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   Vol. 16 No. 51
Monday June 5, 2017

Bodacious Bellinder Moves Forward
Bodacious Bellinder Moves Forward

     Jim Bellinder, United Cargo’s Vice President Cargo Sales Americas, and a large contingent from United Cargo, deliver a clear and consistent message to the air cargo supply chain contributors and customers gathered this week in Orlando for AirCargo 2017:
      “While United Cargo is pleased,” Jim says, “to be the leading belly cargo carrier in volumes and revenues, and grateful to our customers for the trust that makes this happen, that doesn’t mean we’re taking this position or our customers for granted.”

Leading The Way

      “The reverse is true: we’re focused more than ever on expanding and upgrading our service.
      “We’re proud of our commercial expertise, quality processes, routes, and capacity, but this week at Air Cargo Orlando we’re asking our customers: ‘What else do you need from us?’ and ‘What can we do to be a more valuable partner in your success?’”

Face To Face Connections

      “The theme of this year’s AirCargo Conference is ‘Creating Cargo Connections,’ which is a perfect explanation for why United is here in large numbers at Booth 301.”

It's The People

      “We still believe in the importance of face-to-face interactions.
      “We think United Cargo’s people are the best around, so we want potential partners to get to know them personally.
      “‘People like to do business with people they like and trust’ might sound like a cliché, but as I read somewhere, ‘Usually, a cliché is a cliché because it’s true.’”

Nice Mix Light & Lively

      “A plus this week is that representatives of all the major types of supply chain stakeholders—forwarders, couriers, surface transport providers, airports, and airlines—are gathered in one place just as summer 2017 takes off.”

Collaboration Is Key

      “I believe the key innovations that can move our industry forward will only be realized through collaboration, so this is a great opportunity to share ideas and ‘dream big’ about what we can accomplish together.
      “From United’s perspective, it’s gratifying that the expansion in world trade is generating growth in global volumes, and we’re winning a healthy share of this business.
      “We’re also seeing great customer support for our increased domestic widebody flying: two daily 777s between Boston and San Francisco, increased widebody frequencies from Newark to SFO and LAX, and other additions.”

Room To Grow

      “But we also know we’re flying a lot of cargo capacity empty, particularly on our U.S. domestic narrowbody flights.
      “This is the type of business opportunity we’re eager to address with our supply chain colleagues in Orlando.”

Attitude Not Altitude

      “One thing I’ve noticed among the industry associates assembling this week is the upbeat and positive mood.
      “It’s a great setting, of course, but another reason for the good feelings is that the industry growth in the last half of 2016 has carried forward into 2017.
      “With every passing month, it seems like we may sustain this positive trend for the longer term.”

Business Is Booming

      “Specific to United, our cargo volumes are up more than 20 percent year-over-year through April, and our first-quarter revenues were 13 percent higher than Q1 of 2016.
      “I’m proud and appreciative of the efforts of our Cargo Sales team worldwide, but I’ve been in the business long enough to know that service means everything to our customers.
      “All of us never forget the importance of our customers and business partners.
      “In fact during my cargo career, I’ve never had the pleasure of working for a carrier who provided the level of quality service United is providing now.”

Mark Albrecht, Angel Ramirez and Mike Oslansky


Everybody’s Angel – At The Mike

      “Global Cargo Operations VP Angel Ramirez, Director of U.S. Operations Mike Oslansky, Director of International Operations Mark Albrecht, and their teams, along with our first-rate handling and trucking partners (many of whom are here with us in Orlando) are delivering the type of consistent results that make the Sales Teams’ job easier by keeping our customers happy.”

Fishing Around For Happy

      “Speaking of being happy, the atmosphere and attitude in Orlando this week reminds me of a famous parable I first heard when I saw a picture of a smiling fish above a colleague’s desk in our China Sales office.
      “When I asked for the story behind the image, she told me that a boy and a girl were crossing a bridge when the boy looked down and said, ‘Look how happy those fish are swimming in the river!’ The girl asked him, ‘How do you know the fish are happy, since you are not a fish?’
      The boy answered, ‘You are not me, so how do you know I don’t know that the fish are happy?’
      “In some versions of the story, it’s two philosophers crossing the river, and the debate goes on about what it means to ‘know’ something and what it means to be happy.
      Strangely enough, ‘happiness’ has become a hot topic lately.”

Where Seconds Matter

      “I went into a bookstore recently and asked for a book on the subject, and they led me to an entire section with several shelves of books—all with brightly-colored covers and each with a different perspective on what ‘happiness’ means and how to achieve it.
      “But I prefer the clear and elegant lesson my Chinese teammate took from the Happy Fish parable.
       “She said simply:
      “Don’t you know that fish have only a three-second memory?’ (This was before researchers disproved that.) ‘Plus, they never stop moving, but they can’t swim backwards or look behind them.
      “That’s why fish are happy.’
      “Researchers have also proven that happy people are more successful.
      “So that’s why the happiness advice I give and follow is to leave the mistakes and regrets of the past behind you, forgive others and yourself, and always keep moving forward!” Bodacious Jim assures.

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