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   Vol. 15  No. 18
Wednesday March 2, 2016

India Buried Under The Weight
India Buried Under The Weight
   Despite what you might have heard about India recently, it looks like hope for long-awaited business reforms are slowly fading away in 2016.
   Air cargo leaders may have been thinking big thoughts at a trade show in Mumbai last month, but despite ongoing efforts to eliminate red tape from the process, PM Narendra Modi has seen his big ticket reforms delayed and diluted.
   Worse yet, reports out of New Delhi conclude that if the reform-minded PM were to call for a referendum, Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Jamata Party would likely lose its majority in Parliament and be swept out of office.
   It’s too bad, as India is a bright spot in a sluggish global economy and the charismatic Modi & Company came into office with high hopes in 2014.
   Where all of this leaves aviation should not be much of a stretch to figure out.
   Just take a look at this picture of Indian workers in New Delhi attempting to hoist a bag containing the 2016-17 India Federal Budget and buckling under the weight.
   Undoubtedly, somewhere in that bag are the air cargo hopes held by the aviation dreamers and doers of India.
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