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Wednesday January 31, 2018

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      To quote the great Mel Brooks in the movie History of the World Part One:
      “It’s good to be King.”
      For air cargo, the good just got better as IATA named Mike White as Cargo Network Services President.
      As we wrote on November 27: “We Like Mike.”
      Now that progressive Lionel Van Der Walt has moved on to greener fields, long-serving “Steady” Mike White, who rises from his current post of Vice President, Government & Industry Relations, is the perfect choice as the next President of CNS.

Too Many CNS Presidents

      Mike offers a steady hand to the CNS Presidency, a position that has recently become a regularly revolving door of executives.
      He will bring continuity to CNS, which is responsible for providing a solid industry foundation to advance the airline forwarder partnership.

Why Steady Mike Matters

      Mike is a proven expert in every phase of the airline forwarder partnership. He has been a key player at CNS since 2008, fronting issues affecting our industry from his base in Washington, D.C.

Trade Excellence

      Steady Mike is a recognized leader in the air cargo industry’s efforts for improving security, e-commerce transformation, trade facilitation, and on regulatory matters.
      He serves on the TSA Aviation Security Advisory Committee working group on air cargo, the Canada Border Services Agency North American Single Window Approach Working Group, and the IATA Cargo Security Task Force.
      In 2015 the Secretaries of Treasury and DHS appointed Steady Mike to the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) representing the international air carriers.
      Mr. White currently helps lead U.S. industry efforts for development of standards for the Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS), the adoption of the electronic consignment security declaration, launch of the IATA e-commerce efforts in the United States, and head of cargo facilitation efforts on behalf of IATA in the U.S.
      Steady Mike also served as a senior representative for trade during the development of the U.S. air cargo known shipper program, the indirect air carrier program, and the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program after the events of TWA flight 800 and 9-11.

Frontier Air Cargo From The Ramp Up

      Mike White’s career has covered many areas of the airline and air cargo industry.
      He began at Frontier Airlines in Lincoln, Nebraska.
      In 1986 he joined United Airlines, where he held key management positions in passenger, cargo, and ramp operations across the U.S.
      In 1999 Mr. White was named Managing Director of Cargo for the Air Transport Association in Washington and helped lead industry efforts for many of the changes to customs and security post 9/11.

Legend Of The Midwest

      There is a relatable quality to Mike White, born, I think in his upbringing in Lincoln, Nebraska.
      He certainly has the smarts, but he is also refreshingly easy to talk to—low key, with assured confidence.
      Steady Mike White seems practically unexcitable.

Right Place, Right Time

      Right now the last thing CNS needs is one more short-term president, and maybe that is the best reason for “Steady Mike” at the helm in 2018.
      He is in the right place at the right time and we look forward to his steady hand to bring continuity and continuance in developing the fine agenda established by Lionel and the Board at CNS.
      Steady Mike has the desire, the chops, and the unparalleled expertise to take a great legacy organization to new heights.
      Welcome aboard, Mike.
      “We like Mike!”

      Next month Fruit Logistica, the gigantic fresh produce event, meets February 7-9 at Berlin ExpoCenter City and CityCube Berlin for the 26th time. For all the glitz and glamour and displays and technologies it brings to the world, the expo might also be branded Fruchtsalat.
      Move over “Chiquita Banana,” this expo has cumquats doing the Lambada in the aisles.
      And looking at the growing numbers at this show, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”
      Fruit Logistica in 2018 is 3,077 exhibitors and 76,000 attendees covering every single sector of the fresh produce business.
      But what makes Fruit Logistica top banana in our book, in addition to the obvious, lies in the unusual things it brings to the table.
      For example, read “Fruit Trade 2025 Ideas-Impulses-Insights.” Created in 2017 on behalf of Messe Berlin, the organizers of Fruit Logistica, it was written by Marta Kwiatkowski and Christine Schäfer at The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) based in Rüschlikon near Zurich.
      Non-profit GDI creates social and economic studies and also happens to be the oldest think tank in Switzerland.
      Here is a taste…

Meeting Fresh Expectations Ahead

      “Alternating between Aldi and Armani:
      “That is how market researchers and businesses experience today’s hybrid consumer, and they have quickly become wise to him.
      “When ego involvement is high, brands take the limelight and prices become irrelevant.
      “For low ego involvement goods, however, the drivers are convenience and price.”

