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Geoffrey FIATA Fellow

Vol. 17 No. 2               WEDNESDAY JANUARY 17, 2017

Take A Tip From The Tulips
     If you’re rolling around hardstands these days looking at airplanes, you may notice the distinctive shadow relief of an elegant tulip connected to a long, thin stem emblazoned on every Turkish Airlines airplane.
     Then you meet Turhan Ozen, Head of Cargo for the Istanbul-based carrier.
     While the aircraft-laden skies above Istanbul are increasing connectivity via a growing global network, the debut of the biggest airport in the world, Istanbul International, waits in the wings for late 2018. Soon the most dramatic air traffic control tower on the planet (designed by Pinna Farina) will go into action. 

Chuckles for January 17, 2018

Dhaka Cargo From The Heart
     Greetings from Dhaka, where loose cargo rides in a styale that harkens back to a free-form era in our industry.
     I spent some time looking at the cargo area and consignments on the hardstand at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.
     DAC Cargo today is action central, with consignments piled high and strewn out all over the place, spilling out of the sheds, and awaiting transport.

Punch Up Chicago Cargo
     Get Hot Chicago . . . Join International Air Cargo Association of Chicago (IACAC) for the austere group’s first networking event of the year dubbed “The Punch Bowl Social.” The function takes place just off O’Hare International Airport’s main runways in Schaumburg, Illinois, January 17th, 6 to 10 PM.
     Kudos to BCS Placement, Edward J. Zarach & Associates, and Roanoke Trade who are sponsoring, having decided to blow back against the January chill off of nearby Lake Michigan.

Vol. 17 No. 1               MONDAY JANUARY 8, 2017

The Billion Dollar Baby
     “There is a movement or perhaps a rush that could also be described as a trend in air cargo today – to go out and charge a rate and promise service that is not sustainable.
     “I have always believed that delivering value for money is the true path to building a world-class, reliable and respected air cargo service,” Jan Krems, President United Cargo declares. 

Chuckles for January 8, 2018

2018 Early Rising Marks
   There was good news at the top with the late 2017 turnaround in the transportation sector. Trains, planes and trucks that had remained flat for most of last year ended the fourth quarter outperforming the S&P 500 Index ratings, moving up 6.8 percent in December while everything else was advancing at a 3.85 percent clip.

Vol. 16 No. 100               FRIDAY DECEMBER 29, 2017

SLOTS Are Some Are Set Maughan
       The lack of winter season slots at AMS forced many cargo airlines to find alternative airports and highlighted the glaring lack of global airport capacity. In the first part of this special FlyingTypersseries, the European Shippers’ Council called for reform of IATA’s 80:20 slot guidelines. In part two, FlyingTypers speaks to Lara Maughan, Head of Worldwide Airport Slots.

Chuckles for December 29, 2017

Lightbox for Christmas 2017

Butter Cake For Christmas
     When I was a little boy, my Mom said I had to go church to realize that something bigger than ordinary human beings made this earth.
      She left the choice of religion up to me, saying:
      “Just get into a congregation and see if you like the fellowship, and from there you can choose whether or not you want to practice ‘Sunday go to meetings’ for the rest of your life.”
      So I started to study the catechism with the Episcopalians.

Lifting For Christmas
      Dees', a plant and flower nursery, is an old time, family business that has been located just off the main runways at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Oceanside, New York since 1958.
      Dees' spends most of the year selling plants and trees and lawn care products to people from all over the metropolitan area.
      But once a year for the past eight years now, Dees' chops down several hundred Christmas Trees from its big farm in Maine and, in partnership with DHL, sends the trees free of charge to U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Vol. 16 No. 99               MONDAY DECEMBER 25, 2017

A Christmas Wish
      I know it’s late in the season for wish lists. You travel the entire world delivering presents in a single night, so it’s brazen of me to ask for anything on Christmas Day, as it’s -1 day’s notice. In addition, I am far too old to be asking you for anything. But, after taking stock, I’ve realized I’m at the age where I am far too old for nearly everything, so maybe you can make an exception, allowing for the generosity of the Christmas spirit. I asked you for a puppy for god knows how many years and you never delivered, so I think you owe me. Cut an old broad some slack.
     It’s not a long list. Some might say there’s not a thing on it you could do anything about. But I’m sending it out into the universe anyway, because let it be the niggling thing that pesters you at night instead of me. You have 364 days where you’re not busy doing anything. You can take it.

Chuckles for December 25, 2017

Vol. 16 No. 98               FRIDAY DECEMBER 15, 2017

Always Positive Uplifting World of TIA
       “The Transportation Intermediaries Association vision for our members is simple and direct:
       “We are here to improve your bottom line,” President & CEO Robert Voltmann declares.
       “As a true 3PL that offers the shipper the complete package, everything we do is focused on the member running a better-owned family business. 
       “TIA has renamed our annual gathering ‘The Capital Conference,’ emphasizing the aforementioned mission as the branding of our major event.”

Chuckles for December 15, 2017

Delta Expanding CEIV
     “Delta has made significant investments in Pharma facilities across its global network, so as to ensure that we are compliant with the highest industry standards,” said Shawn Cole, Delta’s Vice President – Cargo as the carrier said that it is now operating CEIV approved facilities at seven locations across Europe, with the recent addition of Dusseldorf airport to the network. 

Remembering Richard
     Richard Peter Norris of Marblehead died peacefully on December 8, 2017, at a Boston hospital with family and friends at his side. 
     He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Linda Oskinis Norris; his son Christopher and fiancee Alison; siblings Margaret Levine, Paul, Bill, Bob and Sally Norris, as well as several nephews.
     As an undergraduate,(Boston College 1972) Richard worked nights at Flying Tiger Line in Boston — beginning what would become a long and distinguished career in the air cargo industry. 

Vol. 16 No. 97               FRIDAY DECEMBER 8, 2017

Blockbuster CNS PayCargo Deal
      Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) and PayCargo have inked a pact to provide a way for the air cargo industry to pay online for imports in the U.S.
      Credit outgoing CNS President Lionel Van der Walt with engineering this late-year, blockbuster announcement (pictured here with FlyingTypers Publisher Geoffrey Arend).

Chuckles for December 8, 2017

Cargo C'est Magnifique
      Why the French? Well, it is almost a New Year and nearing the time to pop some bubbly, celebrate, and live a little as we report: “The latest air freight data on rates and volumes points to a magnificent Q4—unless, that is, you were caught in the perfect demand storm without enough space to airlift product to market in time for the holidays.”
      “October 2017 was special” as volumes and revenues peaked, according to WorldACD. Global volumes, based on reports from 75 airlines collated by the analyst, were up 6.9 percent for the month, while revenues soared 20 percent compared to October 2016, itself by no means a poor month for airlines.

Delhi To Go January Summit
     Come January, Delhi will host the largest Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) India business and investment summit. 
      The announcement of the summit came from Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the recent 15th India-ASEAN Summit and the 12th East Asia Summit in Manila. “India’s Look East policy puts this region at the center of our engagement. So, connectivity with ASEAN by land, sea, and air remains our priority,” said Modi. 

Lest We Forget
     It has been 76 years since December 7, 1941, and the people of that time are in their late 70s and older, but a gravestone still marks the resting place of 7 unknowns from the USS Oklahoma at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.

Super Moon
     Of course, everybody wants to know what will happen in 2018 and there seem to be no shortage of prognosticators willing to let loose on the subject.
     But for those people looking for a sure thing, here is one.

Vol. 16 No. 96               WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 6, 2017

American Rides Tall
     American Airlines Cargo President Rick Elieson stands tall in the saddle as 2017 moves toward 2018. Here he shares the details of his first year directing the cargo fortunes of the world’s largest airline, and what we all might learn from his experience.

Chuckles for December 6, 2017

Swiss Pharma To Table
      Swiss WorldCargo “Hub Zurich” landed the coveted renewal of GDP compliance from Swissmedic, the Swiss authority responsible for the authorization and supervision of therapeutic products.
      Recognizing Cargologic handling facilities’ GDP compliance certification was issued in September 2017.

Vol. 16 No. 95               MONDAY DECEMBER 4, 2017

Growing Slot Squeeze Impacts Cargo
     The battle for slots between all-cargo operators and fast-expanding budget leisure airlines will be central to the global debate over airport capacity for the next decade, believes the European Shippers’ Council.
     Rogier Spoel, Air Transport Policy Manager at ESC, told FlyingTypers that in the next ten years there would be “a fight” between freighter operators and fast-expanding budget airlines. This will pit the rival economic benefits of high-value cargo with its huge economic importance as a wealth multiplier, against leisure airlines catering to populations which desire cheap and regular flights to global destinations on services which often carry limited or no bellyhold cargo.

Chuckles for December 4, 2017

Can You Hear Us Now?
     In Istanbul the Association Of International Forwarding And Logistics Service Providers (UTIKAD), the major player in Turkish logistics industry, participated in the 39th Istanbul Charity Marathon sponsored by Vodophone that was held November 12, 2017. 
     UTIKAD fielded a charity running team comprised of UTIKAD top management and members who showed up, where the rubber meets the road, to support The Turkish Women's Solidarity Foundation.

Letters to the Editor

'Tis The Season
     One of the funnier aspects of 2017 has been The President Show, a 21-episode television series running on Comedy Central that reveals Anthony Atamanuik’s knockout portrayal of President Donald Trump.
     Reaching back to the best traditions of comedy satire from the golden days of television, when Sid Cesar, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, and others ruled the screen, each episode of The President Show is a delightful, funny, and free-wheeling satirical take on current events.

Vol. 16 No. 94               MONDAY NOVEMBER 27, 2017

We Like Mike For CNS President
     “We like Mike.”
      Long-serving “Steady” Mike White, Vice President, Government & Industry Relations Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS), should be named next President of CNS.
      When IATA named Glyn Hughes head of cargo we thought, “good for air cargo.”
      Along with being an acknowledged nice guy and positive spirit with deep knowledge of the business and a passion for air cargo, Glyn has been outstanding in spearheading the IATA agenda. He has rallied the people behind the programs that will help the air cargo partnership and secure the future viability of our business.

Chuckles for November 27, 2017

At 90 Pandit Parikh's Music Continues
     Shri Arvind Parikh was born in 1927 and schooled in Ahmedabad.
      In 1944 he moved to Bombay (Mumbai) to study in college and learn Indian Classical music on the Sitar from Ustad Vilayat Khan, India’s greatest exponent of the sitar.
      He later graduated with B.A. Honors (Economics) from Elphinstone College in 1948.
      He then began a career at Lee & Muirhead (LM) freight forwarders in 1948, a company that his father had acquired from its British owners.

Vol. 16 No. 93               TUESDAY NOVEMBER 21, 2017

Digitalization To Forwarders Not So Fast
      Last week Messe München, the folks that bring you Air Cargo Europe every other year, once again organized Logitrans International Transport Logistics Exhibition in Istanbul in conjunction with EKO Fair Limited, Munich. 
      Traditional air freight forwarders are being challenged by new ‘digital’ market entrants across their service portfolios. 
      The start-ups come in many guises. Some market themselves as cloud-based e-forwarders, brokers, or online sales platforms. 

