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Vol. 14 No. 79                  MONDAY OCTOBER 5, 2015

The China World's Factory Slows
The contraction of China’s imports and exports this past summer has some industry observers wondering if it could be a sign of things to come for the air freight community.
     Although exports to the U.S. were steady over the two-month period compared to 2014, there were alarming declines of goods moving out of the ‘world’s factory’ both to developed and emerging markets. .

Too Cool For School
     It may not be the biggest conference on the global agenda, but last week in Basel the “Pharmaceuticals in the Cool Chain” Conference from the Cool Chain Association included some thoughtful discussion.
     The two-day event ran October 1 and 2 and featured an on-site visit to the Swissport pharma operation at Basel as well as an exhibition area in which participants could browse and network.

Brussels Sprouts at DLH JV Takes Off
  On October 25 the Lufthansa Cargo and ANA Cargo joint venture starts with daily direct flights from BRU to TYO, beginning with an All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. 
     “An 8:50 pm takeoff from BUR arrives at Narita at 4:10 pm the following day,” Lufthansa said. 

Punjabi Demands Amritsar
     The Punjabi diaspora numbering around 10 million—with the highest numbers in Britain, North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East—have been demanding direct air links with Amritsar, the only city with an international airport in the state of Punjab. 
Amritsar is not only the spiritual and cultural center for the Sikh religion, it is also the main gateway for the state.

Vol. 14 No. 78                  WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Some Pacific Fundamentals
The supply and demand fundamentals of the air freight market have now deteriorated to such an extent that Drewry recently revealed rates across major lanes have fallen to the lowest level since the analyst started tracking the market back in 2012.

Chuckles for September 30, 2015

Not Another Pretty Face
  “I respect the past and consider the present from all sides so that we can ensure a better future all around.”
     Chris Notter, vice president operations at Saudia Cargo, has a big job and undoubtedly a huge challenge as he approaches the beginning of his second year at the venerable cargo resource.

Private AFS Takes Off For India
  A long time in the making, India’s first privately controlled and operated Air Freight Station (AFS) kicked off in Chennai last month.
     Industry stakeholders might remember that bids to start AFSs earlier in Chennai failed for a variety of reasons.
     The AFS concept was floated in 2006 when a spurt was seen in the air cargo traffic in Chennai.

Vol. 14 No. 77                  TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

Brandon Fried Centerstage & Loving it
Longtime President of the Air Forwarders Association Brandon Fried is one air cargo executive holding steady in a world of change. The unflappable Fried seems to transcend time.
     While it has become in fashion to flip and change top executives regularly at other industry associations, here remains the immovably “Steady Brandon.”

Chuckles for September 29, 2015

Finnair Aims First A-350 USA Service
 Finnair could be the first to operate Airbus A350 service to the U.S. if plans to fly an A350-900 to New York JFK before the end of 2015 are realized.
    FlightGlobal reports “discussions on possible start dates are ongoing between the carrier and JFK officials, with a view to beginning services in December, according Rikke Munk Christensen, Finnair's head of traffic planning, at World Routes 2015 in Durban.”

IAG Cargo Knows Way to San Jose/Swisseriffic Single e-AWB
Beginning next year, IAG Cargo will prove it “knows the way to San Jose” with the launch of a new route between its London Heathrow hub and San Jose.
    Move over, paperwork jungle. Swiss WorldCargo is now offering the “e-AWB Single Process,” allowing acceptance of Single Process e-AWB shipments in Zurich, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York JFK, and Copenhagen.

Quote of the Day: Sustainable FIATA
    “Logistics is not a ripple; it is the backbone of trade and trade is at the very source of prosperity, so the place logistics will take in the implementation agenda will be crucial for sustainable development,” said FIATA Sec. Gen. Marco Sorgetti.

Mid-Autumn Festival
 Yesterday’s blood moon lunar eclipse was a treat for the senses. In China the Mid-Autumn Festival, the second most important festival after the Spring Festival, was celebrated in tandem with the rare blood moon, making this year's festival an especially sacred event. On Mid-Autumn night, the harvest moon is the brightest and fullest of the year.

Vol. 14 No. 76                  TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Play It Again Ram
 The new high road from JFK International Airport in New York to CAS is no longer the best kept secret, as Royal Air Maroc spreads big, beautiful B-787 Dreamliner wings (one in service, two more to be added to the fleet in 2016) adding major capacity for shippers between the U.S. and Africa.

CAL Can Do Atlanta
   “Atlanta is a natural expansion for CAL in the USA,” Eyal Zagagi, CAL CEO told FlyingTypers on the eve of starting up all-cargo B747F operations between ATL and LGG this week.
     “Based on CAL’s success in JFK, where our relative market share exceeds our size of operations versus all of our competition, CAL is ready to serve a much greater area, offering our unique services and approach that has worked well for us in the greater New York region.

Quote Of The Day
 Lufthansa Cargo CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board Peter Gerber speaks to FlyingTypers on the Syrian refugee crisis.

FIATA Debuts In Dublin 2016
   Held September 8-13 in Taipei, FIATA’s annual World Congress was capped with the election of new officers, including Huxiang Zhao as president. He also serves as chairman of Sinotrans & CSC.
   Mr. Zhao succeeds Francesco Parisi of Parisi Forwarding (founded in Trieste, Italy, in 1807), who will now serve as Immediate Past President for the next two years.

Family Time
 I have grown old enough to remember when I was the only Geoffrey Arend.
  But now if you Google ‘Geoffrey Arend,’ our son, the actor, pops up, and of course that is just fine.

Vol. 14 No. 75                  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

The Butler Did It
We caught up with President American Airlines Cargo Jim Butler recently to find out how 2015 has panned out so far for AA Cargo. FlyingTypers was also curious as to the things that merit interest and attention from a top cargo executive at the world’s biggest airline.

Chuckles for September 21, 2015

Bubble Bursts in Thailand
 Slowing Chinese and Thai economic growth and weak global demand for Asian exports are seeing faltering air freight demand from Thailand. Stewart Sinclair, senior vice president Asia and managing director of Bangkok Flight Services, a leading handler at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, said BFS was expecting volumes to remain largely in line with last year’s performance of 370,000 tons.

Some Fun at Skiathos

Vol. 14 No. 74                  WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

Air Sea Forward at EMO BCN
More than 180 members representing 50 countries of the global EMO Trans team of partners were welcomed to the 2015 Global Network Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday, September 14, by company CEO Jo Frigger, who noted that the theme of the conference was “Take The Bull By The Horns.”

Jack Lampinski Retires
Bellwether of the U.S. air cargo scene, Jack Lampinski, SWISS WorldCargo, is moving into retirement just as the year wraps, on December 31, 2015.
    Of all the cargo people you might meet, Jack seems the least excitable, most relaxed person on the line.

Eye in the Sky
    A new blue ray disc now avialable features Lufthansa Cargo's fifth Boeing 777, registration code D-ALFE, from its manufacture, up to the ferry flight from the Boeing hangar in Seattle to Cargo City Sud in Frankfurt.
    Claus Richter, Triple Seven Chief Pilot with Lufthansa Cargo, and his colleague Manfred Schridde, Technical Pilot of the B777 fleet with Lufthansa Cargo explain the most important stages on the way to the creation of a new aircraft.

Chuckles for September 16, 2015

Vol. 14 No. 73                  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2015

Joachim Frigger's EMO Looms Large
     The vocational course to the airline industry is arrow-straight for the educationally dedicated and the community of popular enthusiasts. For others, even for those who have achieved high-level office—and in the present context, air cargo— it is a winding, accidental route. For Joachim H. Frigger, who has been more than a half-century in the world of air shipping, it was purely “coincidental”.

Zoom-Zoom Hanna Hahn
Seeing racing cars being loaded into an airplane’s main deck is the oldest gag in air cargo publishing, probably since WWII, when it was fairly common to view a Jeep being loaded into a C47 (DC-3).
    In late summer 2015 DHL and VG Cargo have reinvigorated the gag with the movement of 31 racing cars loaded at Frankfurt Hahn Airport and bound for the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) in Austin, Texas, on September 19.

