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   Vol. 19 No. 62
Monday September 14, 2020
The Indispensible Sherpas
Nils Haupt

  Nils Haupt is top corporate communications officer at Hapag-Lloyd AG, the fifth biggest container shipping line worldwide.
  Nils served in the same position at Lufthansa Cargo between 2002 and 2012. Here, he brings an enlightened, objective view for today and tomorrow.

We live In challenging times. During the pandemic our industry is under enormous pressure to fulfill their promises as online orders are skyrocketing, air cargo is booming and also ocean freight is surging again.
  But still: undoubtedly the logistics industry is totally underestimated in public, although it is crucial for the success of the global economy.
  The transportation of a box from South China to a remote village in Wisconsin - just within a few days - is taken for granted.
  The huge complexity of our business and the interdependence of the various players is hardly understood and barely appreciated. People keep applauding the nurses and doctors while truck drivers, seafarers and warehouse workers are the unseen heroes during this pandemic.
  As a communication professional in this industry for close to two decades I am asking myself what we’ve done wrong until today - and what we need to do in the future to make this industry more heard, more seen and more appreciated.
  There are still so many stories to be told, so many heroes to be named, so many logistics records to be revealed.
  Admittedly I don’t believe that the pandemic will help us to receive more worldwide acclaim.
  We are and we will remain the Sherpas who are indispensable to reach the mountain top.
  And while doing this day in day out we might have become too humble to be in the limelight.
  While writing this still tens of thousands of seafarers are not allowed to leave their vessels, many of them having served more than one year onboard without knowing when they will finally see their loved ones again.
  Yes, maybe we are the Sherpas.
  But perhaps now is the perfect time to speak up and to stop being humble.
Nils Haupt


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