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Vol. 14 No. 32                   Friday April 17, 2015

New Landmark Address For Air Shippers
   Istanbul is home to fast rising Turkish Airlines Cargo, and the carrier just moved into a beautiful and dramatic new Air Cargo Transfer Facility on January 1, 2015.

Taking Delta On The Road
  Delta Cargo Vice President–Commercial Ray Curtis gets excited and deeply involved whilst attending air cargo industry events. He can also get pretty worked up about show venues that offer an opportunity to do some good, lasting business.

Echoes 1975-2015, Year 2007
   The year 2015 marks our 40th year in the world of air cargo news reporting—first as Air Cargo News and now as FlyingTypers.

Intermodal Gets High Marks
   The big Intermodal South America show held last week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, gets high marks from Jim Bellinder, Vice President, Cargo Sales Americas – United Airlines.

Chuckles For April 17, 2015
   "Great airlines must have great networks,” insists Halit Anlatan, Turkish Cargo vice president of sales and marketing.

India Postman Rings Twice
   The Internet may have almost sent the venerable 150-year-old India Post into hibernation, but it is the same Internet that is bringing it back to its feet.
   Like the fabled carrier of the mail, for India, the postman rings twice!

Vol. 14 No. 31                   Tuesday April 13, 2015

Echoes 1975-2015—Alive In '75
   It was not the kind of a year to inspire cheerful souls. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Flying Down To Sao Paulo
  Later Jim Butler told FlyingTypers, “Intermodal does a great job of bringing together key decision makers across various aspects of the supply chain in an energetic and engaging venue.
   “Given our vast LATAM network, Intermodal is a critical venue for us to reinforce our regional
FedEx Ignites TNT
   The proposed takeover of TNT Express by Fed Ex would not take place until 2018, but it comes as the big integrator rides a strong dollar and tries to do what UPS couldn’t.

Chuckles For April 13, 2015

CAL Cargo Goes To School On Pharma
   "Completion of the program will strengthen CAL’s position as a leader amongst a frontline of carriers providing services for the Pharma sector," said Eyal Zagagi, CEO of CAL Group, as it began IATA's Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma) certification program at Liege Airport.

Swisserific Summer
   "Network enhancements allow Swiss WorldCargo to expand its consistent offer of high-value and care-intensive solutions and meet our customers’ increasing demand for premium air cargo services in these diversified markets,” Ashwin Bhat, head of Global Area Management said as SWISS debuted its Summer 2015 services.

Vol. 14 No. 30                   Tuesday April 7, 2015

Qatar Lights Up Sri Lanka
   There are plenty of things to do these days down Colombo way in Sri Lanka, but Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo Uli Ogiermann put things in proper perspective on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, when QR dropped in to say thanks and celebrate the region’s top freight forwarding agents and their role in supporting the airline’s cargo growth.

ABC Easy As 1, 2, 3
  "Our 20 percent growth of tonnage and 28 percent growth of FTK is a solid first quarter (2015) performance.
  The successful teamwork and continuous implementation of our customer-based long-term strategy made it possible to achieve such good operating results.

Chuckles For April 7, 2015

Rates & Spring Hearten April
   Drewry’s East-West Air Freight Price Index gained 2.2 points in February after two months of falling rates in which the index had lost over 21 points from November’s all-time high.

April Showers Turkish Cargo
   "Great airlines must have great networks,” insists Halit Anlatan, Turkish Cargo vice president of sales and marketing.

Angela Has Inspired Us All
   You don’t have to look further than Angela Gittens, the director general at Airports Council International, to find one of the greatest inspirational leaders in aviation.

High Times

Waxing Moon Plane

Everybody Loves A Good Egg
   The Arend clan is steeped in rich holiday traditions. We deck the halls together at Christmas, we sing the first stanza of “We Gather Together” before every Thanksgiving dinner, and at Easter—with everyone well over the age of five—we still paint Easter eggs.
    I’ve personally confronted raised eyebrows and sidelong glances when I tell people we still paint eggs.

Vol. 14 No. 29                   Tuesday March 31, 2015

Keeping Up With FlyingTypers At PVG
  The late Mayor of New York City Ed Koch loved to say to his constituents:
  “How Am I Doing As Mayor?”
  Sometimes hizzoner would get a glowing comment. Other times he might be damned to hell.

