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   Vol. 15  No. 19
Monday March 7, 2016

Dead Heat On A Carousel

Dead Heat On A Carousel

Renu Singh Parmar      Assessing last month’s Air Cargo India that took place in Mumbai (Feb.23-25), reliable sources told FlyingTypers that “most people in our circle were there to receive an award or act as a speaker.”
      “There was a lot of hype and ballyhoo connected to the appearance of Renu Singh Parmar, the Senior Economic Advisor in the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
      “Unfortunately, Renu had nothing new to say.
      “Everyone wished that Renu might have ramped up some excitement and brought news of promises kept by the government amidst projections that India’s air cargo business will rise from 2.6 million tons in 2015 to nearly 8.7 million tons by 2030, but for Air Cargo India, her words were that things need to be streamlined and that the government is taking initiatives for good infrastructure and multimodal connectivity.”
      “Telling a professional transportation audience that the government and the ministry of Civil Aviation ‘are trying to solve hindrances,’ without much other explanation seems a bit empty.”
      The truth is that the previous government prepared a detailed working paper on how to boost air cargo and the entire aviation sector.
      The wonder is what happened to that plan, as apparently the new government (2014) has stalled and things have not advanced as promised.
      Instead, the future plan for development of India’s aviation seems pushed back to square one as legions of government bureaucrats go about their daily business mired in attempts to outdo each other to earn brownie points with their bosses.
      At this point in time, as India’s economy is booming, the civil aviation sector seems to be locked in a dead heat, going round and round on a baggage carousel.
      But hope—just like the air cargo conference events that will pop up monthly for the rest of 2016—springs eternal.

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