Chuckles for November 21, 2017

Domestic India Growth Spotlight
     Intra-India air cargo is a hot growth ticket for India currently. 
     A recent ASSOCHAM-Yes Bank study pointed out that domestic cargo has registered a growth of 8 percent at a CAGR during FY07-17, while international cargo grew at 6.2 percent annually during the same period.
     Factoring that air cargo in India contributes about 20 percent of airlines’ revenues, the potential for growth and profits in this sector is huge. 

Cargo Rose of San Antone
     “Our job is to create a commercial success at San Antonio International Airport.
     “Our airport,” declares Marcel Johnson, vice president business development, “is served by several major airlines including United, American, and others. ”

Stanley Light of Beacon Council
     “It’s no secret,” says Stanley Rigaud, Director of International Economic Development, Trade & Logistics for Miami-Dade Beacon Council, “that air and seaport are the engines that in large part drive our economy.
     “From attracting multinationals to assisting small local businesses, The Beacon Council offers economic and business development services that support a strong and sustainable future for Miami-Dade County.


Colada, Medium Sweet, Please
     The man behind a good beverage at Avianca’s stand at Air Cargo Americas earlier this month—whether you wanted a cup of coffee, a colada, or a cappuccino—was a particularly sweet-faced gent, Octavio Ramos.
     “I keep the machines working,” 80-year-old Octavio said.

Gentleman Bill Is Miami
      When “Gentleman” Bill Spohrer came upon the scene at Miami International Airport, air cargo operations were dominated by the likes of Pan American, Slick Airways, Panagra, Eastern and National Airlines.
      When he “departed” in 1999, having sold the airline he founded (Challenge Air Cargo to UPS), Bill had transformed what was “Corrosion Corner” at the airport into something else.
      Miami International had become the “Hub of the Americas,” with scheduled airline routes reaching all around the world.

Vol. 16 No. 92               FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2017

Closely Watched Trains At Istanbul
     This week digitalization on rail got a once over, even though the big Logitrans Istanbul Expo is being conducted through today at Ataturk International Airport.
      Mirko Schneider is Sales Director of Arviem AG, which was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland. 
      Arviem is a newbie cloud-based software company driving the conversation at Logitrans. A panel of rail executives from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Austria, and Georgia accompanied Mr. Schneider.

Chuckles for November 17, 2017

Where Do The Children Play
     Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngsters have signed up for a four-year logistics course at Yeditepe Istanbul University with an eye toward becoming the next generation in the cargo field.
     The conversation in air cargo today has revolved around imagining the next era of logistics transportation.
     In the meeting rooms of industry gatherings and later at the bar the conversation invariably turns to where the next generation of industry leaders will be born.

Utikad Presidents' Circle
     At Logitrans Istanbul are UTIKAD President Emre Eldener (right) and Immediate Past President Turgut Erkeskin standing proudly in front of the new UTIKAD branding logo.
     Meantime at reception at the big UTIKAD display during the big Logitrans event is Ayse Nur Esin.

Rising Star Of Turkish Logistics
     Ibrahim Dolen (L), CEO Borusan Logistik talking it over with FlyingTypers Publisher Geoffrey Arend at Logitrans Istanbul Wednesday.
     One of the fastest growing, brightest stars on the shipping scene here since 1973, this dynamic company in 2017, is a top rated powerhouse integrated logistics service provider, specializing in 3PL.


Nadia Trains For Logistics
     Looking for adventure, a change of life, maybe a forever job in the United Arab Emirates, or elsewhere in logistics?
     The National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL) Dubai, is offering an internship program placing candidates in member companies for a period of two months to gain “hands on knowledge of the Logistics Industry,” said Nadia Abdul Aziz, President of NAFL.

The Right Hotel Chemistry
     The old part of town in Istanbul is called Sultanahmet.
     The area is a trip back from modern to ancient times. Even today old Roman walls and obelisks still partially ring the area.
     Other remnants of this city date back ten thousand years from Istanbul to Constantinople.
     Landmarks seem to be everywhere—important Christian and Muslim places of worship dot the city, including the world-famous Blue Mosque.

Vol. 16 No. 91               WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2017

Logitrans Instanbul Like Silk For Logistics
     This week Messe München, the folks that bring you Air Cargo Europe every other year, once again organize Logitrans International Transport Logistics Exhibition in Istanbul in conjunction with EKO Fair Limited, Munich.
      Held just off the main runways of Istanbul Ataturk International Airportinside Hall 9 & 10 of the Istanbul Expo Center, the event runs November 15-17 with the trade show floors open 11:00-17:00 daily.

Chuckles for November 15, 2017

45 Alive EMO Trans USA
      “In October 1972, we founded EMO Trans USA,” Chairman Jo Frigger recalled recently.
      “Looking back (and ahead), our founding in America 45 years ago has turned out to be a fairly sensible decision,” he smiled.

Atlanta Brokers Thanksgiving Friday
      For the fifteenth year, on Friday, November 17, in Atlanta, Georgia, a grand airport tradition occurs as Atlanta Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders throw open their doors for a couple of hours starting at high noon to share the love. It’s an open house where everybody is invited for a free, old-fashioned turkey dinner.
     This annual party reaches out far and wide to host several hundred people to a homemade turkey dinner with all the trimmings, as the United States looks forward to celebrating the wonderful American holiday Thanksgiving. 

Letters to the Editor

Vol. 16 No. 90               MONDAY NOVEMBER 13, 2017

What A Difference A Day Makes
     Back in 1958, Dinah Washington recorded “What a Diff’Rence a Day Makes.” The wonderful “Queen of the Blues” entreated:
      “What a difference a day made
      Twenty-four little hours
      Brought the sun and the flowers
      Where there used to be rain…”

Chuckles for November 13, 2017

All New Delta Cargo Web
    Delta Airlines VP Cargo Shawn Cole turned on his computer recently and liked what he saw.

Miami Keeping Cargo Track
      An interesting number popped up at Air Cargo Americas. It was revealed that air cargo originating from and destined to MIA has an annual commercial value of $57.3 billion.
      Of course, air cargo people are used to hearing that. Although tonnage tends to be minor as compared to ocean, total value of shipments is always disproportionately on the side of goods shipped by air.

ATC Best Results In 30 Years
      ATC Aviation Services President Ingo Zimmer was situated in his stand at Air Cargo Americas, discussing strategies with longtime service partner “Bodacious”Jim Bellinder, United Airlines Cargo.
      “It’s been a very good year,” Ingo says. “We are proud to announce that we are moving toward opening new countries in Latin America, adding to our existing network of Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Venezuela.”

Lorena Lives Latin America
      “It has been a great 2017 for all of us,” said Lorena Sandoval, Director FCLA Cargo Sales at American Airlines Cargo pictured (far right) with colleagues from left, Jennifer Stelling, Group Manager Marketing Strategy and Communications; Julie Johnson, Senior Analyst Business Development and Marketing and Lisa Oxentine, Managing Director Global & Key Accounts.

Six Guys & A Gal
     Six Guys and a Gal… Looking every bit like a chorus line for air cargo, high-spirited folks from United Airlines fielded their Latin American team in Miami at Air Cargo Americas, including from left—Alonso Camacho P., GSA-Cargo Manager Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Honduras; Diego Subia, International Cargo Sales Manager, Ecuador; Jim Bellinder, Vice President Cargo Sales-Americas; Freddy Davila Navas, Sales Manager Latin America, Mexico-Caribbean, Central America; Oscar Castillo M., Account Executive Manager Cargo Sales Mexico Region and Andres, Torres, International Cargo Sales Manager, Colombia.

Qatar With Interest In Cathay
     Qatar Airways buys 378,188,000 shares or 9.1 percent of Cathay Pacific, adding to an investment portfolio that includes a 20 percent share ownership investment in International Airlines Group, 10 percent investment in LATAM Airlines Group, and 49 percent investment in Meridiana.

Vol. 16 No. 89               FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3, 2017

Voice of the Shipper at Air Cargo Americas
     PriceSmart, Inc. Executive Vice President of Logistics and Distribution Frank Diaz delivered a rousing address at Air & Sea Cargo Americas on Wednesday, discussing the rise of e-commerce and its impact on cargo.
      “The landscape of retail is constantly changing,” Frank Diaz declared, “and at a rapid rate.
      “Almost daily now there are news reports about disruption of retail, and bankruptcies.
      “Store closures, zombie malls, and,the ‘Amazon Effect’ all dominate retail news headlines.” 

Chuckles for November 3, 2017

A Heart In Frisco
      AJ Thiara, VP of Operations at Frisco, Texas-based US Cargo Link, definitely has his heart in Frisco, nearby Dallas, and also Houston, amongst other cities.
      After Hurricane Harvey hit on August 17, it was US Cargo Link that provided trucks helping United Airlines Cargo deliver relief supplies from the airport to a shelter set up in the Convention Center downtown.

LATAM Finds Another Joy
     Not just all about business… LATAM Cargo executives Andres Varela, Sales Vice President East Coast (left) and Gabriel Oliva, Senior Vice President Commercial North America, Europe and Asia at Air Cargo Americas.

Air Cargo Americas Goes to the Dogs
     Sign of the times… a wave of sniffer dogs and handlers visited every booth, nook, and cranny just prior to exhibits opening at Air & Sea Cargo Americas on Wednesday, November 1. 

Katya Powers Air Cargo Americas
      “African Goddess” perfectly describes this beautiful lady. Decked in dramatic dress that turned heads and stopped traffic at the Bringer Air Cargo display stand.
      Katya Santos, a Brazilian girl with a Russian name, was more than happy and not just a bit proud to bring traditional Brazilian garb to a Miami trade show.

     I awoke in the middle of last night, thinking raccoons kicking over the garbage cans had disturbed my sleep. Then I looked out the window at the brightness of an almost full-moon flooded the landscape below and the heavens above.

Vol. 16 No. 88               WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2017

Air & Sea Cargo Americas This Week
      As Air & Sea Cargo Americas gets underway this week in Miami, the airport welcomed its first ever SAS schedules on Sunday, October 29. An A330 touched down after completing what will be a weekly Sunday flight from Stockholm.
      MIA Deputy Director Ken Pyatt (center), SAS General Manager-Americas Max Knagge (left of center) and Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau President & CEO Bill Talbert (right of center) were at the arrival ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Chuckles for November 1, 2017

Jan Krems World of Wonder
      “2017 has been an excellent year for United Cargo thus far, and it looks like the final two months will continue that trend,” declares United Airlines Cargo President Jan Krems.
      “Our team spent 2015 and 2016 ‘building the base’ in terms of quality performance, product enhancement, and customer relationships. 
      “As global trade and air freight demand has increased throughout 2017, the standards of reliability and efficiency we established have resulted in strong growth for our business.”

Turkish Cargo Is Unstoppable
      Turkish Cargo’s Vice President Cargo Sales (Americas) Mehmet Gurkan is ramping up the excitement as Air Cargo Americas 2017 opens in Miami.
      With dramatic increases in its air cargo business, the carrier appears unstoppable as it continues to build its reputation worldwide.

