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Geoffrey FIATA Fellow
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Vol. 21 No. 43                         WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9, 2022

Buffalo Airways In Miami
     For Canada and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories-based Buffalo Airways Cargo folks, attending The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Air Cargo Forum to rub elbows is only right.
     Somewhere in the heart of every one of those age-defying aircraft still in use, speaks of air cargo’s glorious past and endless possibilities!

If It's Wednesday It Must Be Miami
     Taking an idea into reality and then bringing it out to the world has always been uppermost on the mind of Amar More, the CEO of Kale Logistics. This is the Mumbai-based company that revolutionized the air cargo process by implementing the Kale Exclusive Cargo Community System for smaller and bigger trucks calling daily at Atlanta Airport in 2019.

ATC South America Youth Training Initiative
Day One of The International Air Cargo Association ACF in Miami Beach and the rain from the big storm began. Day Two is supposed to speeding up 25-50 mph winds, but know thankfully Miami is not in the direct path nor appears at this point to not be on “'the dirty side of the storm’. Attendance is busy. It appears that people travelling from overseas are here at ACF and cancellations were minimal, mostly amongst people from this hemisphere.

Chuckles for November 9, 2022

Separating Wheat From Chaff—What Happens Next
     TIACA ACF opens today in Miami.
     So once again thinking and in some cases sharing big thoughts brings the promise and planning ahead for next year.
     But what is the big picture?
     Here is someone who has some ideas.

Pumping Traffic
    LATAM Cargo is serving AERODOM and VINCI Airports on its new cargo Miami-Santo Domingo-Colombia / Ecuador with the modern Boeing 767-300F aircraft which has 50 tons of freight capacity. The new service will operate twice a week at Las Americas José Francisco Peña Gómez (AILA-Andres VarelaJFPG) International Airport, arriving in Santo Domingo from Miami and continuing to Colombia and/or Ecuador, thus linking the Caribbean with Latin America.

Quick Cargo Haltmayers Smiling Faces Going Places
    Nonstop Haltmayers . . . Still approachable after all these years privately-held freight forwarder QCS-Quick Cargo Service GmbH is based at Frankfurt Am Main, which also happens to be Europe’s best air cargo airport. Founding father in 1974 and still smiling through is Dieter Haltmayer.

Vol. 21 No. 42                         TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2022

Weather Report Alert For Florida
     Miami Storm Update . . . As far as we can tell there have been no announcements from The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Air Cargo Forum of the gathering storm expected to hit the coast of Florida Weather Map shows expected area in red of impact where storm Nicole is feared at this hour to arrive in the next 24-36 hours.

IAS Alive & Thrives @ 35
     Above All These Are Some Great People.
When it comes to being practical while also being Dutch, Jacques H.M. Heeremans has all bases covered. This long time GSA Managing Director (now GSSA) of Schiphol Airport-based Inter Aviation Services B.V. (IAS), a company he started which has remained happily independent and growing for the past 35 years, is one of the few, and perhaps only, big time handlers to employ an all-female sales force.
     “It had to be,” easy-going Jacques admits:

Editorial—Airports Cargo Whitepaper
I read with interest the recent interview with Mike Webber on the state of the air cargo industry, and believe that it sets an excellent context for the need to move forward.

Chuckles for November 8, 2022

Letters for November 8, 2022
RE: How Miami Landed Its First Asian Carrier
Hi Geoffrey,
     I was amused to read the article about Peter Yap in today's Flying Typers, as when I first met Peter in the early 1980s he was actually responsible for ULD at CI !!!! And he was quite a character then even though he was well down the pecking order in a small office in the China Airlines head office on Nanjing Road!

Vol. 21 No. 41                         THURSDAY NOVEMBER 3, 2022

Celebrating Jazzy As Atlas Air Worldwide Is 30
     Michael Chowdry, one of the most successful people in the history of air cargo founded Atlas Air 30 years ago.
     The Pakistani native began flying in 1993 with one 747 freighter.
     Today Atlas is the largest ACMI operator on the planet.

How Miami Landed Its First Asian Carrier
     Once upon a time in 1994 I found myself in Taipei, Taiwan sitting at lunch with Peter Yap, who was the top cargo executive for China Airlines Cargo.
     At one point, Peter looked at me and said:
     “The trouble today is finding markets that offer great growth potential and also support from the local gateway.

Election Day USA Strange Choice For TIACA Opening
The International Air Cargo Association TIACA Air Cargo Forum (ACF) begins on November 8 Election Day across the U.S., which means to attend the first day of TIACA, unless you can figure out how to get to an absentee voting center, how will you be in two places at the same time a week from this past Tuesday?

