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Geoffrey FIATA Fellow

Vol. 20 No. 28                                     TUESDAY JULY 20, 2021

Tokyo Olympics Heat Up
    Fierce heatwave in Japan distorts photo of trucks and big ocean containers at Tokyo docks as work continues toward opening of The Summer Olympic Games this Friday July 23.

What Has Air Cargo Shown During The Pandemic By Dominic Kennedy
     Virgin Atlantic and air cargo has adapted and innovated to ensure its long-term future post pandemic.

Talking It Up Lying Down . . .
    While many can think fast on their feet, David Vance could think big thoughts from a horizontal position as well.
    In the picture David tells it like it is a few years ago, while Rick Elieson AA Cargo President listens up!

Chuckles for July 20, 2021

Don't Count Out Hong Kong
     For some time now quite a rather large cross section of the world’s media has bemoaned loss of freedoms in Hong Kong in what is often described today as a Mainland China-controlled city.
     So with Hong Kong as the air cargo driver that it is in the world today, with the busiest air cargo enterprise anywhere, we thought it might be good to talk to someone on the ground who is also a well-known and respected air cargo specialist, someone who lives and work there.

Pumping Traffic for July 7, 2021
     Number one in the world, Qatar Cargo adds WebCargo to its USA offering. Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo Guillaume Halleux declared: “Following our successful launch across Europe, we are glad to introduce WebCargo across the U.S. We are actively pushing for digitalization in air cargo as it brings in efficiencies

Never Forget Flight 800
Twenty-five years ago on July 17, 1996, 230 people were lost when Trans World Airlines Flight 800 bound for Paris from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New Yok City exploded above East Moriches, Long Island and fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

Vol. 20 No. 27                                     MONDAY JULY 12, 2021

Brendan Sullivan Named IATA Global Head Of Cargo
    Brendan Sullivan was named IATA Global Head of Cargo Monday July 12.
  That post has been vacant all of this crucial pandemic year, ever since Glyn Hughes took the package and flew off to new horizons atop TIACA, The International Air Cargo Association.

Turgut Erkeskin A Force For Good
     In early July as FIATA, the largest organized air freight forwarder organization in the world announced a major deal with PayCargo, I began thinking about the forces that are moving that organization forward in 2021 and Turgut Erkeskin of Istanbul came to mind.
     FIATA has some very fine people in its leadership group as that 95-year young organization continues its march through the pandemic and other challenges facing us all, with calm and reason and innovation.

Chuckles for July 12, 2021

Maple Terrace Small Hotel Close To Home
     Getting back on the road again as COVID-19 fades in the rear view mirror, there may be bigger hotels in Williamstown, a well- heeled Western Massachusetts community where the College and Summer Theater Festival get a lot of attention nationwide.

Vol. 20 No. 26                                     WEDNESDAY JULY 7, 2021

New USMCA Agreement
    Agreement between the United States of America, the United Mexican States, and Canada (USMCA) Implementing Regulations Related to the Marking Rules, Tariff-rate Quotas, and Other USMCA Provisions is in the spotlight as Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on July 1 issued two of its three highly anticipated U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) regulatory packages setting forth requirements on a range of issues.

Man Bites Dog For Cargo Security
     We now know that new rules from ICAO have forced change to air cargo as 100% industry screening went into effect June 30.
     Simply put, these ICAO international air transportation standards mandate that all-cargo aircraft flights receive the same level of security screening and scrutiny that cargo shipments on passenger fights do.

Chuckles for July 7, 2021

Pumping Traffic for July 7, 2021
     Aviation In the swamp until 2025—“The situation remains very challenging for European aviation. We’re heading into summer 2021 and most restrictions are still in place despite encouraging progress on the vaccination front.

COVID Devastation Of India
     (New Delhi, June 21, 2021) —Why do we still seem to be living in denial? The second COVID wave that struck major metros and cities—in fact, the whole of India—taking away near and dear ones does not seem to have jolted us.

Contrails Days May Be Numbered
     For some time now the ominous truth has been that some of what we thought was good for us can also be bad for someone else.
     Take the pleasure of looking up into the sky at long thin and often romantic, really quite beautiful contrails from big passenger and cargo aircraft flying across the familiar to places yet to be discovered.

Vol. 20 No. 25                                     THURSDAY JULY 1, 2021

FIATA And PayCargo Mega Deal
    PayCargo teams up with FIATA in a landmark global agreement impacting the largest organized group of freight forwarders in the world.
    PayCargo has developed a tailored solution, called Freight-Pay, which will allow members of The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) to instantly make and receive payments between themselves, while also benefitting from reduced transaction costs and heightened security features.

What Makes Jason Berry Run?
    Word up from Jason Berry, Air Canada Vice President of Cargo that the airline in a standout move was breaking away from every other North American combination carrier by adding all cargo B767 freighters to the fleet as fast as the carrier can convert them, quickens the heart of every true air cargo executive.