The New Journalism
      We are writers that walk humbly in the shadow of others.
      We are also journalists that have plied our trade for more than 40 years.
      I began my newspaper career at The New York Herald Tribune working in the accounting department. As an office and copy boy I grew to know the writers around me, and as it is said I have never looked back.

Vol. 16 No. 87               MONDAY OCTOBER 30, 2017

I Left My Hat in Haiti
      Roger Samways has served as Vice President Cargo Sales for American Airlines since March of this year. During that time, it has been easier to catch up with him on the road at a trade show or out in customer country than in his office down Texas way, where AA Cargo is headquartered.
      Since American is growing by leaps and bounds internationally, that also means Roger is sometimes several time zones away each month as he builds the face and image of AA Cargo worldwide.

Chuckles for October 30, 2017

AFKLMP Ups Bellies
      Four new destinations highlight the just announced KLM/Air France/Martinair winter schedule that began October 29 and operates until March 5, 2018.
      New destinations include Paris CDG to Malé (MLE) B777-200 (2x/week); AMS to San José (SJO) B787 Dreamliner (2x/week); AMS to MRU B787 Dreamliner (3x/week); AMS to Mumbai (BOM) – India B787 Dreamliner (3x/week).

I Got The Horse Right Here
      Mr. Guillaume Halleux, Senior Vice President Cargo and Acting/Chief Officer Cargo Qatar Airways Cargo presented a memento of appreciation to Mr. Khalifa Al Attiya, the Executive Director of AL SHAQAB, the region’s most dynamic equestrian centre and global equine leader, and a member of Qatar Foundation.

IAG Cargo Up
      Third quarter (July 1-September 30) results show an increase of 10.2 percent year or year.
      Lewis Girdwood, CFO at IAG Cargo, said the strong growth was due to demand growing faster than capacity. The results were also largely driven by the demand on the Asia-Pacific sector, due to ocean congestion between China and Europe.

Lufthansa Cool
      Lufthansa Cargo will be now offering va-Q-tec high performance thermal containers at their stations worldwide.
      These advanced passive thermal containers (va-Q-tainer) provide temperature-controlled solutions for six temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C in five sizes, offering constant temperature control over several days without the need for external energy sources.

American Airlines Cargo #PuertoRicoStrong
      “After Hurricane Irma devastated so many islands in the Caribbean before hitting Florida, we were heartbroken to see the impact Hurricane Maria had on Puerto Rico. 
      “We have thousands of American Airlines team members with family and friends in the region, so it’s been especially difficult for us to watch these islands endure multiple Category 5 storms.”

Paige Air Cargo For Atlanta
     What an interesting year it has been for Elliott Paige, Airport Director of Air Service Development at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).
      The big airport in Gerogia continues its remarkable growth, innovation, and expansion.
      We caught up with Elliott as he was on a flight last week traveling back to Atlanta after a long mission promoting cargo and passenger in India and South Africa.  

Vol. 16 No. 86               THURSDAY OCTOBER 26, 2017

Richard Malkin Was A Genius
      When I started in the air cargo business with Seaboard Word Airlines in the 60s, Richard Malkin was already a legend.  
      He used to come into SWA offices at JFK and interview our top brass.
      People like Richard Jackson, our CEO, John Mahoney, and Al Levinson were community figures Richard brought forward in features.  
      Simply put, looking back more than half a century ago, the younger Bill Boesch thought that if Dick ever interviewed him, it would be the mark of having made it in the air cargo industry.

Chuckles for October 26, 2017

Letters for Richard

Richard Malkin: True Confessions
     To give you a clear idea of the time I am talking about, it was 1943 and the war was at its bloody height. I worked as a reporter for a daily newspaper, covering general news and local politics, wrote an occasional human interest story, and shared in the handling of the war news poured out by teletype.

Vol. 16 No. 85               TUESDAY OCTOBER 24, 2017

EVA Cargo Nonstop Spiral Upward
     The outlook for air freight markets could not be more uplifting, at least according to one of Asia’s leading carriers. Taiwan’s EVA Air reports that freight demand and economic indicators have been positive since the second half of 2016 and the carrier is now looking to secure more market share on key lanes to and from Asia.
     “Following the upward international trading figures and airfreight growth from the second half of 2016, selling rates are going in an upbeat direction,” said a written response from EVA to Flying Typers.

Chuckles for October 24, 2017

Charity Golf In South Wales
     Registration, sausage sizzle, and coffee from 7am, tee-off at 8am (sandwiches and drinks will be provided on-course), luncheon with open bar and presentations of course, and it is off to the links for a good cause in New South Wales, Australia today October 24.

They Got Pull
     Move over bio fuel . . . staff at AIM Altitude (UK) pulled a Boeing 737 at Bournemouth Airport, a distance of 50 meters, to raise money for Wessex Cancer Trust. 
     The event was a first-ever, plane-pulling event for AIM Altitude’s team that managed a third-place finish, beating 15 more experienced teams. 

Perishables Forward India Gateways
      The recent launch of the ‘AISATS Cargo’ mobile app by Air India SATS Airport Services (AISATS), with its facilities located at the Bengaluru International Airport (KIA), marked one more milestone in the move towards boosting the pharma and perishable exports from the country.
      Over the last few years, major airports in the country—especially the ones run by private operators—have focused on pharmaceutical and perishable exports.

Autumn Prayer
     Later this week the temperature is supposed to drop in New York City, and the change immediately invokes the appearance of Indian corn, pumpkins, and fresh-pressed apple cider at the corner store.
     It is still too early for bittersweet, but our backyard vine should yield a bumper crop after first frost, just in time for Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November.

Vol. 16 No. 84               WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 18, 2017

Cogoport Online India Logistics
     “We are driven by the pains of our customer and that’s basically the soul of our organization. Our core mission is to decentralize things for efficiency and use available resources in the ecosystem for best use of customers.” 
      That quote came from Cogoport Founder and CEO Purnendu Shekhar. 
      Set up in India’s financial capital, Mumbai, Cogoport is an online logistics platform that will provide the best air freight rates for customers. The services will start in a couple of months. It is already doing that for ocean rates. An industry veteran—Shekhar has been in the “industry ecosystem for 22-odd years”—he had the distinct feeling that he was being left out of “logistics.”

Chuckles for October 18, 2017

Off To The Trotters
     In horse racing, a “trotter” is a horse harnessed to a light, two-wheeled vehicle called a “sulky.”
      For the New York/New Jersey air cargo community, a novel and much-needed meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 24.
      The JFK Air Cargo Association will get down to business and some fun as well at “Trotters Bar & Grill,” a favorite watering hole near the big airport.
      From our vantage point, Trotters is apropos for an evening off to the races, with people networking and moving the marble toward getting on the same page together.

You've Got To Have Heart
     Often the news that comes through can be unbearable.
     Terrible is probably not strong enough a word to describe the senseless incident in Las Vegas at a harvest music festival where a lone gunman left 58 people dead and 546 injured.
     But hope is still alive as decent people everywhere came forward to offer help and comfort, love and mercy, all around.
     Air cargo stepped up as well.

Pumping Traffic for October 18, 2017

TWA JFK Weekend
     Heralding itself as “a trip back to 1962,” Eero Saarinen’s JFK International Airport TWA Terminal Building opens this weekend for a last look before a $250 million hotel complex obliterates the iconic airport building, erasing once and for all the last vestige of landscape surrounding Eero’s masterpiece.
     If you can’t wait to pony up the mega bucks the new on-airport hotel will demand when completed in 2019, the developers and some others have opened up a swank, by-appointment-only “sneak peek” at a replica of the new JFK TWA-Saarinen hotel on the 82nd floor of One World Trade Center in Manhattan.

Vol. 16 No. 83               MONDAY OCTOBER 16, 2017

Peak Peek Into Octember
      When Apple unveiled its new iPhone X among a bevy of launches in September, it was easy to see air freight’s Indian summer through the prism of the electronic behemoth’s pre-launch shipments. Yet that was not the only factor boosting demand on key lanes.
     Take fidget spinners, for example. 
     The kids craze has taken the world by storm this year. By May, all 20 of the top-selling toys on Amazon were fidget spinners or fidget cubes. One estimate suggests that during the first six months of the year, 50m units of the product were sold – mostly to consumers in Europe and the U.S.

Chuckles for October 16, 2017

Ramesh TIACA India Powerhouse
     TIACA’s appointment of Ramesh Mamidala, Chief Executive Officer of Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management to the TIACA Board of Directors along with Sanjeev Gadhia, founder and CEO of Kenya-based Astral Aviation is being viewed as another recognition of India’s growing importance in the world.
     TIACA Secretary General Vladimir Zubkov declares Ramesh Mamidala and Sanjeev Gadhia will help to expand global links to the air cargo supply chain, especially via developing regions of India.

Pumping Traffic for October 16, 2017

Letters To The Editor for October 16, 2017

Vol. 16 No. 82               THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2017

IATA Loses India Agents Beef Once Again
     In what can best be described as another round in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) versus Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) battle, India’s Competition Commission (CCI) recently dismissed allegations of unfair business practices made against ACAAI and its office bearers with regard to implementation of Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS).

Chuckles for October 12, 2017

Donna Is Her Name
     Donna Amendola retired after spending the past 30 years as a pioneering woman in logistics at EMO Trans Global Logistics.
     While there may not be publications lining up to hand out an award to this “Pioneering Lady of Transportation,” they could, or better put they should be.
     Based in the northeastern U.S. inside the EMO offices in Hartford, Connecticut, Donna has a reputation for being the longest employed salesperson for one freight forwarding company. She can proudly look back on serving three decades with EMO Trans, while looking ahead to a well deserved happily after.

Something For The Kids
     More than fifty United Cargo employees and partners ran, swam, and biked through the streets of Tempe, Arizona, in the recent Life Time Tri Tempe Triathlon. Contributions made in the name of the Cargo team’s triathletes raised more than $70,000 for Save the Children, a charity that provides critical care and supplies to at-risk children in communities affected by natural disasters.

Letters To The Editor

Vol. 16 No. 81               TUESDAY OCTOBER 10, 2017

Babar of Pakistan Leads FIATA To India
     Leave it to air cargo and transportation worldwide to bring people together.
     Next year FIATA holds their Annual World Congress from September 25-29, 2018. The host country will be India, with opening ceremonies in New Delhi. Newly-elected FIATA President Babar Badat of Pakistan will welcome shipping community leaders as well as Indian government leaders to the venue, opening the most important cargo transportation event of 2018.

Chuckles for October 10, 2017

October Event Like Silk In Baku
     When the Seventh Caspian Air Cargo Summit got underway October 7-11 inside the Boulevard Hotel in Baku Azerbijan, Silk Way Group President Zaur Akhundov was front and center.
      Mr. Akhundov oversees the fortunes of 23 aviation-related companies, including Silk Way Airlines. 
      Silk Way is the Azerbaijani state-run cargo airline with head offices and flight operations at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku.

