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   Vol. 19 No. 61
Saturday September 5, 2020
Time & The River
Hamburg Greenpeace Headquarters
Hamburg Greenpeace headquarters opened in HafenCity eight years ago complete with wind wheels on the roof, second-hand furniture in the offices and toilets flushed with rainwater.
Word up for all of us this month casts a reflection from the heart downstream from Greenpeace on the River Elbe.

 Franz Joseph Arend, Geoffrey Arend and Eleanor Jane Arend   There is an ad on TV playing right now in America from a company that says it can look up my Dad’s (pictured here with me and my Mom), military record and send me details.
    It ran during a news report marking 75 years since the end of World War II.
    Since I was born September 10, 1941, four years before WW II the thought of looking up my Dad and maybe even my grandfather (he served in WW I) sounded like something to do during the lockup.
    But the rub was they wanted USD$55 up front to access any information.
    I started to think about it . . . who the hell gives up personal military records that rightfully belong to family to a company to sell back to surviving generations?
    I thought to open up the family albums, so this adventure was not a complete loss.
    I looked at Dad standing next to an F4U Navy fighter and remembered him explaining when that airplane started up it shook everything withing 25 feet, even rattled the windows. F4U was a carrier fighter that went from 150 mph to full stop in five seconds, and a minute after landing, folded its gull wings.
    Going back to the buy back personal data gambit, the other plus was to spend some moments recalling the outstanding cargo movement of WW II by sharing with you, dear reader, the exact time period when our industry was born.
    The China India Burma Hump fights above the Himalayan Mountains that moved cargo from Assam, India to Kunming China paved the way for air cargo to come to the rescue of Berlin post-war.
    From both those movements, air cargo was born via hundreds of surplus DC3 and C46 aircraft, some that were purchased for as little as a dinner for two tab at Sardis, here in New York.
    So for the brave people that showed the way, and for everyone that served in WW II, we salute a war’s best moment, the day it was over 75 years ago on September 2, 1945.
    Labor Day 2020 ushers out the unofficial end of Summer in the USA. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


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