HEL Never Looked Better
   Finnair connects its future in a new $80 million cargo transfer facility to accommodate its gateway operations at Vantaa Helsinki Airport.
   The 377,000-square-foot terminal opens in 2017 and will help AY take cargo further as capacity is lifted due to fleet renewal with A350XWB deliveries (Finnair’s cargo revenue currently delivers 17 percent of AY’s throughput).

Chuckles For March 31, 2015

Lise-Marie TurpinLise-Marie Liked PVG
   Air Canada is on the eve of celebrating a significant milestone in 2016 when the carrier turns 78.

Amazon Drones On

Hapag Lloyd Hopes and Loss

The Hahn Smartens Up

Wolfgang BauerFarewell To A Friend
   It was completely coincidental that Wolfgang Bauer and I both arrived in New York on January 2, 1969, independently transferred from our jobs in Germany to new responsibilities in America. Wolfie, as his friends affectionately called him, was employed by Seaboard World Airlines in Stuttgart. He had been appointed to New York as one of their team of representatives from a number of European countries called the “foreign legion” under the leadership of the legendary Al Levinson.

Vol. 14 No. 28                   Friday March 27, 2015

Bali And The Jokowi Factor
   At this time of year, the approach to Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport passes over vast areas of flooded coastland. Shallow sea walls offer little in the way of defense for farmland. On arrival, a half-built terminal stands bereft of workers, its completion years behind schedule.

India Pharma Rampage Growth
  Recent figures indicate that India’s pharmaceutical industry will grow to $55 billion by 2020.

Chuckles For March 27, 2015

Fruit Logistica Is Top Banana
    Fruit Logistica held in Berlin February 4-6 blew the doors off the venue, attracting a record 65,000 people from more than 135 countries, with 2,785 exhibitors from 83 countries.
   Needless to say, the fresh produce industry was on the half shell here as business was booked, networks were expanded, and everybody agreed it was a peach of an event.

Vol. 14 No. 27                   Wednesday March 25, 2015

Troubled Manila Ports Impact Air
   As FlyingTypers reported last year, the U.S. West Coast stand-off between employers and unions, which caused so much disruption, proved a positive boon to air cargo markets, especially on Trans-Pacific lanes. But the U.S. was not the only country to suffer port congestion and shipping delays that prompted modal shifts.

Linda DreiffenAmerican Cargo's Seahunt
   “Air cargo is no longer about handing out rates and schedule flyers,” says Linda Dreiffen, MD Cargo Sales Eastern Division for American Airlines.
   For all of us a better understanding of the shipper’s requirements, the forwarder’s transit needs, and the airline’s capabilities can help lead to positive results.

No Rest At The Rest Stop
   Now that the labor slowdown at U.S. West Coast ports is resolved, the opportunity for cargo theft increases, says FreightWatch International.

Cargo Airships U.S. Caucus
   Last year the keynote speaker at the Air Forwarder (AfA) Conference in Orlando, Florida, was air cargo great Bill Boesch, who envisioned a future that includes fleets of cargo airships.

Chuckles For March 25, 2015

Saphir Maritime Lesson
   Albert Saphir (ABS Consulting) (above) and Joe Espinosa (Florida Shipowners Group) have a better idea.
   While industry talk swirls around big bureaucratic organizations raising flags that education is key to attracting an enhanced grade of executives into transportation,

Vol. 14 No. 26                   Monday March 23, 2015

Lufthansa Confidence Lifts Frankfurt
   There was an undeniable sense of confidence and even forward-thinking optimism at the Lufthansa Cargo press conference held in Frankfurt on Thursday March 19.
   Pop-up strikes by pilots and demonstrations by others in downtown Frankfurt last week notwithstanding, the message was upbeat from the top executive cargo team at Lufthansa Cargo.

Voices At WCS PVG—Jan Krems
   "My overall impressions of IATA WCS in Shanghai were very favorable. The Symposium was well-organized and the location and venue were convenient and effective for the proceedings. The networking opportunities were excellent, and I had a strong sense that many deals were being done and many new partnerships were formed.

Namaste Lufthansa India
   A common enough greeting in India is now ready to travel the world—and the credit goes to Lufthansa Cargo. An MD-11 freighter from Lufthansa's cargo fleet with the registration "D-ALCJ" touched down at Delhi International Airport on March 18, 2015, for its official baptism ceremony in which it was named "Namaste India" (translation: "Greetings India")

Chuckles For March 23, 2015

ATC Talks Growth In 2015

Bird Strikes Labor For Answers
   Technology has given aviation so many things. Today, more people can fly than ever before, in larger, quieter planes with all the luxurious amenities of the 21st century—telecommunications, Internet, personal TV screens. So much is available in-flight, it’s almost hard to see further ahead in time, to imagine what else might be possible.