CAL Opens Atlanta
     CAL Cargo Airlines based in Tel Aviv, Israel, commences round-trip service from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), to Liege, Belgium, starting September 25.
    The new service includes twice weekly ATL-LGG-ATL B-747x400 with main deck service.

Vol. 14 No. 72                  THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

EMO Celebrates 50 in Stuttgart
     “Be light and flexible as a fly,” was the lighthearted message put forth by Reinhold Gross of machinery manufacturer Trumpf, which was EMO Trans Germany’s very first customer when the company went into business 50 years ago on September 9, 1965.

Rates Deep Six for Peers on Piers
Air freight rates and slow demand from key markets might be proving somewhat dispiriting for airlines this year, but if anything the container shipping sector—and its customers—are suffering even more than their airborne counterparts (and sometime rivals).
    Shipping lines have been struggling with bearish volume growth of just 2-4 percent for much of the year, while shippers and forwarders have had to cope with two years of almost monthly General Rate Increases by lines on the major trades.

    The trade community has been hearing that the Advanced Commuting Environment is coming, or “ACE is coming,” for 22 years now and it seems ACE will become a reality on November 1, 2015, regardless of whether system is ready to perform or not.

    A Feb. 2014 Executive Order has mandated the use of ACE and the government agencies are scrambling to make that deadline.

Chuckles for September 10, 2015

Farewell to the Quiet Man
     It has been our pleasure to know and work with Emirates DSVP Revenue Optimization & Systems Pradeep Kumar during our 40 year tenure in the air cargo business.
     Soft spoken, determined, and a part of the “Dubai Miracle Airline” since start up in 1985, Pradeep will now pack it in and begin life after air cargo. He retires from Emirates Sky Cargo this October after 30 years of service.

Vol. 14 No. 71                  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2015

Why Bob Crandall Matters
    I believe it was during George Shipman’s captaincy of American Airlines’ cargo effort that we met in Fort Worth to untangle a couple of cargo issues. We didn’t get very far when Robert L. Crandall, then president, popped in to say hello. He didn’t stay long, but long enough to deliver a cheery rah-rah picture of AA Cargo in hard drive. Less than a week later, American made nationwide headlines with the grounding of its transcontinental freighter system. Pure and simple economics had placed the cargo belly in a comeback role.

Up Close & Personal with Robert Crandall
By 1945, Mr. Crandall had already mastered relaxing in casual business attire. He would later take delivery of one of the largest, most advanced air fleets in the world, but Christmas 1941 is when Bob got his first set of wheels. In high school he seemed to be saying, “you want to get there, you gotta go through me.” When Bob and Jan were married in July 1957, everybody ate cake. Mom, Grandma, and Dad celebrated in the warmth of the sun, as Bob Crandall graduated from University of Rhode Island in 1957.

King Richard at 102
    Our Centenarian Editor Richard Malkin is still writing about air cargo at 102, just as he did when he invented air cargo journalism in 1942 as editor of the publication Air Transportation.
   We meet with Richard once or twice a week and take a breakfast in his favorite neighborhood diner near JFK International Airport in New York City.
   Developing a close relationship with someone who has lived for over 100 years is like no other experience in the world. We are over the moon to be entering our third year working with Richard.

Vol. 14 No. 70                  WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2015

United Cargo Friendly
   A Great Dane, his face jumps out of the crowd. We can think of many words that could describe Jacob Bang Nielsen, Senior Manager, Postal Network Optimization & Performance at United Airlines.
   “There's a reason United Cargo moves about half the U.S. Mail,” says United Cargo President Jan Krems.

Annual IATA DGR Revamp
 It’s early September, the frost is on the pumpkin, and everyone in the air transport food chain is holding his or her breath for the upcoming changes to the annually published IATA DGR.
     System and database admins pray changes can be accommodated in system logic, training managers revamp their training materials, and airlines, handlers, and shippers alike struggle in communicating these changes to their staff in order to prevent rejections of shipments not in compliance with the latest edition.

Too Tall to TIACA
    Irrepressible Warren Jones may have been down when he suddenly departed IATA Cargo Network Services as president earlier this summer.
    But for Warren, who stands 6 foot four inches tall, down is not out as he comes back big, joining The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) as director sales.

Ralf Takes His Leisure
     “Simple and unadorned” is the now familiar brand model for air cargo resource leisure Cargo, which takes over the below-deck capacity of several vacation carriers that otherwise cross-hatch vacation-bound contrails across the sky.
     So while upstairs on the main deck it may be victuals, libations, and party time, downstairs the carrier has a guaranteed steady stream of revenue with leisure, which is fitting in, not showing off very much, and remains profitable as an air cargo enterprise.

Chuckles for September 2, 2015

JD's Small Hotel in Paradise
     It’s a long way from the cargo ramps of dnata at Dubai to a glorious part of the Philippines, and it’s certainly a dream to build and operate a small hotel on that island paradise, but that is exactly what Jean-Pierre (JD) De Pauw has done and to look at the finished product, he managed to do it just right, as far as we can tell.
    People in the business have uttered the wish that “some day I am going to put air cargo behind me and open a saloon or a small hotel” for as long as we have been on the beat.

Vol. 14 No. 69                  MONDAY AUGUST 31, 2015

Viva va-Q-tec Cool   
“We’re very excited to add the latest in passive packaging to our suite of rental units,” said Krisha Kucharski, TempControl Product Development and Marketing manager. United Cargo has signed up for a global rental agreement with Würzburg, Germany-based va-Q-tec for temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceuticals. United plans an October launch date for the new va-Q-tainer rentals.

Finnair Cargo Has Capital Ideas 
Vantaa Airport in Helsinki is a neat enterprise, efficient, compact, and easy to navigate, and that fits nicely into the vision of aviation minded Finns—that this country, which is an island on three sides, should be the natural gateway and the fastest way between east and west from the crossroads at the top of the world.
     Finnair, the now ninety-two-year-old airline (since its founding as Aero Oy in 1923), fits perfectly into that plan.

September Song for Emo
   Preparations are in high gear for a gala 50th anniversary celebration at EMO Trans in Stuttgart, Germany, in September, followed by EMO’s 14th Annual Global Network Meeting in Barcelona, Spain.
   “Barcelona is shaping up to be our largest conference to date, and we expect more than 180 participants representing over 50 countries,” reports EMO Chairman Jo Frigger.

Chuckles for August 31, 2015

Saudia Cargo Back to the Future
    “This step will enhance the activity of Saudia Cargo operations to and from the United States, conducted through the capacities available for both the seven weekly passenger and freighter flights scheduled to Washington, D.C., as well as New York and Los Angeles,” said Saudia Cargo Acting VP Commercial, Rainer Mueller.

Vol. 14 No. 68                  MONDAY AUGUST 24, 2015

Tallin Revolution   
Cargo Estonia, the Baltics (including Finland), and the rest of northern Europe have become an Ospentos address, as that handling company— headed up by all cargo experts (LtoR) Haiti Arendi, Erik Byman and Leevi Ekman brings a lifetime of logistics expertise to the fore.

Dr. Alexis Makes a House Call    
Board Member Products & Sales of Lufthansa Cargo AG Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech left no doubt of his top priorities for Lufthansa Cargo when speaking to FlyingTypers last week.
     “For us, the most important issue is to get back to growth.”

Raise High the Roof Beams
    First look… A cloud of change is rising from the earth at Vantaa Helsinki…
    Last week we were sitting in “The River,” a meeting room at Finnair Headquarters, wondering how that grand new cargo transfer facility (CTF) is coming along.
    “See that big swirl of activity out there along the skyline?” asks Antti Kuusemaki, Finnair head of cargo, as he points out the window.  

American Airlines Cargo on the Beam
     President of American Airlines Cargo Jim Butler has delivered many speeches and comments during his tenure, but his words have never been more heartfelt:
     “On behalf of the thousands of dedicated employees of AA Cargo, it is an incredible honor for us to have been entrusted with this move.
     “This is a moment for us to reflect that air cargo is far more than just a business.”

