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   Vol. 16 No. 57
Tuesday July 11, 2017

Letters to the Editor + Pumping Traffic

RE: Riders In The Sky

Hi Geoff,

  Many thanks for producing the article on the LGCT horses we transported from LGG to MEX, MIA, and PVG. I am actively involved in horse transport for Emirates SkyCargo and am working closely with established horse shipping agents to ensure we reach more heights.
  I wish you and your family well!

Wilfred D’Souza
Cargo Scheduling & Planning Manager
Emirates SkyCargo

RE: Air Cargo Took Off Above The Himalayas

Hi Geoffrey,

  I wanted to take a moment to thank-you for the article a few weeks ago on the inception of air cargo by the Flying Tigers.
  It occurred to me that some of the aircraft that were involved in that effort still fly here in Alaska.
  In fact some of them are based here at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.
  Sen Stevens was one of those brave pilots that flew The Hump.
  Today the airport that bears his name is a major node in the transpacific air cargo industry.
  I just found it very interesting and your article brought all these thoughts together for me.

John Parrott, AAE
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Hi Geoffrey,

  Hope you and family are well.
  I very much enjoyed the article in FlyingTypers issue of May 26, 2017.
  Would you kindly email me a copy of the “Flying Tigers Back Together Again” cover and story and photos in the October 1994 issue of your print publication Air Cargo News. Recall I organized getting everyone together for the picture.

Thanks and Brgds,
Fred Enfield (ex Flying Tigers, Fedex)


  We’re sending early congratulations to the Atlanta, Georgia, air cargo industry, which formed the pioneering Atlanta Air Cargo Association (AACA) 48 years ago this October 6, 1969.
  A diverse membership—including five women directors—drive AACA in 2017.

Hope Chavez, Lori Solomon, Adriana Trueba and Lynn Mertes

  Mexico City-born Adriana Trueba serves as Chairwoman, Hope Chavez serves as President, Lori Solomon of Towne Air Freight serves as Vice President, and Lynn Mertes serves as AACA Treasurer.
  Undaunted, AACA Secretary is Yannick Aube, CSM South East USA at AF/KL/MP.
  On July 18, AACA will host evening baseball, Atlanta Braves vs. Chicago Cubs at 19:30.
  On August 15 the night rules at a cool evening golf event from 18:00 to 20:00 hours.
More Click here.

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