Cargo Star Of Africa India Plan
     One of the few carriers to remain profitable after the Covid pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines has worked out expansion plans. Building on its more than 50-year presence in India (Ethiopian started flying to Delhi in 1966 and recently completed 50 years of service to Mumbai), “The Star of Africa” Ethiopian Airlines has acquired rights to operate 35 flights per week to the country.

Pumping Traffic
    Etihad Cargo in partnership with Etihad Airport Services and Abu Dhabi Airports to launch a new state-of-the-art pharmaceutical cool chain facility. The facility will will double Abu Dhabi Airport’s cool chain storage capacity and enhance the airport’s capabilities for the storage, handling and transportation of cool chain products.

Vol. 21 No. 40                         MONDAY OCTOBER 24, 2022

Turkish India As Autumn Begins
     We recently caught up with friend and occasional contributor, Austin, TX-based air cargo consultant Michael (Mike) Webber who consults for international gateways in North America, and has completed projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Clients and journalists value his willingness to tell what they need to know, rather than simply what they want to hear.

Jane Vaz Talks Mumbai & All That Jazz
    Jane Vaz created history of sorts when she became the first lady President of the Air Cargo Club of Bombay. And, all those who know her, are well aware that she does not take her job lightly. After all, she has been in the cargo game for a long time.

Chuckles for October 24, 2022

UPS India Expansion
     Around the middle of July this year, UPS announced the expansion of its global smart logistics network with a new airport gateway facility in India at the Bangalore International Airport (BLR). The facility enabled UPS to start a new Boeing 747-8 flight to connect India with trade opportunities in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Happy Diwali
    Today, October 24 begins Diwali (Deepavali, Dipabali), the festival of lights, and a grand family holiday in India.

Vol. 21 No. 39                         TUESDAY OCTOBER 18, 2022

Michael Webber Where We Are Now
     We recently caught up with friend and occasional contributor, Austin, TX-based air cargo consultant Michael (Mike) Webber who consults for international gateways in North America, and has completed projects in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Clients and journalists value his willingness to tell what they need to know, rather than simply what they want to hear.

Europe Return To Normal
     In some respects European Airlines are truly getting back to normal. All during October, employees at European carriers have been staging work protests post COVID. Latest are Eurowings pilots on a work stoppage closing down check-in counters at Cologne Bonn for three days to demand better working conditions this week.

Chuckles for October 18, 2022

85% Of India Air Cargo Traffic Running On Kale Logistics Solutions
     Officially opened last month by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, India's National Logistic Policy (NLP) initiative aims to halve India’s logistics costs and place the country in the top 10 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) by 2030, amongst other initiatives.

We Owe It To Our Customers
    We Owe It To Our Customers . . . Federal court rules a PayCargo competitor conducted “willful, pervasive and relentless” infringement and awards PayCargo more than $11 million.

Vol. 21 No. 38                         MONDAY OCTOBER 3, 2022

EMO Trans USA Celebrates 50 Big Ones
     The Garden City Hotel in Long Island, New York with its distinctive cupola originally designed by Stanford White atop the structure, has been a landmark hostelry in New York for over 125 years.

Vol. 21 No. 37                         THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

PayCargo London Building Services
     Yesterday PayCargo pulled off a show stopper announcement at IATA World Cargo Symposium in London announcing that the financial service company is spreading its wings beyond North America into Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Two Heads Are Better Than One
     At World Cargo Symposium, pleased to connect again, are Ethiopian Airlines Cargo & Logistics Services Managing Director Abel Alemu Yimer and ATC Aviation Services CEO Ingo Zimmer.

Chuckles for September 29, 2022

Get It On @ Kale In London By Golly
     Taking an idea turning it into reality and then bringing it out to the world and having it actually work has been uppermost on the mind of Amar More for some time now.

Mike Oslansky Delivers Exportese Every Step Of The Way
     What happens when an operations guy pivots from the airline to the emerging fast lane in high powered digital exchange?

Tension Convention World Cargo Symposium
     Wondering, while extending Shana Tova (Happy New Year) wishes to our dear friends, Where in the World is Brandon Fried, President of U.S.-based The Airforwarders Association?
     Around suppertime at the end of the first day of IATA's World Cargo Symposium in London, we found out.

Vol. 21 No. 36                         TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

Krems Sexy Cargo As Pandemic Fades
     The big Ferris Wheel branded London Eye that dominates the south bank of River Thames Borough of Lambeth skyline these days, offering a circular, high and a better view of London night and day is an exciting eyewitness back to normal after the saddened atmosphere of that long emotional goodbye to the beloved Queen during the past weeks.

