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   Vol. 17 No. 26
Tuesday May 1, 2018

Letters to the Editor

RE: Trump Effect One Year Later

Klaus HollerDear Geoffrey,

     Still following your publication with much interest.
     Bill Boesch boosting President Trump’s “achievements” in recent articles make me wonder.
     As a vivid reader of The New York Times and through other accounts, I can only wonder. (Or do I read Fake News?)

Best regards,
Klaus Holler


     Thanks for writing.
     Hope that you are enjoying a well-earned retirement at home and with your loved ones.
     Have thought about your letter as we really appreciate an opportunity to discuss further.
     Firstly, anyone who controls news publications can make events positive or negative.
     They (NYT) were the kings with the power. For example, you can say “He is a hard worker and spends 80 percent of his time traveling, which makes his company one of the top providers,” or you can say, “He focuses on his job at the expense of his wife and children who are growing up without a father.”

May Not Be Apparent

     The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CNBC are looking at a serious problem.
     President Trump is using public internet sites to speak directly to the people, so these news agencies no longer have as much control. That is very dangerous to their business and reduces much of their power. They don’t like it and therefore don’t like Trump. They have gotten away from double-checking their facts and many times print rumors as facts.

Are they Tabloids or News?

     I just read that this is also happening in Europe and they are putting up a board to catch and stop ‘Fake News.”
     But this is also as dangerous as controlling what is printed, which is very dangerous to a free society.
     I listen to Fox, CNN, and BBC News. I read the NY Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. I also read the ratings on these news agencies to see if they report both the pros and cons.      Then I research the news reports and make up my mind. There are a lot of things about Trump’s policies that I disagree with and his threats on Trade is one of them.
     But there are also many things that I agree with and I try to show both sides.
     I wish the news agencies did the same.

A Final Thought

Trump is a business man and negotiation is his trade. He may be doing some of this stuff to get what he really wants. Look at NATO, Syria, Russia, North Korea, and China. Better yet, look at the stock market. Some of my friends own small businesses and they tell me that their first quarter results almost equal their business in all of 2017.

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