Vol. 14 No. 67                  WEDNESDAY AUGUST 19, 2015

Doldrums? China Southern Banking on a Rebound    
China Southern Cargo is a dedicated player in the cargo markets with a long-term plan. The Sky Team Cargo member currently operates twelve B777Fs and two B747Fs after adding three B777s to its fleet this year. These are operated on 24 freighter routes globally and supplement the carrier’s bellyhold capacity on its fleet of some 500 passenger craft. The carrier also operates its own trucking network in China, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, Japan, and North America.

What is a Package?    
What exactly constitutes a package seems to be obvious—anything used to contain some form of merchandise or goods for the purpose of transport.
    That, however, cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the transport of dangerous goods.
     A package or containment of dangerous goods is either in compliance with the requirements of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (which, as a field manual, are in reality applied in lieu of the legal foundation, the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air) or it isn’t.

India Agents Push Domestic Agenda
    The domestic air cargo sector in India is keen to build on the growth it is experiencing. Even as new airlines begin flying —regional carrier Air Pegasus started operations in the last few months and a few more like Hyderabad-based Turbo Megha Airways and Flyeasy from Bengaluru have received the necessary permissions—India is finally receiving the connectivity it has been wanting for a long, long time.   

Dreams and False Alarms
   I can remember, when I was very little, paging through one of the airport books my father had written and seeing a picture of a young woman standing next to a small airplane. I think I noticed her because, like me, she had very short hair—at the time, my older brother and I received our haircuts from our father’s barber, so my hair never grew past my ears. She was tall and lithe, possessing a gamine beauty I found enthrallingly relatable.

Vol. 14 No. 66                  MONDAY AUGUST 17, 2015

A Midsummer's Lithium Dream
    Much has been written of issues pertaining to the (air) transport of Lithium batteries, most recently after ICCAIA (the industry association representing the major aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier) and IFALPA (the International Federation of Airline Pilots) teamed up and sent out a warning that the transport of Lithium batteries, at least in bulk, is a risk via shipping procedures on present aircraft and cannot been controlled.

ECS Accentuates India
 Paris-headquartered ECS Group Chairman and CEO Bertrand Schmoll loves the Indian market.
     “It is one of the best in the world,” he exclaimed as ACNFT caught up with him during his recent visit to Delhi.
     It turns out the CEO of the GSSA makes quarterly trips to India and has witnessed the changes taking place in infrastructure at both big and small airports around the country.

Adrien Thominet GSA Superb & Supreme


Is Korean Air Reeling in the Years?
    A host of external factors have battered the Korean economy this year.
    The MERS virus caused widespread panic and the loss of a more than 30 lives, which has had a dampening effect on domestic demand, consumer confidence, and tourism.
    Moreover, exporters—especially in the critical electronics sector—have been faced with a weaker Japanese Yen and poor demand from Europe.  

Julian Keeling Responds: Master in his Own Write
    Shura never sought fame or fortune. He just loved his craft. Even with his own two sons he spoke so humbly about his work. Both remarked to me over the weekend, “We had no idea our dad was so highly regarded!” However, I am sure his family will feel so proud that Shura will be remembered by your gesture as the great journalist he was for years to come.   

Airbus A300 ZERO-G
    Everything Means More Than Zero . . . Airbus A300 ZERO-G hangs by a hook as a crane places the big bird gently into position at Cologne-Bonn Airport earlier this month where it will become a tourist attraction.

Vol. 14 No. 65                  FRIDAY AUGUST 14, 2015

Master In His Own Write
    Shura Bary, 85, died last Thursday, August 6, of complications of Type 1 diabetes. His funeral service was held on Sunday at Sinai Temple in San Francisco.
    He is survived by his wife, Ann, two sons, Andrew and Brian, and four granddaughters.
    Andrew is deputy editor of Barron’s and Andrew's daughter, post-graduation, has just started work as a journalist for Barron’s. Journalism is in the Bary blood!

Unisys Disruptive Not Bad
    Introducing a disruptive technology into the air cargo market is never easy. But don't tell that to Unisys and Christopher Shawdon.

    “The air cargo industry is at a tipping point where transformational innovation enabled by modern technologies has become a reality,” Mr. Shawdon, vice president, Logistics Solutions at Unisys told FlyingTypers.

Cargo from the Ground Up
    Space Center Houston marked the 38th anniversary of the first free flight of a space shuttle (back on August 12, 1977) when Enterprise was recently released from atop shuttle carrier aircraft NASA 905 this month.
    Next, on January 23, 2016, an eight-story-tall, multiple-exhibit complex will open to the public featuring a Space Shuttle replica mounted on top of the aforementioned shuttle carrier aircraft. 

Scenes from Brazil
    Planes and helicopters sit on display during the Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE) at the Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last week. The annual three-day business aviation event was the largest in Latin America during 2015.

Vol. 14 No. 64                  Tuesday AUGUST 11, 2015

Susan Made Us All Look Good
    She was one of the great women in air cargo. 
    Susan Furth passed away on July 28, 2015, after a brief illness. 
    Not only was Susan one of the first female managers in the air cargo industry, she was also a pioneer in the air cargo perishable business. 

United Cargo on the Right Track
     Jan Krems, president of United Cargo, is many things, but he is never—thankfully—at a loss for words when conducting an interview. 
     Currently at the apex of his career, serving as a top air cargo executive in the “city of the big shoulders,” (as poet Carl Sandburg lovingly described Chicago), Krems has been dauntless in his efforts to lift and reverse the fortunes of UA Cargo for the past 18 months. 

Awarding Evening At Lufthansa
    Lufthansa Cargo was recently involved in the kind of industry awards that really matter—the carrier hosted and said thanks to some representatives of their Global Partnership Program at the Lufthansa Cargo Forum in Washington, D.C.
    Developing long-term business relationships with its strategic partners is a major focus for Lufthansa Cargo. In addition to fostering better cooperation, its Global Partnership Program is good business, generating substantial revenue worldwide.

No New Freighters for Jet Cargo
    When the Naresh Goyal-led Jet Airways decided to start dedicated long-haul freighters, the news was greeted with enthusiasm by air cargo stakeholders. The carrier was going to create history by being the first from India to start long-haul cargo services and everyone in the cargo fraternity was awaiting the services.     That was around March-April this year. And with the Prime Minister’s Make in India campaign gaining momentum, the environment looked good for Jet Airways to lease an Airbus A330F from its partner Etihad Airways to transport goods.

Vol. 14 No. 63                  THURSDAY AUGUST 6, 2015

Hazmat Goes Mainstream
    A recent issue of the magazine DER SPIEGEL featured a report spotlighting a German manufacturer of bonding and glue products currently exploring opportunities in the yet largely undiscovered African market.
     The company has deployed a binational, multilingual African-German specialist, taking advantage of the fact that German engineered products are usually held in high regard in Africa.

Chuckles for August 5, 2015

Less Complex Faster Rates
    “The new pricing structure is uncomplicated and ensures that we are well-positioned for the future, given the changes the markets have undergone,” said Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Lufthansa Cargo board member, Product and Sales.
   In a joint announcement this week, Lufthansa Cargo and Swiss WorldCargo said starting October 25, 2015 pricing for both airlines will consist of just two components: a net rate and an “Airfreight Surcharge.”

Pertti Thinking of Handling Generations
     At all the recent trade shows and forums, there have been sessions addressing the challenge of training new people for the air cargo business in a way that is cost effective and timely, sidestepping the outmoded practice of traveling in order to receive proper training.
     In Finland, CEO and Founding Partner at Airport College International Pertti Mero thinks he has found a great solution.
     The affable yet quite determined executive insists that he has put his life and considerable record of service as a top industry manager toward education.
     Now he is out to change the way people learn the commercial aviation arts beginning from the ground up.