Hurricane Relief Continues
     Mike Oslansky, United Cargo’s ebullient head of U.S. Cargo Operations, reached out to update us on the carrier’s campaign to deliver emergency relief supplies to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.
     Mike first detailed United’s response to the devastating effect of multiple hurricanes in FlyingTypers’ September 20th edition

Vol. 16 No. 80               FRIDAY OCTOBER 6, 2017

CNS President Quits Air Cargo
     Lionel Van Der Walt, CNS President who burst upon the scene as fresh as Listerine a couple years ago, shaking up and moving Cargo Network Services (CNS) forward, has turned in his resignation and will depart CNS December 31,2017.
     It’s a sad day for the air cargo industry as we lose one of its most sincere, passionate, vocal and impactful leaders. 
     Lionel Van Der Walt departs not only CNS, but the aviation industry that he so loved.
     FlyingTypers obtained a copy of Lionel’s resignation letter.

Chuckles for October 6, 2017

Malaysia Heats Up FIATA 2017
      On Wednesday, October 4, FIATA opened its Annual World Congress in Kuala Lumpur in grand style, revealing a new crop of young, up-and-coming Gen Y logistics professionals. The gathering included the best and brightest forwarders who are bringing innovation and creativity to the industry.
      The FIATA Young International Freight Forwarder Award (YIFFA) is no walk-in-the-park handout. It reflects the best practical application of the transportation scheme by young professionals in the business today.

Air Cargo Aid Hangs Tough As Need Expands
     The string of recent natural disasters, not just the hurricanes that struck Puerto Rico and the continental U.S., but also the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that shook central Mexico – wrecked untold havoc, affecting millions of people.
     These terrible disasters brought out the full force of the U.S. cargo airline industry, as well as FEMA and the U.S. Military, to deliver immediate relief.

Vol. 16 No. 79               THURSDAY OCTOBER 5, 2017

Two For The Future
      Once again, FIATA brought forward some smart, interesting, and very appealing young forwarding talent at the opening of the organization’s World Congress event taking place this week in Kuala Lumpur.
      As always, Stanley Lim and Issa Baluch were in the center of the action.
      Both gentleman have served as President of FIATA and today continue in various posts as part of the organization’s Board of Directors.
      But that is not what this is all about.

Chuckles for October 5, 2017

YIFFY Steps Out Smartly In Kuala Lumpur
      On Wednesday, October 4, FIATA opened its Annual World Congress in Kuala Lumpur in grand style, revealing a new crop of young, up-and-coming Gen Y logistics professionals. The gathering included the best and brightest forwarders who are bringing innovation and creativity to the industry.
      The FIATA Young International Freight Forwarder Award (YIFFA) is no walk-in-the-park handout. It reflects the best practical application of the transportation scheme by young professionals in the business today.

Number 9 For EMO China
      Fast-growing EMO Trans Global Logistics opened their ninth EMO China office on September 1 in Wuxi. 
      Wuxi, served by Wuxi Sunan Shuofang International Airport, is located on the southern border of Jiangsu Province, about 128 kilometers (79.5 miles) northwest of Shanghai. 

Delta & Virgin Team Up Pharma
      Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Delta Cargo opened combined Pharma handling at London Heathrow at their Cargo Point facility.
      Now a fully segregated area dedicated to handling and storing pharmaceutical shipments is at Cargo Point.

Why QR Added B747-8F
      Qatar Airways recently took delivery of the first of two new B747-8 freighters.
      We asked Qatar Airways Chief Cargo Officer Uli Ogiermann why Qatar chose that aircraft type where aircraft would fly.  
      Until recently, we had been leasing this aircraft type from third party suppliers so that we could offer solutions for out-of-gauge and high-volume movements mainly on a charter basis.  

Remembering Richard Malkin
     One of the most important pioneering journalists in air cargo history, Richard Malkin died peacefully at home this past July 11, 2017.
     Dick turned 104 years old on June 27.
     Richard Malkin was part of our print publication from 1990 until 1994. He returned to FlyingTypers at age 100 and wrote continuously until mid-2016, supplying a flurry of final of interviews, comments, and feature stories.

Vol. 16 No. 78               WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4, 2017

Algorithms & People
      As long as man is unable to beam a piece of freight from one end of the world to another, the essence of knowledge and physical maneuvering is as important as the technological application. 
      Technology is one side of the coin and skills is another.
      The two concepts go hand in hand, exerting complementary pressure. Experience has shown us that in any business cycle the organization must be agile. There needs to be a focus on customer service, and lastly but equally crucial is talent development. 

Chuckles for October 4, 2017

Summer Biz A Beauty Falls A Poppin'!
      Did the peak season start in August? One forwarder believes it did…
      The latest air cargo data reaffirmed that demand was strong throughout the summer. More of the same is to be expected through the end of the year.
      The Confucius Temple in Nanking was busy last Saturday, October 2, during the start of National Day Golden Week in China.
      The celebration, which continues through October 8, sees the Chinese people spend a record high sum of money on shopping and food during a glorious, weeklong, countrywide event.

Belinder Live At Five
      “Bodacious” Jim Bellinder, United Cargo’s VP Sales Americas, is in the news this week. “Live With Five” is a breezy but thoughtful set of answers to five questions about the “Billion Dollar Baby” that is United Worldwide Cargo today.

Vol. 16 No. 77               MONDAY OCTOBER 2, 2017

Qatar Cargo Talks The Blockade
     Qatar Airways Chief Cargo Officer Ulrich (Uli) Ogiermann has enjoyed a varied and illustrious air cargo career. In addition to his 5 years with Qatar Airways, Uli also served as CEO at Cargolux and as Chairman of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).
      It is doubtful that anything this decent, soft-spoken executive has done in his life has required more skill than serving as Chief Cargo Officer at Qatar Airways. During his tenure, a blockade served by several of Qatar’s Gulf neighbors has impacted the carrier.
      Here, Uli opens up about conducting business under unusual circumstances, addressing a host of topics in an exclusive, wide-ranging interview.     

Chuckles for October 2, 2017

A Great Unknown Cargo Event
     Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the go-to 3PL group that very quietly—although apparently not deliberately—has emerged in 2017 as an engaging, professional, and educational organization for the burgeoning $164 billion third-party logistics industry. 
      “TIA,” says President & CEO Robert Voltmann, “represents transportation intermediaries in all disciplines of domestic and international commerce and is the voice of 3PLs to shippers, carriers, government officials, and international organizations.”
      With offices in Washington, D.C., Mr. Voltmann, who also serves as Secretary General of FIATA, leaves no doubt TIA is present and accounted for where the rubber meets the road up and down the hallways of the U.S. Congress.

Vol. 16 No. 76               FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

ATC Oktoberfest September Kickoff
     A cherished tradition and the biggest and best Oktoberfest in Frankfurt aviation was held this week on Wednesday September 27, at “Anglerheim Moerfelden” located in a bosky dell quite close to Frankfurt Airport. The fifth “ATC Oktoberfest” hosted by Ingo Zimmer and Dagmar Hanau greeted more than 500 guests in attendance.

Chuckles for September 29, 2017

Digital India - Great Expectations
      Despite all its brilliance and great expectations in 2017, India still remains one of the “toughest places” on the planet to do business, according a recent story in The Wall Street Journal.
      For the record, of the first attempts that the almost three-year-old Narendra Modi government took up with gusto was to simplify rules and cut the bureaucratic red tape. 

Online Air Cargo Bazaar
     There has been a lot of talk on adopting technology to make air cargo more efficient. While air cargo regulators and industry stalwarts have never hesitated to talk about technology, only a handful from the industry has risen to do something.
      Enter Air Freight Bazaar (AFB)! The Chennai start-up could well claim to be India’s air freight aggregator. 
      With offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Dubai, it provides freight forwarding rates and information related to the air cargo industry in real-time. 

Flight Of Fancy With Miss Lillian
     Lillian Ross, who the New York Times aptly described as “the consummate fly-on-the-wall reporter in more than six decades at The New Yorker,” died on Wednesday, September 20, in Manhattan, New York. 
      She was 99. 
      Countless generations of readers and writers appreciated this lovely, down-to-earth artist. She had a wonderful technique and style and become the heart and soul of The New Yorker, one of the truly great magazines.
      She retired in 2012.

Vol. 16 No. 75               WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

Leadership Where It Counts

Chuckles for September 27, 2017

Changi Roars Back
    After a decade of limited cargo growth, Singapore’s Changi Airport is undergoing something of a freight renaissance.
      As reported by FlyingTypers earlier this year, in 2016 the Southeast Asian hub recorded 6.3 percent expansion in throughput to take annual tonnage to 1.97 million tons. This year Changi seems certain to finally break the 2 million-ton barrier.
      It would be easy to attribute this success to the overall growth of air freight markets spurred on by positive economic tailwinds over the last 18 months. But over the decade previous to 2016, growth across Asian markets barely registered at Singapore. 

Cargo Awards Less Than Rewarding
     As the air cargo awards bonanza begins anew for the autumn event season, what is the net positive effect of awards upon the industry?
      Awards for airlines, forwarders, airports, and people are now a baseline activity at almost every organized event in air cargo, big and small. They have become such a ubiquitous feature of closing banquets that we are now seeing candidate advertisements that not only campaign but also trumpet past honors.
      What happens to these awards after they are given out? 

Vol. 16 No. 74               MONDAY SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

The Fourth Pillar of TIACA
TIACA traditionally has been declaring that its work is based on three pillars:
          · Networking 
          · Knowledge 
          · Advocacy

     Some time ago, I suggested to the Board—and there was an agreement in principle—that we need to add “Consultancy.”
      A demand for consultancy exists in the air cargo industry and TIACA’s readiness to provide service and expertise should be an asset. One of the ways forward would be to establish a roster of experts in different disciplines, which will be based initially on our knowledge of people in the industry and then can be open to a vetting process similar to the one for TIACA’s membership.

Chuckles for September 25, 2017

Quote of the Day

UK May Lift Bangladesh Ban
      Bangladesh hired a British company to tidy up air cargo security at gateway Hazrat Shahjalal Airport, with hopes that sanctions against any direct cargo flights into the UK would be lifted soon.

All About Airports Pt. 4 - Keep Trading or Start Fading
      For fifteen years, Adam Rod has been with the Chicago Department of Aviation, which owns and operates O’Hare and Midway Airports for the City of Chicago. He has been the Department’s chief planning official since 2008. As planning administrator, his many responsibilities range from formulating a wide array of airport projects, to serving as the key liaison for external stakeholders, to managing air cargo affairs at O’Hare. He enjoys sharing his experiences and exploring issues with the aviation industry whenever he can.

Vol. 16 No. 73               WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

Algorithms & People Drive Cargo
      There are legions of “virtual forwarders” entering the cargo business in 2017.
      We recently spoke to a leader of the international forwarding community for a reality check on the impact VFs have on the industry. Keshav Tanna is a transportation innovator whose impact is felt globally beyond his company base at Mumbai, India.
      Tanna serves as Director at Links Forwarders Pvt. Ltd.
      He is also FIATA Vice President and Chairman of the FIATA Air Freight Institute.

