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Monday October 4, 2021



Air Cargo On IATA AGM Agenda

Air Cargo On The Agenda
  Just nine days before a pared down International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Cargo Symposium (WCS) opens in Dublin on October 12, the really big IATA show—The 77th IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) opened for business in Boston on Sunday October 3 and runs through October 5.
  Can you believe it? Scheduled on October 5th for the first time in recent memory, IATA includes an air cargo panel at its passenger AGM titled “What’s Next for Air Cargo After its Heroic Performance in the COVID-19 Crisis?”
Don Colleran, Jessica Tyler and Brandon Fried  The panel includes Brandon Fried, Executive Director The Airforwarders Association, Jessica Tyler, President, American Airlines Cargo, Don Colleran, Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Express, and last but not least by any measure, Hon. Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Airways.
  The optics for this stage meeting look good as air cargo gets the airline passenger business as captive audience laid out on the half shell at the year's biggest gathering.
  We hope the participants use their "hour of fame" less to take a bow, and more to advance air cargo wisely.
  What emerges from this meeting could impact thinking amongst the passenger side of the airline business for some time to come.
  One person that always tells it like it is, Akbar Al Baker has guided the Doha-based airline to the top of the world.
  Al Baker is the most outspoken and in some quarters, most revered & trusted airline executive in the world today.
  Will air cargo catch lightening in a bottle tomorrow?
  We say, never say never, but observe that it might have been helpful to include the Head of IATA Cargo on the panel.
   Nobody asked us but here we pose some questions (again) that might help to move the conversation along.
  1.  How important is air cargo to IATA?
  2.  What cargo issues will be discussed at the next IATA Board of Governors meeting?
  3.  Regarding their negotiating power with the airlines, many forwarders say they are worse off today than they were ten years ago. Is this correct?
  4.  What happened to the IATA/FIATA "Partnership" created and signed in Dublin 2016 that was supposed to change everything, and today in 2021, is dead in the water?
  5.  With exceptions like the aforementioned, Qatar Airways, that has seriously addressed everything from industrial relations, and sustainability to preservation programs, elsewhere an aura of wealth, consumption, luxury and even a lack of consideration has been the hallmark of many airlines.
  Obviously the time has come for operating with consciousness, and total respect of society and environment.
  What is /will IATA be doing to show the way?
  Good luck air cargo, at Boston Tuesday October 5.

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