Tales of China Clipper 1935
    Aviation lovers—and we suspect that includes quite a few folks who read FlyingTypers—are invited to take a ride back in time to 80 years ago. In 1935 the China Clipper (NC14716), one of three Martin M-130 four-engine flying boats built for Pan American Airways in Middle River, Maryland, inaugurated the first commercial transpacific air service from San Francisco to Manila, connecting the U.S. to Asia.

Vol. 14 No. 62                  TUESDAY AUGUST 4, 2015

Delta Bans Hunter Cargo
    Well, it seems enough oblivious big-game hunters have posed ridiculously with the innocent animals they have killed to anger the entirety of the world. We’re finally full-up on murderous idiots.
     On July 1, 2015, a 13-year-old lion named Cecil—one of the main attractions at Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe, and an integral subject of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit—was surreptitiously led off park grounds and then unceremoniously killed—his body skinned and his head removed—by an American dentist and recreational hunter named Walter Palmer.

Drewry Index Rates Drop in June
   The steady decline of the air freight market as 2015 has progressed stood out as forwarders released their latest financials and first half volume figures were released by air freight associations and their members over the last week.
     After IATA concluded that carriers in most regions except the Middle East had seen “weak growth or even contractions” in May and concluded that the expansion of volumes in 2014 had “ground to a halt, and load factors are falling,” Drewry’s monthly Sea & Air Shipper Insight confirmed the trend and revealed a further drop in rates in June.

Youngmobile from Oldsmobile
    We Like Mike!
     And not just because he was an Oldsmobile salesman before joining United Airlines Cargo 28 years ago.
     My memories forever linger on my Grandfather Stowell, a pioneer auto salesman, as he worked out in the barn behind our home in Sylvania, Ohio, fixing up his 1928 Oldsmobile, which was built 50 miles north up in Detroit. In the shadowy light of the barn, it was my Grandmother Flossie who held the lantern as he worked on the darkened engine.

Chuckles for August 4, 2015

What Makes EMO Run
     Fast growing EMO Trans counts on delivering a top service solution to transportation from 250 offices in 120 countries worldwide.
     In the U.S. the company operates three important corporate competence centers.
     In addition to headquarters in Freeport, New York, EMO fields a center in Los Angeles and also in Atlanta.

Vital Views 2006, 1988, 1999
   Christian Ureta, LAN Cargo’s CEO, nailed down a basic message: “Most industries normally face generated by the natural dynamics of the market. New technologies, product innovation, consumer trends, regulatory changes, are some of the factors that make each industry unique. The changes force companies to constantly look for ways to adapt to new environments. The quest for adaptability has become as critical as achieving growth and operational efficiency.”

Wing Walk Summer
    Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation just came out in theaters and features a scene with actor Tom Cruise lashed by his fingertips to the side of a military cargoAirbus A400M turboprop aircraft as it flies all the way up to 5,000 feet.
    “No,” reports Esquire Magazine,”not his stunt double, Cruise himself."
    “I feel that, [with] acting, you're bringing everything physically and emotionally to a character and story.”

Vol. 14 No. 61                  Friday July 31, 2015

Women Lift Men
   Assuming that one way to a man’s heart is through an award (at least based on the activities in air cargo) the U.S.-based women’s group WTS International, an association for the advancement of women in transportation, has announced they are adding The WTS Secretary Ray LaHood Award, which will be given to a man each year.

Only One 'Neath the Moon & Under the Sun
   United Airlines and Wyndham Worldwide are launching a program to reduce carbon emissions associated with corporate air travel.
   Wyndham has agreed to become the launch partner for United's Eco-Skies CarbonChoice corporate carbon offset program. The program enables the airline's corporate customers to track and offset the emissions stemming from their business travel and freight shipments on United at the enterprise level.

EVA To Taiwan On
   It may come as little surprise that just like many of Asia’s leading airlines, cargo revenues account for a major percentage of EVA Air’s income—on average about 30 percent of total operating revenue. 
     Therefore, when talking routes and the future at EVA, much of the carrier’s focus is on the transpacific trade.

Chuckles for July 31, 2015

Stewart Angus - Quote of the Day
    “Our strategy is to offer the highest level of service excellence in each market we operate,” said Stewart Angus, dnata’s Divisional Senior Vice President of International Airport Operations as dnata announced today it has reached an agreement with Aviapartner to acquire its cargo handling operations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Points to UPS Access
   UPS says it is expanding its local solution to 8,000 locations and to 22,000 worldwide by the end of 2015 for consumers and small businesses that need convenient access to UPS.

AY Cargo - HEL On Wheels
     Always innovative, Finnair remains atop the Nordic carriers in total annual air cargo throughput and has just added Luton to its European freighter network, which includes Helsinki and Brussels via a cooperation with IAG for AY A300-600 main deck services.

Vital Views 2008, 2007, 1991, 1977
    Jay Shelat, vice president-cargo, Jet Airways (India), directing attention to the logistics aspect in India, said: “The logistics business is seeing a sea change in the intramodal transportation system. The Indian railway network, which is a sleeping giant spanning the length and breadth of the country, is gearing up to contribute and get on to the supply chain gravy train. Improved and additional ports have a key role to play in the air-sea business. This area has a huge potential in reducing the transit time of pure sea freight and reducing the cost of pure air freight.”

Vol. 14 No. 60                  TUESDAY July 28, 2015

Security Starts With Labor
  Earlier this summer, news reports said undercover penetration testers were able to overcome security measures at 67 U.S. airport locations.
     The disappointing news included passage of forbidden items such as IED and weapons having made it past security to various locations, including aboard aircraft.
     You may recall Melvin Carraway, who had been serving as acting head of the TSA and was hastily “reassigned other duties.”

Adrien Thominet COO ECS Global Talks

India Vibrant & Battling As Usual
     Preparations are on for a battle royale in air cargo. 
     The opposing sides have readied their strategies and it won’t be long before skirmishes break out. 
Holding the fort on one side is the privately-held Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL), red dot left in map above now known as Kempegowda International Airport, while on the other is the government-controlled Airports Authority of India (AAI), which operates Chennai International Airport, blue dot right in map above.

Chuckles For July 28, 2015

Always On Sunday
   Interview with Alexios Sioris, Manager Cargo Development and Ioanna Chronopoulou, Head of Customs at Air Cargo Europe, Munich.

New Turkish Cargo Facility
   The space was so big, bright, and airy, and filled with young, smart looking, purpose-driven people.
     In this business, the opening of air cargo handling terminals occurs on a regular schedule, and each is undoubtedly filled with the hopes and dreams of everyone involved in its creation.


Vol. 14 No. 59                  WEDNESDAY July 22, 2015

Lost in Translation
   A few weeks ago, the FlyingTypers exclusive report, “I Want You Harmonized” offered our global audience an updated overview and opinion of how the Global Harmonized System (GHS) is finally maturing and impacting the ways of international trade and commerce.

Biwer Easy As ABC
   “EMEA is one of the key markets for our scheduled business operations.
   “Georges Biwer's appointment is in line with out further expansion plans and our determination to build the best air cargo team in the industry for the benefit of our customers,” said Executive President Denis Ilin, as Air Bridge Cargo (ABC) appointed Georges Biwer as vice present for EMEA.

Time & Family Matters
   time:matters, a company of Lufthansa Cargo based in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, which brands itself a place for “Special Speed Logistics,” reports a strong half-year for its special niche shipments of life & health, semicon, automotive, and aviation.
    Franz-Joseph Miller, (CEO (and partner) of the time:matters group says he knows what happened: “Our positive business development during the first half of 2015 confirms our strategic focus and momentum.”

Here Comes Delhi Neo
    “Air cargo business is almost nil compared to its actual potential and if we really open all our doors for cargo, Delhi roads will be choked further . . . ” So said Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State for Civil Aviation (the junior minister in the Ministry led by Ashok Gajapathi Raju, the Minister for Civil Aviation).

A Glorious Boondoggle
   A new transportation hub designed to look like a bird in flight will begin opening in phases this month at New York’s World Trade Center.
     Over budget and years late, Santiago Calatrava designed the glass structure, which has been subject to much criticism and has amassed about $4 billion in expenses. 
     When the plan was proposed in 2004, officials projected a $2 billion construction bill.