Chuckles for September 20, 2017

Hurricane Relief Steps Up The Mike
     “It’s a massive humanitarian effort, quite unlike business as usual, and I am both humbled and proud to be part of a passionate team at the airline and our partners who are pitching in to help,” said “The Mike” Mike Oslansky, effusive Director of U.S. Cargo Operations at United Airlines.
      As we spoke in UA’s Corporate Support Center in Chicago’s Willis Tower on Thursday, Mike displayed great enthusiasm for the efforts of the emergency response team established at United.

Colombo To Columbus
  A voyage of discovery as Qatar Airways Cargo teamed up with EFL, Expo Freight last month and opened a new station (Rickenbacker International Airport) in the bargain moving 100 tons of ready to wear garments via a QR B777 freighter from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Columbus, Ohio.

FIATA 2018 Says Hello Delhi
     FIATA World Congress 2018 in Delhi: FFFAI will showcase Brand India (in the picture, above Mr. Debashish Dutta and the FIATA World Congress 2018 logo).
      Scheduled for September 25-29, 2018, at Aerocity in New Delhi, in just about two weeks the plan gets kick started at “FIATA World Congress 2017,” taking place in Malaysia from October 4-8, 2017. 
      A strong delegation comprising some 45 FFFAI member customs broking companies is attending the event in Malaysia to promote the FWC-2018 in Delhi.

Vol. 16 No. 72               WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

United Relief After Irma
     “After the dread and destruction of recent days, and given all the infrastructure challenges in the area, it’s gratifying to report that United Airlines resumed flight operations into most Florida cities Tuesday,” said Jan Krems, President United Cargo. 
     “We’ll resume limited cargo service in some locations on Wednesday, and we plan to lift all restrictions in U.S. locations impacted by Irma by Thursday.”

Chuckles for September 13, 2017

Cargo Accelerates Miami Comeback
     As reported worldwide Hurricane Irma heavily impacted Miami International Airport (MIA) this past weekend. 
     MIA is a major hub in the American Airlines system.
     “Because keeping the safety of our employees, passengers and your cargo remains our top priority, we are in the process of resuming a limited schedule, “AA writes.

Coffee Watch In Miami
      Major airports across Florida are assessing the damage done by Hurricane Irma this past weekend.
      FlightAware reports that more than 4,200 U.S. flights scheduled for Monday, September 11, were cancelled by mid-afternoon, and there have been more than 9,000 cancellations since Saturday.
      There is no doubt that getting back to normal will be a gradual process.
      Miami International Airport reopened for limited operations Tuesday.
      American Airlines, Miami’s biggest carrier, said it would resume limited operations.

Letters to the Editor

Vol. 16 No. 71               THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 2017

Prakash Nair: A Man For All Seasons
     In early May of this year, as we moved about Transport Logistik and Air Cargo Europe 2017 in Munich, we noted that a fine fellow and colleague, Emirates SkyCargo’s Prakash Nair, was not present at Emirates big dominator display.
      As it turns out, Prakash retired after 30 years of service at SkyCargo.
      But gone cannot be forgotten. Prakash Nair was and is a gem of a great human being.
      Prakash joined Emirates in 1987, part of the team that was instrumental at the genesis of SkyCargo.

Chuckles for September 7, 2017

An Airline Story From The Heart
      The story is “aw shucks” heartwarming and comfortable to watch.
      The tale unfolds with spirit and sureness as we learn what happened to several airborne flights when the 911 tragedy struck. U.S. airspace irised shut and Canadian Air Traffic Control stepped in to offer help.
      One place experienced what must have felt like the whole world dropping in for a visit. The sleepy Gander, Newfoundland, handled a total of 38 jumbo jets and 4 military flights bound for the United States at Newfoundland’s Gander International Airport—the nearest sizable airport on the continent—as part of Operation Yellow Ribbon.

Vol. 16 No. 70               THURSDAY AUGUST 31, 2017

Where In The World?
      Where in the world is the air cargo pioneer and educator who among other things forged and established the Sea-Air business in Dubai?

Chuckles for August 31, 2017

The New Green Vikings
     Erik (the Red)—a true Viking—woke up one day and found himself an outlaw from Iceland for three years due to a dispute, notwithstanding the fact that he killed a few people along the way. 
      Being outlawed, Erik sailed west in year 982 to a somewhat mysterious and little-known land.    

Happy Faces—Going Places
      Suparna Airlines opened services this week at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in Germany, formally launching a new cargo route Xi’an-Hahn-Erdos.
      On August 9, 2017 China based HNA Group purchased 82.5% of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

Miles & More
     In Frankfurt On August 24 nearly 1,000 runners participated in a fund-raising event organized by Cargo Human Care. The net proceeds will go towards funding the construction of a preschool for 100 children in an impoverished neighborhood of Nairobi.

Vol. 16 No. 69               TUESDAY AUGUST 29, 2017

Into The Eye Of The Storm
      Hurricane Harvey delivered record rain in Houston, Texas, making the going there and elsewhere very tough.
      But as the saying says, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
      To witness what people are doing for each other in the face of the most miserable storm in recent history underscores that the human spirit not only endures but also assumes command.

Chuckles for August 29, 2017

USACIA Goes Inside Politics & Policy
      Paul Lettow is joining leading advocates for air cargo at the second US Air Cargo Industry Affairs Summit (USACIA) being held in Washington, D.C., on September 6. Paul is a partner in the Washington office of Jones Day, the pioneering U.S. firm that is also serving as host to this year’s gathering.
      Jones Day has a robust government regulation practice with a focus on cross-border commerce.    

Night Flight To Chicago

Up Against The Wall
      From left Pablo Lluch (Alfilpack), David Olmos (Milestone Logistics), Nacho Pascual (Gesprolog), Vicente Soriano (Mulem) and Germán Monedero (Aza Logistics) In Spain Milestone Logistics leads an alliance with four other companies to offer full services in the supply chain.

Front Foot For ANA Cargo
     Talk about an advantageous position. Japanese carrier ANA reports a strong start to the year and predicts air freight markets will stay positive as it gears up for major expansion in the coming years.
      A spokesman for ANA Cargo told FlyingTypers that export cargo demand from Japan had seen stable growth for many months. He also said China-bound semi-conductors and automobile related shipments were “expected to show strong demand”during 2017, while exports from Japan on Transpacific lanes and to Europe had also seen vigorous growth.

Vol. 16 No. 68               THURSDAY AUGUST 24, 2017

How India GSTax Impacts Air Cargo
      It has been just over a month since the ‘game-changing’ Goods and Services Tax—the new centralized tax on goods and services that has eliminated the numerous different rates applied by various states across the country—launched in India.
      While the ‘One Nation, One Tax’ received the initial welcome (although IATA and quite a few freight forwarders wanted more clarity about some sections of the tax) it appears now that the government will have to strategize fixing the anomalies. 

Chuckles for August 24, 2017

Trump Effect Pt. 7
      It feels as though major international developments are happening faster and faster these days, with tremendous potential to impact global logistics. To stay ahead of the game in this unprecedented time, we must ask ourselves: how will these global politics affect the airline industry? 
      In my previous articles, I have argued that airlines have never faced such an uncertain environment before. 

Rewarding Experience
      Got to hand it to you . . . Right Honorable Vice President of Nepal Mr. Nanda Bahadur Pun says thanks to Qatar Airways Country Manager Nepal Mr. Jayaprakash Nair (right) as Nepal Freight Forwarders Association recognized Qatar Airways Cargo as top export tonnage airline serving the country for 2016.

From Capetown To Eindhoven
      As FIATA World Congress 2017 approaches, we recall a young international freight forwarder who won FIATA’s 14th Annual Young International Forwarder Of The Year (YIFFY) award in 2012. His first experience in South Africa inspired his written dissertation. 
      Daniel Terbille’s study dealt with the challenging fashion apparel environment in South Africa, which is characterized by rapid changes in demand patterns. 

Vol. 16 No. 67               TUESDAY AUGUST 22, 2017

A4A Reasons x 270,000
      For the past six years, Airlines for America (A4A) Cargo Services Managing Director Elizabeth (Liz) Merritt has stewarded 270,00 daily flights to more than 800 destinations. That gives her 270,000 reasons to be front and center at Jones Day in Washington, DC, on September 6, when A4A partners with Cargo Network Services at the 2017 U.S. Air Cargo Industry Affairs (USACIA) Summit.

Chuckles for August 22, 2017

Can China-Europe Cargo Stay On Track?
      Rail logistics on the China run from Asia into Europe is reportedly experiencing delays of up to a week. Shippers having discovered a price and service alternative to ocean and air, also find that all their best friends had the same idea.
      “Currently,” says the Hong Kong-based Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC), “there are 53 weekly trains into Europe and 23 headed back to Asia as of May 2017.”
      “During 2016, 40,000 containers moved by train between Asia and Europe,” DB Schenker adds.

Letters to the Editor

The Fixer At American Airlines Cargo
      In today’s world of instant global communication, everybody has the ability to be a reporter. The modern world has offered up customer experiences for public consumption, turning the management of expectations into a delicate balancing act. 
      As American Airlines Cargo Director of Customer Experience, Eric Mathieu is a key force in walking that tightrope and securing the emerging air cargo fortunes at the world’s largest airline.

Stamp Of A Total Eclipse Of The Sun
     More than 110 U.S. Postal Service offices in or near the path of the full solar eclipse, which cut across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina Monday, offered a special postmark.
      Postmarks were unique in some locations, while most used this one designed by the national office.
      “Post offices used the special postmark only on Monday, but others are also using it before and after the eclipse,” a USPS spokesman said.

Vol. 16 No. 66               FRIDAY AUGUST 18, 2017

Two Organizations One Mission
       “On September 6, TIACA will be in Washington, D.C. to participate in the U.S. Air Cargo Industry Affairs Summit (USACIA) for the second time,” TIACA Secretary General Vladimir Zubkov told FT.      “Our attendance last year proved to be interesting and useful. 
     “This year again the important agenda, renowned speakers and audience from different sectors of the air cargo industry – all points at good networking and sharing of knowledge.”

Chuckles for August 18, 2017

Famous Last Words
     leisure Cargo said this week that is “not negatively impacted,” even though parent Air Berlin filed for bankruptcy this past Tuesday.
     “All flights operated by Air Berlin and NIKI will continue as planned and our flight and cargo schedules remain valid,” leisure Cargo said.
     Looking ahead, Air Berlin could be broken up leaving the fate of leisure Cargo hanging in the balance.

Air Canada Magic India
      Air Canada’s Toronto-Mumbai non-stop service started in the beginning of July after a gap of nearly 25-odd years.
      The four-times-weekly flight is aimed to promote Canada among Indian fliers. 
      As Air Canada Vice President-Global Sales Duncan Bureau put it, “Our new flights show our commitment to the Indian market and these routes will operate year-round with Air Canada’s state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.”

Vol. 16 No. 65               TUESDAY AUGUST 15, 2017

ATC Always Takes Care
      August’s high summer skies may elicit the desire to kick back and enjoy the hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer 2017, but business must go on.
      For us, it is never too early to ready for a Oktoberfest in Frankfurt (September 27) hosted by CEO ATC Aviation Services Ingo Zimmer.
      The gathering with Ingo and Dagmar Hanau (ATC's Group Marketing Manager) eases the transition into autumn in the best way.
      The great company, fun & games, beer, and plates of delectable foods (especially the pfefferling mushrooms) are worth a trip.

