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   Vol. 14  No. 33
Monday April 20, 2015

Customer Country
Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech and Achim Martinka   Kicking off CNS Partnership in Orlando on Sunday was a customer meet & greet event hosted by Board Member Product & Sales at Lufthansa Cargo Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech (L), pictured with Vice President Americas Achim Martinka (R).
   We asked Dr. Hoensbroech how he finds America, as CNS is his first event in the Americas since he assumed command on December 1.
   His reply was at once fun and in the spirit of the moment:
   “I turned left at Greenland,” Alexis said with a broad smile.
   “I’m still the new kid on the block, but I’m really enjoying the closeness of the relationships we can develop as air cargo business partners.
   “This is truly a unique industry with great people and even greater potential,” he said.
   Held in a packed-but-comfortable, wood-lined, brass rail saloon off to one side of the big hotel, the event was a smashing success.
   Alexis—who is young, smart, accessible and hard at work building both airline and industry—flew into town and won the day here in Florida. His presence is like a breath of fresh air.
   It’s the way it ought to be.

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