Jerry and Gorm VikingPost Time Remembered
   Today one can barely find a trace of Wiley Post's great accomplishment in the vast field of concrete at the now-closed airport, save for a small marker on the spot where he landed. Here we see him as he climbs out of the cockpit of his Lockheed Vega monoplane “Winnie Mae” after completing the first solo flight around the world, arriving at Floyd Bennett Field at the end of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y., around midnight on July 22, 1933.

Vol. 14 No. 58                  Monday July 20, 2015

Taiwan Remains Tactically Flexible
   Taiwan-headquartered China Airlines is optimistic about freight markets in 2015, but determined to remain tactically flexible in the face of stiff competition and fluctuating demand.
   Jeremy Chang, vice president Cargo Sales & Marketing Division, foresees a slow but steady upward recovery for CI's air cargo division after suffering yearly declines in recent years.

Richard Malkin - Off to a Running Start
   It is an historical caprice of fate that the closing of both world wars were witness in the earlier instance, to the carriage of newspapers and mail aboard the first scheduled airline flight; and in the later instance, the dawning of what came to be known as the Air Cargo Age (which gave way to the Jet Era about a quarter-century afterward).

Chuckles for July 20, 2015

Eid Mubarak
   Indian Muslims pray at the Vasi Ullah mosque in Allahabad, India, Saturday, July 18, 2015 as Eid al-Fitr marked the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Vol. 14 No. 57                  TUESDAY July 14, 2015

Bettina Jansen - It's Too Darn Hot!
   The message for July is that the world is warming up, although in many climes, those words may not be news at all.
    According to TimeforChange.org, “Global warming is caused by emission of greenhouse gases,” of which “72 percent of the totally emitted greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide (CO2).”

Cool Goes to HEL
   Cool goes everywhere, but if you want to use an airline certified “pharma cool” by IATA there is only one: Finnair Cargo.
    And just to make sure it stays out front, AY began building an advanced cargo transfer facility in Helsink this week.
    “We are committed to being at the forefront in the fast growing pharma transport segment and provide excellent service to our customers,” said Juha Järvinen, Finnair chief commercial officer.

It's About Customers & Service
   Over the years air travel has become more “challenging” for the passengers.    Much of that experience has been imposed by governments in the form of security with the resultant long lines, restrictions on what is packed in carry on luggage, and among other things the need to arrive at the airport at least two hours or more prior to the flight.

Cebu Pacific Cebu Pacific & Vietnam Airlines News
   Ban lifted . . . Cebu Pacific lands in Manila, the Philippines, as the European Union lifted a five-year ban on commerical airlines from the Philippines in late June, allowing the country's air carriers to fly over European skies.


Maycomb, Alabama 1930s
   Good summer reading available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold
   Go Set A Watchman is 89-year-old Harler Lee's first novel in 55 years after the landmark To Kill A Mockingbird stunned the literary world in 1960 and won a Pulitzer Prize.

Vol. 14 No. 56                  Monday July 13, 2015

Surf's Up at deltacargo.com
   New www.deltacargo.com features enhanced graphics and easy to navigate features that pack the entire offering into an easy surf ’n cruise. The revamped site has a new look and feel and is built with user-friendly design elements for self-service mobile and tablet usage. Customers can book their cargo transport needs from anywhere, at any time – and on any device.

Does IATA Have It In the Bag?
   When rolling out their “Cabin OK” initiative on June 9th, IATA promised again to solve what they felt was a pressing problem throughout the industry: The lack of space for cabin baggage.
    The initiative “proposes the introduction of a cabin size for storage in overhead compartments as well as under the seat that would be accepted by participating airlines, for aircraft of over 120 seats.”

Quote of the Day - Peter Gerber
   “After an exceptionally good start to 2015, we were aware of the challenging market situation again the second quarter.
    “Volumes for the first six months were stable at Lufthansa Cargo.”

Inside the FCS WCS Deal
   In a press release last week, FRAPORT, proprietor and operator of Frankfurt airport, disclosed the sale of a 51 percent stake of its cargo handling subsidiary, Fraport Cargo Services (FCS) to competitor Worldwide Flight Services (WFS).    FRAPORT has been searching for a potential partner to team up with since late 2012, but until now always ruled out selling a majority share.

Yossi Takes His Liege
   Yossi Shoukroun has become CAL Cargo Airlines' new COO in Liege, Belgium, as Rami Marom stepped down on July 7, 2015.
   Rami had been part of the ground operations team at CAL since January 2006.

   “Liege is currently the operational center of gravity of the group and will be further strengthened once new routes are established,” CAL said.

The World in Our Hands ... Heavenly ... Beauty
   Touching the world . . . Among the best examples of bringing the beauty of our world down to earth are the tactile hyper globes created in Hamburg, Germany, by Globocess AG, which today stand in hotels, museums, and meterological institutes

Vol. 14 No. 55                  Friday July 3, 2015

Warren Jones Out As President At IATA Cargo Network Services
   Warren Jones has unexpectedly stepped down from his post as president of IATA’s Cargo Network Services (CNS) effective June 30.
   Jones served as CNS President for less than two years.

Emirates Empire Strikes Back
   For some time now the question of whether or not Dubai-based Emirates Airline receives subsidies has been a hot button issue.
     The “Partnership for Open and Fair Skies Coalition,” a group representing Delta Airlines (DL), United Airlines (UA), and American Airlines (AA), has called on U.S. regulators to provide a level playing field and halt the expansion of the Gulf carriers.

I Am An Airport Kid
Summer Means Fun
   Summer means fun . . .
   It also means being closer to the kids, and for longer than perhaps any other time of year.
   Our older daughter Florence, (left to right in 1991 with parents and siblings, Emily and Ralph; and today with dad, Geoffrey) who graciously edits Air Cargo News FlyingTypers (thereby making this journal a more intelligent read), is in real life a writer.

Chuckles For July 3, 2015

Vol. 14 No. 54                  Monday July 1, 2015

Samways Star is Bright
   Deep in the Heart of Texas, American Airlines Cargo declares its focus is on “meeting our customers' needs by effectively utilizing our growing network.
     “We're striving to ensure that we are engaged with our customers as we work on continuously improving our performance and optimizing our experience.”

EMO Lifts Spargel Fest
   They say great pictures are worth 1,000 words... EMO Trans Frankfurt, working with their colleagues in New York City, provided the logistics for the fast delivery of white asparagus from the fields of Germany to the tables of the United Nations (UN) dining room in New York City, where the German American Chamber of Commerce held another successful and memorable “Spargel Fest” dinner.

Numbers Tracking Up
   Asian and Middle Eastern carriers and airports are leading global volume growth, although capacity additions are hindering yield and rates gains.
    The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines revealed member airlines saw a year-on-year increase of 2.9 percent in freight ton kilometer (FTK) terms in May, although this was offset by a 5.1 percent increase in offered capacity. AAPA said that although expansion vis-à-vis 2014 volumes was slowing, 2015 had so far been positive for carriers.

Chuckles For July 1, 2015

ICAO Slaps Thai Aviation
   The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) downgraded the Thai Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to Category 1 effective June 18th, after a Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP) audit red flagged a number of safety concerns in January.
    The shortcomings were addressed with DCS after compliance deadlines were set by ICAO, which apparently were not met by DCA.

    DCA operates the 28 domestic airports in Thailand and also provides regulatory oversight over the entire Thai aviation industry; this duel role of the DCA as airport operator and regulator ICAO is considered a possible conflict of interest.

Vital Views - 1997, 1996, 1987, 2004
   The year 2015 marks our 40th year in air cargo news reporting
—first as Air Cargo News and now as FlyingTypers.
   In 2015 we are fortunate to present the writings of
the nearly 102-year-old Richard Malkin, who remains the first air cargo journalist in history and now serves as FlyingTypers' Senior Editor.