Chuckles for August 15, 2017

SWISS Streamlines Americas
      Effective October 1, Swiss World Cargo realigns the America’s into two regions: Western, Southern USA & South America and Northeast/Midwest USA and Canada.
      Northeast/Midwest USA and Canada will continue to be led by Mr. Michael Ganz, based in New York.

Air Berlin Goes Bust
      On Tuesday, Air Berlin said that it has filed for insolvency proceedings after its main shareholder Etihad Airways said it "would not provide any further financial support."
      Etihad had reported huge losses in 2016, and sees its two major European airline investments—Air Berlin and Alitalia on the financial rocks, with both seeking bidders for their business.

Euro Shippers Overview Summer 2017
      Air cargo should be able to guarantee shippers an efficient, high-speed, and transparent service to justify premium rates. But at the moment LSPs are frequently not able to, according to Rogier Spoel, Policy Manager for Air Freight at the European Shippers’ Council.
      He told FlyingTypers that air freight stakeholders need to improve speeds and reduce paperwork to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of multinational and SME shippers.

Vol. 16 No. 64               THURSDAY AUGUST 10, 2017

Airports - Don't Get Ashley Started
     Airports are powerful drivers of economic growth, insists Ashley Sng, Research Analyst, Economic Affairs, Airports Council International-North America and Secretary of the ACI-NA Air Cargo Committee.
     The youthful executive declares, “America’s airports generate more than $1.2 trillion in annual economic activity, accounting for 8% of GDP. 
     “Air cargo is a facilitator of that economic growth, with airports being a key piece of the puzzle.” 

Chuckles for August 10, 2017

Where Back To School Offers New Career
      Down Atlanta way, increased business through Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL) and the Port of Savannah is creating a shortage of workers who are skilled in navigating the intricacies of customs regulations. 
     Leave it to community leader and innovator Donna Mullins to come forward and team up to present an accessible training opportunity, offering both support to our growing industry, and also an excellent prospect for folks to start a new career in transportation. 

Summer Season Of The Witch
      Nadezhda Popova was born on December 27, 1921, in Ukraine. At the fledgling age of fifteen and unbeknownst to her parents, Nadezhda joined a pilot club in the Soviet Union, where females accounted for only a quarter of the population. The Economist called her “a wild spirit, easily bored; she loved to tango, foxtrot, sing along to jazz. It made her feel free, which was also why at 15 she had joined a flying club without telling her parents.”

Notes From The Backyard
      “Imagination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny, makes a bee think of honey, just as I think of you,” sings Tommy Dorsey, but it could just as well be me speaking to dear air cargo . . . 
      Lying in the hammock, looking at the sky whilst that song played on the radio this past weekend, supplied a momentary flight of fancy. I fell deep into a dream and without ever leaving my own backyard.

Vol. 16 No. 63               TUESDAY AUGUST 8, 2017

India Taking Air Cargo Personal
      In October 2016, when India’s Airports Authority of India created a wholly-owned but functionally and administratively-independent cargo subsidiary, the AAI Cargo Logistics and Allied Services Company Limited (AAICLAS), air cargo stakeholders felt it was the right step. 
      With its 125 airports—18 international airports, 7 Customs airports, 78 domestic, and 26 civil enclaves at military airfields—the AAI had too much on its hands to handle. 
      So, the separation of the cargo department was logical. 

Chuckles for August 8, 2017

Cargo Affairs From The Heart
      “Again this year, the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA) are collaborating with Cargo Network Services Corp (CNS) as part of The U.S. Air Cargo Industry Affairs Summit (USACIA in Washington D.C. September 6.
     “NCBFAA is comprised of customs brokers, ocean transportation intermediaries and indirect air carriers, the latter creating a perfect fit for joint activities with CNS.
     “Several years ago, a group of air cargo representatives recognized the need to create much greater visibility in Washington for air cargo services.” 

Dimerco Upward Beat Goes On
      Dimerco Express Group is already one of Asia’s largest forwarders and 3PLs, but the Taiwan-based company has global ambitions and air freight is central to its strategic blueprint. 
      Last year Dimerco handled 219,000 tons of air cargo, up 8.4 percent year-over-year. Volumes were buoyed by expansion of the company’s North America and European operations, which saw year-on-year growth of 28.5 percent and 29.2 percent, respectively.

Quote of the Week
      “You haven’t heard much about GACAG recently, however the group is not disbanded, and it has some potential, being a platform for discussion, coordination and even joint decisions by TIACA, IATA, GSF and FIATA. 
   “The latter is the coordinator for 2017 – 2018.” 

Vol. 16 No. 62               THURSDAY AUGUST 3, 2017

Final Countdown For Air India
      As the government prepares for the final countdown of the Air India sale slated for the end of March 2018—the national carrier is burdened with a massive debt of Rs 50,000 crore ($751.6 mn)—the move has raised the hackles of the carrier’s unions.

Chuckles for August 2, 2017

Modern Air Cargo Took Off From Frankfurt
      Almost 70 years ago the first all-cargo flights took off from Berlin and the Berlin Airlift was front-page news for over a year.
      Fair to say, the Airlift fastened the world’s attention and sparked imaginations to the possibilities of air cargo.
      Today we can only guess who is still left among us from that time. Thousands of flights operated 24-7 above 3 corridors across the German Democratic Republic between June 26, 1948, and August 27, 1949, via a mixed fleet of more than 300—mostly American—military aircraft. The mission was to supply a city and all of its 2.1 million inhabitants. Today, Berlin lives on to tell the story.    

USACIA Must Attend Event
      In 2017 it doesn’t matter where you are—you’re there, and there you are!
      We are all part of the same air cargo universe, and in 2017 as U.S. air cargo goes, so goes the world.
      That is part of what makes the U.S. Air Cargo Industry Summit (USCIA) the center of global power and influence. Held in Washington, D.C., from October 4-6, it’s the top must-attend event for local and international industry movers and shakers out to make a difference.

Vol. 16 No. 61               MONDAY JULY 31, 2017

Women In Charge - Powering AA Cargo
     Here, we meet some women who power air cargo at the biggest airline in the world.
      Keeping thousands of shipments of animals, perishables, medical supplies, and just regular brown packages on time, on track, and intact to their final destination is no walk in the park.
      At first blush, you imagine systems, airplanes, and computers, and without a doubt AA Cargo is all of that.
      With a tip of the hat to their male counterparts, women at AA Cargo perform extraordinary feats every day to maintain American’s spot as one of the top cargo carriers in the world.

Chuckles for July 31, 2017

Business Booms As Q4 Looms
      Vigorous year-on-year June air freight growth points to “high demand” in Q4 peak season…
      Strong exports this year have driven double-digit growth in air cargo volumes out of Asia, according to the latest figures from leading airports and carriers. And with macro-economic signals positive and new product launches expected to boost volumes in the coming months in the lead-up to the Q4 peak season, the demand outlook is bright.

The Airport From Hell?
      “This airport should have been a world-class showpiece for Germany,” says Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, which has long sought to introduce service to Berlin. 
      “It’s an embarrassment.”
      Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt—also widely known as BER—has cost at least €5 billion since construction began in 2006. Despite promises, the airport is still not fully opened in 2017.

Vol. 16 No. 60               FRIDAY JULY 28, 2017

DHL Humanitarian Exceeds The Need
     Chris Weeks (sitting third from left in above photo with members of the DRT team) is, demonstrably, one of air freight’s good guys. The Brussels-based Brit is an airport logistics specialist with more than 25 years of experience. And it is experience he puts to admirable use.
      In his current role as Director of Humanitarian Affairs for Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHLGroup), Weeks is on constant standby, ready to lead DHL volunteer teams into disaster zones to help smooth emergency relief logistics operations at airports worldwide whenever the need arises.

Chuckles for July 28, 2017

Cargo Security To The Dogs
      On Tuesday July 25, a U.S. Homeland Security Meeting in Washington examined how to make supply lines more secure.
      In attendance were many of the usual suspects for these types of meetings, including: Stephen Alterman, President of the Cargo Airline Association; Brandon Fried, Executive Director, The Airforwarders Association; Michael Mullen, Executive Director, Express Association of America; and Bart Elias, an Academic Specialist in Aviation Policy, The U.S. Library of Congress.

Coca Cola Cole & Delta Cargo
      Delta Air Lines named Shawn Cole as VP Delta Cargo.
      Shawn joined Delta in 2008 from Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) where he served as a director of supply chain value management & strategy.
      Most recently at Delta, Mr. Cole served as VP finance and corporate planning. 

Etihad Numbers Tank In 2016
      Etihad Airways, in a sea of red ink, lost US$ 1.87 billion in 2016. 
      $808 million in losses were charged to Etihad’s financial adventures with equity partners including Alitalia and airberlin. 

AFS Action For India
      In a move to boost foreign trade, the Indian government is encouraging establishing Air Freight Stations (AFS) and Container Freight Stations (CFS) and is accepting online applications.  
      The AFS and CFS move ushers in “services for handling and temporary storage of import/export laden and empty containers carried under customs control.”

Vol. 16 No. 59               TUESDAY JULY 25, 2017

Where Cargo Reaches The Ruling Class
      There have undoubtedly been many events endlessly ballyhooed in your e-mails recently.
      But, dear reader, take this one to heart.
      FlyingTypers endorses only one event as a must-attend this autumn in the U.S.
      Sign up now and don’t miss out on the CNS initiative meeting as USACIA returns for Part Deux on September 6, 2017. 

Chuckles for July 25, 2017

High Flying Finnair
     Finnair recorded a first-half net profit of €58.8 million ($67 million), a turnaround from a loss of €16.1 million versus same period in 2016. 
     The airline achieved the result on turnover up 7.4% year-over-year (YOY) at just under €1.2 billion.

Picture Of The Day

Rocky Was An Original
      I have been privileged to meet several great people in my years at the airport, especially in New York.
      A favorite was Rocco Manniello. At 5 feet, 5 inches tall, Rocco lorded over airport employee food service at LaGuardia, JFK, and even at some leading universities in the area. He even hocked his house in Whitestone in 1988to open “The Yankee Clipper,” a neighborhood Italian home-style eatery inside the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport.

Vol. 16 No. 58               THURSDAY JULY 20, 2017

Who Has The Numbers In Summer 2017
     As FlyingTypers went to press, a startling 11.3 percent year-on-year growth in exports recorded by China in June caught most analysts off-guard. Following the acceleration—led by exports of electronics and high-tech products to the EU, U.S., and Japan—HSBC predicted “stronger global demand will support export growth [from China] in the coming quarters.”
      Indeed, the export outlook is bright across Asia. Certainly, the latest Purchasing Manager Index readings suggest solid demand in the coming months.

Chuckles for July 20, 2017

Airlift Milks Qatar
     Moutaz Al Khayyat believes that you never outgrow your need for milk.
     So the entrepreneur and chairman of Qatari construction firm Power International Holding initiated the move to airlift Holstein dairy cows from Baladna Livestock Production in Budapest to a purpose-built dairy farm near Doha that has capacity for 4,000 animals to help provide fresh milk during the recent ongoing rift between Qatar and the Gulf Arab Allies.