Beer For Breakfast
   Not really. That only happens in the lobby departures area of Vantaa in Helsinki, home to the greatest ‘beer for breakfast’ in the world.
   At the JU-52 at InterCity Hotel Frankfurt Airport —a vest-pocket hostelry jam-packed with great food and libations—you can meet Harry the bartender and a giant JU-52 aircraft model on final from the ceiling. You can also meet Marco Volk.

Vol. 14 No. 25                   Wednesday March 18, 2015

Fresh Thinking United
  Led by Jim Bellinder, Vice President, Cargo Sales Americas, United Cargo is sending a clear and concise message to the seafood community gathered in Boston this week:
   “We want your business, and we have everything it takes to provide the specialized service you need.”

Uli OgiermannVoices At WCS PVG—Uli Ogiermann
   At IATA World Cargo Symposium last week Shanghai (PVG) Qatar Airways Chief Cargo Officer Uli Ogiermann was upbeat, telling FlyingTypers:

Boston Markets Seafood Week
   They Got The Seafood Mama—Seafood Expo North America and Seafood Processing North America launches its annual show at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts (March 15-17, 2015), it proves once again to be one of the best annual shows for business leads, business decisions, and just plain fun, hosting more than 19,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibits from more than 100 countries.

Saudia Cargo Wins Africa

TAM Slam For Guarulhos

Chuckles For March 18, 2015

Not Going Green In China
Although some folks might disagree with the color choice on Saint Patrick’s Day, there is no holding down investor smiles in China. On Tuesday March 17, 2015, prices of shares (red for prices rising and green for prices falling) climbed to levels last seen

Aw Shucks It Was Easy
   She’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she’s also an Oyster Shucking Champion.
   Deborah Pratt began her quest for oyster shucking fame when she was a child sitting on the doorstep with her younger sister, Clementine Macon.
   The novelty of an oyster and how one goes about quickly getting it open became a lifelong obsession for both of them.

Vol. 14 No. 24                    Monday March 16, 2015

United Cargo Wins XLA Accolade
    "United Cargo is extremely honored to receive this award," said Jan Krems, President of United Cargo as the carrier received the 2014 International Airline of the Year award from the Express Delivery and Logistics Association (XLA).
   "Our entire team has been focused on providing the level of quality service our customers deserve—and ensuring we extend this excellence to every location worldwide. This award is confirmation that our customers recognize and appreciate the efforts of our team members who deliver this quality every day."

Best Greetings From WCS PVG
   As IATA World Cargo Symposium met in Shanghai, big financial rumblings were heard when China's main stock indexes fell nearly 1 percent on Thursday, March 5, 2015, as investors dumped blue-chip shares (such as banks and real estate firms), driven by concerns about the slowing economy.

Letter from Lise-Marie Turpin
   Dear Geoffrey,

   I was very disappointed to read in your latest FlyingTypers a reference to the IATA Economist, Julie Perovic, as a "money honey". Flying Typers has made a point of showcasing the variety and range of women working in air cargo at all levels, for which it deserves credit. It is a shame that you couldn't extend the

Chuckles For March 16, 2015

DGR Track Lifts WCS Finale
IATA World Cargo Symposium (at least the public portion) concluded Thursday, with the morning dedicated to further “subject matter tracks,” while the afternoon belonged to the closing plenary.
  The “China International – Entering Chinese Market” track—in the English language—was all about entering, accessing, and competing in the Chinese air transport market.


Vol. 14 No. 23 Bulldog                     Tuesday March 10, 2015

Translating IATA Shanghai
   If the stated theme at IATA World Cargo Symposium in Shanghai is “improving the customers experience,” then so far, the mood of the majority of the assembled air cargo executives here has not improved.

More Chuckles For March 10, 2015

Sessions, Good, Bad And Mediocre
   As you read this a considerable number of time zones away, most attendees of the WCS have slept off their jet lag and attended sessions of the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Shanghai—most delegates going for the open-plenary ‘getting started’ sessions of this three-day event; some for the closed ‘invitation only’ sessions, and some just taking the opportunity to do some extensive networking while the opportunity presents itself.