Blast from the Past
   When pioneering USA flag carrier Eastern Airlines dropped dead in 1991, after having been part of the landscape in America from the dawn of commercial aviation and carrying traditions from Eddie Rickenbacker to Frank Borman, many thought that the last of it was the demolition of the carrier's old headquarters office tower at Miami International Airport.
    But if there is one certainty in this world it is that someone will start up another airline.

Vol. 14 No. 53                  Monday June 29, 2015

U.S. Ports & The Modal Shift
   The union-employer dispute at U.S. West Coast ports, which left ships waiting in port and cargo and equipment stranded across the nation for much of the last year, finally ended in May when a new 5-year labor agreement was signed between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA).

ICAO DGP Advances Lithium Question
   The Working Group of the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP), which convened in Montreal, Canada, earlier this year, bears some closer examination, as the agenda included working papers and recommendations due for implementation into the 2017-2018 version of ICAOs “Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.”

Women in Charge - Pooja Sees Red
   For Pooja Ahluwalia, business manager, Red Express & Logistics, her office is the place she feels completely at home. That is where all the action resides and that is, incidentally, where she feels “very comfortable in this male-dominated cargo industry.”
     After all, Ahluwalia has spent more than a decade dabbling with consignments. The initial years—she was candid enough to accept (and admit)—were tough. In fact, when she joined the industry, she had formed a mental picture. “Cargo,” she said, “is perceived as a laborious and manual job, and thus not appropriate for women.”

Chuckles For June 29, 2015

Not Easy Being Visakhapatnam International Airport
   Visakhapatnam International Airport, (IATA: VTZ – ICAO: VOVZ) located in the port city of the same name on the eastern coast of India and managed by the government-controlled Airports Authority of India (AAI), is getting some notice lately.
    Better known than, say, Rajahmundry Airport and Bhubaneshwar Airport, which are located some hundreds of kilometers nearby, lately a number of international flights are touching down at the field while reportedly some freight forwarders and air cargo stakeholders are getting ready to start operations.

Vital Views 1986, 2006, 2008
   The year 2015 marks our 40th year in air cargo news reporting
—first as Air Cargo News and now as FlyingTypers.
   In 2015 we are fortunate to present the writings of
the nearly 102-year-old Richard Malkin, who remains the first air cargo journalist in history and now serves as FlyingTypers' Senior Editor.

Vol. 14 No. 52                  Thursday June 25, 2015

What Makes Ashwin Run?
  Ashwin Bhat was named chief cargo officer at highly respected SWISS WorldCargo earlier this week, and he may be the top airline cargo executive in the world. He hits the ground running, indicating that he aims to make a good thing even better:

The Charter Saga
   “That is not a saga, it’s a gas: mellifluous and malodorous.”
   The great WWI American ace and later airline pioneer Ralph O’Neill once said those words to me after reading a book about Pan Am titled An American Saga.

Chuckles For June 25, 2015

Summer Changes
   Summer means fun and also changes for Lufthansa Cargo.
   Dynamic announcement late last week that Lufthansa Cargo sales division will witness Helge Krüger-Lorenzen, Frank Naeve and Dorathea von Boxberg earmarked for new assignments at the cargo airline beginning August 1, 2015.

Weather Or Not
   And now for something completely different . . . Up Finland way, where the winters are long and they dance the tango and listen to big band music, our friend, the great Erik Byman (Ospentos) shares a bit of humor as the first of

Roermond Not Rohrmann
   UPS adds Roermond (a city in Holland not to be confused with Guenter Rohrmann, an air cargo pioneer who built Air Express International, now part of DHL) to its new facilities roster barely a month after the company opened a similar healthcare-dedicated facility at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Vol. 14 No. 51                  Tuesday June 23, 2015

Bhat Atop SWISS WorldCargo
   “Ashwin Bhat is a proven airfreight specialist,” said Harry Hohmeister, CEO of SWISS. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with him, and we wish him every success and satisfaction in his new capacity, as Mr. Bhat was named SWISS’s new head of cargo.

June Is Bustin' Out For Finnair Cargo
   While Finnair Cargo awaits its big capacity boost, which will ride along with its all-new A350XWB aircraft, the first of 19 aircraft commence induction into the AY fleet toward the end of 2015.

Chuckles For June 23, 2015

Jerry and Gorm VikingTrue Confessions By Richard Malkin
Jerry Trimboli, Slugger Without Bat
   Had the Fates been a little kinder to his earliest aspirations, Jerry Trimboli, a slugging outfielder, would have had a better opportunity of landing a slot on the Phillies or Cincinnati Reds.

A Little Travelin' Music
 Sunday was the longest day of the year—the Summer Solstice in New York City—and now every day will only grow shorter until the Winter Solstice on December 22.
   But for now, it is still summer, the annual season of travel, and so we were thinking about travelling music and different forms of travel.

Vol. 14 No. 50                  Thursday June 18, 2015

Up Close & Personal With Prince Edwards
   Sanjiv Edwards, Head of Cargo Business, Delhi International Airport, is one of those executives who give the impression of being calm - all the time. When this correspondent met him at the Import Cargo Complex at Delhi Airport, there were people rushing out from their chambers on the first floor. Delhi had just felt the

Avec Mois à Paris
   Paris Blockbuster . . . Maybe the news is not the biggest ever for Boeing, but the order for 20 B747-8F aircraft from Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Russia's leading air cargo carrier, has breathed life into the legendary airplane whose sales have been mostly moribund recently.

SV June To Delhi
  Elsewhere Keku Gazder – Regional Director Cargo, Indian Sub-Continent for Saudia Cargo said freighter services have been added from New Delhi to Riyadh and Jeddah this month.

Chuckles For June 18, 2015

ULDs Get No Respect
   A common saying goes, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.”
   This also seems to be true for the ULD (or Unit Load Device).

William J. Wascher Export Seko Logistics No Limit
   William J. Wascher has to be one of the most clued-in logistics executives in the U.S. With strategic reach and a depth of knowledge across markets rarely encountered, the president and CEO of Seko Logistics sprinkles his insights into cargo markets. He is keen to talk air freight at the moment, not least because it is proving a happy hunting ground for his Chicago-based company.

Vol. 14 No. 49                  Sunday June 14, 2015

Brookings Reports U.S. Trade Flows
   Next week the Washington-based Brookings Institute’s Metropolitan Policy Program will release twin reports as part of its Metro Freight Series examining the volume of goods flowing through U.S. ports and across the nation by truck, train, boat, plane, and pipeline.

Quote Of The Day
   "There is tremendous potential for cargo services in Eastern Europe, and we have

Nepal Diary: Helping The Neediest
   (FlyingTypers’ Asia/Pacific Editor-in-Chief SkyKing has spent the majority of the past six weeks in Nepal covering the story of the devastating earthquakes. He has

Vital Views
2004—Cornelia Fischer, economist, International Civil Aviation Organization
2005—Michael Ducker, vice president – international, Federal Express
2009—Giorgio Laccona, chairman and CEO, IJS Global

Chuckles For June 14, 2015

The Joint Is Jumpin'
   Read the following while listening to Fats, who knew something about getting the “Joint Jumpin'.”
   The joint venture between Lufthansa Cargo and ANA Cargo gets bigger in August.

Vol. 14 No. 48                  Thursday June 11, 2015

Quotes Of The Day
   "More Logistics and Less CO2"—Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht

   "Open and even critical debates at our conference will have an impact on the whole"—Bettina Jansen

I Want You Harmonized
   The Global Harmonized System (GHS) is maturing slowly but steadily and impacting the ways of international trade and commerce.

AAI Focus On Cargo
   The major international airports of India—Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kochi—are no longer in the hands of the government-

Chuckles For June 11, 2015

Women In Charge—Tavishi Ipsita Simply Loves Cargo
   Tavishi Ipsita simply fell in love with the cargo industry when she was still a student. As she told ACNFT, “Building a career in cargo was my choice . . .” So when the time came for her to choose her

Vital Views

1980 Guenter O. Eser, director general, International Air Transport Association, editorialized in an optimistic

2003—Don Palmer, director, International IntermodalCenter, Huntsville International Airport, Alabama, had strongly positive words for the time-positive airport.

