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   Vol. 15  No. 19
Monday March 7, 2016

Meanwhile At The FBO

Meanwhile At The FBO

      Politics aside, the marketing triumph of the year is billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arriving at several different airports aboard his own aircraft.
      First, the jet circles the field and does a low flyover.
      Then the sleek Boeing B757 (arguably the most beautiful twin jet ever built) taxis up to an airport hangar filled with supporters and media and Trump steps off the branded jet and waves “Presidential Style,” and the crowd just goes wild.
      Here is Mr. Trump pictured during a campaign stop at the Signature Flight Hangar at Port-Columbus International Airport, Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio.
      For the record, Trump purchased the Eastern Air Shuttle Company at LaGuardia, which served Washington and Boston. He operated the airline from 1989 until 1992, renaming it Trump Shuttle.
      Trump sold the airline to USAir.
      But “The Donald” kept his private aircraft, a former Trump Shuttle B727, at LaGuardia near The Marine Air Terminal, where we could see it parked everyday in an area of the ramp called “Five Towers.”
      Later in 2011, as the tri-jet built in 1968 was retired, Mr. Trump purchased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Boeing 757 for around $100 million and gave it a Trump-style makeover.
      Although he is yet to be anointed as the Republican nominee in this year’s upcoming Presidential election, the Trump presence is felt wherever he flies, every time he makes the big entrance.

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