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   Vol. 15  No. 17
Tuesday March 1, 2016

A Brief Conversation With Duncan Watson
A Brief Conversation with Duncan Watson
     Ask Duncan Watson—the lively and energetic air cargo Vice President moving up at Emirates—what his top priority is as February 2016 comes to a close, and his answer is immediate.
     “Our restructure is just about complete.
     “Emirates air cargo’s business in the United States has grown at such an accelerated clip that we decided to create three distinct regions, which all came together as of last January.
     “To deal with continued growth in 2016, we have a regional cargo manager for the western United States based in Los Angeles Siegfried Meyer, another in Chicago (to be named very soon), and our regional cargo manager for the eastern USA based in New York City is Edward O’Neill.”
     Speaking to a very broad audience of customers in today’s dynamic market Duncan Watson is emphatic:
     “You want to do business with Emirates for historical reasons, for the things for which we are well known and respected, as a great brand with exemplary service.
     “Freight forwarders and other service partners should know that if they have not had a conversation with SkyCargo recently, they will discover that, in addition to our aforementioned strengths, we are more entrepreneurial, more flexible, and in line with a very competitive world market.
     “It’s not about teaching an old dog new tricks, either. As we move forward, SkyCargo has refined its abilities with huge investments in our connectivity, technical accessibility framework and infrastructure—for example, with the giant all-cargo operation at Dubai World Central.
     “We have also looked at every aspect of our offering and can say candidly that we are more approachable than ever.”
     Duncan Watson joined SkyCargo nine years ago as a regional manager for the Middle East and Africa.
Prior to his service at Emirates he spent some exciting years as part of DHL Express serving in his final role there as Regional Commercial Director in the Middle East.
     As of February 1st, Duncan looks after the Americas, and Middle East including the important huge home market in the UAE.
     He is married and lives in Dubai with his wife, Michelle, and two children, Leah and Stanley.
     “My boss wants me to spend more time in the UAE and I am glad to do it,” Duncan said.
     Asked about new opportunities Duncan said:
     “I think there are multiple opportunities for us, especially if we open our minds to new, growing industry trends.
     “For example, as you read this a trade show in Dubai titled ‘Gulf Food’ is occurring; it draws (among other attendees) a huge participation from the world’s perishables buyers and producers.
     “Gulf Food is among the top three events of its kind in the world and a must for Emirates SkyCargo as a place where real business is done”.
     “Another industry-specific event takes place in Boston in September, when big pharma meets.
     “SkyCargo will be represented in 2016 at IQPC for the first time because there is a large group of people we want to talk to directly.”
     As for what air cargo can do better, Duncan is resolute in his winning strategy.
     “Keep it simple, be efficient, and make it easy for the customer to do business.
     “We as an industry sometimes have a tendency to over complicate things,” Duncan Watson smiled.
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