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   Vol. 20 No. 49
Thursday December 23, 2021

Word Up From The Godfather

Jan Krems 

     Jan Krems can’t go home.
     Now everything flies after Jan spent the better part of the past two years showing everybody the way to Cargo during the pandemic.
     United Cargo numbers have just been sensational and Krems had the Chicago-based airline out of the gate first.
     But how do you keep that up?
     Well, if you love the industry but have a Castle in Spain with a vineyard, the choices after a half dozen years of pumping traffic punctuated by the worst pandemic crises in 100 years would be obvious.
     Skim the pool, work the weed-wacker, coddle the grapes, make a paella, sounds inviting.
     Guess what, Jan just signed a new contract so the garden wacker gets traded in for Wacker Drive HQ for UA in Chicago.
     And the Godfather gambit-theme? A sales meeting a couple years back.      Somebody got an offer they could not refuse . . .

     This holiday season, I wish everyone peace, joy and happiness—something we could all use more of. I truly believe that 2022 will be a better year than 2021 as long as we remain healthy and get some much-needed rest. I hope that everyone makes time to spend with their loved ones and comes back refreshed and reinvigorated in the New Year. Above all, we need to come together and support each other and spread some goodwill.
     My biggest wish for the New Year is that we are all safe and healthy. I also hope that we can begin to return to normal—the new normal—or whatever will become the future state of normal. That is, I want to see our passenger side of the business return, whether it is connecting our passengers to their family or loved ones, taking our leisure travelers to new and exciting destinations around the world, or having our business passengers return to make deals, visit colleagues and keep the world running.
     My priorities for 2022 are to continue supporting our customers to keep the global supply chain moving. I want to keep our United Cargo employees safe and healthy. Also, just as important, we will continue to deliver life-saving vaccines around the world in an effort to curb the pandemic and move forward with life. By working together, we can have a safe and prosperous New Year.

Jan Krems
United Cargo

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