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   Vol. 19 No. 6
Monday January 27, 2020
ATC's Brainiac Brainway Move

Ingo Zimmer, ATC CEO is the braniac in the move to add Brainway to the company fold in January 2020, declaring “We have acquired Austrian GSSA Brainway affording our company an immediate, solid foothold in Eastern Europe to better serve our customers and further expand our capabilities across that area.”
     Brainway and its subsidiaries in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia are now members of ATC Aviation Services Group.
     Amongst the airlines represented in Austria and Eastern Europe are Saudi Arabian Airlines, United Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, NCA, LOT Polish Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Air China.
     Günter Pepl, Managing Director, Brainway pictured right with Ingo declared: “We are very delighted to join the ATC team.”
     As 2020 unfolds, ATC with a turnover over USD$400 million annually, emerges as top GSSA in 31 countries worldwide, representing more than 75 airlines.
More: www.atc-aviation.com

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