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   Vol. 20 No. 18
Tuesday May 11, 2021
Pumping Traffic for May 11, 2021
Pumping TrafficTurkey . . . sorry to report impacted by COVID-19 lockdown has caused the high-flying Turkish Airports to reverse earlier gains with flights down 26% during the past two weeks alone. Turkish Airlines numbers therefore no surprise: minus 22%, whilst Pegasus slashed by more than half @ -59%. But it is not all bad news in fact as compared to other carriers in Europe, THY is still number one in total aircraft movements driven by domestic flights. Turkish Airlines reported net loss of $72 million in Q1 . . . Meantime Virgin Atlantic from £2.9 billion in 2019 to £868 million in 2020, nevertheless delivered smashing cargo revenue of £319 million up 49% from 2019 . . . “Look up in the sky, its a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an Aeroshark freighter! Lufthansa Cargo adding surface coating technology branded Aeroshark says it reduces drag. Where 1% can save a ton, slicking up the surface of a big jet is a big deal times the number of aircraft in the fleet. Lufthansa Group, including all the airlines the Germans now own, placed orders for five 787-9s and five A350-900s last week . . . JAL Group said domestic passenger nosedived more than 21% YOY, international tanked at 82%, March 2020 . . . Lufthansa Technik cargo-in-cabin solution for operators of A330 has Finnair as the first customer . . . Airbus delivered 125 planes and secured 39 new orders in Q1, that is the good news. The bad news is that as airlines were staggering under COVID-19, cancellations meant net orders of -61driving a net loss overall at the plane maker of €362 million. Meantime across the pond Boeing lost Archer Aviation EVOT$561 million in Q1 . . . The Sky Electric—Startup Archer Aviation and United in a whopping billion-dollar deal for electric aircraft. Archer is building a full-scale electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, capable of traveling 60 miles at 150 mph with zero emissions . . . Gateway Barcelona business is surging up 45% in April as Vueling and Ryanair building services once again . . . Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport coming back from COVID moving 4.6 million passengers in March, 0.1% YOY from March 2020 . . . Action airlines right now according to sources are AF/KL, United, QR—all with solid air cargo programs. IAG looks like it is about to begin hotting things up as well . . .

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