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   Vol. 14  No. 33
Monday April 20, 2015

Superman Returns

Ram Menen

   The highlight of any big gathering is always the keynote speech.
   Ram Menen is the speaker this year at CNS Partnership, having retired from Emirates SkyCargo two years ago after shepherding the enterprise from a 1985 start-up into a leader of international logistics.
   To be sure, Ram built a first–class team, something he is never reluctant to share with anyone who will listen.
   But along the way Ram Menen also became the clear voice of reason and support for several air cargo organizations.
   While developing SkyCargo into a global powerhouse and all that entails, Ram Menen somehow found the time and had the heart to help almost everyone.
   In this regard, Ram Menen can be considered a true great, and beyond that, as history lengthens, the greatest airline cargo executive in history.
   Now he is the CNS Keynoter for the Monday April 20th morning session.
   But there is no thought of coming back to cargo.
   Ram says emphatically:
   “I enjoy my retirement and have no thought of returning. But air cargo as we all know is a heart and soul thing. You simply cannot turn off, drop out, and never think about this business, especially after spending your whole life serving this industry.
   “Lately, keeping a weathered eye out as air cargo development continues, I am thinking about this industry we all love in a different light, as an outsider.
   “I am reminded of what George Bernard Shaw wrote in 1903 for his play Man and Superman:
   “‘The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
   “‘Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.’

   “Today the challenges of air cargo—for both the individual and the companies involved—have never been greater.
   “But there is a sameness to what we do and say at our meetings and gatherings that despite the efforts of many seem to stifle our potential.
   “I love my front row seat in the gallery, watching the game without the stress the players go through. I can see the entire arena and get a better perspective of the game.
   “I can let my mind wander without any constraints and see what we can achieve in a very evolving world where traditional barriers are being ripped apart by disruptive technological developments.
   “Yes, I am optimistic looking at the future.
   “I believe we need to continue to develop and nourish the partnership, working together and helping each other so that the great international air cargo community our industry has become can ensure its future,” Ram said.
   Superman may have retired and put away his uniform and cape, but it’s good to know that in 2015, for a few days at least, industry superhero Ram Menen is out there flying among us.

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