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   Vol. 18 No. 49
Tuesday July 23, 2019

Qatar Cargo Marches To The Top

Qatar Cargo Marches To The Top

   Qatar Airways Cargo delivered the second highest cargo uptick of airline growth on IATA’s just published top airline cargo rankings, as traffic jumped 15.4% to just under 12.7bn FTK.
   Right now QR is Number 3 in the world and is not afraid of stepping into Number Two.
   Qatar Cargo has left no doubt that it will surpass Emirates, which is still slightly ahead of QR, but has been in an apparent bunker mentality, down-sizing, reportedly casting off staff and airplanes for some time now. Right now several EK freighters are mothballed, whilst QR continues to build its all cargo fleet with the stated ambition of becoming the world’s largest cargo carrier. In 2019 there has been no let-up for QR in its pursuit of this ambition, despite the market slowdown.
   Elsewhere, although not in the top ten, Turkish Airlines Cargo lands at number 12 with the biggest surge in cargo throughput, driven by expansion and dedication to place the Istanbul powerhouse in what should be an interesting joust for top spot in the world, down the road.
   Biggest surprise is the leveling in the fortunes of UPS Air that quite frankly seems to have been born with a license to print its own money.
   Stay Tuned . . .

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