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   Vol. 19 No. 62
Monday September 14, 2020
Cargo on Fire Worldwide
Isaac and Monique Nijankin

  Isaac Nijankin will always be recalled as “Mr. Air Cargo” for his legendary run at pioneering Varig Brazilian Airlines. Founded in 1927, it ended just short of 80 years of leadership in 2006.
  Later, Isaac served at Cargo Air Lines. During a distinguished thirty-plus year air cargo career, he guided the fortunes of Varig Cargo and initiated and supported various efforts to advance the industry.
  Isaac was a key pro-industry source who was very instrumental at the start-up of TIACA and CNS.
  Now retired, he is still thinking about these things . . .

No Doubt COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape of the world today.
Until things normalize, in the short-term, people will be more cautious which will result in major flight reductions and less capacity.
  Less capacity will now more than ever challenge air cargo to be inventive and entrepreneurial in managing what will certainly also be increased demand as business gets back to normal.
  Right now forwarders and large shippers are looking to cargo companies to charter aircraft to move their goods when capacity is not there . . . and this appears to be the trend moving forward.
  Air cargo has always been a critical component to the supply chain, from its inception it has always been the "go to" solution in getting time sensitive and time critical shipments (i.e. vaccines and PPE, pharmaceuticals, donor organs) to their destinations, efficiently and expeditiously.
  As companies realize the continued growth of air cargo and how it benefits the global community, we should concentrate our effort toward developing ways air cargo can better adapt to supply and demand.
  At some airlines cargo has always been treated as a third wheel. Passenger movement always holds more value.
  However during this protracted meltdown in the COVI-9 lockdown worldwide, we have seen how quickly airlines working in total survival can convert more PAX aircraft to cargo.
  Right now cargo is the story, and in many cases is on a par or even outstripping PAX activity, but I have my doubts how long this will last.
  For the all-cargo carriers many of those companies have seen their prospects rebound as some brought mothballed aircraft back from the dead.
  Right now and into the future, demand is there and with the prospects of needed vaccines and therapeutics and restocking, plus the upcoming holidays ahead, air cargo should remain center stage reaping the benefit of enhanced visibility and profits for a long time to come.
  Despite the global ordeal and the terrible suffering and loss of life, we are battling through what feels to many as the perfect storms.
  But with compassion and determination and reaching out to each other and lending a helping hand, air cargo will do what it always does as we will find a way with heart and soul to deliver.
Isaac Nijankin


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