Vol. 14 No. 47                  Monday June 8, 2015

Heavy Weather For Air Berlin
   From Dusk ‘til Dawn
   Air Berlin (AB) is in serious trouble, and not for the first time. This time, however, it is unclear whether the troubled carrier will see the sun rise again.

Voice Of The Shipper
   Here are some thoughts from Markus Aerne of Schneider Express, a privately held, 150-year-old Swiss logistics company headquartered in Basel, with offices in America in Valley Stream, New York, near JFK International Airport . . .

Hunting Trophies Have No Way To Go
   On May 15, 2015, the British publication The Economist featured an article titled “You kill it, you carry it” dealing with the issue of trophy hunting in Africa and, sidelining on the logistical aspects of this business, how to get that freshly hunted trophy back home.

Chuckles For June 8, 2015

lettersDear Geoffrey,

   Greetings from Dallas . . . I hope this finds you well. Since Madam Secretary has become a favorite show of ours, Louise and I enjoy watching young Geoffrey and seeing what a fine actor he has become.

Japan Week 2015
   As a New Yorker, any opportunity afforded to more deeply explore historic areas of the city should be immediately exploited—too often, native New Yorkers suffer the dreaded malaise of Head Down Syndrome, missing the once-spectacular, now-mundane sights of one of the greatest cities in the world.

Vital Views— 2002 And 2007
2002—Dennis W. Patrick, president, Lynden Air Freight, in a forceful comment on techniques for “everyday work.” He said: “You can remember one minute manager and management of objective.

2007—David Abney, chief operating officer – UPS and president, UPS Airlines, offered these words of change and challenge: “The air cargo industry has seen much change and many

Vol. 14 No. 46                  Wednesday June 3, 2015

Oliver's Long Beach Love-In
   The Allegria Hotel near JFK International Airport in Long Beach, New York, is, above all, a party place with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean from its towering rooftop terrace.

Chuckles For June 3, 2015

Face Time With Emirates Tim Clark

Jyoti DHL India Livewire
   The travel and banking businesses lost their opportunity to cling on to a livewire like Jyoti Row Kavi. That was more than eight years ago. Today, Jyoti holds the fort for DHL.

Vol. 14 No. 45                  Friday May 29, 2015

Achim Too Cool For School
   You don’t have to look too far to figure out why Lufthansa Cargo is consistently on top as the number one combination cargo carrier in North America.
   Lufthansa Cargo has enjoyed a long history of firsts, marked by over six decades of a pioneering culture that has been developed, widened, and advanced over the years.

Pilots Want Lithium Cargo Revamp
   The Working Group of the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP) convened in Montreal, Canada, from April 27th to May 1st, 2015.
   On the agenda were various working papers and recommendations due for implementation into the 2017-2018 version of ICAOs “Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air,” which is the internationally binding legal basis for the air transport of dangerous goods.

Turk Tips Wings To India & Africa
   (New Delhi Exclusive)—As Turkish Airlines has grown over the past decade, Turkish Cargo—the rising star of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas (Miami service launching October 25, 2015)—has performed a similar expansion below decks and on a growing system of all-cargo services offered by the flag carrier.

Chuckles For May 29, 2015

Up Up & Away With UPS
   Jeff McCorstin has become one of FlyingTypers’ go-to guys for freight strategy in Asia. And, as ever, our latest conversation with the President of UPS Asia Pacific’s Global Freight Forwarding District was nothing short of illuminating.

Vol. 14 No. 44                  Wednesday May 27, 2015

Leipzig Transport Interlude
   There are some interesting meetings this week in Leipzig, Germany, as The International Transport Forum (ITF), an intergovernmental organization with 54 member countries, which acts as a think tank for transport policy, holds its Annual Summit of transport ministers.

Quote Of The Month
   With the final induction of USAiways, American Airlines becomes the world’s largest airline. CEO Doug Parker spoke about the Emirates service from New York to Milan:

Americans For Fair Skies
   The “flights freeze” taken by Dutch lawmakers, which stops any further new services into Netherlands by Gulf carriers, is added to moves already taken by Germany and France to freeze the allocation of new routes to Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar.

Saudia Adds B777 Freighters
    Saudia Cargo inducted its first B777 freighter to the fleet this month and promptly sent the aircraft into operation: SV 3969 departed Mumbai for Jeddah on May 7, bound for points in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

Chuckles For May 27, 2015

WTO Moves Toward TFA
   In an air cargo industry looking for new markets, return on investment, and less time on the ground, the World Trade Organization (WTO) initiative toward acceptance of a new Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is underway amidst hopes of ratification by the WTO’s 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi this December 15-18, 2015.

Logistics Versus Nepal
   On April 25 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, but since then the Himalayan country has suffered more than 90 aftershocks of over 4.0 magnitude, as well as a 7.3 quake on May 12, which was followed by a 6.3 quake an hour later.

Echoes 1975-2015
1990—As Jean-Alain Ress takes a hard look at the air cargo industry, there is little question that competition is steadily gaining muscle. Ress, who heads marketing for Aeroports de Paris cargo and ground handling services, predicted    

American Launches B787

Vol. 14 No. 43                  Thursday May 21, 2015

Nepal Going To Wells Is Heart & Soul
   (Nepal Exclusive)—Like many of the people working on the relief effort in Nepal, Steve Wells is an ordinary guy doing his best in exceptional circumstances.
   The 43-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland, is organizing the logistics of getting aid into Nepal for Save the Children (STC) in his capacity as the charity’s Head of Logistics. He draws on the vast

Lise-Marie TurpinTIACA ACF Toronto
   The first news out of the TIACA Executive Summit in Miami this week is that Air Cargo Forum 2018 will take place in Toronto, Canada.
    The 2018 ACF will take place from October 17-19 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.
   Lise-Marie Turpin, vice president, Cargo, Air Canada Cargo, said the ACF will be a “wonderful opportunity for the

Cargo Star Of Lebanon
Cargo Star Of Lebanon
  Middle East Airlines (MEA) launched its new $25 million cargo center, replacing a facility that had been in use since Salim Salam was chairman. Photo above—Mr. Salam, (center) is pictured in 1982 with Geoffrey (right) and ACN Senior Contributing Editor, the late Ed Talbert, (left).

Chuckles For May 21, 2015

ACE Sessions Back To The Future
   If you think remembering who won airline of the year at that awards banquet at Air Cargo Europe is tough to remember, try remembering a single detail from even one discussion session at Air Cargo Europe 2013.
   Yes, we are speaking 2013, but honestly, unless you were there, you probably missed it.

Vital Views 2005 & 2015
   The year 2015 marks our 40th year in the world of air cargo news reporting—first as Air Cargo News and now as FlyingTypers.
   In 2015 we are fortunate to present the writings of the nearly 102-year-old Richard Malkin, who remains the first air cargo reporter in history (circa 1942) and now serves as FlyingTypers' Senior Editor.
     Here Richard recalls the views of executives over the four decades.

Vol. 14 No. 42                  Monday May 18, 2015

Never Too Early For 'Fast' Jacques
   “It’s not about whether a dime on the ground is worth your effort,” says ‘Fast’ Jacques Leijssenaar, newly minted vice president Cargo Sales EMEIA for United Cargo, “it’s about whether you are willing to pick it up and make something out of it.

Weeks Waiting DHL Nepal Focus
   DHL’s Disaster Response Team has been the most prominent industry presence on the ground in Nepal, but team leader Chris Weeks would like to do more.
   A team of DRT volunteers consisting of DHL employees from countries including Bahrain, Belgium, Dubai, India, Malaysia, and Singapore arrived in Kathmandu two days after the first huge quake struck this mountainous country on April 25, 2015.

Chuckles For May 18, 2015

Can Duo Save TIACA?
   As Oliver Evans and Enno Osinga exit stage left, Sanjiv Edward, head of Cargo Business at Delhi International Airport and Sebastiaan Scholte, CEO of Jan de Rijk Logistics, arrive on the scene as chairman and vice chairman, respectively.

lettersNepal Failing Logistics
Dear Geoffrey,
   It was with a mixture of sheer disbelief, anger, and frustration that I read your story about Nepal Failing Logistics.
   Just a few days ago, I found the attached newspiece published in the Kathmandu Post, only hours before the second heavy earthquake this week.