Amelia Endures At 80
     Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan disappeared somewhere between Australia and Howland Island on their attempt to fly around the world 80 years ago on July 2, 1937.
     It seems the fateful flight is recalled on every anniversary of the event, and somebody always has a different theory on what actually happened.

Vol. 16 No. 57               TUESDAY JULY 11, 2017

The Picture Of Rick Elieson
      Rick Elieson transitions easily between a vocation at American Airlines Cargo to his avocation as a naturalist photographer. His dexterity in the latter practice is evidence to the depths and commitments of his passions. A magnificent collection of photographs, which capture the detail and force of natural life, should confirm his perceptiveness.
      Mr. Elieson took the reins of President Cargo at the world’s biggest airline earlier this year. American Airlines has surely benefitted from his bright and keen eye, which shines from his gallery collections.

Chuckles for July 11, 2017

Letters to the Editor + Pumping Traffic
      We’re sending early congratulations to the Atlanta, Georgia, air cargo industry, which formed the pioneering Atlanta Air Cargo Association (AACA) 48 years ago this October 6, 1969. 
      A diverse membership—including five women directors—drive AACA in 2017.

When An Awards Party Gets Down To Business
      Beyond social and awards activities, ANAMA has an edgy business agenda, which was advanced during the gathering at the AGM in Milan a few weeks ago.
      But with “Quality Award” publicity and hoopla always overshadowing industry gatherings, the ANAMA agenda received short shrift and apparently was overlooked.

Vol. 16 No. 56               WEDNESDAY JULY 5, 2017

Knockout Airport Session In Orlando
     The U.S. Airforwarders Association AirCargo 2017 Conference in Orlando, Florida (June 2-4), included two outstanding and very well received sessions. The first discussed how todays airports are meeting the challenges they face, while the second focused on areas the global air cargo industry should consider for airports of the future. 
      The first session featured speakers from Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Chuckles for July 5, 2017

Goodrich Charters UAE to Kazakhstan
     Goodrich Kazakhstan moved a canopy system from the UAE for construction projects underway in Astana, Kazakhstan.
The cargo required chartering an IL76 and two B-747s.

Quote of the Week: Peachy Keen

Stronger In Hard Times; Spark To Us All
     Beloved mother, grandmother, wife, and pioneering woman in computer programming, Saida Khan died at home in Kalamazoo early Saturday morning, July 1, 2017.
     She was 93 years old.
     Born in Bhavnagar, India, Saida met and married Muzaffer Khan, a well-respected criminal and corporate lawyer in 1949.
     The couple had three children: Ahsan, Sabiha, and Saleem. 

Vol. 16 No. 55               TUESDAY JUNE 27, 2017

Europe To India Adding Up
     “Our move will touch Mumbai, the economic heart of India, said a smiling Marcel de Nooijer, EVP Air France KLM Martinair Cargo. 
      The youthful executive is referring to the resumption of KLM flights after “almost two decades.” Services recommence between Mumbai and Schiphol-Amsterdam starting on October 29, 2017. 
      “By introducing Mumbai, the economic heart of India, to our schedule from Schiphol we are able to further increase our already existing network presence in India. 

Chuckles for June 27, 2017

Antonio Fernandez The Sun King
     Antonio Fernandes was sitting in a chair as the sun and the warmth of a late Spring day set over Amelia Island, Florida, this year at the EMO Trans Global meetings. Antonio and the expanding world of EMO Trans’s partners and colleagues had been locked in an agenda-filled encounter that included meetings and social events, but on this last evening, as he leaned back in his chair, taking a long thoughtful drag on his cigarette, Antonio reflected aloud about priorities: 
     “The most important asset we have in the forwarding business is the experience and dedication of our people.” 

Riders In The Sky
     We were thinking about shipping horses recently just as the third leg of America’s Triple Crown occurred at The Belmont in New York City on Saturday, June 10 (The Kentucky Derby & Preakness have already taken place).
      Above Belmont, giant Emirates A380s arrive on final into John F. Kennedy International Airport, just near the tracks.
      The horse shipment is the oldest gag in air cargo.

Vol. 16 No. 54               THURSDAY JUNE 15, 2017

Gisela Imagines Beyond Air Cargo
     Amid all the pretzels, beer, big booth stands, and hopes and dreams of our every expanding industry at last month’s Air Cargo Europe, thoughts often drifted a bit wider as we said, “Hello, Germany.” 
      We were there in the thousands, acting local behind heaping plates of that particular May German delicacy, white asparagus (spargel). Between mouthfuls we thought global, wondering whether spargel could be a moveable feast, and if so how could we get this wonderful and special vegetable out to the rest of the world?

Chuckles for June 15, 2017

LAACA Air Cargo Day
     Go Clubbing… One of our favorite air cargo clubs, the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association (LAACA) hosted a very successful 2017 Air Cargo Day at the Manhattan Beach Marriott.
     On June 8, at the LAACA Luncheon meeting, Aeronet Worldwide’s David Gibson (left) took the reigns from Amy Grat, (right) Chief Executive Officer at International Trade Education Programs, Inc. (ITEP), University of Southern California, as new LAACA President. Daniel L. Gardner, President of Trade Facilitators, Inc., was also present and delivered a speech entitled “How Amazon is Disrupting The Logistics World.”  

British Forwarders In Brexit Watch
     Assessing the year since the UK decided to exit the EU, British International Freight Association (BIFA) Director General Robert Keen walks softly but carries a big stick in Euro shipping circles. In the latest update/position of the British Freight Forwarders, he stated, “In the year since the Brexit vote, the UK has been in a period of great uncertainty on the political front and we hope that the new government of whatever hue is ready to confront the massive decisions that now need to be taken.

Qatar Numbers Up
     Qatar Airways released startlingly positive numbers for its fiscal year and also addressed the recent blockade of air space and operations into Saudi Arabia and elsewhere as announced on June 1. It continues to operate to the rest of its network as per its published schedules with day-to-day adjustments for operational and commercial efficiencies.

Vol. 16 No. 53               TUESDAY JUNE 13, 2017

Hong Kong Forwarders Eyes On The Prize + Pumping Traffic
     Hong Kong air freight forwarders have a full-plate year, but long-term competitiveness will depend on infrastructure investment at HKIA and supportive government policies.
      Those thoughts were among the key points made by Brian Wu, the affable and insightful chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics, the non-profit organization which represents the autonomous territory at FIATA as well as pushing forwarder interests closer to home. 

Chuckles for June 13, 2017

Trump Effect Pt. 6: U.S. Pilots In Short Supply
     My last article on the Trump Effect was a discussion on the U.S. Pilot Shortage that is being labeled a National Crisis. 
      I recently attended a meeting in Washington, D.C., hosted by the Chief of the U.S. Air Force with the major airlines, regional airlines, civil air patrol, the airline unions, A4A, an airline training university, industry experts, congressional staffers, and leaders of the other military services.  

The Art Of The Parody
     The art of the parody. Now in its eighth week on air, The President Show stars Anthony Atamanuik (our son-in-law) as President Trump and Pete Grosz as Vice President Pence. The duo is pictured with FT publisher Geoffrey Arend on location in Queens, New York, last Friday.

Vol. 16 No. 52               THURSDAY JUNE 08, 2017

Kersten Is The Next FIATA General
     “Welcome to FIATA,” declared FIATA Director General Marco Sorgetti (left) as former UIC Freight Director Hans Günther Kersten (right) was selected as Mr. Sorgetti’s successor. Kersten will serve as FIATA Deputy Director General until Marco retires in September.
     “I am sure a person with your professional background will add another layer of accomplishments in the long list of extraordinary achievements of this association,” said Marco.

Chuckles for June 8, 2017

Afghan India Deal Leapfrogs Pakistan + Pumping Traffic
     Starting on June 15, the first lot of Afghan goods will leave Kabul for New Delhi. According to a statement from the Afghanistan Presidential Palace on June 1, that will see the movement of goods by air on the Afghanistan-India air corridor.

Vol. 16 No. 51               MONDAY JUNE 05, 2017

Bodacious Bellinder Moves Forward
     Jim Bellinder, United Cargo’s Vice President Cargo Sales Americas, and a large contingent from United Cargo, deliver a clear and consistent message to the air cargo supply chain contributors and customers gathered this week in Orlando for AirCargo 2017: 
      “While United Cargo is pleased,” Jim says, “to be the leading belly cargo carrier in volumes and revenues, and grateful to our customers for the trust that makes this happen, that doesn’t mean we’re taking this position or our customers for granted.”

Chuckles for June 5, 2017

Indicate Strong Cargo Rules 2017 + Pumping Traffic
     Various sources suggest pricing has been sliding through May but demand indicators are strong for the rest of the year and rates seem likely to rebound this summer.
      Drewry’s East-West Airfreight Price Index, a weighted average of all-in airfreight “buy rates” forwarders pay to airlines for standard deferred airport-to-airport airfreight services on 21 major East-West routes for cargoes above 1,000 kg, rose to 88.3 in April which equates to an average rate of $2.86 per kg. 

Letter for June 5, 2017
     Having just been at the IATA IGHC where we had a plenary session on safety in the ground handling industry (summary here), I think a major focus has to be on the horrific staff turnover numbers in this industry.
      Menzies just published their figures and I am led to understand that the numbers are not “outliers” by any means; indeed, they could even be on the lower side of average. 

Vol. 16 No. 50               WEDNESDAY MAY 31, 2017

Top Panel Discussion So Far in 2017 @ CNS + Pumping Traffic
      Of all the air cargo discussion panels at all the industry trade shows and events in the first half of 2017, we think this one is the best.
      Here’s why.
      The Boston Consulting Group’s Partner & Managing Director Peter Ulrich adroitly moderated “Improving Efficiency, Speed, and Quality at U.S. Airports” at the recent CNS Partnership Conference in Orlando, Florida. 

Chuckles for May 31, 2017

CNS 2017 Through The Looking Glass
      IATA Cargo Network Services (CNS) President Lionel Van Der Walt had it all on the table earlier this month. He hosted the U.S. cargo universe and industry conferees from around the world in Orlando, Florida at the first CNS Partnership Conference of his own making since being named CNS President.

Vol. 16 No. 49               FRIDAY MAY 26, 2017

Air Cargo Took Off Above The Himalayas + Pumping Traffic
      If you want to know exactly when the defining time occurred for air cargo in the 20th century, and what led to its development, just cast a line back seventy two years ago and you will discover that modern air cargo was born in India and China.

Chuckles for May 26, 2017

Vol. 16 No. 48               TUESDAY MAY 23, 2017

Ocean Mess Boosts Air Cargo + Pumping Traffic
     The global air cargo market has made a rather positive start to 2017. 
      As reported in FlyingTypers, the macro economic environment has been upbeat, with most key markets showing growth and demand on air via East-West freight lanes encouraging in both directions.

