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   Vol. 17 No. 8
Friday February 9, 2018

Westward HO UA ANA Joint Is Jumping

Toshiaki Toyama, President and CEO, ANA Cargo, and Jan Krems, President, United Cargo, kick off a deepening alliance as the carriers add westbound service this week.

      “The U.S.-to-Asia market is highly competitive, so we are excited to offer convenient access to expanded metal-neutral capacity to customers shipping westbound across the Pacific,” declared United Airlines Cargo President Jan Krems. On February 6 United Airlines and All Nippon Airways expanded the carriers’ cargo joint venture, adding westbound transpacific routes to the successful eastbound transpacific phase launched last summer in July 2016.
      Now shipments originating in the U.S. or Canada and bound for Japan get the same plus lift benefits enjoyed by shipments originating in Japan and bound for the U.S. or Canada, including access to more destinations with quicker transport times and enhanced technology to create one-stop shopping for customers.
       “One of the most gratifying aspects of our cargo joint venture with ANA is the synergy generated by bringing our two teams together,” Jan added, saying, “The collaboration between two industry leaders focused on delivering customer service excellence has created a JV service offering of which we are both proud.”
      The UA-ANA cargo joint venture network boasts 360 nonstop flights a week to 15 destinations and numerous flight and truck connections within the U.S. and Canada.

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