Chuckles for September 27, 2022

ATC Says Take A Load Off
     Ingo Zimmer, CEO of All-Star GSSA ATC is waiting to see you in London this week.
     Just like any top executive in air cargo today, he is fixing in his mind what will be said about the condition and power of his GSSA as it moves inexorably to the very top in every measurable estimation of quality and service.

    Richard Malkin, the greatest and first air cargo Editor, who passed away on July 11, 2017, often shared his experiences in air cargo with FlyingTypers.
    Dick Malkin, covering The Berlin Airlift in 1948 is pictured here in front what was left of The Reichstag whilst reporting on the big aerial parade of all-cargo aircraft into Berlin Tempelhof, that saved a city and also gave rise to modern air cargo.

Vol. 21 No. 35                         FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2022

Busan Says It All
     In BUSAN logistics reconvened with responsible business choices and style. “It always takes a group of people working together with a common purpose in an atmosphere of trust and collaboration to get extraordinary things done”, this is a quote from James M. Kouzes, which works particularly well in this occasion.

Why Are These Men Laughing?
     The last time this many great industry people ate dinner together was when Bill Boesch dined alone . . . They honored Fred Smith who invented FedEx at the L. Welch Pogue Dinner in Washington, D.C. September 14.

Gone But Not Forgotten
     Gümo (Günter) Mosler, who partnered and worked with us for a half dozen years covering FRA Cargo is recalled this month. He died on September 13 four years ago and was a great supporter of the air cargo industry.
     Standing about 6-foot-4 above the crowd, he was always impeccably dressed, his head topped with a variety of period and modern gentleman’s hats worn with great flourish and pride.

Vol. 21 No. 34                         MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

FIATA Green Light To Busan
     Under the title “The FIATA World Congress (FWC) will provide an opportunity for logistics to become greener” FIATA interviewed Dr Soo-Yong Shin, PhD and Associate Research Fellow of the Korea Maritime Institute, in preparation of the next FWC to be held in Busan, South Korea between 11th and 16th of September 2022.

Lionel van der Walt Vectors Forwarder's Approach
     “The profound positive impact of Vector.ai’s rapid expansion and innovative approach to helping freight forwarders solve their business challenges with AI, is leading a new wave of meaningful transformation across the industry,” said Lionel van der Walt (l) who joins Vector.ai as the London-based company's Chief Growth Officer.

Chuckles for September 12, 2022

Escape From The World Trade Center
     We have known Jim Larsen for as long as we have been in the air cargo business.
     Always a stand-up guy and air cargo pioneer to boot, Jimmy served at Seaboard World Airways, the great pioneer carrier that spawned many other air cargo greats like Bill Boesch, John Mahoney, Dick Jackson, Guenter Rohrmann and Vincent Chabrol, the list goes on.

Mayflower A Cargo Carrier
     Times have changed
     And we've often rewound the clock
     Since the Puritans got a shock
     When they landed on Plymouth Rock.
     If today, any shock they should try to stem
     'Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock
     Plymouth Rock would land on them.”

Queen Elizabeth And The Lady In The Harbor
     Now, as the world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, we recall a singular person we've been aware of since 1953.
     We settled in the New York City borough of Queens moving from Toledo, Ohio, in 1953 the same year Elizabeth became Queen.

Vol. 21 No. 33                         FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 2, 2022

Smaller Ships Better Maritime Trade
     FIATA Senior Vice President Jens Roemer delivered a speech at the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Chile, CNC, on May 26th 2022 that was registered as webinar by the tile of “Shipping crisis and its impact on the economy”. In my view this is a clear, daring analysis of what happened in the global maritime market after the eruption of the pandemic.

ATC Aviation And Korean Air Cargo 20 Big Ones
     Eat until your hands get tired!
     There’s lots more when sharing comes from the heart!
     “You can learn a lot about each other by sitting down with our team and service partners and enjoying a meal together,“ declares Mark Thiermann Regional Director South America-ATC Aviation Services AG.

Chuckles for September 2, 2022

Saving Frankfurt Airport History
     Last week we wrote about an artifact at FRA (https://lnkd.in/e7sjxPr6) that was here when the airport opened 86 years ago and is still on public view today.
     The Globe of the World on an obelisk needs some help and once again our readers answered the call.

Letters for September 2, 2022
     I have to admit that I haven’t been aware of the great story of this globe in the background of our picture. Thanks for sharing this story. I now judge this picture and the background piece of art as much more valuable!

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