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   Vol. 14  No. 31
Monday April 13, 2015

Echoes 1975-2015

   The year 2015 marks our 40th year in the world of air cargo news reporting—first as Air Cargo News and now as FlyingTypers.
   The stewardship of Air Cargo News FlyingTypers hasn't changed since 1975, and while that is an impressive feat, what is even more remarkable is that in 2015 we have been fortunate to present the writings of the nearly 102-year-old Richard Malkin, who remains the first air cargo reporter in history (circa 1942) and now serves as FlyingTypers' Senior Editor.
   Here Richard begins a remembrance of events in an exclusive year-long series, "Echoes 1975-2015."

Gasoline Shortage
Echoes 1975-2015

ACN March 1975 Alive In '75
   It was not the kind of a year to inspire cheerful souls. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) had a stranglehold on the world oil market, and the airlines were put to a serious test.
   There was that economic phenomenon, stagflation, and America were in its grid. Some airlines were studying plans to reduce services: others were reviewing expansion plans.
Guenter Rohrmann   But all was not dark. At Air Express International, a new division was introduced—Fashionair—to serve the wearing apparel industry. Among a series of significant appointments was young Günter Rohrmann, vice president–Germany, who eventually went on to Lead AEI.
   And, yes, FlyingTypers’ daddy, Air Cargo News, burst onto the air cargo scene.
Richard Malkin

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