Pumping Traffic
     SWISS to slash fleet 15%, workforce by 20% as business is expected to be about half this summer what it was during summer of 2019 . . . Airbus delivered 50 aircraft in May. Boeing delivered 17 during May, including 10 737 MAX . . .

Chuckles for July 1, 2021

Baseball as High as the Flag on July 4
     We’ve reached a fork in the road in New York City, as July 2021 finds some folks venturing out to dine once again and gather in the parks
     The summer will not be denied as the most famous sports address in the world—Yankee Stadium in the Bronx—switched on the bright lights this year for a full season.

Vol. 20 No. 24                                       WEDNESDAY JUNE 23, 2021

Air Cargo Needs Ability To Hit The Curve
    As if it were not enough, that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a lot of people chasing their tails including importers, exporters, carriers, and freight forwarders ahead of that International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) security edict that takes effect June 30th for 100% screening of all international all-cargo flights, well look again.

Turnover Leaves Air Cargo At A Loss
    Just as many people in air cargo decided that enough is enough with this lockdown, and may have chosen in some respects to throw caution to the winds and attend trade events, or be damned, it might be helpful to step back a bit and observe that changes in the organizations that put up these events may leave them unable to recoup momentum to pull off a trade show or do much else in 2021.

Chuckles for June 23, 2021

Doing The Can-Can
     ULD CARE and Airport College join forces for an online webinar on June 29, 2021, where requisite levels of competence in ULD safety operations will be discussed.

Lulu Loving "Physical"
     OK so unlike 2020, this will be a Super Summer 2021 with days and nights at the beach and the chance once more for some Fun, Fun, Fun!

Vol. 20 No. 23                                       MONDAY JUNE 15, 2021

125 Million Reasons PayCargo Rules
    PayCargo, the fast-rising payment platform for logistics and about everything else in transportation marches on with a USD$125 million investment by the global private equity company Insight Partners.
    The fintech innovator said that is on track to process USD$10 billion in freight-related payments this year and will continue to invest in tech development and team expansion to support this continued growth globally.

Air Canada Freighters Come October
     If you were wondering when a major airline in the Americas would step up to the plate and make a big announcement of a deeper commitment to the all-cargo business, well that just happened as Jason Berry, Vice President, Cargo at Air Canada delivered some history-making news Monday June 14.
Chuckles for June 15, 2021

Hit Or Miss Trade Shows
     Trade Show Madness . . . Right now if you look, there are (count ’em) no less than four, and maybe more live cargo trade shows on the boards to be held between August 1st and the end of 2021.

Pumping Traffic
     Six months into 2021 European air traffic is less than half the volumes of mid-June 2019. But air cargo continues to soar up 16% over volumes two years ago with a fraction of the cargo-carrying aircraft in service from the June 2019 timeframe . .

No American Way
     Of course, it had to happen but we cannot stop wishing that it didn’t. June 30 will mark the final flight of American Way, the onboard magazine of American, the world’s largest airline.

Vol. 20 No. 22                                       MONDAY JUNE 11, 2021

PayCargo Firing Tip of CNS Iceberg
    The backroom whispers have always been there, even as legendary Tony Calabrese founded Cargo Network Services (CNS) thirty years ago as a landmark U.S. organization with the mission to create a middle ground between airlines and forwarders and shelter the partnership from anti-trust legislation in the U.S.
    “IATA doesn’t really like CNS.”

Will IATA Take CNS Down?
     We have been thinking about IATA as air cargo becomes more famous in the mainstream media in regards to COVID-19 PPE flight performance.
In the face of all the attention, IATA has shuttered all its cargo expertise in Geneva and Montreal.

Vol. 20 No. 21                                       MONDAY JUNE 7, 2021

Ring Down The Curtain On Cargo Shows 2021
    Many Happy Returns? Right now according to latest figures, France is operating about half the flights per day as compared to 2019 when things were more or less normal.
    Italy is at about 35%.

Pumping Traffic
     Take a Shot & Welcome Aboard! American Airlines dailies start up June 17 Madrid/Miami and Madrid/JFK for vaccinated passengers and cargo welcome . . .

Chuckles for June 7, 2021

Sky Electric Back To The Future Of Aviation
     Don’t be misled by the headline.
     The coming of electric powered airplanes is as sure as tomorrow. What form these birds will eventually take may be something between what we have known to be airplanes or what we know now to be rotary aircraft or even drones.

Listen! The Wind
     The idea of electric flight, which utilizes several motors and links to software has opened up thinking in aviation circles that maybe a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft might at last have a future.

