost single handedly saved the airline with the most ambitious cargo program in airline history, accepted the award, saying simply:

Chuckles for March 29, 2022

Community Systems Get The Once Over At SFO
     On the scene and to the point at The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Executive Summit Meetings in San Francisco, Community Systems Get The Once Over @ SFO via a panel Tuesday March 22.

Next Generation Leadership
Picture A Fireside Chat . . . In the exploratory universe at The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) Executive Summit going on last week in San Francisco, a panel arrived Tuesday March 22 titled “Next Generation Leadership” and some examples of what some stakeholders are about in a self-propelled effort to land the right people to guarantee their futures.

Peak Of The TIACA Summit
    You have to hope all these delegates didn’t try and speak at once and thankfully they didn’t.
The Open Skies Border Management track March 23 at The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) Executive Summit in San Francisco was a spirited high point, reportedly enjoyed by all.

Digitalization Nation
     Digitalization Nation Wednesday March 23 at The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Executive Summit going on this week in San Francisco brought together (from left) Steven Polmans, Chairman TIACA; Matt Petot, CEO CargoAi; Zeke Ziliak, Global VP Transportation & Logistics Industries PROS and Lesley Cripps, Sales Director, Cargo Flash InfoTech.

What Makes Vitaliy Run?
     What do you do if you have thought of everything and then all of a sudden, almost without warning the entire universe comes crashing down around you?
     If the choice is sink or swim and you are Ukrainian Vitaliy Smilianets, the CEO, founder and creator of Awery Aviation Software (2007), you put your head down, pivot and continue to move forward, but don’t quit.

The Tristan Track Runs Through Kiev
     Pictured at the Cheltenham Festival, the horse racing venue (where else?) Thursday March 17, 2022 on St Patrick's Day when most of Ireland descends “on my local town to enjoy a week of horse racing and the craic!” are Helen and Tristan Koch. Tristan is Chief Commercial Officer of Awery Aviation Software.

Future Journey of Air Cargo
     The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Executive Summit went back to the future with dreamers and doers from Silicon Valley, including LeadersInk MatchlabN founder Simone Lis (moderator); Myles Goeller, Chief Business Officer, Reliable Robotics Corporation; Eugenio Donati, AeroVect Co-Founder; Gather AI Co-Founder Sankalp Arora (joining remotely) and Elroy Air CEO David Merrill in a session that talked about the future.

SkyUp & Away
     SkyUp Airlines based in Kyiv has 14 B737s in its fleet of 15 for ACMI which is certainly better than grounded or standing by as they go up in smoke as happened to the one and only AN-225 of Antonov Airlines.
     Actually SkyUp moved the aircraft to safety as early as late last year and have been looking for situations for them ever since.

Vol. 21 No. 13                             TUESDAY MARCH 22, 2022

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over @ EWR Cargo
     Remember our exclusive story last August of how The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey cancelled cargo leases and turned over most of a thriving, working Newark Airport Cargo area to Amazon leaving several companies including SAS Scandinavian Airlines Cargo, Air Canada, Lufthansa Cargo and IAG holding the bag, whilst scrambling for handling space to service customers

Too Cool McCool Approaches 91
“All is well” is word up from the House of McCool in Dublin this March. Air Cargo Pioneer and the father Sean McCool at 90, pictured in his St Patrick’s Day hat celebrating with family at home looks in fine fettle.

Chuckles for March 22, 2022

Latin Spirit Soars At ATC Sao Paulo Intermodal
     Second Week in March was Air Cargo Americas Show & Supply Chain Americas Conference Cargo Americas Miami . . . and then last week was INTERMODAL 2022 in Sao Paulo.

Happy Birthday Hong Kong Jack
     Happy Birthday this last week on St. Patrick’s Day to the Hong Kong SAR Ace Jack Lo (former Cathay Pacific Airways Cargo) born March 17. A day when everybody is Irish, and a birthday celebration is double reason to wish someone Luck 'o the Irish!