Chuckles for May 23, 2017

Lufthansa Eyes On Asia
      If you found the recent Air Cargo Europe a bit tight on breathing room, you will get no argument from us.
      Just like many others, we spent time earlier this month walking the very narrow trade show aisles at Messe Munich.
      Last year, the aisles at TIACA Paris (which probably could have used more business) felt as wide as runways.

Dnata Enters American Market
   Dnata (Emirates Group) acquired AirLogistix USA, which operates a 30K perishables cargo facility, handling operations at George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston.

Airport Local Power Source
     Osteeflughafen Barth Airport is a regional facility serving the city of Strasund and the town of Barth Germany.
     Opened by The Luftwaffe in 1936 and closed after WWII, today the Baltic Sea airport is utilized mainly for private aviation. 

Vol. 16 No. 47               FRIDAY MAY 19, 2017

DHL So Far, So Good
      Air cargo demand has been strong so far in 2017 and the medium-term outlook is positive, not least as e-commerce services open up new opportunities, according to Ingo-Alexander Rahn, Global Head of Air Freight at DHL Global Forwarding.
      He told FlyingTypers that so far this year, thanks to a “good performing world economy and growing consumer demand in China,” DHL was seeing strong demand for air freight.

Chuckles for May 19, 2017

The GST of India
      India’s logistics sector has been waiting since 2006 for the Goods and Services Tax (GST). 
      Now, the biggest hurdles—mostly from the states—have been overcome and the country would institute one single, uniform tax policy starting in July of this year.

Pat Thyself On Thy Back
      There are awards, and then there is how awards are accepted.
      Here Prakash Karki of World Freight International (WFI) displays the celebration spirit we like after recently being named “2nd best cargo agent by Nepal Airlines for 2017”at Soaltee Crown Plaza in Kathmandu.

Fish Swim, Birds Got To Fly
      You don’t have to tell cargo people where there is a will there is a way, but launching a ‘Cessna 185 Float Plane’ from land only confirms our can-do spirit. 
      The Cessna came into Mitchinson’s Flight Center in Saskatoon, Canada, and was extensively overhauled at the inland facility.

Vol. 16 No. 46               THURSDAY MAY 17, 2017

The Trump Effect Pt. 5: Who Will Pilot The Airline Business
      After 100+ days, President Trump is still focused on his campaign promises to provide the U.S. with security, GNP growth, and improved infrastructure.  
Politics have slowed down a few of his programs, but he seems to be on a positive flight path.

Chuckles for May 17, 2017

Awards Leave Some At A Loss
      Air Cargo Europe bestowed another blizzard of air cargo awards at its “Gala Dinner” in Munich last Wednesday.
      Trade shows, industry organizations, and especially publications are handing out awards left and right.
      There are awards for everything, from company of the year, to person of the year, to most influential, to lifetime service.

Emirates Group Posts Profits
      Emirates Group (EG) posted an AED 2.5 billion (U.S. $670 million) profit for the financial year ending March 31, 2017, down 70 percent from 2016.
      Revenue reached AED 94.7 billion (U.S. $25.8 billion), an increase of 2 percent over last year’s results.
      Emirates Group’s cash balance decreased by 19 percent to AED 19.1 billion (U.S. $5.2 billion) “mainly,” EG said, “due to the repayment of two bonds on maturity and ongoing high investments into its fleet and aircraft related assets.”

Vol. 16 No. 45               THURSDAY MAY 11, 2017

ATC At The Heart of GSSA
      A family affair! ATC Aviation is amongst the fastest growing most dynamic GSSAs on the planet and Ingo Zimmer ATC CEO (center back row) wants the world to know that it is “all about our people.”
   “We also thank our partners, the expanding roster of airlines we represent from around the world.”

Chuckles for May 11, 2017

Emirates Lands Uptick For 2017
      Jeffrey Van Haeften began his tenure as Emirates SkyCargo Vice President Cargo Global Sales having previously gained vital training in this ever-widening and specialized air cargo business at Martinair Holland, DHL Global Forwarding, and CEVA Logistics.

Trees Gave It Up For Daily Blah
    This week we picked up a copy of the “Official Air Cargo Europe” daily publication.
     Printed on extra thick glossy stock, the issue felt and looked wonderful.
     But then we got to thinking: how can the air cargo industry, which is attempting to project an image of sustainability, allow itself to be presented to the professionals (at ACE) in a series of printed issues that have the look and feel of having been printed on what remains of the Black Forest?

Vol. 16 No. 44               WEDNESDAY MAY 10, 2017

Lufthansa Cargo Joint Is Jumping
      At Air Cargo Europe United Airlines Cargo President Jan Krems (right) and Lufthansa Cargo Executive Board Member & CEO Peter Gerber (left) met and hosted an afternoon photo op on Tuesday to celebrate their joint venture.

Chuckles for May 10, 2017

Fast Jacques Seizes The Moment
      “The mood is very upbeat at this year’s gathering of Air Cargo Europe (ACE) in Munich.
     “With every passing month, as the increase in business continues, the sentiment grows stronger that this expansion in world trade, and of volume growth exceeding capacity growth, may not be just a temporary correction but a long-term trend,” “Fast” Jacques Leijssenaar, Vice President, United Cargo Sales - EMEIA tells FlyingTypers as United and Lufthansa banner their new partnership at an ACE gathering on Tuesday. 

Uli @ Qatar Airways Reimagines Cargo 2017
    “Our rapid growth from 16th to 3rd position based on IATA’s FTK ranking in merely 5 years would not have been possible without the tremendous support from our global customer base.”
      Qatar Airways Cargo Chief Cargo Officer Uli Ogiermann smiles, and his kind face lights up as he spins a tale of business and life coming together. Uli is the architect of an airline story for the ages.

On The Beat @ Air Cargo Europe
     The newsmaker out of Air Cargo Europe in Munich Tuesday is from IAG Cargo Commercial Director David Shepherd as he announces that IAG’s new long-haul, low-cost airline brand LEVEL will join cargo operations starting June 2017. 
      LEVEL will offer three new routes into the Americas operating from Barcelona, Shepherd said.

Vol. 16 No. 43               MONDAY MAY 8, 2017

ATC Shines At Grand Expo Munich This Week
      “I believe in partnership and quality,” says Ingo Zimmer, CEO of fast- rising GSSA ATC Aviation. ATC is based in Germany at Cargo City SUD Frankfurt Airport. 
      “If airlines have good experience with us and our standards in Europe, they will be comfortable as we grow our offering elsewhere in the world including Europe, Africa, Asia, India, and in the Americas as well.”

Chuckles for May 8, 2017

The Fixer At American Airlines Cargo
     In today’s world of instant global communication, everybody has the ability to be a reporter. The modern world has offered up customer experiences for public consumption, turning the management of expectations into a delicate balancing act. 
     As American Airlines Cargo Director of Customer Experience, Eric Mathieu is a key force in walking that tightrope and securing the emerging air cargo fortunes at the world’s largest airline.

Look Who's Sporting The Maple Leaf
    For CNS last week in Orlando, Tim Strauss traded in his signature Hawaiian shirt for a new look: a straight suit with a maple leaf pin in his jacket lapel.
     Tim was quite animated about his new post as VP Cargo at Air Canada (He joined April 3).

Another Day In Paradise
     Great to see our old friends at CNS last week, including that all-cargo pro and recently retired Emirates Cargo chief in North America, Ed Chism, (left) pictured here with Brendan Furlong, Cargo Sales Manager Global Accounts-The Americas, Emirates SkyCargo.

I'm The President! Can You Believe It?
     On Thursday, May 4, 2017, I got to be president for approximately 2 minutes. Despite my short tenure, I think I did a pretty good job. I didn’t destroy anyone’s health care, declare the female gender a pre-existing condition, or threaten the lives of immigrants! Go President Arend!

Vol. 16 No. 42               FRIDAY MAY 5, 2017

Why AA's Numbers Are Surging
     American Airlines Cargo delivered 13.8 percent year-on-year improvement in first-quarter traffic, rising to 619m cargo ton-miles, while revenues improved 6.2 percent to $172m. 
      Yields were lower as capacity and new destinations continued to be added to the AA system.
      But measuring yields as they stand right now is not the story here.

Chuckles for May 5, 2017

Always Gentleman Dave
     “Gentleman” Dave Brooks retired as President of American Airlines Cargo a few years back, but he’s still one of the most likeable cargo guys we have ever known.
      At the center of air cargo for decades, Dave was always unflappable. A quick wit complemented his calm demeanor and bright intelligence as he tackled the cargo fortunes of AA and worked to build the industry via the many organizations he supported including, of course, CNS.

The Finale That Was
     “The last three days here at CNS Partnership we talked about technology, innovation in the business, and what we need to do to as an industry to stay relevant.”

Overheard At CNS

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
     Although the weather is unseasonably cool, there’s a party happening today, as crowds fill Market Square—also known as El Mercado—in downtown San Antonio during the Annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. The party draws an average of 50,000 people.

Vol. 16 No. 41               TUESDAY MAY 2, 2017

May Day At CNS
     While the rest of the world celebrated May Day 2017, IATA Cargo Network Services (CNS) got down to business in Orlando, Florida, with a full slate of sessions at its 27th Annual Partnership Conference.

Chuckles for May 2, 2017

M&G Cool Chain Solution
     Cool chain shippers get wrapped for summer as New York-based M&G Packaging steps up as the exclusive distributer in North America for the DuPont Extreme Tyvek Thermal Cover.
  These covers come in a variety of sizes and deliver an affordable, effective passive protection solution,” said M&G Packaging President Charles Rick. 

Unmanned Conference Drones On
      The one-day “Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) Conference” will be held on June 13 at Maaspoort, an attractive concert and event center located in Venlo, the Netherlands.
      Leave it to the inventive Dutch to launch an unmanned aircraft conference (now in its fourth year) from a place that can best be reached via flight to Dusseldorf, Germany, about 48 min (59.8 km) away from Venlo by car.

Vol. 16 No. 40               MONDAY MAY 1, 2017

Orlando CNSLand This Week
     “Greetings from beautiful Orlando, Florida. For those who do not know me, I’m Lionel, your CNS President, proclaims Lionel van der Walt.
     “This is the first CNS Partnership Conference I have had the privilege to personally plan, and I just wanted to take a moment to share the following thoughts as we get underway addressing the critical issues of our industry and network to build better relationships at this week’s 27th Annual CNS Partnership Conference, April 30-May 2, 2017.”

Chuckles for May 1, 2017

Air Cargo Demand Up
     “Air freight demand out of Asia remained strong through the first quarter and early indicators suggest Q2 will see more of the same,” reports a
survey from APAC Forwarding Index, adding that “recent and anticipated volumes on key lanes to and from the region have been rising.”

EU Fine Hits Carriers Again
     Last month the European Union levied a $835 million (776 million Euro) fine on air cargo companies for colluding to fix the level of fuel and security surcharges. It was first slapped on Air Canada, Air France-KLM, British Airways, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific Airways, Japan Airlines, LAN Chile, Martinair, Qantas, SAS, and Singapore Airlines before a court threw it out.
     But down is not out, so with a few tweaks in the legal language, the European Union re-imposed the fines.


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