Airports Missing In Shanghai

Dear Geoffrey,

   I appreciated the advance insight into the IATA WCS agenda in Shanghai this week.
   Once again I can’t help notice that there is little mention of the role that an airport can play in sustaining and growing a cargo operation.


Vol. 14 No. 22                    Tuesday March 10, 2015

True Confessions—Jim Butler, A New Brand Of Cargo Boss
   At first blush, it appears that Jim W. Butler 42-year-old president of American Airlines Cargo is not much of a desk man. In his first year as the airline’s top cargo officer, he logged close to 200,000 miles touching base throughout its domestic and international systems, which he acknowledged left him somewhat “terrified”.

Brand Week At WCS Shanghai
   As the IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS) begins its public sessions today, Tuesday, March 10th, it remains to be seen whether the event will deliver value for money to everyone in Shanghai.

Chuckles For March 10, 2015

Schenker Shooting Itself Through Foot
   DB Schenker recently put out a presser proclaiming the end of its cargo cartel lawsuit claim against Nippon Cargo, SAS, and Cargolux.
   But Schenker promised it would continue to pursue its claims against other air carriers “vigorously.”

Vol. 14 No. 21                    Monday March 9, 2015

Can IATA Deliver A Better Idea?
   The IATA WCS event in Shanghai this week bespeaks an event advancing the thoughts and priorities of the "usual suspects."
   Familiar efforts by Andrew Herdman, Tony Tyler, Tom Windmuller, Oliver Evans, and others may lower expectations among some folks, showing that these guys might not have much new to say.

International Women's Day 2015

Chuckles For March 9, 2015

Living For This Time
   Attending a conference is a bit like being bombarded by weighty, projectile textbooks, except you’re expected to retain the information contained within the wordy missiles being lobbed at your bruised body. It can be overwhelming and draining, and will leave little of your will behind to do anything else. “Information is pain!” conferences grunt, and we nod our hanged heads and grimace against the onslaught.

The Legend Of CNAC
   China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), in existence from, 1929–1949 moved from uncertain beginnings to remarkable successes as Asia’s first sustained commercial airline.

Vol. 14 No. 20                    Friday March 6, 2015

AEC Could Lift Indonesia
   Could Indonesia be the big winner in the economic integration of South East Asia? Well, yes, but only if it implements a raft of new reforms to encourage private investment in infrastructure and to improve the flow of goods across borders.

Women In Charge—Good To Be Karuna Sharma
   One fine day 19 years ago, Karuna Sharma suddenly found herself in the cargo industry. It was a move that she had never considered. The first few days were a learning experience for her, but Sharma has never looked back and would also never switch careers.

Chuckles For March 6, 2015

Awards Awards Awards
   Get ready for this.
   Between February 20 and June 8th, no less than three publications and probably half a dozen more organizations will be dispensing air cargo industry awards at fancy bowtie affairs around the world.
   There are awards for everything, from Company of the Year to Person of the Year, from Most Influential to Lifetime Service. The awards will be handed out left and right by trade shows, industry organizations, and publications alike.

Elvy KalepAir Babies—Elvy Kalep Female Aviation Pioneer
   We write about women in air cargo, about female aviators, and because we acknowledge women as consummate multi-taskers, we must remember to ask: what else can you do? What else do you do?

Spring Around The Corner
 It snowed again in New York City today.
   I looked out the window and thought:
   “I surrender,” but then remembered that we turn the clocks ahead to daylight savings time this coming Sunday, and Easter will be upon us in just a couple of weeks.


Vol. 14 No. 19                    Monday March 2, 2015

Bottoms Up At United Cargo
   It has been eight months since Jan Krems came to Chicago and took up the reins at United Cargo, leading the company back to the future with his own special combination of air cargo knowledge and enthusiasm bolstered by a stellar career in top management posts at KLM and AF/KL/MP Cargo.

Finding A Seat At The Table
   The 11th Air Cargo Conference and Exhibition, Air Cargo 2015 hit the ground running with some high-octane energy devoted to improving the lot of women in air cargo—what better way to open the month of March, Women’s History Month?

Grexit And Des Is Back From Exit
   February has been quite a month for news related to IATA and IATA Cargo.
First, the man who headed IATA air cargo for three years and hosted the last World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Los Angeles in 2014 (and, after WCS, quickly “retired to spend more time with . . . family”), Des Vertannes has almost as quickly regenerated himself and “unretired.” He is back in air cargo reportedly having joined a Boston-based IT firm.


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