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   Vol. 20 No. 26
Wednesday July 7, 2021
Contrails Days May Be Numbered
Airplane Contrails

     For some time now the ominous truth has been that some of what we thought was good for us can also be bad for someone else.
     Take the pleasure of looking up into the sky at long thin and often romantic, really quite beautiful contrails from big passenger and cargo aircraft flying across the familiar to places yet to be discovered.
     Closer to the ground Sky Writers in summer with messages above beaches and homes are one thing. Up where the big jets play, it turns out those contrails of water vapor departing aircraft engines combining with water frozen in the air also generate residue that can form clouds and trap warmer air below causing cross-currents in our increasing environmentally aware world.
     In Europe tests are now underway by The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) to reduce aviation’s non-CO? climate and in this case that includes contrails.
     One method to diminish or possibly even erase contrails researchers say may be flight level changes, for example diverting aircraft 2,000 feet up or down from their normal flight path.
     But what about the good?
     Contrails like clouds in the sky are often strikingly beautiful and have inspired poets like Sandra Silkanowitz mother of a pilot who muses:
                    Clear, knifelike, the jet
                    cuts the sky,
                    tracking blue with vivid white,
                    colored by the sun’s prisms
                    in pale streams of gold.
                    Feather wisps of cloud
                    trail the wake
                    and dissolve into blue.
                    The jet is gone.
                    It leaves no mark,
                    save the imprint of memory.


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