McDonald’s & Haute Cuisine

      “But it is not so simple when it comes to diet.
      “In one scenario, a religious diet philosophy for the conscious consumer dictates that an apple can only be eaten if he knows the name and the physical distance to the producer, as well as the production methods used.
      “But in a take-away situation, personal karma is not compromised if the same apple is procured cheaper in bulk – and even sourced from a distant time zone. Supported by a new range of food products, hybridization of eating habits is on the increase.
      “While it used to be anchored at the extreme poles of McDonald’s and Haute Cuisine, it (diet) now revolves around Soylent and experience gastronomy –and all that without neglecting a healthy diet.”

The Soylent Voice

      “Soylent is synonymous with completely liquid food, ‘astronaut food’ for everyone – healthy, tasty, nutritious and affordable.
      “Social media act as a high-speed news ticker, constantly transmitting new diet-related trends.
      “However, rapid changes in food trends and hypeproducts, demanded instantaneously by a large number of consumers, can be a problem for the fresh produce industry.”

Exceeding Expectation A Must

      “A natural product is limited in its capacity to cater for such erratic and volatile levels of demand.
      “Nevertheless, these popular social channels are also open to the fresh produce sector itself.
      “It can therefore try to use social media mechanisms to position the issues it considers important.
      “Bloggers (Instagram), YouTube channels, celebrity cooks – the field is wide ranging.
      “New production technologies can also facilitate better production options, independent of seasonality and weather. This will allow a quicker, more targeted response to demand in the future.”

Recipe For Supply Chain Success

      “Establishing transparency will become increasingly easy, though this will be a challenge for food safety.
      “Nevertheless it is an opportunity for the entire supply chain.
      “Producers have a direct line to the consumer, providing opportunities to differentiate themselves from the competition.
      “The provision of consumer information is becoming simpler and faster.
      “This also offers the opportunity to highlight seasonal production, and even address the consumers’ willingness to pay higher prices.”

Don’t Forget the Individual

      “Healthy food is tested for its specific health effects, and tailored to individual diet plans.
      “New technologies make it easier to prepare customized diet plans based on fresh products such as fruit and vegetables.
      “This significant development goes beyond the current organic trend (‘Beyond Organic’).”

Read The Rest here.

      Nobody wore a fruit fedora better than the 1940s film star Carmen Miranda.
      Next month during Carnival in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, (February 9-17) look for a half-dozen drag queens and others to appear in her much loved image.
      In 2005 the Museum of Modern Art in Rio marked the 50th anniversary of Ms. Miranda’s passing with an exhibit that included over 700 items including her clothing, jewels, old records, magazines, and pictures.

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   Under the new TSA rules announced January 22, all cargo flights originating from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt are to undergo extra screening when flying to the United States.
According to the TSA, screening focus is “on last points of departure locations, where the threat is greatest.”
   So, now all cargo flights bound for USA, originating from DXB, AUH, AMM, JED, RUH,DOH, CAI need Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) protocols, that in shorthand demand flights must submit data about the origins and sender of the cargo before it gets loaded onto a plane.
   ACAS protocols (for the record) were already being voluntarily applied by airlines around the world, but the TSA decided to make rules mandatory for the flights originating from Middle East.

   Pictured in this lovely time exposure under the “Super Blue Blood Moon,” a thin veil of clouds covered the exquisite Russian Chapel, the Mathildenhoehe in Darmstadt, Germany.
   On February 20 Air Cargo Club Germany (ACD) meets in FRA at LSG Jean-Gardner-Batten-Str 5 from 16:00-19:30.
   ACD discussion of the month: “Cargo Handling - The daily balancing act between contractual requirements and operational reality.”



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