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   Vol. 18 No. 49
Tuesday July 23, 2019

Unilode A Kick In The Can

     We posed the same questions to executives in our business today. Some fun here, and a moment to kick back as the summer moves forward. Enjoy the ride!  

Benoit Dumont Unilode Aviation Solutions

     “Changing the customer experiences from our interactions, products and
services and mastering the data challenge and driving innovation are the orders of every day at Unilode,” said Benoît Dumont, Unilode CEO.
     “We are very excited, honored and proud to announce a long-term ULD management partnership with Korean Air,” Dumont said.
     “Unilode takes over total management of all KAL Cargo containers, including Korean Air’s ULD maintenance and repair facility at Incheon International Airport.”
     Also included in the deal is management of Korean Air’s cool-chain containers and horse stalls.
     Unilode will supply Korean Cargo pallets and lightweight AKE containers from its global ULD pool.
     “Unilode’s customer-centric way of doing business and meeting its customers’ needs with tailored services and innovative solutions is at the heart of everything we do and we continue to work hard to provide all of our customers with continuous and long-term value,” Benoît Dumont said.
     Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Unilode Aviation Solutions manages the world’s largest outsourced fleet of ULDs and owns the largest global network for the maintenance and repair of containers, pallets and inflight food service equipment.

Why Korean Cans To Unilode?

     Korean Air got the message saying:
     “One of the main drivers in Korean Air’s decision to outsource the management of its entire ULD operations was to be able to reduce ULD imbalances in Korean Air’s global network of more than 100 destinations, for which Unilode’s ULD pooling model provided the best solution.”
     “The value of Unilode’s ULD management solutions will be further strengthened by its digital transformation program,” Korean Cargo said.

FT:   Who Is Benoît Dumont? What is he otherwise most passionate about?
BD smiles: Driving and fixing classic cars.

FT:   What's on your playlist?
BD:   Gregory Porter.
FT:   (Greg does a sweet and heartfelt reading of Bill Withers immortal “Grandma’s Hands”)

Gregory Porter Grandma's Hands

FT:   Name three qualities that got you to where you are today.
BD:   Don’t take No for an answer. Take on stuff that no one wants and be successful. Ability to simplify and communicate complex topics.

FT:   What change would you like to see in transportation?
BD:   More “sharing economy” spirit will drive down costs and preserve our planet.

FT:   What do you love most about your work?
BD:   The people I am surrounded by.

FT:   If you could solve one problem what would it be?
BD:   Injustice.

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