Echoes 1975-2015
   Promises, promises. Why not? If air travelers may now purchase e-tickets, why not grant air cargo customers the efficiencies of an e-air waybill—a system

     Prompted by feasibility studies, which covered manufacturing and trends in trade over the ensuing three decades, Federal Express arrived at a decision to say farewell to its Asia Pacific hub in Subic Bay, Philippines, and transfer

Vol. 14 No. 41                  Thursday May 14, 2015

Logistics Failing Nepal
(SkyKing In Nepal)—The humanitarian relief effort into Nepal is being hampered by a failing logistics network, which is in danger of leaving as many as a million people without adequate food and shelter ahead of the June monsoon season.

Sultan Of Cargo At Emirates
   Shortly after Nabil Sultan emerged on the world stage as Emirates’ “newly appointed Divisional Senior Vice President, Cargo July 1, 2013,” he headed to the United States to meet staff and customers. We met up with him at SkyCargo John F. Kennedy International Airport before that fateful exercise got underway.

Ospentos Innovates New IT Solution
   We met Erik Byman in midtown Manhattan as a chilling late March wind locals have dubbed the “Hudson Hawk” cuts up from the Hudson River and careens through the canyons of buildings.
   We recall catching up with Erik in similar climes over the years—Moscow at Trans-Russia, the big logistics event held in the Russian capitol, and in Finland and Estonia in the deep winter.

Chuckles For May 14, 2015

Four Decades Of Vital Views— George A. Shipman and Brian P. Barrow

Dale Drones On
  Take it from us: the air cargo visionary, the air cargo pundit extraordinaire, will always be around. His thoughts leap time to a yet unrealized future.

Vol. 14 No. 40                  Monday May 11, 2015

East Side/West Side Reporting Lufthansa Cargo 2015
   Recently at CNS Partnership Conference in Orlando, Florida, we met Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, the new board member products & sales of Lufthansa Cargo, and the effervescent cargo professional, Achim Martinka, vice president cargo, the Americas.

Chuckles For May 11, 2015

Swisseriffic News From Munich
   The best may have been saved for last at Air Cargo Europe Thursday afternoon. SWISS WorldCargo put together a tasty gathering of fun facts, a teaser regarding a future reveal of next month's successor to retiring chief cargo officer Oliver Evans, and news that by 2016 the first of a half dozen B777s will join the fleet, bringing increased capacity and replacing the A340s on long haul routes.

Rainer MuellerSV Builds CDG
     “Our focus is to improve connectivity and provide a growing network of destinations and quality operations to our customers,” said Rainer Mueller, VP Commercial for Saudi Airlines Cargo.



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dnata Timednata Time

At Air Cargo Europe, left to right—Kevin Ennis, vice president business development dnata Cargo; Bernd Leo Struck, senior vice president-UAE cargo, dnata and Micky Jadeja, manager commercial cargo, dnata.



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Extraordinary People
   We are glad to report that in this world of ordinary people, there are still many dear hearts in air cargo.
  And none better than Lionel Smith, CEO, Air Cargo Integrators, a Dubai-based wunderkind, who is busy right now extending a helping hand to the victims of the Nepalese disaster.

Sir Maurice FlanaganHappy Landings Maurice
   My friend, the great Maurice Flanagan, Emirates Airline chief executive who built the company into the world’s largest international airline, died on Thursday at his home in London. He was 86.

Trees Gave It Up For Daily Blah
   Last week we picked up a copy of the “Official Air Cargo Europe” daily publication commissioned by Transport Logistic Air Cargo Europe.
  Printed on extra thick glossy stock, the issue felt and looked wonderful.

Vol. 14 No. 39                  Wednesday May 6, 2015

China Exports & Capacity Flatten Rates
   Deteriorating exports from China allied to an influx of capacity on ultra-large container ships are combining to put even more downward pressure on ocean liner spot rates on key East-West trades.

Always On Sunday
   The head of Customs at Athens International Airport teams up with Athens International Cargo marketing manager as Greece continues its long but steady climb back from economic ruin.

Matters Of The Heart—Lena Boueri
   Sometimes the cargo business is about making a lot of money, other times it is about following others into the business.

Chuckles For May 6, 2015

AA Cargo Picks Up The Beat
“As great as 2014 was for network expansion, 2015 should be even more exciting as we add non-stop service between Dallas and Beijing, and between Miami and Frankfurt.”

Oman Air Takes Off
   Look up in the sky—it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Oman Air!
   You might think Suresh Nair is a new kid on the block—the youthful head of cargo sales and marketing at Oman Air projects the image of an eager, dedicated young airline executive, driven by his unique role in the emergence of a major niche player on the air cargo scene.

Favorite Tuesday Photo
   Why are these people smiling?
   Because they love each other, that’s why!

Vol. 14 No. 38                   Tuesday May 5, 2015

New Landmark For Air Shippers
   (Dateline Istanbul)—Our first impression upon walking into the building was that we had just landed at Google Headquarters.
   The space was so big, bright, and airy, and filled with young, smart looking, purpose-driven people.

Chuckles For May 5, 2015

ATC Aviation Out Front Pulling Away
   Nobody has to tell ATC Aviation CEO Ingo Zimmer to stand tall.
   At nearly 6 foot five inches, the dynamic leader of “wunderkind” GSSA ATC, based in Cargo City Sud Frankfurt-Main Airport, is usually the easiest to spot, even in a crowded room.

Cowboys & Indians
   Never mind the Cowboys—here come the Indians!
   One of our favorite trade show pictures has Pradeep Kumar, senior vice president,

Playing An Ace In Munich
   In the game of cards, the Ace of Spades has two paradoxical meanings: it’s the card with the highest value, but it’s also the death card.
   Topic A at Air Cargo Europe (ACE), taking place in Munich, Germany, as part of Transport Logistic from May 5th to May 8th, raises the question of whether ACE will be the trump card of 2015’s cargo events, or another joker wrapped up as a super- sized industry event.

Feliz Cinco De Mayo
   A man dressed as a female Mexican rebel takes part in a recreation of the Battle of Puebla

Vol. 14 No. 37                   Monday May 4, 2015

True Confessions: An Interview With Peter Gerber
   Peter Gerber assured me that he has kerosene in his blood, which translated to a simple though important fact: virtually the entire career of the 51-year-old CEO of Lufthansa Cargo has been within the Lufthansa Group. The kerosene apparently has turned out to be an effective mix, and Gerber replied to

For David Communication is King
   United Cargo’s Managing Director of Pricing, Revenue Management and Sales Strategy, David King belies the green eyeshade, rolled-up sleeves, cliché image of a moneyman. He prefers instead to be active in the marketplace, learning from and about his customers and industry colleagues.

Chuckles For May 4, 2015

Everbody Loves Somebody Sometime
   And the awards just keep on coming . . .
   Now with Air Cargo Europe underway, the award season ramps itself into overdrive.

More Cool At Swiss ZRH
    “The expansion of these cold storage facilities further confirms our joint commitment to making Zurich Airport a first-class hub for handling pharmaceutical shipments.

Four Decades of Vital Views
   William D. Clarke, former director of cargo planning at Trans World Airlines, called attention to the following: “When deregulation occurred in 1978, the pricing environment began to change. At first, the changes were not pronounced as forwarders

Spargel Zeit Asparagus Time Again
   If you’re in Munich this week you must try to enjoy the great German “royal vegetable” spargel (white asparagus). It was once reserved for only the upper classes, but is now enjoyed by everyone in Bavaria and beyond.


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EMO 50th Anniversary Ad

Achim Too Cool For School
Achim Martinka
Lufthansa Cargo
Vice President The Americas

David King At CNS
David O. King
United Cargo
Director Pricing Revenue

Ray Curtis On Relationships

Ray Curtis
Delta Air Lines Cargo
VP Sales Cargo

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