Every Can Can
     As we go electric this issue, Saturday June 5th was the 47th World Environment Day.
     Here is what you can do this Summer here in the U.S., and if you think about it, really anywhere in the world to help the environment as we emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns.

Hands Across The Table
     “What is convention?
     “Just a bunch of salesmen hanging around (a trade show) telling each other stories.”

Vol. 20 No. 20                                       TUESDAY MAY 25, 2021

This Is My India Today
    Was I born in this India?
Every morning you wake up with hope that soon fritters away when you look at the newspaper, your WhatsApp group chats that speak of yet another death and extended family members, friends and acquaintances falling prey to Covid-19.

Living Cargo As Pandemic Cripples India
     FlyingTypers spoke to two professionals, one a marketing specialist and mother, and the other, a veteran forwarder to hear how they had been affected by the pandemic.
Priyanka Ann Saini

Pumping Traffic for May 25, 2021
     Turkish Airlines April 2021 international passenger count compared to 2019 at minus 61% as domestic flights were down about the same. THY still managed deliver a profit of $61 million . . . Counting nothing out—Air France-KLM,

Go Or No Go
     As announced in March 2020, the 30th CNS Partnership Conference initially planned to be held on April 25-27, has been pushed to the end of this summer: August 29-31. We will welcome you in sunny Miami at the JW Marriott Turnberry. Save the date!

Vol. 20 No. 19                                       TUESDAY MAY 18, 2021

Trade Show Reality Check
    We get it!
    Many of us are a bit tired of webinars and zoom calls.
    More than a few transportation people are chomping at the bit hankering to get on the road again; looking forward to days out on the hustings pressing the flesh, or bellying up to the bar swapping stories with old friends, whilst making some new ones.

The Underworld At IndiGo
     Indian aviation is passing through its most difficult phase.
     In a financial crunch even before the pandemic started, with the second run of Covid this time around, the aviation sector is predicted to see possible downsizing or as Reuters put it, “have their planes repossessed by lessors as a surge of COVID-19 infections roils travel.”

Chuckles for May 18, 2021

Executive Roulette @ Lufthansa Group
     “Executive Roulette,” or maybe were it true, “It Happened in Monte Carlo” would serve as a better headline here as from left, Dieter Vranckx, who was top executive at Brussels Airlines is now CEO of SWISS .

Sniffing Out Trouble
     June 30, 2021 is approaching fast when security rules change, meaning TSA will require all outbound international air cargo carried by commercial aircraft operators (passenger and all-cargo) to have enhanced security controls as directed by ICAO.

Vol. 20 No. 18                                       TUESDAY MAY 11, 2021

    Day and night we hear of the miracles of the vaccine beating back the Corona Virus.
Now we are into week 20 of 2021.

FIATA Up To The Minute
     Dr. Stéphane Graber is the new Director General at FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations. FIATA.
     Dr. Graber had served as Secretary General at STSA (Swiss Trading and Shipping Association), the national trade association for commodity trading, shipping industry and trade finance in Switzerland. He was also Chair and CEO at eGTSA, a company that successfully developed a digital communication platform for commodity trading companies and commodity trade-financing banks (TRAFEC).

Chuckles for May 11, 2021

Will India Agents Kiss the IATA CASS?
     Will the Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) accept the decision of the nine-year-old case that had been going on at the Competition Commission of India (CCI)?
     The CCI recently put an end to the case that had been going on since December 2012, nine years ago when the ACAAI said that IATA was guilty of anti-competitive practices. . . .

Pumping Traffic
     Turkey . . . sorry to report impacted by COVID-19 lockdown has caused the high-flying Turkish Airports to reverse earlier gains with flights down 26% during the past two weeks alone.

Vol. 20 No. 17                                       WEDNESDAY MAY 5, 2021

Respect The Mask
    Looking at the picture of the caring people of Qatar Cargo, including mon ami Guillaume Halleaux, Chief Officer Cargo, who is pictured far left just prior to the carrier leaning in with relief flights into COVID stricken India early this week, brings to mind the need of continuing to mask up, despite some reports and confusion here in America that mask time may be over.

Why No FIATA IATA Partnership Yet?
     When I think of airfreight these days I get a different reflection depending on the viewpoint, like entering Hendrix’s “Room Full of Mirrors” and I get dizzy, as though I was looking at it through the Pretenders’ dazzling version
In a way this is not surprising, if you look at the figures monthly published by ICAO.

Chuckles for May 5, 2021

Pumping Traffic
     Trips from USA to the rest of the world are surging driven by high inoculation figures. Now with bookings averaging 98 days before departure the rest of the world looks on, yearning to get COVID-19 shots into the arms of citizens . . .

Feliz Cinco De Mayo
     A mariachi band honors medical staff outside Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, as once again it’s Cinco De Mayo, which celebrates the Battle of the Puebla and victory for Mexican rebels over the baddies.


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