Vol. 21 No. 12                             WEDNESDAY MARCH 16, 2022

Robert Keen More Than A Knowledgeable Professional
     FIATA’s SG is Robert Keen, much more than a knowledgeable professional.
Interviewing FIATA’s personalities is really a welcome task. Having served as DG until 2017, every second year I have this wonderful opportunity of identifying a new candidate. The October 2021 elections was a good time to reconnect with old friends and establish new contacts within the group. Robert Keen (known to all as Bob) surely has been a friend for many years now. We were both born in 1952. Coming out of very similar pipelines in life, as we shall learn in a short while, Bob and I were bound to meet sooner or later.

Alas Casualty Of War
Built by the Kyiv-based Antonov Company, the world's largest plane Antonov AN-225, destroyed by Russian forces during the invasion of Ukraine Feb 24th is pictured burnt after Russian shelling at Hostomel Airport Kyiv. The aircraft, named 'Mriya' meaning 'Dream', built in 1988 got caught with an engine off the aircraft, in a hangar and was a sitting duck.

Chuckles for March 16, 2022

Taking Care Of People
     Here is a Paige from the book of Atlanta.
     Ask Elliott Paige, Business Development Manager, and always fast moving on top of issues at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International, for his take in early Spring 2022 of sustainability and his answer is direct & immediate:

St. Patrick's Day Parade In New York
     There may be always an Ireland, and beyond that lovely prospect, always 100 parades around the world to celebrate March 17th.
     But from 11:00 a.m. until about 5:00 p.m. on an island called Manhattan, where a green stripe runs down the middle of Fifth Avenue from 44th to 86th Street, The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of New York City’s greatest traditions.

Vol. 21 No. 11                             THURSDAY MARCH 10, 2022

Gentleman Bill 90 In The Shade
     Bill Spohrer had done about as much as anyone you ever met to lift organized cargo when he served as CEO of Miami-based Challenge Air Cargo. He became a driving force of a great all-cargo enterprise based at MIA that landed four square behind a new idea for a trade show called Air Cargo Americas and also helped lift the comeback of TIACA. Bill celebrated reaching 90 years of age last June 11th.

Imma Continues Her Recovery
“Our daughter Imma van der Walt experienced a rough few days with pressure and headaches.
     “She is still very tired,” father Lionel van der Walt reports, “and gets exhausted quickly when doing physical activity like walking.

Chuckles for March 10, 2022

A Few Minutes With Dr. Air Cargo
     Some people just know how to land on their feet.
     And that can be lucky for everybody!

Team Cargojet At Air Cargo Americas
     Welcoming All Comers . . .
     Say hello in Miami this week to Jian Shen, Vito Cerone and Tyler Porteous.

The ATC Air Force
    This week the “Air Force” in global GSSAs, ATC Aviation Services AG stationed its Americas Team at Air Cargo Americas Show & Supply Chain Americas Conference in Miami to extend effusive and continual thanks to its service partners and business colleagues for their close cooperation during the past two years.

BRU-MIA Flower Forum
    What’s in a picture? Maybe not a thousand words but much more than a casual mention. BRU-MIA Flower Session discussing the two airport initiative at Air Cargo Americas Show & Supply Chain Americas Conference 1700 to 1900 Wednesday March 9 is “SRO” Standing Room Only,” an unusual attendance for a late business session, maybe even a first for this conference. After all this is Miami, where the show and the party gets going early.

Vol. 21 No. 10                             MONDAY MARCH 7, 2022

Miami Cargo Warms The World
     When the 2022 version of Air Cargo Americas/Supply Chain Americas Show launches this week on Tuesday March 8 after having suffering its 2021 version postponed because of COVID, the event venue will look pretty much the same as always.

Extending Reach For Air Cargo
Here's a question for you: How long does it take for a private jet company that offers a bespoke adventurous experience to air tourism enthusiasts to start an air cargo business? Well, India’s newest air cargo carrier Modair took around 20-odd years.

Chuckles for March 7, 2022

Black Americans In Flight
    History is alive on the walls of Lambert St. Louis International Airport, depicted in some murals that trace African American airmen who trained at the Tuskegee Institute and soared into combat to help the U.S. win air battles during World War II.

Friends For All These Years
    Thinking about all the things we do while employed in air cargo, making friends from all over the world is better than anything else.
    A curious thing occurs when we gather at air cargo events—sooner or later, our humanity takes over.

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